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Why snap elections are never in the people’s best interest

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Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
By Alred C. Frett

The Tricks of Slavery are still with us

As Corruption consumes Leaders and Police Officers kill unarmed Black Men, we find mothers publicly beating their Sons to prevent them from resisting the wrongness of Authority for fear they too may be killed… Mothers do what comes naturally without understanding the effects but this is the same technique used by Slave Masters to prolong Slavery and keep the Youth in shackles.

It has always been known that Youth, especially young men, are the ones more likely to rebel and initiate change so if they can be removed or controlled then those in authority will have no real opposition to their objectives… Consequently, Law Enforcement see these Young Men as the Enemy and strive to silence them by whatever means; whether harassment, intimidation or death. 

What we now see in Baltimore, America, France, Germany, Israel and even here in the Caribbean are not new but long established practices only brought to light because of Technology and while some may still choose to be misled by living in denial the rest of the World now see these wrongs, wickedness and corruption that have been effectively carried over from Colonialism and Slavery.

It is this same devious mentality that drives leaders to call Snap Elections in the expectation that their People would willingly put themselves in shackles of Silence for extended periods during which Powers of the Law can be used to further disenfranchise the Youth and wreck their futures… Such is the process when Democracy turns into Dictatorship and People disbelieve their own eyes.

Some Months ago I explained there are only two reasons why Governments call Snap Elections - #1 Because they know they are doing wrong, plan to do more wrong amd wish to cover it up, or, #2 They regard the Opposition as being too ineffective and weak to be a threat… Whatever the case, this unscrupulous Political Game is to silence any dissenting Voices and disenfranchise the Public.

Bad Leaders always fear ‘People Power’

The very act of calling a Snap Election should terrify every BV-Islander because if there are no Bad Intents or Hidden Agendas they would continue to the full term especially since the present Opposition seems to be winning no battles and poses no internal threat… This means that You the People are the ones they truly fear so they are in fact running against you and not the Opposition.

However, these are changed times and ordinary People are beginning to realise they are the ones with the Real Power and those in Authority are only able to use and abuse them for as long as they remained foolish enough not to recognise this… Leaders saw this ‘People Power’ in Baltimore where a decision that takes years and comes back with a verdict was actually settled in a Day.

They are afraid because they know if they cannot fool you then they cannot rule you and they fully realise that you are listening and learning… You have not forgotten that they were given a second chance based on their admission to past failures and their promise to listen to You the People; however, you have seen no such improvement or any effort to listen to anything you have to say.

Does finishing what they started mean finishing the People?

It would be foolish to take the underlying meaning of this Snap Election lightly when the clear intent is to silence us even more so they would have to hear us even less… Such a Scheme is designed to destroy both our People and Country and it is sad that there are some amongst us who know this but are still willing to throw our Children to the Wolves for Empty Promises and Pockets of Trinkets.

Leaders appear to live so high in their Clouds of Privileged Riches that they cannot empathise with the poor Mom and Pop Stores or the Street Vendors whom they are already displacing to make room for Special Friends and Big Imported Franchises and while we all regard Roads as necessary even these appear to benefit Stray Cattle and Tourists as much or more than local Sons and Daughters.

They still only see us as working for others rather than working for ourselves so their New Policies, Regulations and increased Fees and Fines serve only to hurt the Ordinary People of the BVI - Their claim that they would like to finish what they started should make us all nervous because, unless they count on more of our People getting in Prison, sick or dying there is nothing much to be seen.

And, why should we want them to keep on charging our Infants higher Medical Fees or moving our Seniors from in Town to the Wilderness or prolonging the length of time our children are forced to be in School without improving the contents of their Education?... Clearly such actions show a lack of compassion and respect for both Young and Old and will do us much more harm than good.

The Cruise Ports and Docks they prematurely celebrate are not really for us and will be managed and staffed by their selected few and not ordinary BV-Islanders… Even our New Public Hospital has been so screwed up that Public Medical Care has become over-priced and un-available for Ordinary BV-Islanders who are now unable to afford the only choices of Private or Simi-private Rooms.

No one can invent Truth although many try to bury it

Over the past three years, you managed to survive because of your own efforts and the facts you learnt from ‘Truth for the Youth’ – No wonder you have been thrown into a Snap Election in order to finally silence and destroy you and they will win unless Parents help their Children and Children help themselves because this Election is not about the Opposition but all about ‘You the People’.

A special friend sent me a Face Book Feel Good where Gandhi said - “Many People, especially ignorant People want to punish you for speaking the Truth, for being correct, for being you but you should never apologise for being correct or for being ahead of your time. If you are right and you know it, speak your mind for even if you are a minority of one, the Truth is still the Truth”.

According to the Budget, we are in a Deficit and looking around we see that everything being done is to benefit those who already have and not those in need so for us to believe our Social Security is not at risk is to be foolish – To believe that un-fundable Insurance Schemes will not hurt us is to be foolish and to put our Faith in those that profit by fooling us simply makes us more foolish.

May be your last Chance to save Yourself or lose it all

There is much to be done: We must bring back National Pride to the BVI – End Corruption and the sale of our People and Country – Provide Affordable Health Care for our People – Provide Relevant Education for our Children – Give our Youth Productive Futures instead of Prison Sentences – Encourage us to love and respect each other and never be made to feel ashamed of ourselves.

We elect Leaders to serve Full Terms and Snap Elections are only designed to benefit Politicians and not ordinary People… As said before, such Elections are really Government running against the People and if they win then the People lose – Today we have been made Victims of a Snap Election and we must decide forward or backward - whether we will win or whether we will lose.

Soon and very soon you will have 5 Votes – 5 chances - with which to decide how to affect the lives and futures of your children and their children – By now you know the things I stand for and against – On Election Day you will have the Power to give me that responsibility to fight for good and against bad, not just from the outside but from the inside… This is the time to give the Children a Chance.

PS:I will continue addressing some of your Questions and Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes 

12 Responses to “Why snap elections are never in the people’s best interest”

  • Realist (04/05/2015, 16:51) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Thank you Sir.
    • Last Chance (05/05/2015, 05:13) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      Very Well expressed Mr. AC. You are absolutely correct in your analysis of the evil tactic and use of Snap Elections. This might just be, our last CHANCE to get a manageable hold on our government.
      One must ask the question: If governments are elected to serve for terms of 5 years in some countries, and 4 years in our country, why would they opt to shorten the term of service? Has Democracy fallen such a low level?

      Pregnancy in human are usually 9 months. Less than 9 months are either a MIS CARRAGE or something else. It is a bit frightening to imagine what would happen if the cycles of the sun, moon and other heavenly bodies would go off-cycle.

      Clearly something has gone wrong...or plain and simple our Elitist government thinks we are Stupid (as the 7th district Rep insinuated after their heavy casualties in 2007 when they barely won 2 seats), and were questioning the reason they were treated so mercilessly. I recall the Done deal Dock reasoning that, "they might have been perceived as being a bit advanced and ahead of the electorate". Well, here we are again. We are being punished by our government. Some of us, perhaps many, will be disenfranchised by missing out on the opportunity to cast their vote because of the excessively short time to register. Particularly our young persons who would have become elgible voters, (18 years old), had the government serve its entire term. As a result, they must wait for 4 years more; until they are 22 years old in 2020 to exercise their voting right. The rest of us will miss out on the opportunity to listen to the many different points of view and visions put forward by the several candidates; because a shortened campaign time frame..
      Of course the act of indulging in Snap Elections benefits someone; definitely not Mr/Mrs. voter.

      As Telly Sevales, the famous singer/dancer used to ask: "Who loves you baby?" Doesn't seems like its your government.
      Imagine you hire a manager to run your business which has a schedule 9 to 5, but your manager closes at 1.00pm,

  • cay (04/05/2015, 21:22) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    a good read
  • tr (04/05/2015, 21:50) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    Wow you know the truth .
  • ===== (04/05/2015, 23:21) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    is there a preliminary election where the many candidates get whittled down to the top two or three? If not, and there are say 5 candidates, it is possible that one could get elected with 20% of the population votes. That means 80% do not want them. This is not who I want to represent me, if I could vote.
  • Strups. (05/05/2015, 00:12) Like (13) Dislike (2) Reply
    If you find yourself constantly thinking and talking slavery, then you are still a slave. End the self pity and get a life.
    • karma (05/05/2015, 10:30) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
      The truth is the need no validation. The fact that you call this messenger of truth a slave indicates that you are either one of the modern day slave masters..or worse yet... one of the slaves that feels they are "better off" because you are in the "house". Maybe YOU should show how selfless you are and come out in the "fields"...
  • bull$#!+ (05/05/2015, 05:52) Like (2) Dislike (4) Reply
    What a load of crap.
  • P (05/05/2015, 11:12) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
  • mother (05/05/2015, 14:11) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Maybe if you had thrown some licks in yours you might have saved him. Spare not the rod and spoil the child. In the end, the mother and all mothers who take like action see positive results.
  • concerned citizen (06/05/2015, 00:02) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply

    Well! Well! Well! This representation is very well presented; I could not have given a better explanation myself. I hope the electorate is paying proper attention to this article. Sometimes I have difficulties understanding or agreeing with the perspectives expressed by this candidate from time to time, but if you are for real, you have my support this time my friend and I hope the electorate wise up fast. I just hope that you mean what you said and practice what you preached, I am with you on this one all the way. With a platform like that I will appear on a podium with you anytime; I will definitely look for you and support you. I call for an official boycott of this election and a proper time set for this election to take place; what does the electorate say?
  • bvi (08/05/2015, 10:37) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Mr. Frette I like the way you articulate your views, you are on point in every sentence and every thing you have express I have envision and it scare the life of me to think of it this way, our future is at risk, we can win it back now or loose it for ever, 4 years is a long time especially when things are not been done right, 8 years is even worst, that is almost half of a generation, for those in their mid forties and early fifties, your life is over in the hands of the NDP,
    Mr. Frette I wish you well and do hope you get a set in the house this time, this country needs you, you are a man of vision and I believe you should be given some respect in politic because you are very relevant in this arena.

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