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21st Century Blacks should stop blaming Whites for their Plight

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Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
By Alred "AC" Frett

Black Man needs no help from the White Man in destroying himself:

February 2013 has arrived and again we celebrate another Black History Month which implies some inherent degree of Affirmative Action and Racism… However, while we should never forget the injustices of Slavery, it would be equally wrong to become stuck in the mentality of blaming the White Race and others for the devious actions or in-actions of our own Brothers and Sisters.

So, rather than prostrating ourselves on the Crutch of Racism, it is necessary to acknowledge the Historical fact that in our journey from Total Freedom to Physical Slavery and back to Physical Freedom with Mental Slavery, no African Slave could have been freed without assistance from White Men and Women and no Black Child enslaved without compliance of his Parents and Siblings.

No matter how we slice and dice Facts and Figures there will be no resolution to this confusion unless we face up to Naked Truths… Fact shows that, except for Governors, all our Political Leaders have been of African or Slave Descent and quick to claim the title of BV-Islander even if this is only by Gift and Convenience instead of ‘Born Here’ Parentage or Roots.

Was Slavery really abolished or just the Slave Masters Changed??

Furthermore, in electing Local Leaders to represent our Best Interests, we should be fully aware this does not include Governors and Deputy Governors who are by default Representatives of Foreign Powers and not of you and me… Once we accept this, it is easy to understand their zeal to imprison and extradite our Children as simply their way of performing their Foreign paid Duties.

They are pleased when other ‘Trinkets seeking Civil Servants’ continue to play into their hands and recently I was told that ‘For Sale Senior Civil Servants who thrive on terrorizing the Public’ have existed as far back as the early days of Bates Hill and Prospect Reef when several flirted with and drifted between Government and these Companies to the detriment of the General Public.

Assuming this to be true, we should not be surprised if and when corrupt Civil Servants leave or are forced to leave, take up High Ranking Jobs and Duties in the same Companies and Bodies that our Tax Dollars paid them to protect us against… The failure of Leaders to curb this Mal-practice places our People in ‘no win’ situations as Parasites fatten themselves off the backs of the Poor.

Too often Leaders in and out of Power deflect blame even as they pressure the People to come begging on hands and knees and once they can convince the Victims that they have granted them some meager relief, these Politicians feel they own these Poor Souls for the rest of their lives – Some say I confuse them because I speak out and refuse to bend, break or beg.

However, more importantly, Persons are finally beginning to realize it’s not about me but about the Future and Destiny of their Children and Grandchildren… I am no Brave God sent Warrior - like you I fear Death and Demons -  However, my greater fear is what will happen to our Children and their Destiny if we continue accepting wrong as right and supporting the Silence of Slavery.

Do we have 21st Century Politicians or just a Self-Hating Generation??

For too long we have been trapped by a Generation of Haters whose self-worth lies in trampling others and begging them for Fairness and Justice is unlikely to change their mentality… On the contrary, this is much more likely to ensure Generations to come will be forced to exist as mere Beggars and 21st Century Slaves in their own Homes… Is that what you want for your Children?

You must make that choice since they evidently do not share your interests… If they cared they would avoid acting as Agents of Evil… Unfortunately, their own Self-hatred makes them unable to resist the Bias and Corruption… You have seen this first hand, so though we know the things being done to me are wrong, I tolerate the suffering so that you may learn from my experience.

While it may please some to hear I took their advice and wrote to the Premier they should know that this was neither to beg nor threaten but to make him aware of the Shenanigans over which he presides in case he was being misinformed… Any veil of ignorance was removed so his reaction will show whether Public Service Terrorists are following his Wishes or ignoring his Directives.

When Civil Servants bankrupt the Territory & make the Country sick:

Whenever Commissioners and Seniors in Labour and Immigration create stumbling blocks in the Work Force they short-circuit Progress thus effectively bankrupting the People and Country… Whenever, Fairness and Justice are battered by Vindictive, Conflict of Interest Officers in Medical and Dental Council, Allied Health Council and the Nurses Council, they make the Country Sicker.

I have always fought for BV-Islanders to be gainfully employed within their own Country and it becomes painful when Senior Civil Servants continue to block the survival of our People…

Government should never encourage such victimization because it is not only counterproductive and dangerous but it allows the Greed, Envy and Malice of a Few to destroy lives of the Many.

Instead of keeping their wickedness secret, their actions in trying to destroy, block and take me off the Air has only made the General Public more aware of their Badness… They know such Anti-social behavior flourishes whenever Leaders abdicate responsibilities thus allowing crucial Public Service Departments, Associations and Councils to find pleasure in terrorizing our People.

My revelation of these facts make some Moan and Groan while others Clap and shout Amen…

Most Groaners and Moaners are usually allergic to Truth so instead of being thankful they would rather lament on how ‘Frett has a plaster for every sore’… At the same time it is not enough to just clap Hands and shout Amen when there is so much work to be done and wrongs to be righted.

Perhaps we should begin by using this Black History Month as the starting point on our Road to Reality because in our present Crisis, continued failure to acquire knowledge simply makes our History and Destiny among the shortest of any People… Even the Job Market shows that the less informed we are the more unemployed we are – Just another form of Institutionalized Slavery.

Our Children are falling fast and unless we save them now all will be killed by the sudden stop.

 PS:… I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programme 


15 Responses to “21st Century Blacks should stop blaming Whites for their Plight”

  • @@@@@ (13/02/2013, 10:27) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    I don't think blaming whites is even remotely an issue...they have casued slavery
  • Music (13/02/2013, 11:14) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    I agree with most of what Mr Frett has to say, but why doesnt he name names and produce written evidence of occasions where he has been blocked etc by civil servants. If they really are behaving either illegally or vindictively, lets get it out in the open and get them prosecuted or fired. Its about time something was done to stop this nepotism, tribalism, familyism and vindictiveness.
  • george w. touch (13/02/2013, 15:11) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    You selling out AC who else to blame but the slave master?
  • FaceUpToIt (13/02/2013, 20:08) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    I can't believe I am agreeing with this man but he is right. The BVI has a serious problem of self-loathing and it clothes it in simple racism. All the institutional and social hatred of white people that goes on here is just a cover for self hatred. People don't like each other but they can't admit it so they go around pretending everything bad is happening because of white people. It like a cloak to hide under. And meanwhile underneath is dirty nepotism, disgusting greed, low-down back stabbing and crawling over each other other to get whatever riches we can.
  • black boy (13/02/2013, 20:10) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Deep piece al
  • shallow history (13/02/2013, 22:34) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
    Until you have studied black history and US History, I think you should leave the subject alone. This article is terrible. Henry Louis Gates woul cringe and offer you lessons free of charge.
    • work it (14/02/2013, 18:55) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Calm down man, Mr Frett is on to something!!!
    • @Shallow (14/02/2013, 20:50) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Why you don't study HUMAN history? Why confine yourself to obsession with Black this and balck that?
  • Chris (14/02/2013, 12:48) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I'm sure Skip Gates would. But for all his good work, behind the scenes it is generally agreed locally that he is an arrogant elitist who pulls the race card, whips people up and then walks away saying "see, it is not dead". He has had many teachable moments which he ignores in favour of martyrdom. I know because he is a neighbour of mine in Cambridge. that is not to say the subject should be left alone, but there is more to it than what is being portrayed. How about black on black crime and even government on local imposition without representation and public meetings.
  • wise-up (15/02/2013, 05:20) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    i agree with you bro.frett; when things go missing from my house or car it is my fellow black man taking it away from me; when you go to bank for a loan its your fellow balck man putting the brakes on you....look around most of the other races does well in this country but we the foundation of this place has fallen way a child most of the shops in road town were owned by us,,,,,we ran the boating business in this place look at it now; we have only us "blacks" to blame no anyone a people we should be shame; we have allowed this country to slowly slip through our fingers; as black people we can not blame no-one but us
  • Slaves of the mind (15/02/2013, 10:42) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Slavery was abolished in the Virgin Islands ~ 179 years ago. There are no slaves or slave masters here!

    By perpetuating racial hatred, we are perpetuating our own mental slavery. How many people (black, white, red or green) can trace their ancestry back 9 generations to the days of slavery? I tried but failed. The best I was able to do was find 5 generations on my father's side of the family and 4 generations on my mother's side. All of them were born as free people. I have no clue (other than what I have read) what it really meant to be a slave.

    We are not our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand parents. We are NOT slaves! In fact, we have very little in common with our distant ancestors. We are free people and the masters of our own destiny. We need to shed the mental shackles some of our leaders and public figures choose to impose upon our minds.

    I have no problems with white people or people from other Caribbean countries or anywhere outside the BVI! They are just people like you and me! Why do so many of us CHOOSE to give them so much power over our minds?

    I am a free man. My children are free people. They are free to become whatever they please. They might choose to become bakers, yacht captains, secretaries, bankers, gardeners, construction workers, astro physicists, doctors, street sweepers, business people or perhaps they might run for politics. But as long as they live in my house and eat my food, the only thing they are not free to become is mental slaves.

    NOBODY has that kind of power over any of us. Those who CHOOSE to harp on something that has not existed for the past 179 years and CHOOSE to allow themselves to be mentally enslaved ~ are free to do so. But please stop complaining about it. You are doing it to yourselves. My family will have no part of it!

    WE are free people and we CHOOSE to allow our minds to be FREE as well! If you choose to continue to blame the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand children of the last slave masters, you go right ahead. Not me mehson. I have better things to occupy my mind!

  • @Slaves of the Mind (15/02/2013, 16:26) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Thank you. That IS how it IS and anyone who wants to cry slavery is doing so because they CHOOSE to do that.
    They do it for many reasons but the no. 1 around here is, I believe, because people lazy. People don't want to think deeply, they want to think just enough to put themselves in a position of victim, then just sit back and cry about it when things don't go our way. So you hear these people say, 'we got to educate ourselves. Don't you know white men enslave us for 300 years and now they still hold all the strings?' They think they sound intelligent because they quoting some small piece of history. Out of context. Out of the great mass of historical happenings and events and legacies that make up our world today. So many shades of gray, so many ways to look at things, not just through the stupid prism of skin color. And yet people jump to this nonsense to justify their own laziness, weakness and opportunism.
    When black people start to be interested in the history ALL PEOPLE then they'll see that all races, all through time have both lived in harmony and fought with each other. Which way we swing on that spectrum is entirely up to us. These days, unlike 200 years ago, we have a choice.
    Last thing - it is an insult to real slaves to cry slavery in this rich nation, full of choices and health and material gain and freedom to choose. Don't insult your ancestors by saying you suffering what they did. You. Are. Not.
  • look (15/02/2013, 23:25) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    the locals blacks continue to suffer under the hands of racism and white supremacy...just look at the RVIPF
  • open (17/02/2013, 08:10) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    This is rubbish you can only blame the slave master
  • Benny (25/07/2013, 18:52) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I have been working here in the BVI for 9 years. I have been the only white person working amongst groups of black people. Over the years I have heard all the complaining about being modern slaves, about plantations, minimum wage, white people taking all the jobs/money etc. I have even heard black people saying it's time for white people in the BVI to be shot etc etc. They complain that white people keep them down. Then the same people are given a chance to learn their particular profession from people who have come from the states/ Europe, and thus move forward and take those jobs from white people. Instead of doing that they bitch and complain, threaten and come out with ridiculous comments like' I'm a big woman and nobody can tell me what to do'. I am sorry but white people don't have this attitude towards on job learning or managers. White people see an opportunity to gain knowledge and advance their careers. I have seen talented and open minded managers come here with a zest to help uneducated or untrained people move forward. But time and time again they are dragged down by this unbelievable mean and jealous mentality. Don't these people realize that in reality it is not the white man holding them back but their own ignorance.

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