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November 17th, 2018
Virgin Islands' party politics

BY Dickson C. Igwe

In 20-years, the state of Virgin Islands (VI) politics has never seen the flux and flow it sees today.

November 3rd, 2018
Jack the wealthy investor: Part 3

By Dickson C. Igwe

Jack the billionaire Investor never really loses. When the global economy comes crashing down as a result of unsustainable mortgage and housing debt Jack buys bonds from Uncle Sam: the safest form of investment. Jack smiles from ear to ear.

October 27th, 2018
Jack the wealthy investor: Part 2

By Dickson C. Igwe

Three intangibles drive the global economy: psychology, fear and trust. All three work together, and in varying degrees. These three variables impact the financial bottom line of investors, businesses, and consumers.

October 20th, 2018
Jack the wealthy investor: Part 1

By Dickson C. Igwe

The investor is one of the three critical components of the global economy: the other two are markets and consumers.

October 13th, 2018
The Economics of Climate Change - Part 1

By Dickson C. Igwe

Anyone who understates the climate change threat is living in ‘Wonderland.’ Hurricanes IRMA and MARIA, and the September 2017 floods brought the climate change reality to the British Virgin Islands, in a very ‘’ rude awakening.’’

October 6th, 2018
Demography and the Virgin Islands General Election

By Dickson C. Igwe

Politicians do not like to talk about demographics. Why: because demographics in politics are a factor usually beyond the control of politicians in an election campaign. Debates can be won. Utterances can get heated, and backfire.

September 24th, 2018
When a government goes broke!

By Dickson C. Igwe

It is accepted that borrowing is the universal norm for governments to find the cash to operate. Public spending from taxes and borrowing are the way most western governments function.

September 8th, 2018
National indebtedness and living standards—Part A

Dickson C. Igwe

This ‘economics layman’ is learning that a country’s personal indebtedness and private debt levels—owed by private individuals and privately owned businesses—is not synonymous with national debt: debt held by a country’s government.

September 1st, 2018
The Virgin Islands & Sustainable Debt - Part A

Dickson C. Igwe

Sustainable government borrowing from banks and institutions, national and international, internal and external, is the sole route to economic growth post Irma.

August 25th, 2018
Debt fueled growth: pros and cons!

Dickson C. Igwe

Borrowing to generate economic growth post Irma is valid, prudent, and risky.


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