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Water shortage is a ‘weapon to punish’ Third District- Hon Fraser RA

- said Third District has received harshest treatment from Gov’t since 2011
Third District Representative and Opposition Leader Hon Julian Fraser RA speaking to constituents at the Public Meeting at Valerie O. Thomas Community Centre on October 20, 2016. Photo: VINO
Some of the persons in attendance at the Public Meeting called by Third District Representative Hon Julian Fraser RA on October 20, 2016. Photo; VINO
Some of the persons in attendance at the Public Meeting called by Third District Representative Hon Julian Fraser RA on October 20, 2016. Photo; VINO
Hon Julian Fraser RA (right) interacting with former At Large Representative Mr Keith L. Flax (centre) and Third District resident Mr Roger Harris at the conclusion of the Public Meeting on October 20, 2016. Photo: VINO
Hon Julian Fraser RA (right) interacting with former At Large Representative Mr Keith L. Flax (centre) and Third District resident Mr Roger Harris at the conclusion of the Public Meeting on October 20, 2016. Photo: VINO
A resident of Sea Cows Bay raises an issue concerning the prolonged road works. Photo: VINO
A resident of Sea Cows Bay raises an issue concerning the prolonged road works. Photo: VINO
SEA COWS BAY, Tortola, VI- As was expected the prolonged issue of water shortage in the Third District took front and centre stage at the Public Meeting called by its representative Hon Julian Fraser RA at Valerie O. Thomas Community Centre on October 20, 2016.

For years residents of the district, especially in Sea Cows Bay, have been affected by the lack of water and government has not been able to remedy the situation despite having the capacity to do so with the Biwater plant, which is now owned by Seven Seas Water Incorporated.

Representative and Opposition Leader Hon Julian Fraser RA, who has long been battling the water issue for his district, told the many in attendance that the excuses from government regarding lack of water are simply unacceptable.

According to him, when taking all the facts into consideration, he can only conclude that the lack of water, a much needed resource that defines the progression of a country, is one element in a purposeful plan by the National Democratic Party (NDP) Government to punish the people especially of Sea Cows Bay for voting for him instead of their candidate at the last two general elections.

Hon Fraser said it is documented that the NDP Government has meted out some of the “harshest treatment upon this Third District since taking office in 2011. They have done it to you with inadequate and unreliable water supply, the prolonged road works, their failure to complete the Nibbs Estate sub-division, the uncut bush blocking roads, the ghuts not cleaned for hurricane season, unemployment, high taxes” and a host of other issues.

The lack of water, Hon Fraser said, is an unconscionable act of discriminatory water shortage in the Third District.

He added that government put on a show during the 2015 elections campaign to install pipelines from Meyers to Chalwell but failed to complete the project by failing to install the more important pipeline from Sabbath Hill to Meyers.

Visitors had to bathe @ Nanny Cay

Throughout the August holidays, Hon Fraser it was a constant battle with him between the Ministry of Communications and Works and Water and Sewerage Department to get water to Sea Cows Bay.

He said people visiting friends and families in Sea Cows Bay ended up at Nanny Cay to get a bath.

“This whole issue of water has become a weapon intended to punish you the people of the third district just for electing me. What other reason could there be?”

“It’s true,” a member of the audience softly said.

NDP Gov’t doesn’t care

Hon Fraser recalled that it was in the House of Assembly on September 22, 2016 that he was told by Minister for Communications and Works Hon Mark H. Vanterpool (R4) that Government was no closer to providing water to the areas than they were three months ago. He also said the answers given by the Minister as to works to be executed are a comfort to a layman and not to him.

“There is no way that I can believe that this government actually cares about the people of the district and their water woes.”

During the campaign leading up to 2015 elections, Hon Fraser said he boldly predicted that the NDP Government was not going to fix the issue regarding water because it had no interest in doing so.

“I was right. I had also promised that if you had elected my party this district would have had water within three months and within a year the whole of Tortola would have had water. The capacity is there as with over 3 million gallons of water being produced a day there should be no shortages.”

Gov’t paying for water not produced

“But government allows massive leaks to go unrepaired, bills not sent out and water not even produced but still being paid for.”

The Opposition Leader said for the month of January Government received from Seven Seas forty five million, nine hundred and sixty two thousand (45, 962, 000) gallons of water but paid for seventy one million, three hundred thousand gallons (71,300,000). “A full 25 million 338 thousand gallons never produced by the plant.”

At the same time for the month of January, Hon Fraser said, Government paid Ocean Conversion 72 thousand and 70 dollars to produce eight million, eight hundred and thirty eight thousand gallons of water using the Government owned plant at Baughers Bay.

“This was the case all year from January to August as Government paid Seven Seas a quantity of one hundred and eighty million, seven hundred and forty thousand gallons of water that were never produced no delivered and at the same time pay Ocean Conversion six hundred and seventy one thousand, Seven hundred and forty four dollars to use the Government owned plant at Baughers Bay to produce water….If that is not fleecing of the people, you the taxpayers, tell me what is.”

Road Works

As to the issue of road works, Hon Fraser noted that he has been monitoring the current road works in the district very closely since it started in April 2015 just before the general elections campaign.

He said the works have quite unusually and unnecessarily been prolonged.

According to him, it could only mean that Government is now broke and can’t finish the project as yet.

Many issues discussed

A plethora of topics was discussed at the meeting that saw interaction from the audience, who took a special interest in the topic of independence for the Virgin Islands, Brexit, and “BVI passport”.

Other topics raised were concerning house lots to young people at Nibbs Estate, bush cutting contracts, NHI, drain cleaning, unemployment, tax increases, minimum wage, Financial Services, constitutional advancement, raising of the age of retirement, equipping and supporting the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force and victimisation in the public service.

Several persons on the floor offered feedback by way of questions, opinions and other information on the various topics discussed.

Among those in attendance were Virgin Islands Party (VIP) president Carvin Malone, VIP Second District candidate in the 2015 elections Rajah A. Smith, former Fourth District Representative under the Virgin Islands Party Administration Dr Vincent G. Scatliffe, former At Large Representative Keith L. Flax and retired Commissioner of Police Reynell Frazer.

Notably absent was fellow Opposition Member and First District Representative Hon Andrew A. Fahie.

25 Responses to “Water shortage is a ‘weapon to punish’ Third District- Hon Fraser RA”

  • wize up (21/10/2016, 12:00) Like (4) Dislike (11) Reply
    Look at the headline however the current minister for communication and works have family members living in the third district so mark will be an ass to cause hardship to is own water agreement have placed this territory in water woes and I submit there is no big difference between biwater agreement & BVI airways agreement(no need to be political)...let us talk politics because that biwater agreement ran our locals out of the water business then some of us stands up in public and speak about how much we love locals.....keep playing politics!!!!!
    • Love fo my Country (21/10/2016, 16:25) Like (23) Dislike (7) Reply
      Wize Up I am in full support of your views. Mr. Fraser is playing pure politics! If the water shortage is against the Third District, then it is against Virgin Gorda, East End and the all the other districts which have the same problem.
    • @wize up (22/10/2016, 00:06) Like (4) Dislike (11) Reply
      Fraser have some nerves! He knows he's the reason we have these water issues. He even put his own people out of business and water when he signed that water deal. Oh well, he can only pull the wool over certain people eyes. Some are wise and some other wise.
    • Topaz (22/10/2016, 09:46) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
      @wizeup., I really cannot agree with you, I will continue to argue that the Biwater deal was in very good long term deal for this territory and I really cannot see how people like you who called yourself Wize-up cannot see it. The plant is already there and have the capacity to supply the whole territory with water. All it needs now is to put the infrastructure in place to execute the plan and that is what the NDP is failing to do. You know why, to continue to pull a wool over people like your eye to continue to believe that the deal was bad, if the deal was so bad why did they sell out the plant to their close friends who continue to operate under the same contract, you think them foolish. That plant would have eventually belong to the people of the BVI but what happen, the NDP robbed the people of it. You really cannot compare that under hand midnight deal with the Biwater agreement, what you should do is not continue to focus your attention on the Biwater agreement but you should instead focus your attention on the millions The NDP government paying to OC to operate government own plant at Baugher's Bay, why, because OC belongs to themselves (BVI Investment Club). Isn't this corruption to the highest degree. We have gone passed Biwater, government has already sold the property of the people
      • wize up (22/10/2016, 14:12) Like (1) Dislike (2) Reply
        @ topaz: I personally will like to see fraser as a premier of the Virgin Islands so I have nothing against can you put your fellow Virgin Islander out of work in favour of a foreign company: how can you give away prime agricultural land: how can you continue to pay light bills for a foreign investor(just asking) classified biwater as a good deal....understand this, I buy water for property so I dont rely on biwater
      • @ topaz (22/10/2016, 23:39) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
        Dont you think you and Frazer should have seen to it that infrastructure was put in place before a deal such as this was signed? You all knew we had rotten pipes not to mention the size Being to small to take water where it needs to go. Please with your lala story but plant would have belonged to us and NDP robbed us of it...tired of that old sorry story. Frazer, that deal is going to be noose around our necks forever and you caused it. Soon from now we will be paying $25.00 per gallon for water and we have soo many oceans around us....Your problem Fraser, is that you think you too big to admit wrong doing.
  • It is truly sickening! (21/10/2016, 18:30) Like (4) Dislike (5) Reply
    Fraser is not lying. Every blooming moment the water is turned off. Sometimes I can't even get a decent bath. On other times it's the electricity, just like last night when Fraser had his meeting, a certain area in Sea Cow's Bay was without electricity. I'm telling you, this government will NEVER get my support... EVER!
    • all over (21/10/2016, 20:00) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
      All ah we suffering island wide having water running thru the pipe is a luxury now. Got to run home after work in time to full up a few buckets and bottles, wash some clothes and hopefully get a decent shower. I don't live in the 3rd
    • wize up (21/10/2016, 20:10) Like (2) Dislike (7) Reply
      @ it is truly sickening: can you share 2 good reasons why Fraser or district 3 is suddenly being targeted: I will say to you or anyone of us with an open mind; a number of the issues which continues plaguing this territory did not just begin within the past 5 years and those issues such as water; sewage and electricity could have been corrected many years ago; as a matter of fact kindly ask the member for district 3 which ministry he held and why the people of the BVI still have water issues
  • them turn off the current (21/10/2016, 19:55) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
    all those NDP's need locking up
  • vip (21/10/2016, 21:06) Like (6) Dislike (6) Reply
    Fraser was minister and all those problems were there during his time so what's the noise now he didn't do anything when he was I position
  • insider (21/10/2016, 22:44) Like (3) Dislike (5) Reply
    Wa he not telling u all is he screw up n agreemment for the general public that wil only benifit him now the thing nar work ask him
  • Charley Rose (22/10/2016, 00:43) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    he problem with water in the BVI will not be solved by making more water. What we need is more reservours to store water in the densley populated areas. The distance from the reservour to the densely populated areas is too far as such the water is utilise by the some consumers while others don't have any. Unless we build more reservours to store water throughout the days and nights, the problem will be the same.
  • Really (22/10/2016, 00:52) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    It can't be worst then greenland/long look it's like playing Russian roulette up here. You have to actively pray you could get a good bath long before you reach home. Shoot, if you live east you keep water jugs in storage and refill as soon as water is running because your CERTAIN it'll go off again and sometimes its 24+ hours before it returns. Truth!... and I I'll do my reps a favour and leave out the bum dirt roads...THIS TIME...
  • wize up (22/10/2016, 07:23) Like (3) Dislike (5) Reply
    some one need to remind fahie & fraser they are also part of the current government: they too have a responsibility to come up with viable solutions and stop the pulling down: fahie also fraser will quickly tell us what happened in 2006 than give solutions on we can develop towards 2026: the conversation must be about nation building but fraser and fahie looking to score political points.....
    • True (22/10/2016, 09:07) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      Give them the reign to fix the water problem. This is the dare and would not happen because the 2 Fs will succeed.
    • Jacperlance (22/10/2016, 12:13) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      Wize-up so like you living in cyber space, you see how them
      NDP politicians treating them two F in the HOA, you really think they will study any possible solution that they will bring. Give me a break. Sometime you really make yourself sounds so retarded.
      • wize up (22/10/2016, 18:03) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        @ jackperlance: thank you for the complement(retarded) I appreciate it(honesty) wonder a political party that stood the test of time for over 40 years is now a waste of time(its very sad because VIP built this territory)....the founding fathers of VIP were problem solvers(I remember the days when roads were developed; I remember the days when college education began).... when you stand up to point out all that is wrong in this territory be wize enough to make a suggestions(thats what leadership is all about)...I dont have to suck up to any member of parliament because when they get their monthly check I get nothing from life there will always be problems however evaluating those problems then offering solutions is what leadership is about(keep the faith)
  • my run (22/10/2016, 08:27) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    You can see right through many of these anti Fraser bloggs
  • Charley Rose (22/10/2016, 10:36) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Wiz up. We have to stop playing around with issues that are affecting the people. The problems are facing the people NOW. Going back to the blame game will not solve the problems. The Minister of Communication and Works needs to move around the country along with the other ministers and see what are the problems affecting the people.
    When the election is approaching, they go to all the alleys to get votes and after the election is over they don't care a dam. Let us be real. This is a small country and we do not need to use aeroplanes to move around. If the ministers cannot do the job, then the premier need sto reshuffle the cabinet and get the work done. Thank you.
  • wize up (22/10/2016, 14:16) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    @ Charlie Rose: we simply have a different views of the matter because the territory had water issues from back in the 70s here we are in 2016 with the same talk shop: VIP rules for well over 40 years and they could have fix it(just saying)
    • Truth (23/10/2016, 05:13) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      The truth is policies/the way of doing things would change as a country develops. In the 1970s thw water problem.was not this bad. Population growth, climate change and so forth are considerations. The issue really is fixing the problem after we notice it is a problem. What happen when we realized what the problem is where should start questioning. We got up to the biwater deal. Biwater was to do a lot of things to fix the water issue. Its a crying shame the government did not see it fit to complete the contract.
  • eye soar (22/10/2016, 14:39) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Water or no water, that bi-water plant should have been placed further in the back behind the greenhouses. it hate how it makes the area look next to the college grounds.
    • Strupes (23/10/2016, 08:16) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      When you travel ask questions. Not a thing wrong with where it is. Justneed some beautification works.
  • yo ,, (25/10/2016, 12:49) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I think we as virginislanders complain too much so that the real issues we miss seeing the real problems, Jesus is coming people are dieing every day people are worried water problems is all over the islands ,not just in seacows bay , turn on your cistern and stop complaining ,

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