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We are created equal!

Lorna M. George Photo: Provided
By Lorna M. George

There is an old adage that says, “Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise”

While I was growing up in the British Virgin Islands, one of the most ungodly things that I witnessed was people looking down their noses on each other based on whom his/her parents were. This was done to keep people in their so call “PLACE”.

Such behaviour is an abomination to God. I always wondered why people were so wicked to each other.  Such ugly and despicable attitudes toward the not so fortunate and other people used to make my heart bleed.  People looked down their noses on others’ parents by passing be littering, disparaging and degrading remarks. 

This terrible behaviour was based on the position that one’s parents held in the society.  As a result of this, some children felt ashamed of their parents, while other children identified with their parents and felt proud of their parent because the society held them in high esteem.  Some children’s parents were “NOBODIES” while others’ parents were like God figures.  Some children foolishly believed that because they had hard working and well to do parents they were more superior to other children who were not so fortunate.

It is God in His infinite love who gave us our parents; consequently, we should never be ashamed of what God has given us.  Your mother may be the queen of England, and my mother may be a cleaner at Bobby supermarket.  I love her because she is my mother.  She was the first to love me and held me to her breast.  In return, I should love her dearly.   My mother may not be able to tell me who my father is; but, I should still love her.  The Good Book said that we should honour our parents.

Created in image of God

According to the unadulterated word of God we are all created in the image and likeness of a great and mighty God.  We are created equal.  God made us all from the dust of the ground.  In the Bible, the Psalmist David declared we are fair fully and wonderfully made.  Men are the crowning glory of His creation. 

We are not animals like so much of us believe.  We are spiritual beings with minds, souls and spirits.  We are beautiful because God does not make junk!  It does not matter whether one is tall or short; fat or skinny; has a big belly or an oversized bottom, he/she is beautifully made.  Too many of us have been push down so much in life that we feel that we have no worth and, we suffer from low self-esteem. 

This is a sad way to live.  It is a foolish thing to compare yourself to others because this makes one feels insecure and insignificant.  God did not make any two persons alike.  When God made each person, He threw away the blueprints.  Our worth does not come from our family background, our education, our money or our professions.  Our worth comes from Jehovah God who created us in His image.  Our God is the king of kings and Lord of Lord; consequently, if our Father is the King that means we are royalty and have royal blood running in our veins.

Caribbean Situation

In the Caribbean too many of us live in the bottom of the ghut because of the lack of knowledge.  Sad to say, but it is true, we are spiritually blind and believe the lies and ignorance that we have been fed for many years. Too many of us ignorantly believe that one’s family background make him/her somebody.  I have heard people say, “He/she is aNobody”.  My God, My God.  This is the most foolish, stupid and asinine things I have ever heard.  It is ludicrous to believe that one’s family background makes a person somebody. 

This is a big fat lie that comes from the last pit of hell.  It is God in our lives that make us somebody.  He has created us special, unique and for His glory.  We focus too much on physical beauty.  Some of us may not be as physically attractive as others, but we can all have internal beauty.  Such beauty comes from God. 

When God lives in our hearts we manifest the intrinsic values of life such as love, kindness, compassion, patience and a caring spirit.  When Christ is in our lives, we have an understanding, loving, caring and sagacious heart towards our fellow men.  Our integrity, uprightness and values by which we lead our lives are what is important not the expensive clothes we wear or big houses we live in.  The measure of a person is the heart not his/her Bank Book.

Family & God

There is no such thing as a “Good Family”.  All families are good because it is God who created families and placed us in the family that pleased Him.  We were all born in sin. Psalm 51:1 said emphatically, “I was sharpened in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me” None of us was born good.  We were all born sinners!   The goodness in us comes when we develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father. 

There is good in the worst of us and, there is bad in the best of us. We look down our noses on each other out of deep-seated ignorance.  We do not realize that all of us are made of the dust of the ground.  Can dirt look down its nose on dirt?  O how sad we are.  Some of us are beyond pity.  God in your mercy help us and open our blinded eyes. Reveal to us mortal, your divine truth. 

 The bottom line is that we are all dirt.  God said from the dirt we came and to the dirt, we shall return.  It does not matter one’s skin colour, one’s ethnicity, family background or where one was born, we are spiritual beings created in the image of a great and mighty God.  God loves us all.  His love is solid as a rock and endures forever.

Equality for all

In recapitulation, we are all spiritual beings created in God’s image and likeness. We are created equal.   The colour of one’s skin, one ethnicity, family background or where one is from does not make him/her more superior.  Internal beauty is more important than physical beauty.  A good heart comes from God, and we must look to Him from whom all goodness flows.

7 Responses to “We are created equal! ”

  • guy hill (15/03/2019, 11:36) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    Real talk Lorna. You do good, you do good to yourself. You do bad, you do bad to yourself.
  • The TRUTH (15/03/2019, 20:51) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Please explain the sins of a newborn baby. I don't want to hear "The Bible says" Tell me when and how they sin.
    • quick answer (15/03/2019, 22:38) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      The “newborn baby” does not or did not sin in such state; they were born with the nature to sin i.e. to do that which is wrong. However there comes a point in a human’s life (usually at a very early age) that they gain the understanding of wrong & right (which they have a choice to either do that which is wrong or right) I believe it is call the awareness of one’s conciseness. Great topic to expound upon.
  • Quiet Warrior (15/03/2019, 21:30) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Obviously, slavery was about race. Anglos seeking themselves as superior to persons of African descendants, condoned by government, they enslaved and exploited people of African descent for their personal economic benefit. After Emancipation in 1834, things shifted for the most part from race to social and economic status. Light skin and curly hair was good. Anyone remember when people use to “Conk” (straighten) their hair? Well, some people still do. Good hair was straight hair. Ok. Let us get back to the social stratification. The society was split into social sectors. Here are the social sectors in rank order: 1. Whites, 2. Down Street residents, 3.Up Street residents, 4. Country (any area outside of Town proper) , 5. Larger outlying islands (VG, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke), 6. Smaller outlying islands (Key), and 7. Expats. Within each sector, there was subsectors. Town people thumb noses at country people and key people. Just keeping it real. Now, everyone wants to live in the country.
  • No Rest in The West (16/03/2019, 03:28) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    @ Quiet Warrior. .. alright narrative but why whites head your list? Aren't the majority of whites residing in the BVI expats? Here you are separating them from black expats Why? It's bad enough any race of people not white are ETHNIC.
    • Quiet Warrior (16/03/2019, 12:44) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      @No Rest in the West, true the majority of Anglos in the VI are probably expats. However, there was no effort to segment expats into Anglos and Negroid. The social stratification that I listed was set in the twentieth century (mid 1900s), not so much today. In the mid 1900s, people were put in these social boxes; it was the way things were. This climate influenced the behaviour. The slavery conditioning was strong and is still influencing our behaviour. The few whites that remained after Emancipation were atop the heap followed by the Down Street elites, Up Street folks, big outlying islands, key people and down islands expats. Today all immigrants are grouped as expats.
  • Damon (16/03/2019, 11:51) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    A very good read Lorna..however I disagree with u when u said that we were not born good..I believe that we are all born good but with an inherent nature to sinful behavior..As it relates to the “social status” issue, again this is what was fed to us as children growing up by our parents and others..some of us had to act or behave a particular way
    as to not disgrace the family name so this social heirarchy didn’t just come to be.. it was learnt behavio not just from our parents but also the propaganda we were all fed related to slavery as well.. if u look as the heirachy of slaves the darker-skinned was to the bottom of the pyramid while the lighter-skinned one was to the top..however we now have to
    see that for what it was - nonsense for it doesn’t matter who have what, whom our parents are, where were from, skin color, type of hair etc- we are all God’s
    people for he made us all and we r to show love even to the ones we in our ignorance deem as the “lowliest”..

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