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Wrong cannot conquer right

Lorna M. George. Photo: Facebook
Lorna M. George

When I graduated in 1984 and returned to Peebles Hospital to work, my stay there only lasted four months. As a result of my Christian values and my love for people I could not get involved in the wrong things I saw happening there. I refused to do what they wanted me to do. No one can make me do what is wrong. If my conscience condemns me I am not going to do it. I abhor wrong.

I have been a Christian since I was twelve years old and now I am old going to the grave and you think the devil can turn me around? They tried to conquer my spirit, but little did the other hospital workers know that not even the devil in hell can conquer my spirit. I have the power of God in every fingertip. I was wasting my time so I walked off the job and went to Michigan where I found a job in a Half-Way house.

I will not fight my people; I am not a pit bull. Only animals of the jungle fight. God says that we must love each other. Before I fight the people in my country like a pit bull, I rather stoop to conquer. VIslanders minds have being controlled over the years to fight like pit bulls. I determined in my spirit that I will not fight my brothers and sisters, instead I stooped down and went to America and work as a live-in housekeeper in a White family’s home, taking care of three children and cleaning White people’s toilets.

I had a B.S. degree in one hand and a toilet brush in the other hand. I rather cleaned toilets and live like a human being than live like a pit bull. I am a human being created in God’s image. I will not degrade myself by fighting another human being; especially the people of my country that I love so much. The people of my country call me crazy but I would not hold that against them. They do not know better.

Calling a person stink cannot make him/her stink; by the same token calling a person crazy cannot make him/her crazy. I forgive the people of my country. If a person does not know better, he just doesn’t know better. No harm done. Ignorance cannot beat education. Many of my people cannot think for themselves; they only say what they hear others say. How sad. Over the years all the Governments of this country pushed people down and suppressed them. Nobody is not going to suppress me, that is why I walked off my job. It will be a cold day in hell before I sit down and let another human being push me down or suppress me. I will push you through hell as my name is Lorna Melita George, born 1960.

The National Democratic Party (NDP) Government under the leadership of Dr D. Orlando Smith was the most suppressive Government of the [British] Virgin Islands. They did too much of blatant and deliberate wrong. God will see for them. I leave them in the hands of God. God sits high but He looks low. The Premier, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie is a Christian man and his desire is to please God. The VI is a suppressive society and he does not want to suppress any one. It is wrong to suppress people. 

The [British] Virgin Islands has been suppressing everybody in this country for years. VIslanders push down VIslanders for years. Don’t push on me! It is wrong. The devil try to push God out of Heaven and God push him down to hell nonstop. You Do not push people, it is wrong. Nothing is wrong with what the premier is doing. The way he went about it may be wrong but that can be corrected. However, we can come together as a people and find a better way to do it. The problem is that my people are controlled by fear. It is imperative that this fear of our people be addressed. The people of the [British] Virgin Islands have been push down for years; consequently that is all we know how to do. It is time for us to stop pushing each other down. It is time for us to take our feet off one another’s shoulders. No body rides on my back. That is a NO! NO!

Many of the other Caribbean people who come here are nothing more than nomads moving from place to place to place with no resting place. Many of them like Nature’s Little Secret and they want to make here their home. What is wrong with that? These people are human beings like us and we should not treat them like animals. Many of them are hurting because they cannot live in their own countries. Their countries are destroyed by witchcraft, obeah, necromancy and crime. Our other Caribbean brothers and sisters have come here looking a better way of life. We as BVIslanders should not look down our noses on them. They are not less than us. They are hurting. We must show them love and compassion. Filling our hearts with hate and resentment towards them is not right. God says we must love each other. We must keep our heart pure. Hate cannot conquer love. Love is the most powerful force. As a people we must do what is right in the sight of God. Man cannot lift up himself only God can lift us up.

This is a Christian community yet we do not know the Bible. Honourable Fahie cannot sell out the country. That is ignorance from the last pit of hell. Where will he get that kind of power from? My people are motivated by fear so they are saying all kind of foolishness and nonsense. Foreigners cannot take over our country.

You want us to suppress them until the filth come through their mouths. This is not their country; this country belongs to [British] Virgin Islanders. When the Children of Israel were down in Egypt, they were multiplying so fast that the Government decided to suppress them, God raised up Moses to deliver them from slavery or else they would have being down in Egypt  until now. Nobody can’t come in this country and take it over. That is wrong. God does not like ugly. The Bible say when a person invites you to a party, you take the lowest seat until the person throwing the party asks you to come up to a higher seat. Our other Caribbean brothers and sisters know nothing about love and respect. We must show them love and compassion that is the only thing that will change their wicked ways. Many of our other Caribbean brothers and sisters have done us wrong, but we don’t have to fight back. The Bible say vengeance is mine. I will repay said the Lord. Romans 12:19. The Bible is right, what a man sows he shall reap. Galatians 6: 7-9.

People told me that my country did me a wrong. My people did not do me anything wrong. The people of my country don’t know better. I am one intelligent person and with God’s help I am going to lift the veil of ignorance from the eyes of my people. Like Joseph in the Bible I said, “They mean it for evil but God meant it for Good.”

Finally, we must repay evil with good. As a people we must learn to forgive and forget. We must learn to forgive the wrong done to us by others. We cannot get even for the wrong done to us. God is stronger than Satan and sin. Premier Fahie is a Christian man who loves the Lord so he will not suppress any one. Prayer is the key. When you reach to a cross road look up and let God tell you what to do. See his divine guidance. Only do what is right in the sight of God and God will bless you. You do not want to stand before God guilty of wronging others. Making our brothers and sisters feel that they are not part of our family is wrong. We must embrace them. Hate cannot conquer love. Love is as strong as death.

Let us embrace our other Caribbean brothers and sisters instead of pushing them away. We are one in Christ and God is the Father of us all. WE MUST LOVE EACH OTHER! THE BIBLE EMPATHICALLY SAYS A NEW COMMAND IGIVE YOU: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. John 13:34.

13 Responses to “Wrong cannot conquer right”

  • Strupes (23/05/2019, 12:56) Like (2) Dislike (5) Reply
    Lorna George, have you spent anytime in any of these islands and experience witchcraft? The Bible say Judge Not or you will be judged with the same measure by witch you have judged others. Experience these other countries first before casting down your judgement. Yet you want to meet us on the street and smile your fake smile and give your fake hello. STOP the nonsense.
  • Love One Another... (23/05/2019, 14:27) Like (4) Dislike (2) Reply
    but lady, Good Lord, get help.
  • Quiet Rebel (23/05/2019, 15:28) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
    Lorna, you seem to be smart and intelligent and I respect opinion. But I have few opinions of my own:
    1. Nuff of us go to church whenever the church door open yet behave just like hedons. Professing Christianity does not necessarily make one a Christian; it is our thoughts, action and behaviour. It is the trifecta.
    2. The BVI has a service-based economy and depends heavily on external investment. Any investment must be a Win-Win for both investor and the BVI. If proper procedures are not put in place and enforced, yes, foreigners can take over the BVI. One does not have to have political power to rule things. To borrow a chorus line from E. Leonard, economic power trumps political power. As he always advocates, economic independence should come before political independence. If Noel Lloyd and PAM didn’t agitate and protest against the horrific agreement Kenneth-Bates Hill, what would have happened to Wickhams Cay and at least 1/2 of Anegada? It would have VI-Styled Appartied. We better be vigilant and not be fooled by a few Benjamins in our pocket. By the way, late former Chief Minister Hamilton Lavity Stoutt is viewed in these parts as a political icon. True, he did some great things, ie, HLSCC among others yet the Wickhams Cay agreement was negative mark perhaps on his score card. Every other BVI leader has negative mark(s) on his score card. Snap we have not yet had a woman atop the food chain. Who will be the first?
    • @ quiet Rebel (23/05/2019, 18:26) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      The signing of the Bates Hill agreement was done by the white administrator of the day. Our chief Minister, H.Lavity Stoutt, did not have control of finance. Years after we got control of finance and last year almost lost it again.
      • Quiet Rebel (23/05/2019, 21:28) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
        Ok. Did the local government in late 1960s pushed back against the lose-lose Bates-Hill agreement that leased Wickhams Cay and 1/2 of Anegada for 199 years? Did it see the deal as reasonable? Didn’t it protest with Noel Lloyd and PAM as the NDP and Opposition did with Bishop Cline and others against the selected OT-only Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act Of 2018? Noel Lloyd and PAM members were jailed and despised for their personal sacrificing and courageous action that save and kept Wickhams Cay and Anegada in locals hand. They are national heroes. If we are not vigilant the same thing can happen again. Colonialists were here before and left leaving the colony as impoverished and only good as a bird sanctuary. Now regentrification is occuring; pretty soon many locals will only be either sailing by, driving by, walking buy or flying over and saying my great grand father/mother use to owned this or that piece of prime real estate. We better be vigilant and stay on watch, for while we are worrying the weeds the forest is ablazed. Government needs to put a moratorium on wealthy foreigners buying and owning is a non-renewable natural resources; protect and preserve it.
    • cunning (23/05/2019, 19:25) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
      Why you had to bring the iconic HL Stoutt into this discussion; especially, since you know that was her uncle. Mek the man rest in peace nah. Wickhams Cay was how many generations ago? Mek sleeping dogs lie. Ah yu tu nuff and want to be in every pepperpot. Too much rambling, TMI but it is all good. Should not sacfrice charity for brevity.
  • Goose Cook (23/05/2019, 19:10) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    I am seriously beginning to wonder what is going to become of the BVI. The majority seem to be totally clueless while christian indoctrination and rhetoric blocks every attempt to reach them. It ain't easy to live in a situation like this. All the oppressors have to do is continue with " Onward Christian Soldiers"...Ad Hoc Signo this sign we conquer.
  • Jordana (24/05/2019, 07:10) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    I hear all of what u all are saying.. however I don’t believe some of us are truly hearing what Lorna smith is saying .. she is coming from a christian’s perspective and that is for us to love one another as God have asked us to do.. in reality the BVI and our Caribbean sisters and brothers are all one.. yes our island may have a different name but we are all 1 Caribbean people ..These people have been here for so many years. They are not adding to the population.. if the roles were reversed wouldn’t we have wanted the same thing to be done for us?.. yes I had mixed views myself but at the end of the day we have to do the right thing by God and that is to love one another and treat each other the right way.. do unto another as u would want it be done u to u.. so don’t go crucifying Lorna she is advocating God’s love one to another as we should..again ask yourselves this question- if it were u or your family, would u not want this (what the “Expats”
    seek) for yourselves?..
    • @Jordana (24/05/2019, 07:57) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
      @Jordana, who made you judge and jury? Everyone is hearing what he/she wants to hear. Express your opinion and respect others opinion as they respect yours. By the way, in my opinion, people are not against residency; it is the rushed process that people are ticked off about. The Premier took a univerlateral and autocratic approach to this ting.
  • Really? (24/05/2019, 11:36) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Ms. George writes: "Our other Caribbean brothers and sisters know nothing about love and respect. We must show them love and compassion that is the only thing that will change their wicked ways." Yet she purports to be supporting the stand that "British Virgin Islanders should not look down our noses at them". With a friend like that, who needs an enemy? There's a saying that he (she) who generalises, generally lies. While I'm not saying that Ms. George is deliberately lying, I feel strongly that she's speaking beyond her scope of knowledge. There's another saying: "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" - perhaps Ms. George needs to take a few trips "down island" to broaden her experience. There are Virgin Islanders who are wicked and unloving and disrespectful and there are people from other countries, including those in the Caribbean, who are wicked and unloving and disrespectful, just as there are people from every country who are not. Let's get to know each other and stop tarring everyone with the same brush - it's not helpful.
  • Jordana (24/05/2019, 11:45) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    @ the person that responded to my Tex..I do hear u.. I do respect the views of others.. all I was saying was was that I also understand lorna’s Point of view from a christian’s stand point.. also (George not Smith).. I did say that I to have mixed opinions about the matter but at the end of the day I do believe the Premier is trying to do a good thing by them and your right he should have consulted the people and not do it the way he was trying to do it.. he did take an autocratic approach which was not the right way so yes I agree with u.. and I do apologize if u felt I judged u or another in any way..
  • east end (24/05/2019, 13:35) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    All of you are saying this and that, Lorna does not like the down island people as we Tolians call them. I was in a group with Lorna and the Lettsome woman and a young lady from from down island was on the committee and these two Tolians use to disagree with every idea she brought up at the meetings for the benefit of the when it comes to moving forward until that young lady got fed up and left the group. Don't mind the noise lorna keeping SHE DOES NOT LIKE THE EXPATRIATES...

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