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RVIPF needs to be more vigilant – Fisherman

- Resident calls on Top Cop to step up
Daily fresh clusters of tire marks are evident along the Beef Island road especially from the International Airport to the Trellis Bay turn. Photo: VINO
The call has been sounded yet another time for the Commissioner of Police Mr. David Morris and his team to take strong actions to ensure police officers be effective in their duties. Photo: VINO/File
The call has been sounded yet another time for the Commissioner of Police Mr. David Morris and his team to take strong actions to ensure police officers be effective in their duties. Photo: VINO/File
BEEF ISLAND, VI – “These so called Police Officers need to do their jobs in earnest, they are not doing it, they very well know where to find those illegal big bikes, They know… I know that they know,” this was the emotional plea of a Fisherman who said he was not far off fishing when Malik J. Aaron met his demise on January 19, 2014.

The young scooter rider died following an accident at Beef Island, near the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport sometime after 11 p.m. during what was alleged to be a regular bike race in the area.

The fisherman requested that his name not be published as he fears for his life for speaking out.  He alleged that about two hours prior to the accident, he saw the "police traffic jeep" drove through Beef Island.

In his exclusive interview with Virgin Islands News Online, the Fisherman said that at the time of the accident, he was at the sea side fishing but did not have his mobile phone on him. “My truck was parked way down and I did leave my phone in it,” he said.

Recalling the hours leading up to the accident, he said from where he was, it was easy to observe the traffic. He said that a number of men, no less than ten, were back and forth on “Big Bike” and were preparing for their usual races.

“It seems to me like the Police does clear the way for these guys to do their thing because they (the Police) pass about an hour before these guy start there mad racing,” alleged the man. Noting that he supports the sport of speed biking and feels that the VI should make provisions for it to be practiced here, he was particularly concerned that none of the bikers, while doing it illegally, were not wearing helmets.

“It is clear as day, every day the Police passes on this stretch and they see the skid marks on the road where these guys does be riding almost every night and it being illegal they could very well set up a drag net,” he add, “But no, they know these guys and supports them. They are failing Her Majesty Police force straight, because they know what goes on and how they could stop it and they refuse to do so.”

He further stated that security cameras at the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport should have records of the Police traffic in the area on the ill-fated night. He also suggested that surveillance cameras should be installed at the East End Police Station, if there is none presently, as persons with illegal motor cycles traverse that area regularly.

He reiterated the call for the Commissioner of Police Mr. David Morris to be more alert and vigilant regarding what members of his Force are doing. “Morris needs to get out of his bed some nights and jump in some disguise vehicle and trace his officers and he’ll see what I am talking about. It’s not only with the bikers but much more.”

39 Responses to “RVIPF needs to be more vigilant – Fisherman”

  • Really? (22/01/2014, 09:03) Like (12) Dislike (10) Reply

    So nothing about the parents who raising these individuals who have no respect for authority? Give me a break fisherman. You need to go catch and cook some lion fish from talking rubbish. Police cannot solve ignorance!!! Let them keep killing themselves off foolishly and you all keep blaming police instead of calling out the parents on it. I don't care if he was 40yrs old. He still live and work with his parents so they should have some influence on him. With that said I feel for them because it had to be really difficult to see your child on the road with his head split open.

    • @ Really (23/01/2014, 10:00) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply

      I will like to meet cause you sound stupid!!! do you have kids?? if you do i to sure your kids are not perfect??? and I to sure if you tell them to do something are not to do...most times they don't listen. you could have allll the ... good influence on a child , it up to them if they want to listen are not. soooo please before jumping on the fisherman and parents!!! sweedie you need to tell the police of the B.V.I!!!!! to do them!!!! and start enforcing some a these laws.

    • Strupes (24/01/2014, 07:32) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Let your parent/s (or any elder, counselor or friend) tell you something now that you didn't agree with some 5-10-15, etc. years ago, and something you still oppose, and you going off the bat agree with them now. Nope - you going still disagree and now that you are "big" you are not going to mind them, even if you do it discreetly (to be respectful) - that's the point.
    • Strupes (24/01/2014, 07:32) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Let your parent/s (or any elder, counselor or friend) tell you something now that you didn't agree with some 5-10-15, etc. years ago, and something you still oppose, and you going off the bat agree with them now. Nope - you going still disagree and now that you are "big" you are not going to mind them, even if you do it discreetly (to be respectful) - that's the point.
  • pic (22/01/2014, 09:25) Like (4) Dislike (2) Reply
    no supper cop on the road, so police presents around, a so the ting stay. none care for the safety of the people
    • Really? (22/01/2014, 11:55) Like (27) Dislike (8) Reply
      Not surprised to hear that some would blame the Police for the foolish choices made by the young lads who purchase or steal these bikes from St. Thomas and bring them here knowing they are illegal in the BVI. Blame the parents for their poor parenting. None one can tell me that the parents of these young men don't know that they have these illegal bikes. But of course some parents condone wrong and often end up regretting that they did not do the right thing when they should have by which time it is often too late.

      As tragic as these incidents are they should serve as a way up call to those part time parents here in the BVI. Pay attention and train your child the proper what and teach them to obey the Laws of the land. If you do they will make you proud rather than disappointing you or in some cases kill you wil grief.

      As far as I am its HM Customs that possess the power of seizure under BVI laws for merchandize suspected of being imported into the country illegally, not the police. This so called fisherman should have done his research before reporting piss to the media in order to get his fiften minutes of fame.
    • Fisherman (22/01/2014, 15:49) Like (5) Dislike (8) Reply
      That fisher man need to get his facts striaght and kno the difference between bikes and scooters
      • wise up (23/01/2014, 07:32) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
        yes!!!! their is a difference between bikes & scooters; from my understanding one "young VI Lander" lost his life while riding "a bike" and yes another "young VI Lander" did lost his life while riding "a scooter"....i will simply say to our young BV Islander/others when riding put on head-gear....all you guys are doing is make "us" your parents suffer from the pain and hurt when you get kill from riding these "BIKES"/ "SCOOTERS".....STOP "playing" MAN & become a "the man" take up your rightful place in the BVI......
      • pete (23/01/2014, 11:47) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
        both can kill you. If you don't have a helmet, who cares?
    • Abby (22/01/2014, 20:15) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      The next day after the accident I saw two bikers pass each other one going east and one going west. The both had on helmets and were riding slow. Maybe this hit close to home now and hopefully more will follow.
  • Hmmm (22/01/2014, 09:31) Like (3) Dislike (4) Reply
    that's a big lie....there is evidence that you a lying.. and yes go ahead, blame the stupid. the young men have minds of their own and should be mindful of there own safety. where are the parents in all of this?
    • pat (23/01/2014, 11:50) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      why is it one or the other? parents or police? It is BOTH that need to work together. But children also have to be responsible. It is all of this, not just one. so no one is lying, they are adding to the discussion. geesh...
  • Concerned (22/01/2014, 09:45) Like (18) Dislike (7) Reply
    The drag racing at Beef Island goes on most weekends - with motorbikes and with cars. I have heard that its also a venue for betting and have seen a couple of times well over 100 people lined up by the road watching the racing - and that at 1am in the morning. The road they race on should have speed bumps along it - not only to deter the racing but to control the speed of cars and mostly taxis along that stretch of road. But mostly the police and the community should stop the racing and impound any illegal bikes and any bike being driven by someone not wearing a regulation helmet.
    • wise up (23/01/2014, 07:34) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
      what police; most those guys do is give out parking tickets while at beef islands airport
  • Liat 521 (22/01/2014, 09:53) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
    something is wrong here.

  • no wa to talk (22/01/2014, 10:07) Like (2) Dislike (3) Reply

    keep fish from on here talkin ..
    i aint see ah big bike past these side to go beef yet tha night pure lawless scooter man the big bike them past country an all them man was wearing protective gears helmet n jacket is big man on them big bike not them lil bouy go sit down

  • Young People (22/01/2014, 10:13) Like (3) Dislike (4) Reply
    a fisher man come to a point where he is doing interviews on "big BIKES" when we the young people will be able to speak out buddy when would our voice cries be heard??? on election day when them need the votes of the young people. Yeah "Big Bikes" is illegal in the country but can't they see this is what the younger generation is into this what we love. Back then when this same fisher man was younger he loved fishing that's why he kept up with it i'm sure. I'm a young man that practice safety was train safety first! I practice tell the younger dudes please put on a helmet. In my days i saw what helmet does it save life a lot of life round here. talking bout the crazy racing We Beg the Government give us the chance lets build a drag track where safety is a must, as i was driving thru town the other day tourist was in the area of UMI and the guys on the block was working on the drag car n the amount of tourist gather round to see whats going on taking pictures n loving the car imagine if we have to build a track. I think the young people of this country voice need to be heard also give us a chance!
  • Failed (22/01/2014, 10:19) Like (11) Dislike (6) Reply
    I agree. i myself have attempted and spoke to officers about this and to no avail. The police station is right there to the raod. You can hear when they pass. They need to be more proactive. yes the youths do not listen, but it is their duty to keep persons safe.
  • Peacock (22/01/2014, 10:27) Like (15) Dislike (5) Reply
    They can give you ticket for parking for 10 mins at the airport terminal at 11 pm but cannot hear not see the drag racing. Shame on them
  • blame game start (22/01/2014, 11:13) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply

    Everytime something tragic happens the fingerpointing starts. Those of you are jumping down the police throats need to step from under the cloud of ignorance that permeates BVI everyday life and culture. You claim you want the police to do more and I seriously agree that they need to step up their performance. But honestly does the breakdown start there? Hell starts with the raising of your kids to disrespect the rule of law. Nobody should have to shove being a law abiding citizen down anyone's throat. It starts wtith you parents teaching your offspring the virtues of good citizens from at home. Everytime your kids do something stupid or pay dearly for their stupidity you blame the police, the church, the school or the goverment. Someone else is always the cause of your kids doing crap. You gave them freedom to do whatever they want despite what anyone says to them and when they reap the reward you wail and bawl. My sincerest condolences to the young man's family for the sudden and unforeseen loss of a young life. Had he been concerned with abiding by the laws of the land he more than likely would not have been there in the first place. The law is there to protect us from ourselves when we disregard it things like this happens. Wake up and see!!!!!!

    • Mark (22/01/2014, 15:10) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      @blam game started: I could not agree with you more. One of the problems now-a-days is that some parents give their children whatever they ask for as a way of earning their love and respect, not realizing it would come back to haunt both parents and children at a later stage in life. I am sure many parents wish they had done things differently regarding the way they raised their children. It's one thing to bring a child into this world. It's clear that not not all mothers and fathers are cut out to be parents.
  • SHAME (22/01/2014, 11:33) Like (18) Dislike (5) Reply
    I live in that area and call the police all the time. There is only one way to get off beef island. The police do not respond to your calls.
  • Hmmm (22/01/2014, 11:39) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    Police have their part to play no doubt. So do parents and so do friends, but lets not get this twisted here....there is also PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, these guys are riding illegal bikes doing illegal racing and when one of them cracks their skull open we want to say its the fault of the police? Really?? Maybe we should build a police station on the stretch of road in beef island and ticket these moro...eeer misguided youth as they drive past without a helmet at 100mph???

    I am still yet to hear how any proposes that the police stop these guys. We know the bike riders will try and ride off driving more recklessly than they do usually. So the police are supposed to risk life and limb and endanger public safety and chase them down? No bikes are manufactured in East End or Baughers Bay or Road Town. Any "big bike" didn't swim here. It was a concerted set of illegal activities that brought it to the territory to be involved in even more illegal activities.

    The "fisherman" says the police know where the bikes are, I am not sure if that is factual or not. What it seems like to me is that the fisherman and others know! But rather than talk to the police they busy talking to VINO blaming the police but not giving up any information because he is "fearful for his life"

    The police are an easy target and an easy group to blame for a difficult problem.

    More of these guys will die because there is a blatant disregard for the rule of law in Tortola. It seems the law doesn't apply to me but it should apply to you is the mentality, and when all else fails and some person engaging in illegal activity kills himself on an illegal bike we say its the police fault...

    Chastise the police for not doing more stop and search or whatever they can to address this but look squarely in the mirror and ask who is next beause if you not wearing a helmet and you riding one of these might just be you

  • Sick of these people blaming the police for every thing they kids do wrong. (22/01/2014, 12:24) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Am sick of you people always blaming the police. Like you all get orgasms by blaming them. The police has a job to do. The can not be all places all the time. Those bike and car racers monitor the police movements and do their thing. Why you all do not blame the political party that made the decision to remove the constructive construction that was place there to address the matter of racing to some degree. Big men and women always looking for someone to blame for their misfortunate actions. Who do not here will surely feel. Mr Aaron surely did not listen so his family will feel the heat now. Do you all really pay Attention, the rental company next to the ice cream parlor is a bikers palace when the nights comes. The big bikes comes out from there and do their stunts and go right back there. The parents of this country do onto care about their children, you should know where your child is at any given time. Parents need to be more responsible and not leaving the police to be responsible for their troubled kids. A tourist just drowned and die in vg, why they not saying the police this and the police that. Pam sick and tired of there people, everything the blame the police. Theodicy do not take ppl and say well you all go break they law tonight, ride bikes, wear no helmet, preform stunts , go as fast S you can, go racing. The do on
    Not. When the police start to address the matter they will be another scenarios like Brandon's George and police officers ion trial for going out there and doing he queens work. And for such they are being ridiculed, and you All expect the police too study those guys who do don't value their own lives.who don't hear will feel, it's not the first and surely wount be the last. And I amp sure that guys fathered spoke to him. Did you guys see how much issues that young Man was involve in. His peers and friends should take heed. Now riding without an helmet is just a ticketed offense, the police cannot seize nor stop the pee
    Ron From riding. The Government is yet to implement a serious law about gun crimes and mandatory sentences! you think they will study about riding without a helmet. Go figure.
    • big girl rules (23/01/2014, 23:45) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      If you don`t point out the problem how is the Government going to correct it. Now the problem is found ,correct it and stop complaining.
  • Hmmmm (22/01/2014, 12:34) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
    Always the blame game. Could we start hearing about personal accountability.
  • ann (22/01/2014, 12:37) Like (4) Dislike (6) Reply

    Let the poor child parents grieve in peace deman but the police have always been a joke even before Morris but he has not help the situation

    • HAHAHA (22/01/2014, 15:18) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      looks like you comment for comment sake so let me commend you for for your comment. Let me also state this catigorically that when the Popos talk, warn, try to correct those same kids people like you and of course their parents say the Popos harrassing them. You tell them in so many ways and showed them in so many ways that you expects no want them to be thugs and confrontational with the Popos. This is your doing. When they wrong you support them and condemns the Popos so what correction, what warning can they Popos give to people who will not listen. Who dont hear will feel. It is unfortunate that he lost his life am certain that many who expresses condolences on this blog had never taken the time to give him some good advice. What a waste cause they say it takes a community to raise these our kids but the community see more geared to accept the lawlessness and casting of blame. Now you Ann go laugh at yourself and what you and others are raising. hahahahah stupid.
  • John doe (22/01/2014, 12:38) Like (3) Dislike (14) Reply
    Just build us a blasted drag strip and done, there's so many police that have bikes and cars and as u can see none of them getting in these kind of situation! All yall heard the sayin " the devil have work for idle hands" build a strip, educate the people on how to do things the rite and safe way from up and down pointing fingers just sickening now, if u ban all bikes then u should ban cars too? Now tell what would be your reason for doin it? Accidents do happen and death is promised to all of us so stop actin like nobody ain't suppose to die or GET IN ACCIDENT ON TORTOLA, it's Yong excited teens who Making it worse for older ones who use safety 1st and before the older ones with power put things in place to educate them they're quick to say ban... ayo who cryin ban I bet most of u ain't from here and yall homeland ppl creating the most problems on the island, the bigger heads ban u the ppl who comin from specific counties who causing trouble here let's see if yall would like that
  • Soul Food (22/01/2014, 13:54) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply

    It's is so sad to blame Police for one yought stupidity that make is demise. Mother always say " who don't hear would feel" a word to the wise. I can saw for myself that the area is patrol on a regular bassis but it hurt my heart when you see government official spectating these youngster froming the fool at Beef Island. I am sad to say I am not sorry for them when they go out the easy way. Makes the Police job easier . When the police decide to chase after them and they die the same john public and the said commissioner will nail the officer to the cross. Mr Top cop continue to do what you do best be a public pleaser and turn a blind eye to the officers .

  • SHOE FIT (22/01/2014, 15:16) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply
    when the police do something al you make noise. When they police don't do nothing al you make noise.
    the police TRY to do them job, the same public complaining how they chasing after these boys on scooters and endangering the public by engaging in high speed chases. So the police stopped chasing after them. Nobody was talking about how the scooter riders hear sirens and refuse to stop… but NOW AL YOU COMPLAINING WHEN ONE KILL HE OWN SELF. man just shut up
  • ............ (22/01/2014, 18:03) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
    So the Police should not be blamed for not enforcing the law. Well my god, what are we paying them for then????? If I am not doing my job, shouldn't I be blamed???? The Police didn't make them go there, but it's the Police's duty to make sure they don't race on the Public street, ESPECIALLY WITH ILLEGAL BIKES. Two offenses in one. I don't see how parents are responsible for the actions of grown men.
  • wise up (23/01/2014, 04:27) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    i personally do not think the current police administration does enough in the area of preventing crime; the police function on two baic platforms(the prevention of crime & the detection of crime)....i personally think having the police out doing more trafic stops could assist with surpressing of the crime in the BVI; traffic stops will send the message to the worng doers that the police are out !!!! the police department is directly responsible for the up keep of order in our country and i personally think they can do much better; simply waiting until crime has been commited them trying to solve crime is not good enough....the crime fighting model should prevention crime...the citzens of our country should also play a role in the prevention of must be understood,crime is committed by people; and people in our country knows who have committed crime or who continue committing crime(the people must help the police).....the police need to stop driving around under the aircondition and get in to the communuty and do their job.....we now have far more police than back in the day;yet more crime
  • the people (23/01/2014, 06:39) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    Where are the uk cops still at the bars?
  • doc (23/01/2014, 09:05) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
    It's so ironic how the police stop cars for being on cell phones while driving and not wearing seat belts but on the other hand they the sacionme police officers see the young men riding these bikes without helmet. To me that shows how backward the police force is. It's so wrong in that aspect of the law. What they need to do is legal bikes but put stiff penalties in place for offenders such as (1) your first offence is a warning. 2 offence $1000. 00 fine. 3 offence $1500.00 fine anything after that is either a suspencion / ban of that indivisual.
  • Bull (23/01/2014, 19:37) Like (0) Dislike (3) Reply
    I think this whole article is crap......... i wish fishin was illegal.. we woulda see how he woulda talk..
  • Grammar class (23/01/2014, 21:04) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    "...he was particularly concerned that none of the bikers, while doing it illegally, were not wearing helmets." This should be 'he was particularly concerned that none of the bikers, while doing it illegally, were wearing helmets.'... Remember the double negative rule VINO.
  • he is not lying (25/01/2014, 09:49) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    i have been up there while they holding they races and the police does roll threw see whats up and buss off, only about once or twice have the actually stopped the races at which point everyone just moves to another spot.. all these officers doing is sittin in those jeeps and wasting gas.. Unfortunately a helmet wouldn't have saved Malik nor would it have made a difference, nor Tre for that matter, this is not me saying that they shouldn't wear them because they definitely should.. However all BVIslanders and all of us tht have attendd those races kow the Fisherman is not lying, those police officers need to do their jobs not just sometimes..

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