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Premier tells UN he remains ‘firmly opposed’ to UK Order in Council

- says UK indicated it foresees the Order being removed by May 2024
Virgin Islands (VI) Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr the Hon Natalio D. Wheatley (R7) has reiterated calls for the UK to remove its Order-In-Councel in reserve, to suspend VI’s constitution should the government fail to implement reforms as per the Commission of Inquiry report. Photo: United Nations
Virgin Islands' Governor John J. Rankin, CMG. The Order in Council gives the unelected governor, a UK national, the power to suspend the Virgin Islands' constitution and impose direct rule, an action that has been rejected by the majority of the Virgin Islands, the United Nations (UN), CARICOM, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, the University of the West Indies (UWI) and US Virgin Islands Governor Albert A. Bryan Jr. Photo: VINO/File
Virgin Islands' Governor John J. Rankin, CMG. The Order in Council gives the unelected governor, a UK national, the power to suspend the Virgin Islands' constitution and impose direct rule, an action that has been rejected by the majority of the Virgin Islands, the United Nations (UN), CARICOM, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, the University of the West Indies (UWI) and US Virgin Islands Governor Albert A. Bryan Jr. Photo: VINO/File
Lone Commissioner of the Commission of Inquiry Sir Gary R. Hickinbottom, a UK national, had controversially recommended direct rule of the Virgin Islands by the UK. After strong opposition, the UK decided to place an Order in Council to suspend the VI constitution in reserve to force the territory to implement reforms recommended by the lone Commissioner. Photo: Daily Mail
Lone Commissioner of the Commission of Inquiry Sir Gary R. Hickinbottom, a UK national, had controversially recommended direct rule of the Virgin Islands by the UK. After strong opposition, the UK decided to place an Order in Council to suspend the VI constitution in reserve to force the territory to implement reforms recommended by the lone Commissioner. Photo: Daily Mail
NEW YORK, NY, USA- Virgin Islands (VI) Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr the Hon Natalio D. Wheatley (R7) has reiterated calls for the United Kingdom (UK) to remove its 'reserved' Order in Council to suspend the VI’s constitution should the government fail to implement reforms recommended in the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) Report.

While delivering a speech to the Special Committee on Decolonisation at the United Nations General Assembly on October 3, 2023, Premier Wheatley said despite the UK providing a date when it could remove the Order, it remains unnecessary for the people of the VI.

While thanking the chair for the opportunity to address the Committee on the question of the Virgin Islands, ahead of voting on the draft resolutions concerning the situations of the Non-Self-Governing Territories, Dr Wheatley reminded that on April 24, 2023, the people of the territory peacefully went to the polls to cast their ballots to form the government he heads as Premier.

“We do not take this responsibility lightly and have pledged to govern in the best interests of the people of the British Virgin Islands."

Discussions constructive with UK - Premier 

Dr Wheatley said it was in early July that he had the opportunity to meet the then newly appointed United Kingdom Minister for the Overseas Territories, Honourable David Rutley, MP in the margins of CARICOM 's 45th regular meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government in Port of Spain and that "discussions were very constructive".

The Premier said he was encouraged by Minister Rutley's keen interest in how the relationship between the [British] Virgin Islands and the United Kingdom could be improved.

“In the months that have elapsed since that initial meeting, I have observed a welcome shift in the UK's engagement with the British Virgin Islands and the tone of communications. I must also acknowledge the constructive approach taken by UK Ambassador James Kariuki, whom I have met on a number of occasions since last year."

“To be clear, I remain firmly opposed to the UK Order in Council [held] in reserve that can remove democratic governance in the British Virgin Islands. The Order is not necessary, and I believe it should be lifted immediately.”

Nonetheless, Dr Wheatley said it was worth noting that the UK has indicated it foresees the Order being removed by May 2024. He said the tone set by Minister Rutley is a positive development and his administration will continue to constructively engage the UK with a view to resolving the issue. 

“On the ground, we have been following through on our commitment to the people of the British Virgin Islands to build a model democracy.”

He indicated that the Government remains committed to reform and that the elected arms of government are working diligently in their respective areas of constitutional responsibility to improve and strengthen the systems and institutions of government, along with the governor and his team doing the same where he has the constitutional responsibility.

54 Responses to “Premier tells UN he remains ‘firmly opposed’ to UK Order in Council”

  • asura (05/10/2023, 10:21) Like (17) Dislike (30) Reply
    • @asura (05/10/2023, 13:07) Like (12) Dislike (14) Reply
      I agree with you. Anyone who supports an order in council to suspend another country's constitution so they can take over and run it how they think is best is supporting modern day slavery and oppression. I could never support this colonial way of thinking and acting.
  • @ ASURA (05/10/2023, 10:42) Like (23) Dislike (15) Reply
    U really couldn't have choosen a better name / but U sell it wrong , it should be ( ASS I AM ) how can we end racism when blacks are the ones doing it to other blacks / and you adding more drama to it by singing your daily broken down record racism lyrics like you just discovered it
    • To @ ASURA (05/10/2023, 17:00) Like (4) Dislike (2) Reply
      Our foreparents are rolling over in their graves with narrow minded mindset like yours. What a pity.
      • @To@ASURA (06/10/2023, 09:53) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
        "Pity" what?! it is a fact for people belonging to one continent which were brought down to the island by ship, all were dispersed not with their own but was spread out through the Caribbean. However; all you can hear is I from here like other people do not have a place to be from. When they go to other islands, that rhetoric isn't spewed in their faces. They are welcomed and told to enjoy.
        You here make sure the other black (islanders) that come from other islands, even islands bigger than your, yet still the other blacks are (island people and you continenters) are felt like sh#@! Guyana that is part of a continent should chase you all out. Talk bout "foreparents are rolling over in their graves" didn't see when they were leaving back in the days to go to other people places?
  • FROM HERE CHATTING PHISS (05/10/2023, 10:45) Like (23) Dislike (6) Reply
    • @from here chatting phiss (05/10/2023, 11:54) Like (23) Dislike (4) Reply
      Exactly. Whats the point in traveling to say some words that got no impact. Come fix up the damn place. Show that you are a leader.
    • It is time (05/10/2023, 12:01) Like (7) Dislike (11) Reply
      History shows that over the last 100 years the only thing the UK gives all Caribbean Overseas Territories are prisons, investigations, and how to have the local people fight each other and never believe in their leaders and public officers but only them through their governors. From the inception the 1st thing they gave us in each Caribbean Island was Her Majesty Prisons but not Her Majesty schools nor college. As a matter of fact, in BVI they were against the building of HLSCC. I do not hate the UK Officials but their philosophy towards Caribbean people has never been one of fairness and respect. They have always looked at Caribbean people as inferior and they as Superior. There is a lot of corruption in the UK, but they brush most under the rug and the rest, the systems/judiciary deals with it “a kind of a how”. So, the UK nor no country should ever have the power to suspend another country’s constitution and put themselves as the only law of the land. Worse yet, allow non-elected persons to rule a country that claims democracy and good governance as its creed through general elections among other areas. The UK has never clearly documented how OTs can apply and seek independence. This is a clear indication of their ongoing deceit and disrespect. From slavery days they get us to go against each other by playing the corruption card and have us distrusting each other thereby making us to believe we cannot be trusted to handle our own affairs and must rely on them to bring prosperity. Hello? Check all where this happen and ask the people if it worked out in the best interest of that country. The answer is NO! Life got considerably worse. Meanwhile their backyard and now their front yard is filthier than ours, but no one can hold them to account. I am not condoning wrongdoing; I am promoting equality. The Governor is above the laws of the land but yet everyone else is, and he has the authority to look into everyone, but no one can look into him. This is not equality nor good governance. This is not true democracy. How long can you keep a child a child? Worse yet, how can you mandate that a child you neglected to raise and is now a grown adult, be a child again under your sole command? Let the BVI and all OTs strengthen their accountability systems and be granted independence now or the UK will continue to kick the can down the road hoping to carry out many plots to create a deep divide among us so we can block the thought of independence when in fact it is a result of their brainwashing and well organized strategy to keep us in slavery and make us think they are our saviors taking us to heaven when in fact it is the other way around. We have been taking care of ourselves for many years with little to no meaningful assistance from the UK, so let us clean up our act in certain areas and move forward towards independence RIGHTAWAY. We must respect them, but they, nor we, will never see eye to eye with each other in many critical areas because our cultural heritage and philosophy clashes. We have the same education or better than them. We have more people per capita with education than them. So let us stop making them make us keep thinking we are lesser than them and not worthy of trust. We are their equals and our own equals. We are our own saviors. Stop allowing them and others make us feel if we leave to go independent our economy, security, etc. will be compromised. This is the tactics of an abuser who tries to get their victim to feel guilty of trying to come out of an abusive relationship. If the BVI & OTs people are waiting for a perfect time to move forward, then it will never come. Let us march forward towards independence —IT IS TIME!
      • To: It is time (05/10/2023, 17:10) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        Heavy stuff.
      • :) (06/10/2023, 09:56) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
        Yet still the leaders are proving to them that they cant take care of their people. STUPES!
      • Quiet Warrior (06/10/2023, 15:06) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
        The Her/His Majesty Prison are everywhere, but where are the His/Her Majesty Secondary Schools? No where, for beasts don’t need education. Planned ignorance is their MO. Keep them dumb and ignorant and you can control them.
    • @from here chatting phiss (05/10/2023, 13:04) Like (7) Dislike (6) Reply
      I am from Long Look too but let us be fair to our rep & Premier. He left long before the storm to go away and do we the people's business. He nor any of us saw this storm coming to do this kind of damage. They are busy now cleaning up so we say thanks to the Government especially those hard working people at PWD. Give the man a break. What he is fighting for away is just as important to our future.
    • Ohhhh oh (05/10/2023, 14:22) Like (9) Dislike (1) Reply
      So PWD, Solid Waste and the hood residents of long look got to wait till the premier reach back to clean their own community ?
  • How good it is to be a UK Governor (05/10/2023, 12:05) Like (5) Dislike (13) Reply
    1) Just do a speech weekly and name only the bad about the country while striking fear to destabilize.
    2) Use the police force through the head to go at anyone who exposes their deceit or challenges them.
    3) Don’t do a thing all day but get melee, plot the next attack, and plan the next social event (paid for by our tax dollars) for his local imps.
    4) Have tax payers pay for his butler, house, local staff, vehicle, security, social events, gas, chef, gardner, domestic staff, office expenses, and many more.
    5) Divide the country and public service cloaked as good governance and integrity.
    6) Condemn who he feels should not rise to prominence or he thinks need to remove from prominence.
    7) Fool people with words sounding like he is saying one thing but really saying another. Master of deception cloaked as diplomacy.
    8) Do not have to run for elections but have more power than those elected which is slap to democracy.
    9) Determine on his own the country is not running how he and his UK bosses want so high handedly pass an order in council in the UK Parliament to suspend the country’s constitution in modern times, so they can be the judge, jury, and executioner and hold it as “an insurance policy” over the BVI like the slave master with the whip while the BVI cannot hold any insurance policy over him even to say definitively if all the recommendations are met in time if the order will be removed or if the goal post will shift again and again. Talk about high handedness.
    10) Fool the people telling them if they want independence all they have to do is ask but cannot produce a clear policy or written procedure to follow so one can apply or pursue independence. Simply meaning it will not be allowed.
    11) Plot the least troubled path to get UK people to be the Head of Prison, Immigration, Customs, PS, DPP, AG, etc. If they get these then it makes it easier to do a bloodless take over and seem justified as they will say they are acting on the recommendations of the Heads of Department (which would be them).
    12) Without negotiations force 48 unrealistic COI recommendations and have the local government put them in knowing full well they are written to control the country from the UK. So by having the local government do it the UK say to the BVI people, don’t blame us, blame the local Government. And if the local government doesn’t do it then they suspend the constitution and do it and still blame the local government under the cloak of corruption.

    I want a job like the Governor where the laws of the land do not apply to me but I can apply it to everyone.
    • eye (05/10/2023, 15:30) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Couldn’t have said it any better or more accurately. You’ve said it perfectly as I have been for some time now.
      Like these ppl sleeping.
      Stay woke!!
  • Questionable Governor actions (05/10/2023, 12:08) Like (4) Dislike (11) Reply
    It is clear from the givernor speech and actions he is using the power of his office through intimidating idating the DPP and Commissioner of Police to get the outcome they want from the prearranged COI to try to justify their actions and not what justice should allow. The Governor or no one other than the police should be dealing directly with the DPP on investigations and potential matters to investigate. The Governor is over stepping his bounds through intimidation. This raises a major red flag. It is clear dictatorship and not democracy. This colonial system time is up.
  • NDP Supporter: public officer (05/10/2023, 12:27) Like (7) Dislike (10) Reply
    Clearly I never supported VIP to this date. However I must state I do not like the games the Governor is playing with our future by trying to make us feel all we did in the BVI was corrupt and abuse of power especially during Covid. This is totally out of order. The Governor makes it sound as if once you are a public officer you do not need help because you are being paid well. This is how he is coming across and that is wrong. I work in one of the real lower level jobs in the public service. I do not make no where close to 20k a year. During Covid my husband was sent home by the hotel seeing they were closed. I buried my pride and unwilling went to Fahie and the Government as at this time the bank was not giving any breaks as yet & even when they did they took it back with interest at the end. When I stated my case I was shocked to hear fahie response knowing I can't stand him. He said fill out the necessary paperwork and we will try to help but make sure you can account for the money. He said we must try to help as many people and businesses as we can during this difficult time but be accountable so they would not have anything negative to say or prove after the covid blows over. Boy was he correct. We received the funds with a letter informing that we must have all our records of how the money is spent so when called upon we can produce it. I must admit I was grateful because it was ruff and we were losing our home. I never spoke to fahie before nor after. I do not work in any high level nor mid level positions in government to have influenced getting help. It was clear they were genuinely trying to help PEOPLE...whether public officer or private. There are 4000 public officers who are also voters and most make little or no money from government. So the Governor, who is suppose to be looking out for our welfare but doesn't, need to haul and pull up from the nonsense he is talking. He was in his palace during Irma. He was in his palace during Covid. He had no bank to pay. He did not have a spouse losing a job and having young children to feed and bank to pay. During a crisis of the magnitude of Irma and covid there will always be some sought of abuse but to make it seem as if it was intentional is to behave out of order. I am sick of hearing this dictatorship Governor and UK system. Let us go independent now.
    • @NDP Supporter: public office (05/10/2023, 13:08) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
      This is solid, truthful, and touching because I experienced the same thing. Thanks for sharing and putting this matter into perspective.
  • Getting hand starts sweet (05/10/2023, 12:37) Like (9) Dislike (7) Reply
    Most people who cheat on their spouse usually testify that when it started and for a while into it everything sounded sweet and everything was sweet. They showed more caring for them than their spouse. They looked out for their well being more than their spouse. They even took care of them in terms of money and honey than their spouse. Those that leave their spouse to go with their fling end up realizing that the grass is not greener on the other side. As matter of fact they turn out to be worse than their spouse and what they did to them they found out they were now doing with others.

    This is how the UK have some of you behaving and thinking about your own people and leaders. But believe me when I say for those who want the UK to take over thinking life will get better & be better you will regret the day it happens because their history shows where ever they took over they made life worse not better for the people. Becareful of their nice words now. Beware of their end game by playing the corruption and abuse of power card. Be mindful of anyone who claims everyone other than them are bad, corrupt, and greedy. BVI Becareful. This is a well organized plot to suppress and enslave using modern day tactics. You have been warned.
    • @Getting hand starts sweet (05/10/2023, 13:00) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
      This one sweet and is so true in every sense including with the Governor and UK. Well put.
    • Response to Getting hand starts sweet (05/10/2023, 13:21) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
      This is thought provoking. You have made me change my mind about a UK take over.
  • No more blind support (05/10/2023, 12:51) Like (7) Dislike (6) Reply
    I use to support the Governor 100% until I realize a few things. All he does weekly is paint a bad picture of the BVI & a good one of himself and past Governors. This is not possible because all are men are full of sin. Next I am now 100% convinced the COI was not transparent and was done to act as justification for their own wicked specific purposes and not the real truth. They hand picked the Coi commissioner knowing he shared the same views as them of the people of color in the Caribbean so he did not need to be told what the plan was as it was already in all of their colonial DNA. I can prove ii in this way. If I wanted a report to come out negative against the current Premier all I have to do is say I am doing it transparently and pick Dameon & Cindy to head it up. I do not need to have a conversation with them to influence their approach nor outcome. I know how they are and where they stand on the Premier and all issues surrounding him & his people. So I can sit back knowing the negative report is coming. This is what the UK did. This is why there was no tender process nor transparent process in selecting their Commissioner of the COI. They selected a personality armed as a judge and give him the right bullets through their wide subjective terms of reference with no consideration that covid was not a normal event to deal with. This is why I cannot support the Governor anymore. This whole matter needs to be challenged in court.
  • Challenges at UN (05/10/2023, 13:12) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Premier here lies your challenges at the UN. The UK is a major player at the head table of the UN. Just like the COI, they are silently feeding the UN misinformation which they are not sharing with you to get a balance story. Some of the members of the UN know the UK is acting out of place with this order in council but because they are one of the super powers of the world the UN shut their eyes to some of their unethical and non democratic conduct towards others especially their OTs. Nonetheless, let us keep praying and keep fighting because Jehovah has the finally say.
  • Let's be for real (05/10/2023, 13:18) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Most of the concerns of the COI were dealing with public service procedures and conduct. Who is over the public service? The Governor. Who the COI give most of the blame to? The elected officials. How can this be right? NEVER! Now the Governor is holding a slavery whip over the country's head to have them do things they want done but most of them are not in the best interest of the people of the BVI but they care not as if they fail to do as they are told then they will Crack the whip. Who can hold a whip over the UK & Governor for their failures? Not a dam soul. This is wrong. The Order of Council needs to be removed immediately as slavery has been abolished.
  • Modern Partnership? Balance? (05/10/2023, 13:22) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    So who can look into past Governors as there are a lot of concerns over the last one with certain dealings but the law protects Governors and have them over the police. So they can look into anyone but no one can look into them.
  • Food for thought (05/10/2023, 13:27) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    When people run for office they have to campaign so the people can know their agenda. This is democracy. What is the Governor's agenda. He keeps telling us he is acting in our best interest. How do we know that. How does he know what are our interest. How do he know what is in our best interest? What office did the Governor run for. Is he really looking out for our best interest or that of his and his UK bosses so we can struggle to make it in our own land like they have most of the people in the UK doing. Independence is the only out of this cabal UK system.
  • Just an observation (05/10/2023, 13:31) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    When last anyone of you see the white UK Commissioner of Police & Governor investigate or arrest anyone white in the BVI. Is it only black people committ crime in the BVI. When last did any of you see a black UK Governor anywhere in the world in the 21st century. Something smells about these guys intentions
  • West side (05/10/2023, 13:34) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
    Crazy Cindy is brain washed she hates Nat he beat her at the polls
  • My dear Premier (05/10/2023, 13:34) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    Every story has 3 sides, yours, mine, and the truth. The Governor selected a Commissioner of COI & police to tell their UK story. When will the government give the people of the BVI the uk lawyer man Cox report to hear the other part of the story so we all can go to court to see if we can find out the real truth. We are waiting...
  • Words of advice (05/10/2023, 13:38) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Some people believe the BVI should not go independent until every problem under the sun with roads, infrastructure, and others are fixed but that is a mistake. Waiting until everything is perfect before you move forward is a huge mistake and not valid as these issues whether fixed or not will always resurface in the life of any country no matter who is in charge. The systems to adequately address them needs to be established but let us move forward to independence now and stop thinking and behaving like the Israelites in the Bible.
    • Spititout (06/10/2023, 08:13) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      I cant agree with you here for we first have to know about our Health Care, our security, our defence, our Education , our Food está. Do we know what Direction to take, ?, who to turn to or depend on?
      We cant turn to China, for they would want us to Formulate another resembelling Covid 20..
      Do you realize we would become Orphants, Homeless,Delinquents, Beggars, and want to be Criminals for survival. I daré say the rest.. Becareful what you ask for it May bring what you don't need ,with it.
  • Transparency --- huh? (05/10/2023, 13:46) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    Can someone help us all and post where we can find the application and procedures the UK have where any of their Overseas Territories like BVI, Anguilla, & others can go to and apply for and seek independence. The UK likes to claim they are for transparency so why is this information and processes readily available for all to see and follow. Isn't this what they are asking of BVI in their COI recommendations? What hypocrisy. I do not need to ask for independence to then wait to hear from different people as to what to do to get it. There should exist an established formal process.This is not transparent nor good governance. Maybe they should start to practice what they like to preach.
    • Manjack (05/10/2023, 15:44) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      To Transparency, I will take a WAG at your inquiry though I have no inside info on the UK independence granting process. However, since the UK only grant independence only very infrequently, I doubt it will have a pro-forma form for applying for independence. I think St. Kitts and Nevis was the last West Indian island to get independence from the UK( 1983). If the territory is truly serious and interested in seceding from the UK, why don’t it submit a formal written request via the Governor to the FCO to get the process started. And if this not the correct process, it could apprise then in its prompt response what the correct process is. I think the BVI should educate the people on the pros and cons of independence and then hold a referendum on seceding from the UK.
  • Manjack (05/10/2023, 14:26) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    The UN is a paper tiger agency with some undemocratic practices, ie, the permanent members of the Security Council having the power to veto any action it does not like, ie, Russia unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. George Orwell in his classic Animal Farm, noted, “ All animals are created equal. But some animals are are more equal than others.” Double speak, fork tongue. All UN members are supposed to be equal but it seems some are more equal than others. The Big boys, Big countries, stick together, fooling the small fries,, little countries, they are looking out for them. The UK will ignore whatever the UN proposes, for what is the UN going to do if it does not? Nothing, nada. The collective action and collective responsibility of the Big countries started centuries ago with Age of Discovery and it continues.

    In 1494 Pope Alexander VI issued a papal bull, Inter Caetera, dividing the Americas between Spain and Portugal, ie, the Treaty of Tordesillas. The dividing line was a line some 100 leagues west of the Cape Verde islands; any countries west of line went to Spain; east, Portugal. This unleashed other European countries, ie, UK, France, Denmark, Holland to pursue conquering and colonizing countries in the Americas. The Treaty of Tordesillas was followed by the Treaty of Zaragoza in 1529 in regards to Far East colonies. The conquest and colonization did not stop there though.

    In 1884, in what is known as the Berlin Conference and the scramble for Africa, the US,,along with the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium met in Berlin, Germany, to divide up Africa among them. Though the US was at the meeting, it did not share in spoils directly exploiting and raping Africa of its resources. The raping of African resources continue to this day ; the Chinese, Japanese , Russians and Indians are now participants in the exploitation and rape.

    Consequently, so you see that the Big countries in the UN would at best be luke warm about telling another colonial country/power how to treat or do with its colony (s). I think they don’t give a rat’s ass what the UK does with or to its colonies. I’m neither hopeful nor confident that the UN can force the UK to lift the order in council. Nevertheless, Dr. the Hon Premier Natalio Wheatley, R-7, and MoF, is exercising good leadership in this instance in advocating for the lifting of the Order in Council. Though I think, it will fall on deaf ears with PM Sunak and King Charles III, for they don’t give a rat’s ass about a tiny dot in the Caribbean Sea. Their only interest, if any, would be its value,,if any, in its Global Britain initiative.

    Moreover, if the Virgin Islands people want change, they cannot lean totally on others for it. They to unite and agitate, protest and agitate strongly, peacefully and persistently for change in its self-determination pursuit. The BVI people must learn a valuable lesson from the Jews. The Jews learnt in Europe that it was not in best interest to divide and scatter, pursuing integrstion, for it made them weaker and more vulnerable. Frederick Douglass: “ If there is no, there is no progress.” Follow the lead of unselfish warriors and national heroes Theodolph Faulkner, Noel Lloyd, Hamilton Lavity Stoutt.
  • Why (05/10/2023, 15:20) Like (2) Dislike (5) Reply
    Why keep saying British Virgin Isalnds its Virgin Islands
    • @Why (06/10/2023, 07:02) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
      @Why, the Premier, along with others in government, even diplomats, who should know better, are the biggest abusers of referring to the VI as the BVI. The legal name is VI, not BVI. Our friendly neighbor to the west , USVI, uses the name VI as its name. Their legal name is USVI. We probably used BVI instead of VI to avoid confusion and for clarity of which group of Virgin Islands. Or BVI is more sexy than VI. Is the Spanish Virgin Islands going to use VI too. Furthermore, if we don’t like name VI why not change it?
  • No Siree (05/10/2023, 15:30) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    After almost 5 years running to the UN you think they going do anything?

    You brought in a set of them some days ago and although they look like us they do no t care . When will youe get it ....but then again do you care....only talking a heap of nonsense to divert people from the trips.....You cannot keep doing the things you do and expect to see good , no more no more. things going to improve they have to ....I had enough of this enough

    Dear Lord please expedite the answer to my prayer make haste Lord and act without delay please Lord
    • @ No Siree (06/10/2023, 08:58) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      @No Siree, the Premier needs to read Manjack blog on the UN for a reality check.
  • Xxx (05/10/2023, 16:05) Like (3) Dislike (2) Reply
    Showda has never seen a trip or opportunity to travel he didn't like....
  • Bright boy (05/10/2023, 16:13) Like (1) Dislike (15) Reply
    Unlike funny man or Smurf our handsome Premier is not going to embarrass us internationally.
  • Taking Advantage (05/10/2023, 16:39) Like (1) Dislike (2) Reply
    The UK is a much older and mature country by hundreds of years and with their experience they used a pandemic to take advantage of a smaller territory while ignoring their own sins by voting not to have a COI done in the UK on covid but have a well organized one in BVI to get their prearranged agenda & results come to reality. The UK used all the events to take advantage of the leaders and territory during the most vulnerable time in the history of the country. God does not like ugly and he always ensure the scales are balanced even when others like the UK think they can do his job for him or better than him.
  • down2earth (05/10/2023, 16:58) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    The government needs to get their house in order. Then and only then can we look towards further self-determination. Does one desire independence
    with all this present baggage? 'If the blind leads the blind, they both fall into a ditch!'

    A native Virgin Islander to the Nth generation
  • What is our goal (05/10/2023, 17:08) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    If independence is not our gold then why do we ensure our children get the best education and finish college/university even if we have to eat vienna sausage so we can pay for it? Why do we ensure the arms of democracy are strengthen if independence is not the end goal? Why did we build a college if independence is not our end goal? Build up the BVI without much meaningful help from the UK or any other major country if independence is not our end goal? Invest heavily in business and the economy if independence is not our end goal? Why did we build a strong financial services industry if independence is not our end goal? Truth be told the BVI is already independent. All the UK does is make us think otherwise so we can think it is best to remain dependent under them.
  • Yes to UK (05/10/2023, 17:14) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    The Order in Council is because the UK knows that they can’t trust the government to flow rules and do the right thing.
  • Remember how (05/10/2023, 17:15) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    When the Europeans enslaved our African family they did it through heavy help from key people who were Africans. When they got an "in road" then they took out those uncle Tom who helped them and replace them with someone from Europe. Then they raped the woman and made laws that made trying to escape from slavery illegal. I do not see nothing the UK is doing now any different. All that has happened is they are more sophisticated with their approach but when you take the skin off of the sheep it is the same wolf we are dealing with.
  • vg youth (05/10/2023, 17:18) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    The cultural differences between the UK and BVI is not only huge but a significant barrier which will always breed issues of trust of each other and difficulty to agree on a common way forward. In a case like this the stronger partner will always inflict their way and will. We really have to become independent now.
  • Only sense (05/10/2023, 17:21) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    The Governor said he had to do what he is doing because nothing any Governor suggested to be done over the years was supported. Really? Well he is in charge of the public service and could have funding some of the initiatives in the same way he is now trying to fool us with two scholarships a year to study in the UK and the $30k to fund youth NGO programmes. We are not foolish. We are clear what the real end game is about. It is about controlling and silencing a people.
  • COME ON UK (05/10/2023, 17:25) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Where in the world does a Judge who never ran for office or led a department has the full know how to write 48 recommendations to run a country in the best interest of the people of the country who he did not speak to nor with. It is clear these recommendations were influenced and written by the very Governor and UK staff. This whole COI and actions of the UK & Governor is high handed and a modern blitz of dictatorship. What is worse the BVI has no where to fight this injustice as the UK & Governor are legally above the law of the land.
  • Follow the abuse of power (05/10/2023, 17:28) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    The Governor is over the police and by organizing a UK person to head the police force he is 100% in charge to use them to do whatever he needs doing but make it look good because he has someone with like minds amd mission at the top. The Governor is over the COI but he said it is transparent and independent of him yet he hired the Commissioner of the COI without any transparent process. He agreed with the UK to use the staff from the same UK office as the Governor to assist the hand picked Commissioner for the COI. This move allows the UK staff to influence the shaping of the final report to reflect their agreed mission and outcome. The COI & its report was a conclusion before the COI began just waiting for the story. Then the Commissioner handed the report to the Governor who had it for weeks before making it public. So we do not if it is the same report. Then the Governor officially give it to the police to do independent investigation when in fact he is in charge of the police so again this is another conclusions just waiting for actions to try to justify. He did the same to the DPP. Now if an elected official operated like this then most of you including the wicked minded auditor general would have already been on top of it. The BVI is seeing high level injustice who feel no one is innocent unless they say so. They have no regard for the justice system nor for people's legal rights!
    This is modern day slavery.
  • WEW (05/10/2023, 17:35) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Well then what are going to do to straighten out the mess we’re in ? You helped get us here.
  • Native Tongue (06/10/2023, 07:07) Like (0) Dislike (2) Reply
  • Saludos saw (06/10/2023, 08:25) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    When you are a Child, if you do something wrong and your Parents decide to give you a Royal Cutass, Do you just jump up to your Neighbors and tell them take you over from this point and they become your Guardián or your immediate Parents?
    When you think you could go and complain to the UN and get away from getting your Bottom(especially kickinyour Bottom) pounced upon?No Nat. That is no how it is done.
    Leaders are supposed to FACE THE MUSIC THAT IS PLAYING.
  • lodger (06/10/2023, 11:14) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Surely it is possible to persuade the HOA members to agree to produce a ballot paper for the public to vote on, and for the result to be communicated to the governor and UK, with a request on how to proceed further with independence? Thats assuming the public come up with a positive response.? I dont think the governors permission would be required for this. Trouble is, the majority of the public do not blog or attend public meetings, and you vehement bloggers may be surprised at the lack of public interest in independence. Nevertheless, why not try, so the matter can be put to rest one way or the other?
  • WOW (07/10/2023, 15:56) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    WOW Mr Hickenbottom.... seeing him in that clown costume is shameful I could pass out from second hand embarrassment.

    Yes to independence. We cant even get legal weed due to a one man unelected governor's lack of assent.

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