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‘We are not liars’- VG fishermen to Hon Pickering

- maintain they are being ‘chased’ from fishing grounds in the North Sound area
Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr The Hon Kedrick D. Pickering has denied knowledge of fishermen being chased from legal fishing grounds in the North Sound area. He also said government has not granted water rights to any individual. Photo: VINO
Virgin Islands Party's Territorial At Large candidates Dr Karl Dawson (in photo) and Charmaine R. Rosan Bunbury recently raised the issue of fishermen from Virgin Gorda complaining about being chased from fishing grounds in the North Sound area by private investors. Photo: VINO/File
Virgin Islands Party's Territorial At Large candidates Dr Karl Dawson (in photo) and Charmaine R. Rosan Bunbury recently raised the issue of fishermen from Virgin Gorda complaining about being chased from fishing grounds in the North Sound area by private investors. Photo: VINO/File
Independent candidates Dr Rawle R. Hannibal and Mrs Stephanie I. Faulkner-Williams have also spoken about the troubling issue of fishermen being denied access to fishing grounds in the North Sound area. Photo: VINO/File
Independent candidates Dr Rawle R. Hannibal and Mrs Stephanie I. Faulkner-Williams have also spoken about the troubling issue of fishermen being denied access to fishing grounds in the North Sound area. Photo: VINO/File
VALLEY, Virgin Gorda, VI – Following claims by Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Honourable Kedrick D. Pickering that there are no reports of fishermen being chased from fishing grounds at Virgin Gorda, several fishermen flooded this news site with calls admonishing him to “wake up”.

“We are deeply hurt every time issues that are real, that affects us, this man (Hon Pickering) always never know or accusing us of not telling the truth, he needs to take his head out of the clouds with his rich white friends and sink in that sea out there and see what’s going on with his poor black brothers,” said an obviously angry fisherman.

Hon Pickering, at one of the National Democratic Party’s (NDP) public campaign meeting held in the parking lot of the One Mart Supa Store in the Port Purcell community, Tortola on May 28, 2015 took issue to claims made by several political candidates, including Virgin Islands Party’s Territorial At Large candidate Charmaine R. Rosan-Bunbury and VIP Ninth District candidate Elton L. Sprauve aka ‘All Out’ and Independent candidates Dr Rawle R. Hannibal and Stephanie I. Faulkner-Williams, of investors chasing local fishermen from fishing grounds in the North Sound areas.

According to Hon Pickering, checks with his responsible ministry dispelled those claims.

“I asked the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour and the Conservation and Fisheries Department if we have had any report of fishermen being chased from there, and I got back a written response later in the day to say ‘Minister, we have had absolutely no reports of any fisherman anywhere in the BVI being chased from fishing anywhere in the waters of the BVI,’” he said.

He even alluded to a recent meeting with some twenty six fishermen as a consultative session with government representatives and none of them reportedly raised such a concern.

Fishermen hold firm

“That is bull I tell you, that is bull. So often we tell their officers what is going on and nothing is ever done or are they laughing us to scorn on these matters because all they do business with is their rich white friends? Whenever he (Pickering) comes to any public meeting, which is very rare, he never knows… what (Keith) Dawson, the (Stephanie I. Faulkner) Williams lady, (Elton L. Sprauve) All-Out, Dr (Rawle R.) Hanniball spoke about is the truth, it is the truth Dr Pickering,” added the fisherman.

Another said that just recently he was fishing for shell fish in the Mosquito Island area and was chased away by a white lady. “She tried chasing me but I did what I had to do before I leave but was this white woman. I can’t say for such if she is the ‘rich white friend’s’ wife or who but she come chasing us…and that’s no protected area Mr Pickering.”

According to another fisherman, he was ‘picking conch’ in the Monkey Bay area when a ‘white woman’, “…told me and my crew not to pick the conch because they are there for her guests to see when they come, you could imagine that and our Minister in essence calling us liars?”

The fisherman added, “We are not jealous of him and his rich white friends, we are not, we only need to be respected in our own place, allowed to exercise our rights and to hell with who wants to be friends with who. We want to be friends with what under the sea cause they feeding us.”

‘Names & faces will be revealed after elections’

Another fisherman who like the others did not wish to be named added, “But wait after this elections then you going get names and you going see faces because we can’t take this $h1te no more, we come out, we children, we brothers and sisters who working for Government does get squeeze just because we talk. It seems we in the BVI living in Cuba and them place where you can’t speak for your rights openly.”

Not aware of water rights granted

The other issues alluded to on May 28, 2015 by Hon Pickering was that of water rights. He said he was not aware of any such privilege given to anyone.

“I don’t know if Dr (The Hon D. Orlando) Smith has secret deals with anybody, but I know of no story in this country in which this government has given water rights to any individual. It was an issue in the 2007 elections spreading propaganda. But I know of no decision taken by this government and I don’t miss much meetings.

“I know of no such decision where government has given anybody water rights. And may I publicly state for the record, there are no individual who owns anything in this country who can stop our fishermen from fishing where they can legally fish,” Dr Pickering concluded.

32 Responses to “‘We are not liars’- VG fishermen to Hon Pickering”

  • Kingfish (30/05/2015, 09:34) Like (32) Dislike (11) Reply
    If this is true, I blame the fishermen, they should bring all of this to the attention of the authorities and they should stand their ground, do not allow anyone to chase you from fishing in the waters of the BVI. Remember that property
    ownership starts at the high water mark. The same goes for going to the beach, if you arrive by boat, enjoy the beach up to the high water mark, no one can chase you away. Stand your ground, until we the people stand up for our rights, they will try and walk all over us., because they think that we are weak.

    We need to organize fishing and beach trips to these affected areas and show these people who we really are.
    • Outlaw (30/05/2015, 12:07) Like (33) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ kingfish. Did you really read the story. They said when the C&F officers comes around they reported the matter to them but no one taking them serious. Go back and read again
  • farmer (30/05/2015, 09:41) Like (18) Dislike (3) Reply
    We need to remind d Cuban Dat. D Lord said vengeance is his
    Picking seems to fink black ppl fraid I was to a meeting we invited him to. He turned his back to us BUT boy o boy Picko. Water boilin for fish n. Fish. Kno
    It's a fun deal
  • kkk (30/05/2015, 09:52) Like (25) Dislike (13) Reply
    We are aware that VIP never speak without researching their facts.
    • HELLO!!!! (30/05/2015, 13:22) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply
      Google who put computers in the Francis Lettsome School and who said he put them there.
      • ooooo (30/05/2015, 19:56) Like (5) Dislike (1) Reply
        We know. It all up in D7 advertisement. He said he does not lie. The lie detector said you lied. He really need to take it out of his ad.
        • In a me pants (31/05/2015, 06:35) Like (14) Dislike (2) Reply
          No only that, but when I heard in the same ad that he is building a football stadium and running track, I really had to laugh. I thought it was FIFA doing that. Never Deceive People (NDP) is really living up to that name. Everyone knows the Hubert O'Neal was not with the NDP from since last election, but listen to his ad where they giving him credit for everything that took place up there in the last 3 and a half years. These people are desperate and sickening
          • Wait (31/05/2015, 13:02) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
            You mean that football stadium they building up in East end that could end up blacklisting the BVI? I wonder if people know about this meelee. More on the rise. This seems to be hot.
          • @In a me pants (02/06/2015, 06:39) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
            I support your comment 100%. However I think NDP should stand for Notorious Deceptive People.
          • oh "H" to the no (02/06/2015, 06:46) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
            Hold up. He really taking credit for the football stadium and track that Marlon been bragging about for the past year give or take a few months? Desperation would make a man say a lot of things so I guess I can't blame the good Doc for claiming it.
        • Outlaw (31/05/2015, 19:15) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
          Well I google and saw its was harney's who supply the computers to the school. They were not even new computers, they were some refurbish computers that did not even have keyboard and mouse. How can the honorable be taking credit for this. My, my, my.
  • poor can`t take no more (30/05/2015, 10:00) Like (10) Dislike (9) Reply
    I agree with you Kedrick, I don`t think you all are Liars--We need to get some work done in Labour, Agriculture and Health--This country is a melting Pot, when you all making you all decisions in health and labour think of the minimum wage workers.- VS the Economy. Stop listening to the people who are wealthy or well off, they are selfish--God put you all there not to look after the rich but to help the poor..
  • .... (30/05/2015, 11:35) Like (17) Dislike (7) Reply
    The cuban pants on fire
  • Youffe (30/05/2015, 11:43) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
    Well somebody is doing something and whatever being done seem to cause both side to look a bit foolish. This running of fisher folks has been in the media for a while now. If the Minister is unaware it simply means he has not been around to know. If you don't know because no one call the ministry then it is a proper excuse. What would you have done had you received the information? Would there be a meeting with the fisher folks or a letter sent to those who be chasing fisher folks? Was this reported to the district rep? What did he do with the info? Then again when one sees the Representative all up and down with the people who has chased you from fishing what would you think or how would you feel. Guess you can only hang your head and say well, well, well.
  • Vi girl (30/05/2015, 13:03) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
    I think one should record the person who are chasing them and send this tape in with a letter and the petition of fishermen.
  • Stop ayo Crap! (30/05/2015, 13:13) Like (27) Dislike (5) Reply
    The best Tola was doing was back in them VIP days the island was full of money everybody had work and money was flowing like ah river. NDP hmm NOTHING DONE PROPERLY........
  • Duties (30/05/2015, 13:46) Like (17) Dislike (1) Reply
    It is a shame that we have a Minister that is responsible for so many things and has failed at each and every aspect. You say you are representing the country abroad, but what about your duties here, to the people of the Virgin Islands? What about your duties to the Laborers, that MVW clearly outworked you at? What about your duties to the Natural Resources, that (according to previous articles) you are likely failing at as well? What about your duties to the Fisheries, which is massive FAILURE? What about your duties to the people of the 7th District who feel neglected and slighted by you on a daily basis? Any incumbent can say what they want to at their rallies, but by these criteria, Dr. Pickering has been a FAILURE at least in his past term.
  • Small (30/05/2015, 14:25) Like (17) Dislike (1) Reply
  • No right (30/05/2015, 15:41) Like (15) Dislike (0) Reply
    Perfect Example--That so call Dawson beach at Beef Island, they try put a gate on to lock people out from the beach and VIP government made them take it down---As NDP win Bam-they put it back up, its up all now...
  • vg fisherman (30/05/2015, 18:14) Like (8) Dislike (2) Reply

    Pickering is in another world that only he can understand
    The first w**** man to get some good licks he ll be the first one
    to hear the news. Im praying the fisherman is me.

  • lord-o (30/05/2015, 19:15) Like (6) Dislike (2) Reply
    Fishermen you are not alone, its the same treatment we get when we go labor to report bad and unfair treatment---I went to labour twice to ask how come my boss not implementing the pension plan--they run me-We Badly in need of a Health Minister, and a Labor and Agriculture Minister--Maybe we should split all the ministries up between Mark and Myron. They seem to be the only ones making things happened for the people-
  • VG 1 (30/05/2015, 20:25) Like (15) Dislike (3) Reply
    I am sorry to know that i don't own a boat anymore. All the talk Branson and his ppl got, when i had a boat i took it to necker island beach and spent 2 hrs there. I ain't see a man come and tell me nothing yet. I should've still had my boat and see who could tell me i can't fish where i grew up fishing with my father. As for that dock that NDP gave to Oilnut Bay Thats where i would tie my boat and see who would move it. The NDP don't stand a chance in VG this election.. trust me....As for the Gun Point land you looking to give Johnson.. don't even think about it..Does land will remain ours.. Gun Creek docks will remain ours.. picko can put that in his pipe and smoke it. No little bit of rush work here in VG now just b4 election can' fool us. Yes guys, take the contracts and still vote them out.
    • TRUTH TELLER (31/05/2015, 01:02) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
      Honorable Pickering, NDP, the issue is not whether or not you consulted your staff. Every story has two sides. As an elected official, nominated Minister, a person who calls himself Christian, it is necessary that you do a proper investigation. Not investigating suggests that what is being said must be the truth. Furthermore, it suggest that you, the NDP, does not care about the people. And, it has the potential to reinforce the rumor of culture of disrespect and elitism. The NDP should publicly state that the fishing beds and beaches are not private property. These belong to the people in perpetuity. By not publicly stating something like this, you have not only done a disservice to the people but to the perception of your party as well.
      • Not So Easy (31/05/2015, 15:46) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
        We want to see the signed documents saying so. They keep lieing to us so we want black and white proof.
  • Gloria Fahie (30/05/2015, 20:26) Like (9) Dislike (4) Reply
    I feel very sad in my country!
    • Worried (31/05/2015, 01:59) Like (3) Dislike (4) Reply
      We sad for you too cause u going drop down.
    • Big gal (31/05/2015, 08:19) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
      Gloria fahie----this is blogging--Speak your mind with out been known--How nice? You don`t have to use your correct name---I know you are a brave and courageous lady.--I am so disappointed with Labour, Agriculture and health---its only one reason why i am still supporting then--I can say I support NDP without been abused by friends and foe--LOL..How nice?
  • music man (31/05/2015, 08:23) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
    Kedrick and Ronnie need to go--their experience, religion and education are useless to this country---How can I make Ronnie and Kedrick disappear and still have an NDP government.? I still need DR. Smith as my Premier.
  • The TRUTH (31/05/2015, 10:03) Like (0) Dislike (2) Reply
    This the truth---I just started a Job, they said I have to wait two years to be eligible for pension. I asked, why? they say that`s their policy. What`s the law on pension Mr. Labour Minister? Have one of your bloggers tell us via blog.
  • Fisher Person (01/06/2015, 10:59) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    This lack of respect for the environment over big development projects and the rich and powerful men that share our nation’s resources by Hon. Dr. Pickering cannot be overlooked. Hon. Dr. Pickering was one of the most vocal advocates (supporters) for the Beef Island Project Development; this development project threatened Hans Creek, Beef Island waters.
    Beef Island was declared a Fisheries Protected Area under the Virgin Islands Fisheries Regulations, 2003 s. 51 (5)(b). Outside of Anegada, (90%) of BVI’s fish are spawned (birthed) at Hans Creek, Beef Island.
    The EIA stated at the time of the signed development agreement by the NDP Government leadership that… (The long term potential impacts resulting from the golf course phase are discussed within this document but are “difficult to quantify at this stage.”) Yet Dr. Pickering and the NDP Party were more than willing to go ahead with this contract and kill the Fishing Industry of the BVI over big development and rich business developers.
    Then after the Fisherperson Association and Concerned Individuals for the Protection of Beef Islands Group took the matter to court the NDP government appealed the ruling of the courts.
  • NICK (01/06/2015, 20:54) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    ndp must go I cant take 4 more years of this in the bvi

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