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September 25th, 2012 | Tags: Alred Frett commentary
Alred Frett
By Alred Frett

The issues of Cruise ship Dock, Airport Expansion, Roads & Walls are put to me constantly and persons get upset when I appear not overly consumed by projects of concrete & steel… It’s not that these are insignificant but there are so many Pundits & Talk Shows already focusing on the ‘Material Wants’ that I’m left to fill ‘Physiological Needs’ that ensure the survival of our People.

However, we have seen Roads, Walls & Monuments dug up & dismantled as their relevance fade with time whereas the Human Being is a natural ongoing process designed to improve with time.
Unfortunately, Today’s Youth have been so negatively affected by silence of the many due to oppression by the few, that our Children may be less progressed than their Parents of Yesterday.

We have been so programmed to follow the Material that we lose track of the Mental as personal greed replaces human need with no regard given as to how this will benefit or affect People in general or whether this is simply another ‘follow the Money Scheme’ where the Have’s feel it’s their duty to continue depriving the Have-Not's with empty headed schemes & promises.

This Meek/Sheep Mentality has silenced & replaced Good People with Wicked & Corrupt Bell Ringers… We saw this in blogs relating to my latest Article that depicted the uselessness of a Complaints Commission and the unfair Discrimination of increased Entry Visa Fees, both of which question the Judgment & intelligence of our Leaders and should be immediately corrected.

Although record numbers of you have told me how much you agreed with the Message many are too afraid to put this in writing much less voice it openly… Instead you continue to warn & ask if I’m not afraid of those who already seek to do me harm?... As I’ve said before, I am very much afraid but my greater Fear is what they will do to our Children if this fear silenced my Voice.

We all know that this is especially difficult for Haters to understand since even with all the Public Proof they have been reluctant to accept that I was never fired for anything I had done wrong but simply because I refused to be for Sale and Oppressors felt I was working too well for the People… ZBVI’s action has now totally confirmed what they wish not to believe.

Now for those who ask if I’m not afraid of Witchcraft & Obeah that answer is No!... Black Magic is just another fooler of the Imagination… Anyone can get sick & die - Actually, several of you mentioned noticing how those who have tried to hurt, harm or hinder me have themselves suffered but this is not from their Obeah backfiring anymore than from the Evil of their Minds.

In ZBVI’s blocking of Truth for the Youth we saw that Oppressors were not just listening but becoming quite afraid and before they regroup we should redouble our efforts to protect our Children’s Inheritance from Pirates as well as saving a Generation of Young Men from being sent to wasted lives in Prison for Drug Addiction which requires Treatment and not Punishment.

For too long Systems & Society regarded our Youth as disposable and the bad things done to them in the Names of Religion, Law & Order is not Democracy but Social Hypocrisy… The real key to saving these Children lies in making them feel that they belong… Anyone blocking the direct connection of our Sons & Daughters to this land as their land seeks to destroy them.

This Mission of saving our Children is no easy task when Leaders & Governments fool the Poor into believing ‘the Meek shall inherit the Earth’ while they practice separating these Locals from their Lands for their own personal profit … From Slavery to now this New Trick is really an old Habit we watch as Nations & Religions fight & kill to secure the Lands of others for themselves.

You may recall how the Governor made it clear to Freed Slaves in the WI Emancipation Proclamation that they owned no Land and would have to pay Landowners with Monies they did not possess… In America they were promised some Acres and a Mule but received neither so the BVI may be the only Country where Slave Descendants are able to fully own & inherit land.

Recently Locals have approached me with stories of how they are fast losing these Ancestral Lands but are too afraid to speak out and too unable to afford expensive Lawyers… They have lost all faith in the Government’s Land Registry and I have reasons to believe they speak truth …
Over the coming weeks I will use real cases that will demonstrate justification for their beliefs.

From the very first case dealing with ownership by Prescription you will see how Laws are made by the Rich & Powerful to benefit themselves… Evidence will show how this Law & associated Actions are neither based on Fairness nor Justice as it exempts the Lands of Government & Religions while promoting Poor on Poor Crime with Brother stealing from Sister.

The fact that Indigenous BV-Islanders can own & inherit Real Property make them prime targets for Foreigners and anyone with money & access to unscrupulous Lawyers who can create significant disadvantages for Poor Locals… Ironically, unlike the Medical Field that must make & execute quick Judgment in order to save lives, Courts habitually postpone Cases until death.

This is sad so if you know any Brothers & Sisters caught up in this vicious cycle please ask them to hold on a little longer and spread the word that I will be discussing this Topic over the coming Weeks… They may learn something that will help save their Children’s Inheritance from Liars & Leeches because the meek will never inherit the Earth & Prison must never a home for Children.

Unfortunately, false promises, devoid of proof or reasoning, remain bread & butter of too many Modern Slaves who still fail to notice that the only Earth inherited by the Meek is 6-feet of Grave Dirt while descendants of Slave Masters who controlled most of the lands not only seem to have no belief in the Resurrection they taught us but appear to prefer Cremation or Burial at Sea.

Seems while we think Earth is not important enough to be our Children’s Home they consider Land as too important to waste on the dead… We continue to be in a changing World where we must learn from those around us so before writing some fool, fool blog take a look around you.

PS:… I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Program


  • in the news (25/09/2012, 14:38) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    bouy Frett i admire your courage keep the good works up
    • tell the truth (25/09/2012, 23:48) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      deeds truths must come as quite a shock to many who hear them, i know the BVI cannot handle the truth AC

  • opern wide (25/09/2012, 14:40) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    another Excellent article...too much truth mey bouy.
  • gone with the win (25/09/2012, 23:19) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    i could see why they after you Mr. Frett..with serious articles like this I am not surprise they wanted you off ZBVI

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