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Xiomara Malone books place for 2018 Flow Carifta Games

Fast Lane Track Club’s Xiomara Malone aka ‘Xia’ qualified for the 2018 Carifta Games with a leap of 1.62m at the Deltona Invitational in Florida, USA at the weekend. Photo: Cleave M. Farrington/BVIAA
Mr Mark Dorion of El Paso Texas and Mr Guy M. Hill (right) presented T-Shirts and shoes for the athletes on February 17, 2018 at the Dag Samuels Developmental Meet. Photo: Cleave M. Farrington/BVIAA
Mr Mark Dorion of El Paso Texas and Mr Guy M. Hill (right) presented T-Shirts and shoes for the athletes on February 17, 2018 at the Dag Samuels Developmental Meet. Photo: Cleave M. Farrington/BVIAA
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – Xiomara Malone aka ‘Xia’ of Fast Lane Track Club jumped 1.63m in the high jump to surpass the Carifta Games qualifying standard of 1.55m at the Deltona Invitational in Florida, USA at the weekend.

Malone leapt 1.63m in the high jump to book her place in the Virgin Islands team for The Bahamas.

She joins Beyonce A. Defreitas, Akira Phillip, Akrisa Eristee and Djimon L. Gumbs as those achieving the qualifying standards for the Carifta Games.

The 47th FLOW CARIFTA Games is set for the Easter holiday weekend, from March 30 to April 2, 2018 at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Dag Samuels Developmental Meet

Locally, at the A. O. Shirley Grounds, the fourth meet in the Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series was completed on February 17, 2018.

During that meet, the BVI Athletics Association (BVIAA) received a generous donation of $1,000.00, which will go towards the developmental series and the recovery of athletics in the territory. The donation was made by Samuels Richardson and Company.

Mr Mark Dorion of El Paso Texas and Mr Guy Hill also presented T-Shirts and shoes for the athletes at this weekend’s meet.

The Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series continues on Saturday February 24, 2018 the A.O. Shirley Grounds.

Weekend Overseas highlights:

Arkansas Qualifier

  • Tahesia Harrigan-Scott clocked 7.31 in the 60m; 100th of a second short of the qualifying mark of 7.30 for World Indoors.
  • Ashley Kelly clocked 23.95 in the 200m and 54.13 in the 400m.

NJCAA REGION XI Indoor Championship

  • Nelda Huggins clocked 7.51 in the 60m.
  • Akeem Bradshaw clocked 6.97 in the 60m, jumped 6.87m in the long jump and 14.40m in the triple jump.

Louie Bing

  • Zakharia Frett clocked 12.75 in the 100m

Embry-Riddle First Chance Last Chance

  • Ronique Todman clocked 22.71 in the 200m and 49.44 in the 400m
  • Kala Penn jumped 13.07m in the triple jump and clocked 25.60 in the 200m
  • Dekoya Hodge threw 10.75m in the shot put

Texas A&M Aggie Twilight

  •  Joshua Hill clocked 22.37 in the 200m and 49.32 in the 400m.

PSAL Indoor City’s Championship 2018, New York

  • Naya Penn qualified for the city championships and placed 5th out of 99 overall in the 55m and recorded a personal best time of 7.54.

Deltona Invitational, Florida

  • Xiomara ‘Gia’ Malone jumped 1.63m in the high jump at the Deltona Invitational, Florida.


Meet #4 of Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series

A. O Shirley Grounds, Road Town, Tortola

Participating Teams: ATC- Ambassadors Throwing Club; FLTC Jrs.- Fast Lane Track Club Jrs.; RSTC-  Raw Skillz Track Club; STTC – Sprint Tech Track Club; TNTC- Top Notch Track Club; UNA- Unattached.


GIRLS U15: Kenyatta Grate (STTC),4.66m.

U20: Arianna Hayde (STTC), 5.59m.

BOYS U15: Khybah Dawson (TNTC), 5.32m.

U17: Jaleel Croal (STTC), 6.06m.


GIRLS U13 (6.6lbs): 1.Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 6.69m.

U15 (6.6lbs): 1. Jonique Smith (ATC), 7.62m.  2. Jahtivya Williams (STTC), 6.89m. 3. Palesa Caesar (ATC), 6.32m

U17: Alli-anna Davis (STTC), 8.12m.

U20 (8.8lbs): 1.  Akira Phillip (ATC), 8.65m.

BOYS: U15 (12lbs): 1.  Sh’ael Lavacia (STTC), 10.02m.  2. Mehki Smith (ATC), 6.77m.  

U20 (14lbs): 1. Djimon Gumbs (TNTC), 16.04m.  2. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 15.88m. 3.  Deshoy Ward (ATC), 10.93m.

OPEN MALES (16lbs): 1. Kevin Vanterpool (TNTC), 9.58m.  

DISCUS: (1 kilo)

GIRLS U15: 1. Jonique Smith (ATC), 20.30m.  2. Palesa Caesar (ATC), 11.82.  

U17:  Alli-anna Davis (STTC), 17.66m. 

BOYS: U15 (1.5kg): 1. Sh’ael Lavacia (STTC), 30.53m. 2. Mehki Smith (FLTC), 15.92m.  

U20 (1.75kg): 1. Djimon Gumbs (TNTC), 55.56. 2. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 49.81.  3.  Deshoy Ward (ATC), 34.29 

OPEN MALES (2 kilos): 1. Kevin Vanterpool (TNTC), 32.45m.

600m Run

Boys U15: 1. 4. Jaden Augustine, (TNTC), 1:52.30 (hand timed)

800m Run:

Girls: U20: Mariah Christian, (RSTC) 2:31.01   (hand time)

BOYS U20:  1.  Samuel Romney, (STTC), 2:06.80 (hand time)

100M Hurdles

Open: 1. Deya Erickson (STTC), 15.22

60M Dash (No times available)

Girls:  U9: 1. Chelsea Edwards, (FLTC Jrs.)

Boys U9. 1. Abijah Auguiste (FLTC Jrs.).  2. Ayden McIntosh (FLTC Jrs.).  3. Re’Jean Campbell, (STTC).  4. Apollo Henry, (STTC).          



U13: 1. Asia McMaster (UNA), 14.16.  2. Karliyah Morton (RSTC), 14.42. 3. Kenniqua Grate, (STTC), 15.78.  4. Jackira King (STTC), 16.14.

U15: 1. Akeela McMaster (UNA), 13.09.  2. Kaelyaah Liburd, (RSTC), 13.26.  3. Ariyah Smith (STTC), 13.52.  4. Nickelia Drummond, (STTC), 13.59. 5. Lia Claxton (STTC), 13.89.  6. Genelle Smith (STTC), 15.13.   7.  Tenisha Herbert (STTC), 19.57. 

U17:  1. Alisha Hayde (SSTC), 13.26. 

U20: Shanice Hucey (STTC), 13.83.


U13: 1. Antuwn Maduro, (STTC), 13.97.  2. Sean Samuel, (RSTC), 14.65. 

U15: 1. Jamoi Roberts, (STTC), 12.56.  2. Jelani Coral (STTC), 12.88.  3. Wayne Reid (STTC), 14.07. 

U17: 1. Wayne O’Neal (STTC), 13.04

U20: 1.Troy Barzey, (STCC), 11:45.  2.  Joshua Lynch, (STTC), 11.47.

300m DASH:

Girls U11: 1. Tamri Thomas (TNTC), 50.35. 2. Shyra Stoutt (STTC), 54.90 3. Jayla Winter, (FLTC Jrs.), 57.47.   4. Khalilah Hall (FLTC Jrs.), 58.59.    5. Malia Robin, (STTC).  6. Demia Stoute (FLTC Jrs 7. Negesti Smith, (FLTC Jrs.).

Boys U11:  1. Tiondre Frett, (STTC), 47.35.   2. Latriel Williams, (STTC), 48.25.  3. Othniel Gillings, (FLTC Jrs.), 49.25.  4. Clariq Frett, (FLTC Jrs.), 51.71.  5. Braeden Martin, (FLTC Jrs.), 1:01.72.

Boys: U13: 1. Kaleem Lettsome, (STTC), 46.06.  3.  Johari Lacey, (STTC), 47.19.


U17:  1. Beyonce Defreitas (STTC), 57.86.  2.Tashira Edwards, (STTC), 58.77.   2.  Zara Brown, (STTC), 58.92.

U20: Kelsha Fortune (TNTC), 1:02.79.

Boys: U15:   Jelani Croal, (STTC), 1:01.48.   2. Rashaun Jack, (STTC), 1.02.66

U17:  1. Malik John, (STTC), 52.74.  2. Jamari Duhaney, (STTC), 54.02.  Wanyae Belle (STTC), 57.76.   

U20:     1.  Troy Barzey, (STTC), 53.97.  2. Jonathan Hing, 59.30.   


GIRLS: U9: 1. Chelsea Edwards (FLTC Jrs.), 25.37

U11: 1. Tamri Thomas (TNTC), 22.08.  2. Shyra Stoutt (STTC), 23.21.  3. Jayla winter (FLTC Jrs.), 23.48.  4. Taryn Augustine (TNTC), 24.66.  5. Hailey McMaster (UNA), 25.72.  6. Khalilah Hall (FLTC Jrs.), 25.91.  7. Malia Robin (STTC), 26.32.  8. Demia Stoute (FLTC Jrs.), 26.48.  9. Negesti Smith (FLTC Jrs.), 27.14.

Boys: U9: 1. Aiden McIntosh (FLTC Jrs.), 23.68.  2. Abijah Auguiste (FLTC Jrs.), 23.98.   3.  Re’Jean Campbell, (STTC), 27.81.  4. Apollo Henry, (STTC), 28.10.

U11: 1. Tiondre Frett, (STTC), 21.08.   2. Othniel Gillings, (FLTC Jrs.), 21.77.  3. Latriel Williams, (STTC), 22.04.   4. Clariq Frett, (FLTC Jrs.), 22.67.  5. Braeden Martin (FLTC Jrs.), 26.26.


Girls: U13 (wind +1.5): 1. Asia McMaster (RSTC), 28.86.   2. Karliyah Morton (RSTC), 29.45. 3. Kenniqua Grate, (STTC), 33.54.  4. Jackira King (STTC), 33.85. 

U15 (wind +1.8): 1. Jahtivya Williams, (STTC), 26.01.   2.  Akeela McMaster (UNA), 26.79.  3. Kaelyaah Liburd, (RSTC), 26.82.  4. Kenyatta Grate (STTC), 27.26).  5.  Nickelia Drummond, (STTC), 28.09.  6.  Lia Claxton, (STTC), 28.49.  7. Ariyah Smith (STTC), 28.57.

U17 (ind +1.8):  1. Alisha Hayde (STTC), 27.24. 


U13: (wind -2.1) 1. Antuwn Maduro (STTC), 28.03.  2. Kaleem Lettsome (STTC), 28.05.  3. Johari Lacey (STTC), 29.43. 4. Sean Samuel, (RSTC), 29.51. 

U15: (wind +1.6) 1. Khybah Dawson (TNTC), 24.95.  2. Jamoi Roberts, (STTC), 25.32.  3. Hugh Anthony Jones (TNTC), 27.45. 

U17: (wind +0.8) 1. Malik John (STTC), 23.43.  2. J’mari Duhaney (STTC), 24.29.  3. Wanyae Belle (STTC), 25.45. 4.  Alonzo Baptiste (TNTC), 25.98.  5.  Wayne O’Neal (STTC), 27.84. 

U20: (wind +0.8) 1.Ke’Andrae Campbell, 23.12.  3. Joshua Lynch, (STTC), 24.00.

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