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Trump, Brexit & the working class

November 2nd, 2019 | Tags: Dickson C. Igwe Virgin Islands Brexit economics
Dickson C. Igwe. Photo: VINO/File
By Dickson C. Igwe

Austere, trickledown economics has created a world Oligarchy. The world is ruled by the super-wealthy. Now this Old boy has been labelled a racist for his pointing out the fact that politics in the USA and UK today is driven by race, ethnicity, and social class, principally.

Politics in the USA and UK is driven by a demographic that is overwhelmingly tribal: the herd instinct. For example, the Trump Pitchfork Revolution is driven by white middle-age men who never went to university, and are blue-collar in their work culture. 

Brexit possesses much the same demographic. White men over 50 in the UK without a university degree are the core Brexit base of support. One suspects that in the UK Overseas territories, older white Britons, over 60, are overwhelmingly Pro Brexit. Pointing this out is not racism. It is a fact.

Brexit at the top may be driven by a ruling class Eton and Oxbridge subset, but its main supporters are English whites over age 50 from the South of the UK. The English are 85% of the UK mainland population.

OK. Trump, Brexit, and blue-collar anger in the USA and UK, are a symptom of a changing world.  It has been asserted that 100 families control the global economy and commonwealth.

The preceding include Vladimir Putin, alleged to be the world’s wealthiest man and King of the Russian Oligarchs, a motley of world leaders- the Sultan of Brunei, The Queen of England, blue-blooded European royals- and the super-wealthy owners of the worlds multinational corporations: Apple, Google, Facebook, Dell, Ali Baba, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Virgin, Dyson, Dangote, and a number of Asian, African and Middle Eastern billionaires.

The 1% rule the world of commerce and finance, and have been aided in their hegemony by a post-1970s economic model termed Supply Side.

Supply Side and Trickle Down has driven individual, and family borrowing in the west, to such an extent, that The debt the 90% own- mortgages, loans, credit card debt- is owed to the 1% who are the backbone of global financial organizations that control global finance such as the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, and a motley of super banks that drive high street commerce.

The Chinese economy is following the western finance model, as Chinese billionaires dominate Asia and are rapidly increasing the numbers of the super-wealthy global class. Chinese wealth is a major component of western finance and western debt.

The 1% pull the levers of economic and political power the world over, with the aid of compliant politicians, and world leaders.
Now, fear, homophobia, and racism are tools that keep the working classes at each other’s throats, while the super-wealthy drive up their wealth and power.

As blue-collar whites – low income, manual, and factory floor workers- who support Trump and Brexit- look with loathing at migrants and minorities who they wrongly believe steal their jobs, they look to super-wealthy demagogues such as Donald Trump for deliverance.

The great irony is that Trump and others such as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are all part of the elite that drive the idea that austerity and trickle-down are good for Jack Plumber and Jill Average.

For all the talk of dislike for the EU, and Brexit has been driven by an ‘’English blue collar anger and xenophobia’’ mainly, the EU is not the enemy of the British working class.

The reason for working-class poverty is actually closer to home, in the 20 bedroom mansion, deep in a wooded forest, on the city’s outskirts, with its owner reclining on a yacht in Monaco. In any event, xenophobia and dislike of foreigners is nothing new in the UK.

To be continued...

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