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Politicians only care about $$$ - Josiah’s Bay resident

- Josiah’s Bay land owners/residents straight talk with Town & Country Planning Chief
Josiah's Bay residents turned out in large numbers to defend their property concerns. Photo: VINO
Mr Collinson George was applauded when he called for Josiah's Bay to remain as a residential area, while the elderly woman seated in front row blasted politicians for allegedly only about money. Right is Chief Planning Officer Mr Gregory W. Adams. Photo: VINO
Mr Collinson George was applauded when he called for Josiah's Bay to remain as a residential area, while the elderly woman seated in front row blasted politicians for allegedly only about money. Right is Chief Planning Officer Mr Gregory W. Adams. Photo: VINO
A section of the audience at the meeting held last night May 5, 2015 at the East End/Long Look Community Centre. Photo: VINO
A section of the audience at the meeting held last night May 5, 2015 at the East End/Long Look Community Centre. Photo: VINO
EAST END/LONG LOOK, Tortola, VI – “We can’t let the politicians come and do as they like at Josiah’s Bay. We have to tell them what we want. They don’t care about us all, what they care about is the $$$,” said a resident of Josiah’s Bay during a meeting held at the East End/Long Look Community Centre to discuss a development plan for Josiah’s Bay yesterday, May 5, 2015.

There were no mincing of words and smooth plastering of the issues relating to the lands and properties owned by residents of Josiah’s Bay as they straight talked about their concerns when they met with Chief Planning Officer of the Town and Country Department of the Government of the Virgin Islands, Mr Gregory W. Adams.

“Look around, not a single one of them, not a politician is here tonight, they don’t care, they don’t care about us, people we must not be silent and let them do as they please with our lands,” the woman further said.

No plan

Mr Adams and team were faced with a number of issues and concerns of land. Property owners of Josiah’s Bay stressed on the fact that there is and has never been a development plan for the area, a situation that is common throughout the territory.

“My family paid a surveyor to sub-divide the land and we were waiting for months, over a year, and we didn’t hear anything and then we found out that the surveyor couldn’t do anything…. I want to know how long would we be held up in a position like that and what we are supposed to do with the plans that we had because we were looking forward to getting the land sub-divided so that we can go on with our plans,” said one concerned heir of lands in the area.

There were concerns about the state of drainage and irrigation, roads and matters of flooding as one resident and land owner noted that the area is prone to flooding.

Objections to animal shelter

The erection of structures for businesses was a matter of serious concern as residents objected to the touted establishment of an animal shelter in the community. According to one woman, because of the geographic of the area such a facility would not be suited as concerns about the disposal of animal waste were very worrying.

Addressing that issue, Mr Adams noted that his department received a proposal recently for the erection of an animal shelter in the area. He assured residents that with proposals of such nature the department cannot give a go-ahead or approval before consulting with the residents of the area.

‘Keep Josiah’s Bay the way it is’

On learning there is no development plan for the area at this time, one resident Mr Collinson George said, “For now Josiah’s Bay is a residential area, so we will keep it that way,” a statement that attracted applause from the many in attendance.

Speaking with this news site following the interactions with the land owners of Josiah’s Bay, Mr Adams said he was very pleased with the large turnout of residents to the meeting and explained that himself and team were not there with any drafted plan for the area but rather they came to gather suggestions from residents in order to develop a plan.

He assured the people that in approximately six (6) weeks he would be returning for another meeting but this time with drafts of possible developmental plans for scrutiny, approval or objection. “We want to develop a proposal/development plan for Josiah’s Bay and we figured we start with the property owners to get an idea of what issues are affecting them so that we can capture those in any plans that we develop.”

He said currently the department is seeing a number of development pressures in the way of sub-divisions. “There have historically been issues regarding drainage and it’s just like what we figured. It’s a good time to really deal with some of those issues before the development pressures become too great.

“So we are prepared to address those from a technical stand-point and then come back to the community and make sure that we capture them in a sensible way that reflects their thoughts as well,” Mr Adams told Virgin Islands News Online.

13 Responses to “Politicians only care about $$$ - Josiah’s Bay resident”

  • SMH (06/05/2015, 08:54) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
    if your rallies are at night why set up the parking lot of the market square in the morning leaving people no where to park, whoever does that is a genius
    • @SMH (06/05/2015, 11:16) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
      While I agree with you, everyone does that same thing in every parking lot in Tortola. We just go and throw up tents and have no concern as to where people will park.
  • resident (06/05/2015, 09:59) Like (22) Dislike (3) Reply
    I am a Josiahs Bay resident, but was unable to attend last last night. Whilst I hear about the objections to an animal shelter and that Josiahs Bay is a residential area I would like someone to tell me an area that has more pigs, chickens, cows, goats, rabbits etc than Josiahs bay except for Paraquita Bay. It is not just residential, but also farmland. How would the animal shelter make a negative impact.

    A development has already started on the beach, or at least a big hole for foundations is present - is this the supposed development or is there another one.

    Perhaps while town and country are at it they could investigate along with the police why there is a dog/chicken pit for fighting that draws a regular crowd - that's a bigger concern.
  • Truth (06/05/2015, 10:08) Like (12) Dislike (5) Reply
    Josial's bay is a natural tourist attraction, a lot of tourist come there because it private and secluded, it is a residential area that is not clustered and we like it like that, if you change it the residents and tourist will not come there I promise you. Leave it as it is. Why do we need an animal shelter? to suit who, what promise was made, forget it.
  • ..... (06/05/2015, 10:13) Like (5) Dislike (4) Reply
    We will settle this on election day not to worry
  • ooooo (06/05/2015, 10:28) Like (11) Dislike (10) Reply
    dr donedeal ain't showing up for nothing these days...he only want to tek people land but i trust and hope that maynard tek he arrogant backside out
  • Josiah's Bay Resident (06/05/2015, 10:35) Like (15) Dislike (4) Reply
    Why kedrick don't take that animal shelter up oil nut, necker or mosquito?
  • dog (06/05/2015, 11:43) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply
    we are losing more and more cultural fabric with an eye towards accommodating the 4000 cruise ship passengers.
    The pressure in building is also pressure to take visitors somewhere. Why can't some places be protected or at least have some regulations for the greater good instead of benefit of a few? But it is a good idea to take into consideration engineering and drainage and common septic etc. That doesn't mean promotion of big development, just coordinated efforts. Where is the National Park Trust and any preservation society to watchdog?
  • S. R. (06/05/2015, 13:49) Like (8) Dislike (2) Reply
    Before there is development of any kind, there needs to be claen up clean up of lawlessness (Notice many crimnals home address is Josiah Bay). Clean up of roads. (many years and old lady & others picked trash, one year a gov. paid boy did it, now no one. It is discusting place take 4000touriss.) Clean of illegal land use. (Hauling sand off beach, hauling sand from holes behind beach, hauling sand fromedge of salt pond, illeagal/unapproved bridges toother side saltpon.) Many farms & animals in area why not animal shelter? Affa gov.promise new hom many years ago they have startedon their own - well done!
    • Check yourself (07/05/2015, 19:57) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      With all the things you just stated about Josiah's Bay, what in the hell do we need another pain in the behind. Do you live here? If so you should be concerned. If not, shut the hell up and let them put it in your yard. I can just bet you will live no where near the shelter. The shelter needs to find a spot that is not residential. Tough for you.
  • Ears (06/05/2015, 18:17) Like (5) Dislike (2) Reply
    I live in Josiahs Bay and I love it--quiet-fresh breeze--no vehicular noise--lovely--no loud and rowdy neighbors- my only issue is the regular outage of electricity. different to that its like heaven--Take the Animal Shelter to long swamp close to the Sewage Pump, there is enough land and its very appropriate
  • Another resident (07/05/2015, 20:07) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    @ resident. As one speaker stated last night "this is our land and we will do what we want on it". You do you and we will do us. I bet you live upwind of the smells and noises or else you would not be flapping your lips so much.
  • Foolishness (08/05/2015, 09:59) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    To all you people saying 'we own the land, we do what we want with Josiah's Bay': since when did this kind of rules apply in the BVI? This aint no Wild West. It's part of the territory that many people live in. You do what you all want and we in the rest of the territory have to suffer the consequences. But be warned - YOU all going to suffer more just living there, fighting each other for generations to come just like you already been fighting each other for generations past!
    One man decide to build a car spray business on he land and the woman next door decide to build a nice quiet guest house on her land next door. According to your stupidness they should both have rights to do it!
    One man decide to build a wall across a natural water drainage. His wall stops the water flow, everybody gets flooded! There is a million reasons why we BVIslanders should not put the fate of Josiah's Bay in the hands of people who think they can do what they want!
    Plus, some people getting work up about the animal shelter for no reason. As one blogger said already - Josiah's Bay is FULL of animal livestock already. Its traditional land use is agricultural more than residential!
    If a new animal shelter has a good system for cleaning run-off/sewage build-up, and doesn't cause trouble to nearest houses, why would you object to it? Or would you prefer they build it next to the dog fight pit, down by the ghut FULL of trash, dead animals and HUMAN EXCREMENT ALL the TIME?
    Leave the people to do what they want? That's a pile of sh*t.

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