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February 25th, 2017
HMS Brexit

Dickson Igwe

The Ocean Liner HMS Great Britain is heading into stormy seas. Those seas are troubled by matters surrounding Brexit? The proceeding narrative states that the UK economy is entering a period of uncertainty.

February 18th, 2017
The Church of Compromise

Dickson Igwe

The Modern Christian Church is suffering the severe trauma of having to accept the “vices” of a new western culture of liberality and tolerance.

February 11th, 2017
Show sensitivity to the ‘challenged child’

Dickson Igwe

Is there a lack of sensitivity by Joe Public to the suffering caused by mental illness, especially among children and youth in the Virgin Islands?

January 28th, 2017
The Trickle Down 'fallacy'

Dickson Igwe

The rise of populism and global instability states that trickledown economics is a “sham.” Trickledown economics has become a type of global pyramid scheme. Trickledown has led to widespread disillusionment, and an increasingly dangerous New World. The doomsday clock has moved ever closer to midnight as a result.

January 7th, 2017
A travel story- Part B

Dickson Igwe

There is an international quality to Paris. This is an appeal London is losing with Brexit and growing xenophobia.

December 31st, 2016
From Paradise to London & on to Paris

Dickson Igwe

First impressions: and Paris is ruled by a rich French culture, freedom loving peoples, good governance, and an exceptional ethical subset. Mixing the preceding with one of the world’s finest rail and metro networks, and a physical and social infrastructure that is second to none, and the result is that Paris is the greatest city on earth.

December 17th, 2016
Safety first

Dickson Igwe

In late November 2016, the Virgin Islands Commissioner of Police, an exceptionally competent professional in this Old Boy’s opinion, alluded to the links between national safety and the economy. The Commissioner further stated that despite issues of the failure of members of a very small interconnected community, reluctant to report the criminal activity of relatives, the Virgin Islands remained a very safe territory.

December 10th, 2016
Virgin Islands Party 3

Dickson Igwe

The Grand Old Party appears to have finally settled into a mould ready for governance. The next [British] Virgin Islands General Election is in two years. That is a very long way off. The transition from Honourable Ralph Telford O’Neal OBE to Honourable Andrew A. Fahie (R1), a leader more “liked” by members of the Virgin Islands Party, and the wider country, has certainly not gone smoothly.

December 4th, 2016
Political Correctness gets a bloody nose

Dickson Igwe

The advent of Donald J. Trump is a middle finger to globalisation and political correctness. It is also a return to the politics of social class, racial division, and anti migration. Is progressivism a going against the grain of what people really are? Is nationalism a natural feature of human kind? Are human beings not parochial and xenophobic by nature? Can these so called “negative traits” be reversed by better education, exposure to a global culture, and media influence?

November 19th, 2016
King Culture

Dickson Igwe

A country’s culture is “a very big deal indeed.” In fact, culture comes out of a country’s history, geography, and demography. Consequently, culture is a form of living history. Culture is the software of community. It enables the effective functioning of society. Culture paints upon the national tapestry the values and norms, and the rules and customs of yesteryear. It blends these “precious offerings” into modernity. Culture enriches and empowers.


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