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October 20th, 2022
Liz Truss resigns as UK prime minister

LONDON, UK- The former Minister for British Overseas Territories, Mary Elizabeth Truss aka 'Liz Truss', who initiated the controversial Order in Council to give the United Kingdom (UK) appointed Governor the power to suspend the [British] Virgin Islands (VI) at a whim, has announced her resignation as Prime Minister of the UK.

January 20th, 2022
Boris Johnson's critics facing intimidation & blackmail- UK lawmaker

LONDON, United Kingdom- Beleaguered United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is now battling claims that Tory critics are facing “intimidation” which could amount to blackmail as part of an effort to keep him in office, according to reports in several publications in the UK.

November 11th, 2021
‘No evidence of tax evasion or personal corruption’ presented to CoI- Sir Geoffrey

ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- UK Member of Parliament and attorney Sir Charles Geofffrey Cox, QC has labeled as inaccurate the reports in the British press and from fellow Members of Parliament that he is defending a ‘tax haven’ and that he is defending wrongdoing.

November 10th, 2021
UK MPs & press turn against Sir Geoffrey for representing VI in CoI

LONDON, United Kingdom- Prominent lawyer and United Kingdom (UK) Parliamentarian Sir Charles Geoffrey Cox, QC is now feeling the wrath for choosing to defend the Government of the Virgin Islands in the UK-backed Commissioner of Inquiry (CoI) called by the controversial ex-governor Augustus J. U. Jaspert, the buddy of the corrupt accused UK Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

July 21st, 2021
5 UK MPs from PM Johnson’s party found guilty of breaching Code of Conduct

LONDON, United Kingdom- As the United Kingdom-sponsored Commission of Inquiry (CoI) called by ex-Governor Augustus J. U. Jaspert, the close buddy of the beleaguered UK Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson aka ‘Boris’, has been nailing Virgin Islands legislators to the cross for not complying to the Register of Interests Act, they need not look at the VI to find persons with sin as it is right at home in the UK, and in the UK government.

March 10th, 2021
More lies! UK PM again accused of lying to Members of Parliament

LONDON, UK- The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) has again been accused of lying to Members of Parliament (MPs).

November 10th, 2020
UK bill proposes elected MPs to represent Overseas Territories in UK parliament

LONDON, United Kingdom- The [British] Virgin Islands could find itself being represented in the United Kingdom (UK) parliament, the House of Commons, by its own elected Member of Parliament (MP) if a bill proposed by a group of MPs in the UK is passed.

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