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2024: A new year for tackling the same old problems

- Truth for the Youth-BVP… Sat - 6pm – 7pm on CBN 90.9 FM
Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
Alred C. Frett

Needing to Look Backward so We can Move Forward:

Welcome to 2024... This is a leap year which means that with the expansion to 29 days in February, we will have the longest Black History Month within a seven year span... That is good, but even as we leave 2023, the after-effects still linger on... With all our Commentaries and New Year Resolutions, we should reflect and acknowledge whether or not things are getting better or worse, before our Memories fade.

I still see glimpses of the past in the present, where during the height of Slavery, our Ancestors were programmed to believe they could not exist without their Masters, and the more they believed that, the more they became dependent… What made it worse, was that Masters believed their own Propaganda, so they connived to send these Freed Slaves back to Africa emptyhanded, and as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if that failed, then these Masters would still collect their Reparation Money, and re-enslave the Freed Africans when they returned to the Plantations as destitute Beggars... However, because the Slaves did all the Work, they also had all the Skills, and the Masters needed them as much or more than they needed the Masters... Unfortunately, this Master-Slave Mentality still persists into the 21st Century.

As a result, Employee and Employer still fail to cooperate, so Artificial Intelligence, is taking over, much to the detriment of both sides, and Humanity... It should also be noted that, Rwanda as a landlocked African Country, is still considered as poor and un-democratic, so when England sends its Refugees to Rwanda, this may be seen as Modern Slave Trading, and the Re-colonizing of Africa by the UK.

Playing Games with COI & Fake Governments:

Here in the VI, UK’s Governor’s re-emerging concerns about our Government’s failure to enforce their COI conditions, is back on the Political Agenda, but this is merely more evidence of the Puppet Master’s control, and a further fulfilment of my warnings regarding the effects of Bogus Representation and Fake Elections... It’s no longer a secret that we have lost control, so our new mission is to pretend otherwise.

It is common for those with the least knowledge, to make the most noise while delivering the worst advice, so BV-Islanders must learn to think and reason for themselves... Politicians will fool you to rule you, and where there’s no Vision the People perish... Any threats about suspending the Constitution are designed for the Feeble-minded, because as a UK Territory, she is already in control of all our Decisions.

It is in the Politician’s interest to claim that, despite UK’s tough talk of Sticks and Carrots, she is obliged to help us, but between Brexit, the Ukraine War, Yemen, and her Domestic Affairs, the UK is struggling to survive… Even her Government is at risk as she remains unable to pay her Civil Servants and NHS Workers; so, even if she wanted to help us; two sinking ships cannot save each other; both will perish.

Many may turn to America for rescue and guidance, but she too is facing her greatest Test as, Trump, the Republicans, Federal Judges, and External Affairs, are dragging her from Democracy to Dictatorship… Again, I warned about Donald, Clarence, the US Supreme Court, Israel, and others, but persons did not believe, and we have now reached a precipice with Devils behind us, and Demons in the rocks below.

Growing Up & Growing Out of Our Ignorance:

Many things that we learnt from infancy, have become Traditional Habits, but there is no doubt that you know what I know, even if you are afraid to admit it… Truth remains the Basic Tonic of Life, and you feel it whenever your Soul cries out for survival… On the surface you may struggle against my words, but deep inside they still resonate, because you still can tell the real differences between Truth and Lies.

We love our Parents; their guidance was necessary for our survival, but they only taught us as much as they knew… Nonetheless, Life goes on, and we now know, that there is no Santa, Jumbies and Ghosts disappear with Daylight, and the Earth was never flat… However, Parents should never be ashamed of finding comfort in their past, and our Children should never be afraid to seek Knowledge for their Future.

Persons think the bad events are accidental, but they are not... In fact, they form the systemic base for racism, oppression, and a hidden evil that always existed... We are simply hearing the silent parts out loud, as they even focus denying that Slavery caused the Civil War… They have never gotten over the fact that they lost, so they burn our Books and hide our Heroes, because it’s a history they wish to deny.

All across the World, the corrosive power of real and imaginary Money has corrupted Leaders and stolen lands from the poor, and just as a drowning man will cling to a straw, we may know better, but we will still turn a blind eye… We still insist on worshipping their Loving God, even as Israel commits apartheid and genocide in the Middle East, and the more they kill and destroy, the more we make excuses for them.

Locally, the moral stench from Jeffrey E. Epstein still invades the US Virgin Islands, where, Millionaires, Royals and Presidents, allegedly use his Island, Little St. James, as a Sex Haven for underage Girls... Locals never know what happens behind Barb-wire Fences and No Trespassing Signs… This is as secret as Government promising Civil Servants Increments by 2027, without saying the sources of that Money.

Are we dealing with Slave Traders or just their Enablers?

Many shed crocodile tears, but who feels it knows it, and when problems replace problem so rapidly, we are confused about when, where and how to begin... Furthermore, few Problems start off big; they begin quite small and inconspicuous until they grow, but doing nothing about them is the same as depending on ‘thoughts and Prayers’ for redemption... Both may feel good, but they all succeed in getting us nowhere.

We ignore early warnings of Leaders selling out our Country and placing us back into colonialism, so many will not understand or regard Government’s giving away of Wickham’s Cay Palmgrove Shopping Centre as a National Threat... I speak often about this, because that was specifically designated to give BV-Islanders a stake in their own Country, so disrupting that is Treasonous and Fake Representation.

Ironically, it is claimed that persons within Government are part owners and secretly benefitting from these Properties, which means that they too are defrauding our People… And, guess what?.. This Project could have been easily saved and put back into circulation for the Investors, if our Money that was used to put an Empty Housing Scheme on the Hill, had been used to rebuild the People’s Shopping Centre.

If Birds of a feather truly flock together, this may best explain why Government would hire Employees to ‘build-up’ when their main ambition and skill is in ‘breaking down’… Case in point; when senior Personnel Employees within Planning and Development would barbwire-fence their unused plots, and set nails on other person’s property to damage vehicles that may use an inch of these lands, in cases of emergency.

Whenever such Persons who should be helping, choose to harm and hinder, then they discourage local land ownership, and since Nature does not like vacuums, we all lose when BV-Islanders find it easier to sell their land to foreigners, rather than maintain it for local ownership... Once again, our Politicians and Country Planners disenfranchise our Children, while enabling Parasites and Divestors as Investors.

These past years have not been good for BV-Islanders, and this one threatens to be as bad... We may prefer to be right, but sometimes it’s okay to be wrong... For example; If we see our People headed for certain destruction, and we warn them, and somehow, they listen, they learn and they change; then there would be no problem if they proved us wrong… Won’t it be wonderful, if that should ever happen?

PS: Will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes

8 Responses to “2024: A new year for tackling the same old problems”

  • NHI (16/01/2024, 11:34) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    • Bush Professor (16/01/2024, 12:55) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
      In the VI we can adopt issues from large metropolitan areas with large population and adapt them to suit our small local situation. The NHI was a well-intentioned policy but it was poorly structured, overpromising and underdelivering. Basically, insurance is a shared risk process, ie, members, policy holders, etc, pool resources to make members experiencing a loss whole . Moreover, the larger pool/the numbers , the lower the cost to each individual member of the pool.

      The reality is medical care is inherently expensive but greed, avarice, etc,, makes it even more expensive. It seems these doctors have forgotten the Hippocratic oath, ie, cause the patient no harm. IMO, the ‘dear’ medical cost may be causing patients high stress, delaying seeking medical care and exacerbating a bad situation.

      I digress. The VI is a small locale with a small population and the contributors to the NHI may be insufficient to make suppy meet or exceed demand, causing patient frustration, disgust, etc. Further, a major structural weakness with the NHI is pay structure. The NHI should have had a negotiated itemized pay structure for specific medical procedures.,And physicians wanting to participate in the NHI t would have hard to agree to the terms and conditions of the NHI. The pay structure should not be left up to doctors, for that is like asking rat to mind cheese, fox to mine hen house, etc. Some doctors are reasonable and others are too dear and exploit the system.
  • E. Leonard (16/01/2024, 12:16) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
    The colonialism social racial construct is real and active. All empires share the same experience; they rise and fall. The British Empire was the greatest and most powerful empire in history, controlling 25% of the globe. The exploited and expropriated resources from its vast empire made the UK wealthy, influential and powerful. However, the British Empire has fallen and is a just a footage note in the annals of history. Consequently, without the Empire and access to and acquisition of resources and commodities by forced free labor, the UK is struggling, losing much of its economic strength, and global power and influence. Nevertheless, the UK views itself as being a key player in global affairs and is trying to regain its power, influence, status, etc., through Global Britain. Moreover, the Overseas Territories (OT), the last remnants of the once mighty British Empire, seem to be being used as pawns in the UK’s renewed aspirations as a major global player through Global Britain.

    Moreover, the disunity, lack of group effort, ie, divide and rule, divide and scatter, etc.,make the OTs weaker, more exploitable, and vulnerable. The role of slavery, slaves, etc, was to generate wealth and to provide comfort for the Masters. Today, residents have taken an altruistic posture, viz, promoting the interests of colonialists while forsaking their own best interests. The way forward requires unity, group effort (pooling resources, $$$, votes, etc), developing a self-empowerment plan, etc.,

    Further, the Sankofa, a unique African bird, demonstrates the ability to look back while moving forward. The VI must try to demonstrate this same ability . It must live in the present, while planning and looking to future and peeking back at the past. The VI and residents must stay ‘Vigilate’ and vigilant.
    • @E. Leonard (16/01/2024, 15:07) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      To E. Leonard, good read. “ The colonialism social racial construct is real and active. ” This is some deep and profound stuff. “Further, the Sankofa, a unique African bird, demonstrates the ability to look back while moving forward.“ Indeed, this will be a challenge for the BVI, for we struggle to take care of basic stuff. The political process is maturing, so it will take a while to elevate to a mature level where we can simultaneously deal with the past, present, and future. We should have already been approaching that level, but we are not there yet..
    • @E. Leonard (16/01/2024, 18:17) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      @E. Leonard, what kind of Brer Nansi tory is simile or metaphor is this Sankofa bird which fly forward while at the same time looking backward? Are any of these birds in the BVI? If so can they become a tourist attraction? Lol.
  • rattie (16/01/2024, 12:47) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    Talk the thing Mr Frett
  • THERE YOU HAVE IT (16/01/2024, 13:16) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
  • one eye (17/01/2024, 13:29) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    This man does be speaking truth

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