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January 25th, 2023
Pope says homosexuality is not a crime


Pope Francis criticised laws that criminalize homosexuality as "unjust," saying God loves all his children just as they are and called on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ people into the church.

January 23rd, 2023
Fake elections & bogus constitutions

Alred C. Frett

Selling out our Country is like losing our Children:

Several years ago, they took me off a radio station, not because I had done or said anything wrong, but it was their Radio Station, and according to them, they didn’t like what I was saying, so that was enough justification - A case of ‘Might makes Right’ and, ever since, our Country has moved from bad to worse - Nonetheless, I still choose to deliver ‘Truth for the Youth’ even if some of you still dislike the message.

January 13th, 2023
Skelton-Cline shares prophecy of several freak accidents to come in 2023

BAUGHERS BAY, Tortola, VI – Talk show host and pastor Claude O. Skelton-Cline has shared what he called prophecies revealed to him by a third party and that it relates to what persons in the Virgin Islands can expect in 2023.

December 27th, 2022
‘If we forget God, this nation is doomed’- Hon Maduro-Caines

PURCELL ESTATE, Tortola, VI- One of the three female legislators of the House of Assembly (HoA) continues to lead the spiritual walk of the people of the Virgin Islands and has issued a call for a return to a Christ-like realm heading into 2023.

December 22nd, 2022
Beware the winds of progress that take us backwards

Alred C. Frett

Money no longer grow on Trees:

We are quick to recite ‘Where there is no Vision the People perish’ but still confuse Sight and Vision... To me they are different – Sight is what we physically see with our natural Eyes, in the immediate or present instance; whereas, Vision is what we mentally see within our Minds even before it happens... Example; We are now seeing the badness and madness of Trump that I envisioned several years ago.

December 8th, 2022
Heads of Government with their feet on our necks

Alred C. Frett

Never too Young to Earn or Old to Learn:

Some seniors say that they understand and appreciate what I’m saying as good or better than the Youth so I shouldn’t ignore them... They may be right but, they had the same opportunities before and shouldn’t deny the Youth now getting their turn at information... Furthermore, even now they have equal opportunity to read, listen and learn and are even welcomed to correct me when and where necessary.

December 7th, 2022
Prophet Fire returns to teach about interpreting dreams & fighting witchcraft

DUFF’S BOTTOM, Tortola, VI- American clergyman Reverend Marlon D. Bolton aka Prophet Fire, who told the congregation at Power Plus Conference 2022 at New Life Baptist Church in October that one of his gifts is to intercept messages at the time of death and also told a woman she will announce who the next leader of the Virgin Islands (VI) will be, is back in the Territory.

October 15th, 2022
‘Prophet fire’ tells woman her healing is ‘on hold’ until Doctor confirms illness

DUFF'S BOTTOM, Tortola, VI – One woman who attended the final night of the Power Plus 2022 Conference at the New Life Baptist Church in Duff’s Bottom, Tortola last evening, October 14, 2022, has received her healing, but with a twist.

October 14th, 2022
Power Plus ‘prophet’ tells woman she will reveal who next VI gov’t will be

DUFF'S BOTTOM, Tortola, VI- Commentator and host of the Honestly Speaking radio show Mr Claude O. Skelton-Cline has already prophesied that a woman will be the next Premier of the Virgin Islands.

October 9th, 2022
Bishop Cline to hand over leadership of NLBC to son in 2023

DUFF’S BOTTOM, Tortola, VI- After serving as Senior Pastor of the New Life Baptist Church (NLBC) in Duff’s Bottom for nearly 30 years, Bishop John I. Cline will be stepping down in 2023.


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