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May 14th, 2018
We know who defends the rich but who will defend the poor?

Alred C. Frett

Lasting bad effects of Hurricane Irma:

Hurricane Irma is almost a year old and those lucky enough to survive still complain of things getting worse as landlords used the crisis to have tenants repair and rebuild their properties only to evict or overcharge them, especially when these victims have no means of defense – During the formation of the New Constitution, I argued for the inclusion of Public Defenders but that was omitted.

March 3rd, 2018
'I too was short changed' by insurance company' - Skelton-Cline

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI - Since the hurricane of September 2017, insurance companies have been accused of cheating residents out of a fair payout.

February 12th, 2018
'The injustice, not cancer, killed Charmaine R. Rosan Bunbury'- Husband

FAT HOGS BAY, Tortola, VI- It was a time of mourning but the hurt that ran deep due to the alleged injustice meted out to late magistrate Charmaine R. Rosan-Bunbury was hard to ignore, especially by her husband Alec G. Bunbury Snr and sister Rosemary L. Rosan-Jones aka ‘Cindy’, at her funeral on February 11, 2018.

January 23rd, 2018
Another case of injustice suffered by locals doing business in homeland

SLANEY HILL, Tortola, VI- His father Wilfred W. Smith was at the forefront with the Positive Action Movement in the late 60s, fighting to save Wickham’s Cay I and Anegada lands for future generations. They were successful and today many Virgin Islanders are proud owners of businesses on Wickham’s Cay I and many Anegadians own the land.

December 18th, 2017
Claude O. Skelton-Cline to organise free insurance adjustors public meeting

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Part of the criticism of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) of Premier and Minister of Finance Dr The Hon D. Orlando Smith (AL) is that immediately after hurricanes Irma and Maria they abandoned the people. Some international media went further, claiming the government collapsed.

November 9th, 2017
‘There is a great injustice being done by insurance companies’- Skelton-Cline

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Having insurance resulted in many persons breathing a sigh of relief following the destruction of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017; however, for many that relief has switched to frustration after visiting their various insurance providers.

April 21st, 2015
Children crushed by carry-over effects of slavery & colonialism

By Alred C. Frett

Political Ponzi Schemes & Willing Victims:

Persons shouldn’t act surprised when Preachers, Lawyers and Politicians are featured as the stars of Ponzi Schemes and American Greed because History has always shown Religion as the most wicked, Politicians as the most anti-human and the Courts as the worst dispensers of Justice… While these Systems promise great hope they often deliver the root causes of Society’s problems.

April 8th, 2014
Exclusive: HMP inmate cries of injustice in court system

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – One inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison at Balsam Ghut is asking the question “where is the justice in the Virgin Islands?” after being incarcerated for the past two years on drug charges.

November 18th, 2013
Defendants fume at long delays in court hearings

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – Continued delays in several hearings before the civil and criminal courts in the Virgin Islands have left several defendants fuming at the length of time with which the justice system is taking to process their matters, even as they remain incarcerated.

October 17th, 2013
'Time to stand up & fight the system for all BVIslanders'– LIME workers

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – Employees of LIME BVI who are likely to be out of a job sometime soon, say they are prepared to lead the way in standing up and fighting for the rights of all BVIslanders. They said government has failed to bend the hands of LIME on their behalf and instead cautioned them not to say anything to the media.


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