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July 31st, 2023
Emancipation celebrations & fake representation

Alred C. Frett

Still awaiting the Promise of Freedom:

We have a conditional allergy to Truth, so it took me endless months of explaining that CoI is an unfinished Fiasco, and, it was only because we were broke, and the UK was broke, that we were having Fake Elections… Now that you finally heard these admissions from the Governor and Government, there should be no doubt that we exist under Fake Representation, and they are now squandering real Money and Time.

May 16th, 2023
Coronation or just another nail in the children’s coffin?

Alred C. Frett

Preventing our Children’s Tomorrow from being their Grandparents’ Yesterday:

Our need to move forward is long overdue, and it is painful to watch as Leaders re-deposit our Children back into 21st Century Slavery… The more we cry for change, the more things worsen or remain the same, and we are afraid to imagine Long-term effects, because we are already seeing the short-term damage in the forms of Strokes, Deaths and Murders… Funerals have been too frequent and unbearable.

May 3rd, 2023
Fake election - Another nail in the children’s coffin

Alred C. Frett

Trapped by a Minority of the Majority:

The shouting is over, the numbers have played… Once again, we swung the hammer and placed another nail in the Coffin of the Children … Some ask, ‘What’s next?’ and I don’t need to answer, for my opinions have not changed… We still avoid reality, and it’s unbelievable to hear people claim that the Governor did not want the present Government when all their past actions showed the exact opposite.

April 4th, 2023
Welcome to All Fools’ Month & election lotteries

Alred C. Frett

The Art of Electing Our Own Slave Traders:

Everyone likes to claim democracy, but Democracy is far more than just a word... This international philosophy requires active participation in Equality... Unfortunately, we have confused Democracy with Monarchies and Capitalism... There are many who still think that British Kings and Queens still hold Political Power and can make decisions in our favour – This is not true, their Parliament is in charge.

March 13th, 2023
VI, please beware, for somebody is fooling somebody

Alred C. Frett

Second Chances are not Erasers for First Mistakes:

Persons claim that Christ was crucified for speaking Truth to Power, so Truth has never been popular... At the same time, without Truth, there’s nothing but lies and faulty Imaginations, so, while we may bank on the Future, we are only on loan to the World... Principal messages may leave from just 1 mouth and reach 2 ears, but Deposits are worth nothing until we apply Interest and Investments become Reality.

March 1st, 2023
African royals visit Caribbean to discuss impacts of slavery

KINGSTON, Jamaica, WI- A 15-member royal delegation from Africa is visiting Jamaica to hold discussions about how the trans-Atlantic slave trade affected the continent.

February 22nd, 2023
Is this the last Black History Month for the VI?

Alred C. Frett

Fairness between Locking up Trump or Freeing Andrew:

As we exit February, Black History Month - the Shortest Month – Our History has always been hidden or distorted in order to disadvantage us and benefit others... At home and abroad, we remain under threats to keep us in ignorance, as we pretend to hear without making the effort to listen and learn... As a Consequence, our very survival requires a supply of Truth for the Youth and Redemption for the Elders.

February 9th, 2023
Hon Fraser: Grenada will send ‘wrong message’ if reparations taken on current terms

SEA COWS BAY, Tortola, VI- Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition Honourable Julian Fraser RA (R3) has said the £100,000 in reparations expected to be given to Grenada by the aristocrat Trevelyan family, towards the establishment of a community fund for economic development, is a misdirection and speaks to insensitivity.

February 5th, 2023
Wealthy British family to pay reparations to Grenada

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada- A United Kingdom (UK) family will publicly apologise to the people of the Caribbean island of Grenada, where its ancestors had more than 1,000 slaves in the 19th Century.

October 20th, 2022
The real costs of holidays, vacations & elections

Alred C. Frett

Keeping Ourselves Busy by Doing Nothing:

We live and learn and, while we may not have all the answers, the World is not flat, Heaven is not in the Sky and if you don’t love yourself no one is obliged to love you… As Adults we look for Vacations even when we are unemployed and as Children we look forward to Holidays even when it means avoiding lessons that improve our lives… Now is the time to look even deeper at our Basic Traditional Practices.

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