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UPDATE - OJ mocks Minister Fraser’s “one man comment”

Smith asserts himself as Kevin “opportunity” and “justice”. Photo: VINO
Hon. Fraser has been active on the campaign trail, and is photographed here with 4th district representative Dr. Vincent Scatliffe (left) at a recent VIP meeting. Photo: VINO
Hon. Fraser has been active on the campaign trail, and is photographed here with 4th district representative Dr. Vincent Scatliffe (left) at a recent VIP meeting. Photo: VINO
According to Smith, the Sea Cows Bay Harbour project is underway without the full consultation of
According to Smith, the Sea Cows Bay Harbour project is underway without the full consultation of "all the people.”
SEA COWS BAY, Tortola, VI – The incumbent of the 3rd district, Julian Fraser, comment stating that “if he falls, the VIP falls” was ridiculed by his challenger at a tent meeting held in Sea Cows Bay last evening, November 3, 2011.

Kevin ‘OJ’ Smith, the 3rd district candidate under the NDP’s umbrella, told supporters it was the most outrageous statement ever in the history of the Virgin Islands, which is contradicting the “very legacy that the VIP [Virgin Islands Party] is trying to stand on”.

“You mean to tell me that after 40 years if I want to get rid of the VIP I only need to get rid of one man. You mean to tell me that the subtotal of the VIP is one man, the man who says he is better than all the rest! Now we understand, that is like saying that you are the VIP. That is not self confidence that is something else,” Smith mockingly stated.

On October 31, 2011 at a rally in the 3rd District at Sage Mountain, Minister Fraser was speaking about the Ocean Conversion saga when he said his reward will come on November 7 for all the “nonsense that went on for the last four years”.

“… the NDP had one goal in mind to get rid of Fraser. They know that if Fraser fall the VIP falls, that is their goal but it ain’t going to happen,” Minister Fraser said at the rally.

Smith further claimed that Hon. Fraser is so desperate that he is likening the party onto himself and if he was a VIP supporter he would not stand for that.

“We have no interest as the NDP in not even trying to move one man. We seek to save and to represent the one country we have and the one future that is ours from our birth right...if to remove the VIP, it means we have to remove you (Fraser) then come November 7 you will be removed from office,” he declared.

He added to the vociferous crowd, “Then you call yourself the galvaniser and you can’t even galvanise your own party, but you tell the whole world that the whole party is riding on your narrow shoulders. One man, by one man... One man put stop light around the roundabout and one man did not have the humility to apologise for his mistake, but instead the leader of the country had to apologise on his behalf. One man stood up before you elections past and said to you good people of the Third that if he does not fix the sewerage problem during his term you must not re-elect him, please oblige. The same sewerage that the one man promised to fix has already killed our reefs, and the entire ecosystem of our bay has collapsed.”

Smith did not stop there, he further claimed that “one man” landfilled the bay area in the district for property under his family name and charged that even members of the family are familiar with what the plans are and have the audacity to call it an economic development.

Touching on the Sea Cows Bay Harbour Development project, Smith said by law the Government is required to have public meetings with the individuals who the development will affect; ensure representation is made before the plans are approved and submitted, and put up signage in public areas of the impending development.

However, he claimed none of the above-mentioned things have been done.

“Today we have not seen any signage, have not been able to make representation nor have we seen any publication in the Government’s official gazette. Yet we are told by one man that it is a public development. So if it is a public development then why does it not confirm to the law which governs public developments,” the NDP candidate asked.

“That type of galvanising will not stand up in the economic state we are in, and unless we work together and hold one another accountable, we will sail more one man gang,” Smith noted.

Continuing to mock Hon. Fraser, the NDP candidate said, “One man writes out the legacy of our forefathers who believed that BVIslanders should prosper in their own man seeks to undo the past sacrifices of our past leaders who thought we should do everything to promote BVIslander ownership. There can be more prosperity, jobs opportunity for our people.”

Smith assured residents once elected he will fight to protect their investments, and pointed out that “one man brought BiWater to our shores and caused a water upheaval in our country despite the fact it is still the Government’s responsibility for the distribution lines. He refuses to acknowledge that we have distribution issue with the water.”

He continued: “The liberator who liberated us from high price of water although the water plant, which sits on the Fraser’s property is charging the Government $18.92 for every 1,000 imperial gallons, has neglected to tell you that BiWater has brought to our shores cast iron pipes that we have refused and no longer use in this territory. If you don’t believe me take a trip up to the site and see for yourself."

“Mr. Liberator it seems that what you will liberate us from now is our good health, but I submit to you that the people of the Virgin Islands will not stand for such things. Mr. Liberator since you carry the weight of the whole VIP on your shoulders, since you are the man better than all the rest and all of that, you can’t even get our hospital finish, can’t get no mini hospital on Virgin Gorda, but you bring us rusty pipes to liberate us from our good health. On November 7 we will liberate ourselves from that kind of leadership,” OJ further claimed.

The novice politician informed supporters that his aim for contesting the seat is to represent the constituents, and views himself as the employee to make sure their needs are met and the critical issues in the Virgin Islands and the district are properly addressed.

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