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‘We do not take complaints lightly’- BVIHSA

- responds to damning FB post about poor services @ Peebles Hospital
The BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) has responded with a statement on its own Facebook page, following recent Facebook posts slamming the alleged poor services at Peebles Hospital. Photo: VINO
The Facebook post made on July 22, 2016, which has cast a further negative light on Peebles Hospital. Photo: Facebook
The Facebook post made on July 22, 2016, which has cast a further negative light on Peebles Hospital. Photo: Facebook
Peebles Hospital is still reeling from allegations that a woman, Valda Stewart, fondly known as 'Annette', 48, a native of Dominica, died on Monday June 20, 2016 while made to wait more than two hours for treatment while at the territory’s lone hospital. Photo: Facebook/VINO
Peebles Hospital is still reeling from allegations that a woman, Valda Stewart, fondly known as 'Annette', 48, a native of Dominica, died on Monday June 20, 2016 while made to wait more than two hours for treatment while at the territory’s lone hospital. Photo: Facebook/VINO
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- After a Facebook post was made on July 22, 2016 bashing Peebles Hospital for the alleged poor services being rendered there and with other persons sharing their own disturbing experiences at the lone hospital in the territory, the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) responded with a statement on its own Facebook page.

It was on July 22, 2016 that a Sabrina Evans took to the public forum, BVI Community Board, to express her frustration after reportedly visiting the Emergency Room of Peebles Hospital.

Damning FB post

“I'm at the Peebles hospital ER with a friend and I would just like to say how horrible the service is! The attending nurse is a real you know what! And the staff behind the glass aren't any better! You mean to tell me you see some one walk into the ER and you look at them and BOTH of you decide to leave to go eat your breakfast?! So what, emergencies don't happen until after you had breakfast?! Listen this is Facebook so I won't drop the MS this and that, but I can't stand PEEBLES PERIOD!” Evans posted on the Facebook group wall.

She added: “I had the MOST HORRIBLE Labour and delivery here, and if you heard the story you would tell me I'm lying. NEVER AGAIN!!!!”

The Facebook post had ignited a plethora of responses in which persons began to share their own stories following visits to Peebles Hospital.

More disturbing stories

Evans had also made the damning post on her own Facebook wall, which similarly drew a number of responses.

Hector Frenado Gomez said: “Up in deh Jokey!! Padna, time I came up in there with my son. His hand got burnt (this time he bout 1yr n sum) and I come ER, front desk tell me, yuh see those 7 ppl sitting there have ah seat also. Mind I have ah toddler (he screaming loud asf too...”

Christine Chichester said she also had a terrible experience there. “...and my doc never showed up cause he was running for election at the time, left a note for the nurse who apparently never saw it until two days later!! In pain, and pregnant I discharge myself took the next flight out to Florida!!!! Pebbles is by far the worst I've been to. Sorry to say love my island but they gotta do better!! When is change gonna happen!!”

Reesy Davis said: “I also had an experience there. My 1yr daughter had a high fever, I did everything I could have done at home to bring it down and just wasn’t working (This is after 2 in the morn) her temperature was like 105 and going, I thank God she didn’t take in with seizures... I went to the hospital and the people at front desk said I had to wait.. I told them my child has a high fever and she needs to see a nurse/doctor this instant!!! They demanded that I had to wait... I said God forbid if anything have to happen to my child here tonight I will fxck both of you up! I would go the jail! I started to make a set of unnecessary noise. Security came out wanted to know what’s going on, I said yall need to call a doctor or nurse cause my child fever is on going high!! The doctor came out and dealt with me!! Its so shameful that you have to go on like a jackass in order for them to tend to you!! So now when they see my face now they coming to deal with me especially if I have any of my kids with me. Sick of Peebles mehson!”

Ronnette Richardson added: “Lol, school children say that's a morgue not a hospital... u better catch a flight if u get a splinter.”

We do not take complaints lightly

Contacted on July 22, 2016, Marketing and Communications Manager of the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA), Franka Potter told Virgin Islands News Online that the controversial Facebook post had been brought to BVIHSA's attention and that it was looking into the allegations.

"We are dealing with it right now. We have to go up and investigate what is happening up there," Ms Potter had said.

The BVIHSA then released a statement on the same day in which it said BVIHSA strives to provide excellent customer service at all times.

“When any of our employees do not perform to the highest standard, we immediately investigate and enforce internal measures to address any shortcomings. We do not take complaints lightly.”

It said it recognises the importance of Peebles Hospital and its clinics to the health of the Virgin Islands community and every patient should know that they are its main priority.

“We want you to know that we are working daily to provide excellent service to everyone in this community and the visitors to our islands. The BVIHSA remains committed to excellence on all levels. The optimum health for the Virgin Islands community is our top priority.

"Should you ever receive below par service at any of our facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on our complaints phone line at 852 7777.”

Meanwhile, Potter also told Virgin Islands News Online that Ms Evans was contacted as the BVIHSA sought to investigate the allegations.

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5 Responses to “‘We do not take complaints lightly’- BVIHSA”

  • trrefdrfds (25/07/2016, 08:59) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    I know at East End/Long Clinic there is a sign posted that if you feel faint/dizzy, bleeding etc to let them know upon arrival. I also think that this was also posted at the old emergency too. I think that when you come to the emergency wing that someone has to probe the patient upon arrival to assess the situation and make a determination of the urgency to avoid further problems in the future. The persons at the front are not trained to deal with situations and how to assess them and make decision based on priority/urgency.
  • weed (25/07/2016, 09:01) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Hummmm look melee
  • wize up (25/07/2016, 09:51) Like (9) Dislike (1) Reply
    How much more complaining must the people do: the people are complaining about the very same matter over and's basically the same old complaint over and over without any serious improvement
  • -------------- (25/07/2016, 13:32) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    the hospital needs to be investigated
  • Mauvin (25/07/2016, 18:11) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    My aunty was in hospital and her foot looked red. I asked a nurse and she said she should have a fleece under it. The head nurse (supervisor) the Canadian woman said she had ordered it three days before. BUT NO ONE CHECKED and my aunty was getting a bed sore. Then they put one down for her. Next day, no fleece again. That is how good the service is.

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