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April 30th, 2024
What happens when governments rob their people?

Alred C. Frett

Controlling your Mind or Paying for the Consequences:

Please read the full Message for every day we learn new things, and still there is much more that we will never know... We were born helpless, and it takes us far longer than most animals to achieve our bio-environmental independence, yet we have the audacity to claim to be made in the image of a Super God... Facts suggest that we created God, but it is convenient for our importance to claim he made us.

April 17th, 2024
UK church group issues apology for slavery

ST ANDREW, Jamaica- The United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom on Sunday, April 14, 2024, issued a solemn apology to Jamaica, the Caribbean, and Africa for its role in the transatlantic slave trade, regarded by many as the greatest crime against humanity.

February 5th, 2024
Plight & sacrifices of African ancestors remembered in special ceremony

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – As part of February’s Black History Month activities, the scarifies, plight and struggles of the African ancestors were yesterday, February 4, 2024, remembered as part of the African Remembrance Wreath Laying Ceremony now in its 16th Annual edition as an initiative of the African Studies 'Klub'.

January 16th, 2024
2024: A new year for tackling the same old problems

Alred C. Frett

Needing to Look Backward so We can Move Forward:

Welcome to 2024... This is a leap year which means that with the expansion to 29 days in February, we will have the longest Black History Month within a seven year span... That is good, but even as we leave 2023, the after-effects still linger on... With all our Commentaries and New Year Resolutions, we should reflect and acknowledge whether or not things are getting better or worse, before our Memories fade.

December 22nd, 2023
We have to ‘be very mindful we are not in a new kind of slavery’- Dr Allison C. Flax-Archer

CAPPOON’S BAY, Tortola, VI- Reminding that slavery was abolished “not so long ago”, Dr Allison C. Flax-Archer has urged Virgin Islanders to take on a certain consciousness and be mindful they are not caught up in a new kind of slavery.

November 7th, 2023
And then we blinked & all was lost

Alred C. Frett

It’s not Magic – It’s Basic:

We label ourselves the Information Generation, but the only things we were born knowing is how to eat and poop… All our knowledge was picked up from others, so if they are wrong then we are also wrong… Nonetheless, even as we follow their hand-me-down teaching, we still think we know more than they do, so we call ourselves special, and regard others, as fools and infidels, when we may really be the idiots.

October 18th, 2023
I was overwhelmed with tears’ on tour of slave trade post in Accra, Ghana- Hon Turnbull

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- It was at the Special Sitting on Friday, October 13, 2023, in the Fifth House of Assembly (HoA) where a resolution was brought to name 10 national heroes and 'sheroes' when Second District Representative Hon Melvin M. Turnbull reflected on his recent trip to Ghana, Africa.

September 22nd, 2023
‘It is high time reparatory justice is made priority’- UN Human Rights Commissioner

NEW YORK, USA- Even as the [British] Virgin Islands struggle against the heavy hand of colonialism by the United Kingdom (UK), UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk has said it was paramount that “strong leadership and political will from States and the international community be galvanised to finally, comprehensively address the entrenched legacies of colonialism, enslavement and the trade in enslaved Africans.”

August 22nd, 2023
Family of Fmr British PM to visit Guyana to apologise for slavery & pay reparations

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, SA - When the University of Guyana launches its International Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies, family members of John Gladstone, who owned 2,500 enslaved Africans on his plantations in Guyana and the Caribbean, will be visiting Guyana to apologise for their ancestors' role in slavery.

August 1st, 2023
‘I don’t like to hear about reparations’- Eileene L. Parsons

PALESTINA ESTATE, Tortola, VI- Cultural icon and former legislator Eileene L. Parsons, OBE does not believe the Virgin Islands (VI) should be fighting for reparations for slavery, and instead should just be grateful for where it has come.

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