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November 20th, 2023
‘Higher than average’ Sarahan Dust surge in VI- DDM

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) has alerted that the [British] Virgin Islands (VI) is experiencing another surge of the Saharan Dust and that this surge is higher than the average.

November 6th, 2023
Nurse Romalia Smith Clinic on Anegada closed due to ‘safety’ concerns

THE SETTLEMENT, Anegada, VI- Residents of Anegada are being advised that due to infrastructure concerns at the Nurse Romalia Smith Clinic, the facility has been temporarily closed for assessment and necessary repairs to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients and staff.

October 27th, 2023
Mother desperately seeking to raise £20K for local toddler with ‘breathing’ challenges

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- A distressed mother desperate to save the life of her almost 2-year-old son has turned to the public to help raise some £20,000 via GoFundMe.

October 24th, 2023
Divorced from justice but not separated from the people

Alred C. Frett

I am Forever Grateful, & Offer Thanks to you the People:

It may be flattering for persons to praise my last Articles as Master Pieces, but the truth is, the things I am saying now are what I have been saying all along… It’s merely a matter of speaking Truth to Power, in order to provide Truth for the Youth... It’s also okay for those who differ with me and call me a Hypocrite, because I promote the full employment of V-Islanders, even as I support the Rights of employed Non-Belongers.

October 21st, 2023
OECS acknowledges healthcare brain drain in region

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – Discussions on how to keep healthcare workers from leaving the region, were high on the agenda at the recently concluded Ninth Council of Ministers: Health Meeting which was held back-to-back with the 36th OECS/Pooled Procurement Services (PPS) Policy Board Meeting in the Virgin Islands (VI).

October 20th, 2023
Jahnai L. Caul blasts GM mosquito programme on VG

VALLEY, Virgin Gorda, VI- As controversy continues to brew over the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Virgin Gorda Community, as part of a mosquito reduction programme, one outspoken resident has blasted the programme’s organisers for not taking the concerns of residents seriously.

October 18th, 2023
Critics of mosquito reduction strategy are ill-informed- Hon Vincent O. Wheatley

VALLEY, Virgin Gorda, VI- The Green VI Bug Out programme, which began in July 2022, with the releasing of male mosquitos infected with Wolbachia bacteria, has come under criticism from a few residents of Virgin Gorda, including Jahnai L. Caul, a constant critic of District Nine initiatives.

October 11th, 2023
Hon Vincent O. Wheatley to assume role as Chair of OECS/PPS Board

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Virgin Islands’ Minister for Health and Social Development, Honourable Vincent Wheatley (R9) will be assuming the role of chair of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)/ Pooled Procurement Service (PPS) Board for the upcoming year.

October 1st, 2023
Breastfeeding helps mothers ‘lose the extra baby pounds’- Chief Nursing Officer

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Mothers concerned about gaining weight due to pregnancy should be excited to know that they may not have to worry too much about expensive gym membership or starving themselves, as the secret to shedding those extra pounds is in the win-win situation of breastfeeding.

September 28th, 2023
Men usually say ‘it’s not so bad’ after ‘finger’ exam for prostate cancer- Dr McLean-Hobdy

BAUGHERS BAY, Tortola, VI- Most men, particularly those concerned about prostate cancer, may be very happy to know there is a blood test that can reliably screen for prostate cancer, as men tend to shy away from the ‘dreaded’ digital rectal (finger) examination (DRE).

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