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Sounds of doom or echoes of reality?

-Welcome to the Club – Now how would you like to be beaten?
Alred 'AC' Frett. Photo: VINO/File
By Alred 'AC' Frett

It seems like a lifetime since the Snap Election passed and the experiment was concluded but when asked about projected benefits even Supporters admit, except for legitimizing Government’s Powers of abuse and injustice, nothing was changed in the People’s Interest – The Hardships and Pains of Yesterday will likely increase Tomorrow from the Whips we provided to beat ourselves.

Thanks to short memories they replace our Histories with their Piss-stories and say ‘be quiet for the People have spoken’… Fact is, the masses never had a real chance to speak or listen because their Freedom of Speech and Access to Information were killed when others monopolized the media, blocked exposure, reduced time and stifled expressions of others by any and all means necessary.

Politics has become a club activity where ordinary people stand to lose and although New Candidates may have squandered their time and money they had no Political Offices to lose… Furthermore, Representatives for the 2nd and 9th Districts had essentially resigned from these posts, and as such none of the remaining seven District Incumbents were likely to lose their seats.

If you doubt your own Eyes why would you believe mine?

Smartphones repeatedly expose Racial and Social abuse of our Men, Women and Children by Law Officers and yet we continue to deny reality… Thus, Bad Leaders are happy when we are easily fooled so we may be easily ruled… Their smiles grow big when we lose our Democracy but remain conditioned to rejoice and when our Children lose their Destiny but remain programmed to celebrate.

None of this had to happen for Prevention is always better than Cure… However, no one seemed to care if our Children lost it all while they focused on portraying themselves as fountains of ability, knowledge and vision without ever trying to understand or bothering to look… Even now, Instead of learning from mistakes they are inclined to blame others rather than seek to prevent problems.

Their dire lack of Judgment and foresight sanctioned a social experiment that placed 80% of our People and Territory in a losing position where, for the first time in decades, there is no alternate Elected Voice of Representation… And, no matter how hard it is to admit, there is no way forward without acknowledging the thirst for money and hunger for Power that took us into an Election Trap.

At least read the Message before crucifying the Messenger:

Recently a USA Teacher got fired because she said that the Police had a right to abuse Black People because we are uneducated and ignorant – We got upset and she was fired but is she really lying? Think about it – Except for blind Emotions and Hatred can you state the Policies, Plans and Hard Facts that you supported or opposed in making your decision whom to vote for or against?

Rather than dismissing my warnings as sounds of Doom, maybe you should appreciate them as echoes of Reality for - like it or not - I have never lied to you… Things I say are neither Secrets nor Prophecies – they just happen to come to pass - but this is the Information Age and these can be accessed by anyone with the desire to learn, the wisdom to research & the intelligence to reason.

Oops! Poetic Justice or What?

Ironically, this Snap Election left the Premier as the only apparent Political Loser… NB: - History has always shown him as the undisputed greatest vote-getter for his Group but on June 8th 2015 he was knocked down from that pinnacle and may already feel less influential, more cornered and a new fear of Political Assassination from within his handpicked Kingdom of Political Mercenaries.

This real and significant loss directly tarnishes his Legacy and may explain his anxiety in seeking to hand out pretend Messenger Ministries within his Empire as a means of pacifying potential Up-risers… History shows such Political Bribes often serve to increase tension rather than harmony and the more Promises the harder they are to deliver and even the chosen may feel threatened.

Questions or Answers - Do you really not know?

Election is over and Re-cycling is about to begin but before closing I will address a few facts and remind you that when pointing fingers at Old and New Candidates, we should not excuse ourselves from blame and accountability - Maybe you contributed too much in having BV-Islanders further enslaved by Bad Laws and Secret Policies and maybe I didn’t fight hard enough to prevent this.

Nonetheless I hope the following provides important information and answers to your questions:

#1 - The Governor and Deputy Governor are not Politicians even if they pretend to be… They are career Civil Servants, with allegiance to UK’s Government and not BVI… They owe you nothing.

#2 - Both Voters and Non-Voters have the same Constitutional Rights and, although they may choose not to, Government is mandated to treat all Citizens equally… If this was not so then Persons under Voting Age and those who voted for other than Government, could be legally victimized… This would be ‘Taxation without Representation’ which caused USA’s Independence.

#3 – The observed apparent drive by our Leaders to Americanize our Government, Education and Public Health Policies is misguided and dangerous… We have already seen this trend followed where many U.S. Hospitals are reported to have marked up their prices over 1,000% or more than 10 times their usual cost – Even with Obama-Care this is proving unsustainable and unaffordable.

#4 - So far I have found no BV-Islander aware of what effect the Americanizing of our Education System would have on our Children… None seemed aware that our Education Department no longer existed or that our United Kingdom Educational System is ranked #6 whereas America’s System is at #14 - that is, our Children can be Doctors while US’s Children are still in High School.

#5 - It is too late now but the answer is Yes – The Boycotting of the Snap Election by Candidates would have succeeded because UK would not allow itself to be embarrassed by the shenanigans of a tiny Offshore Territory that is already being Blacklisted by her International Colleagues.

In conclusion:

My opinion and position on this matter is open Public Knowledge so it’s no point in repeating what you can easily access for yourself… Nonetheless, I feel no happiness that my words came through because you let them and we are now stuck with plans of Rats and Mice that caused 80% of our People to be left without alternate Elected Democratic Voice – This should never have happened.

Under these conditions it would be foolish not to anticipate the Hardships ahead and decide whether to become Victims of Dictatorship or to seek ways to make a Good Difference as Positive Concerned Contributors to this Territory in which we live… I am counting on doing the latter and Step 1 is to believe our lives matter just as much as anyone’s & we are all in this together.

PS: I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programs

4 Responses to “Sounds of doom or echoes of reality?”

  • ccc (15/06/2015, 15:27) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
    Good points....
  • rattie (15/06/2015, 15:53) Like (0) Dislike (5) Reply
    The man boycott the election we aint want to hear from him....
  • Voter Too (16/06/2015, 07:49) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    It is a pity only God knows our fate and not man,even though many often want to have our lives in their hands to take us to death doomed. While they often get their way they often forget their turn is next as every dog got dem day
  • weed (16/06/2015, 10:16) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    you boycott the elections now we are left with the evil NDP

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