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UPDATE: AG gets 11-page letter on Governor's alleged constitution violation

- Copy of letter to also be delivered to Her Majesty the Queen
Two police officers of the RVIPF are taking the Acting Police Commissioner David Morris (right) to court over what they described as violations of the Virgin Islands Constitution. The heart of the case is the alleged violation of the constitution by the United Kingdom appointed Governor Boyd McCleary (left) in his delegation of powers regulations to the Acting Police Commissioner. Photo: VINO
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- The allegation that Governor Boyd McCleary illegally delegated powers to Acting Commissioner of Police David Morris is going further than the High Court as the matter has reached the Attorney General's chamber by way of an 11-page letter, which is also soon to be delivered to Buckingham Palace.

This is according to former Crown Prosecutor Mr Jefferson Knight aka Knight Rider, who is one of the persons in strong opposition to the alleged violation of the VI Constitution by the Governor.

A copy of the said letter has also been received by this news site. It was reportedly addressed to the Attornry General through a lawyer's office here in the Virgin Islands and copied to the Legislature; Her Majesty the Queen; Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Secretary of State (UK); the Governor; the Acting Commissioner of Police and The Chairman of the Police Service Commission.

"The letter is to show the Attorney General that the Governor's self-made Police Service (Delegation of powers) Regulations 2012, is not a Statutory Instrument or Law and that the Governor misled the public by purporting that section 97(5) of the Constitution gives him the authority to make a Law for David Morris and to give power to David Morris, and for David Morris to take the Governor's powers and go under the old Police Act, with the Governor's powers and the powers of the Police Service Commission (Po.S.C.) and execute the governor's powers under part IV-sections 33-43 of an act of law [police act] where the governor and the Po.S.C have no power," Mr Knight stated to Virgin Islands News Online.

Meanwhile, two police officers of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) are taking the Acting Police Commissioner David Morris to court over what they described as violations of the Virgin Islands Constitution. The second defendant in the matter filed in the High Court on November 15, 2012 is the Attorney General Dr. Christopher Malcolm.

The officers, Mr Leonard Fahie of Lambert Estate and Mr Hendrickson Williams of Spooner’s Estate, have filed a challenge in the High Court to contest that the Governor has no power to make a delegation of power regulation, which now gives the Acting Police Commissioner more power than the Governor and the Police Service Commission.

The first hearing of this claim will take place on December 13, 2012 in the High Court. The claimants are being represented by Dancia Penn and Co.

See previous story posted on November 19, 2012

Police officers take Acting Commissioner Morris to court!

- Accuses Governor of illegally delegating powers to David Morris

The turmoil in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) under Acting Police Commissioner David Morris continues.

The latest is that two police officers of the RVIPF are taking the Acting Police Commissioner David Morris to court over what they described as violations of the Virgin Islands Constitution. The second defendant in the matter filed in the High Court on November 15, 2012 is the Attorney General Dr. Christopher Malcolm.

Court case

The heart of the case is the alleged violation of the constitution by the United Kingdom appointed Governor Boyd McCleary in his delegation of powers regulations to the Acting Police Commissioner David Morris.

It is vital to note that retired Police Commissioner Reynell Frazer was never given these powers under this same governor.

The officers, Mr Leonard Fahie of Lambert Estate and Mr Hendrickson Williams of Spooner’s Estate, have filed a challenge in the High Court to contest that the Governor has no power to make a delegation of power regulation, which now gives the Acting Police Commissioner more power than the Governor and the Police Service Commission.

 The claimants are contending that the Police Service (Delegation of Powers) Regulations 2012 made on April 16, 2012 are ultra vires to the Constitution and are null, void and to no effect.

The police officers are contenting that their rights under section 12 of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order of 2007 have been and are being breached.

The case filed last week also accuses David Morris, the first defendant, that he has acted ultra vires to section 97 of the VI Constitution.

In addition, Polices Officers Fahie and Williams are claiming that any and all things done and actions taken or directed in pursuance of the 2012 Regulations, including the making of the RVIPF promotion policy in April 2012 are in consequence ultra virus of the Constitution and therefore should be null, void and of no effect.

Section 97(1) of the V.I Constitution states “Power to make appointments to offices in the Police Force and to remove and to exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices shall vest in the Governor, acting in accordance with the advice of the Police Service Commission-but the Governor, acting in his or her discretion, may act otherwise than in accordance with that advice if he or she determines that compliance with that advice would prejudice Her Majesty’s Service”.

Subsection (5) of Section 97 of the VI Constitution also states “The Governor, acting after consultation with the Police Service Commission, May, by regulations published in the Gazette, delegate to any member of the Commission or any public officer or class of public officer,(to such extent) and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed in the regulations, any of the powers vested in the Governor to make appointments to offices in the Police Force and to remove or exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices; and except in so far as regulations made under this subsection otherwise provide, any power delegated by such regulations may be exercised by any person to whom it is delegated without reference to the Police Service Commission”.

The claimants believe these sections under the constitution have been breached by the Governor.

The Officers are seeking a declaration that the examinations conducted by the Acting Commissioner of Police acting on the authority purportedly given to him by the 2012 Regulations are of no legal effect in that among other things the appointment of a Promotions Board for the conduct of an examination for promotion within the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force contravenes the constitution by taking away the role and purpose given to the Police Service Commission under the Constitution.

Earlier this month the Acting Commissioner Morris told the media that the promotion policy implemented earlier this year for the force will not be scrapped, despite the many concerns raised internally by ranks.

Morris said that the RVIPF will now review the policy to safeguard the integrity of the policy. He explained that the process was approved by the Governor, the Police Service Commission and the Attorney General's Chambers.

The new promotion policy was first announced at a meeting held on, May 1, 2012 at the St. Georges Primary School, which was organised by the Road Town Anti-Crime Group.

Now officers in line for promotion, he had said, will have to show they have aptitude.

“They have to pass examinations, show that they have competent skills and the knowledge to be promoted,” Morris had stated.

In addition to that, the acting Commissioner of Police revealed that senior officers are being held accountable for their officers. Furthermore, he said he had tasked the Police Human Resource Department to recruit 22 officers this year to fill the gaps within the Force.

Meanwhile, the first hearing of this claim will take place on December 13, 2012 in the High Court.

The claimants are being represented by Dancia Penn and Co.

Governor and the Constitution

Over the past two years there have been many court challenges by public officers about the alleged violation of the Virgin Islands Constitution by Governor Boyd McCleary.  A few months ago there was controversy over his signing of an extradition order for local residents to face trial in the United States.  A month ago he was accused again of violating the constitution by interfering in the work of the Public Service Commission with an alleged personal and unprofessional agenda to fire a Permanent Secretary.  Some have claimed that race may have played a role but this news site has no evidence of such.

The latest, now with the challenge to his right to delegate his responsibilities to UK contract acting Police Commissioner Mr. Morris, have now again raised in the mind of the public whether Governor McCleary is committed to good governance and the rule of law. 

102 Responses to “UPDATE: AG gets 11-page letter on Governor's alleged constitution violation ”

  • vip (19/11/2012, 08:50) Like (5) Dislike (3) Reply
    see!... we dont have no representation at all....imagine the police have to fend for themselves....where is the ndp?
    • Grapes Sour (19/11/2012, 20:20) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
      Now it was all constitutional when you were both recommended to do the exam, it was constitutional to sit and write the exam. Now that you have both failed intellectually you now decide to stagnate the other young officers who are now trying to make their careers. How unfair are you being now?
      You have gained financially for years as a Sergeant of Police and the other as an Inspector, now things have changed as there are no more hand outs it is suddenly unconstitutional. Woooow.
      The grapes are sour now because it cant be reached as it the policy unconstitutional as you both have been shown out to be unable to an exam which would show your competence in Police work.
      When last has either of you done any Police work?, done a case file? appear at Court? you both need to be charged for earning finances by deception if you ask me. Nothing but tow parasites who cant get their way. This is all for self gain as it does not benifit the force but will sort to benefit two of you
      • hard cash (22/11/2012, 19:28) Like (3) Dislike (4) Reply
        Sour Grapes there is no harm in trying. Why don't you talk about men who have been hear for over 25 yearsand can't make the salary like some of these UK guys. They are on our establishment earning salaries of like the COP and other Gazetted officers. They making plenty money and still blocking our progress by filling establish positions. Sour lime
      • @ Grapes Sour (24/11/2012, 00:17) Like (1) Dislike (2) Reply
        OH PLEASE!!........Spare us your BS!!.......
    • EX (21/11/2012, 23:37) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
      Grapes Sour, I cannot agree with you more. This is not the first time that officers were required to do exams for promotion. The present Ag Deputy Commissioner can testify to that because he had to do back then. And none of these officers complained because they had Malone to give them a pass when they did not pass. Now they don't have those hand me downs a to turn too, they crying fowl. That shows the height of their weakness as Police Officers. They want the job but not the work. Some of them are the force now for almost 30 years, and still cannot prepare a case file or investigate a simple traffic accident. That is why they crying fowl because the good old days of hand me down is gown. I they don't want to do the exams send them home. That shows how incompetent they are, and still want to get promoted without proving they have what it takes to get to the next step.
  • (19/11/2012, 08:50) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    • police office west end (19/11/2012, 10:17) Like (0) Dislike (5) Reply
      If the governor is breaking the constitution and the police in turmoil then what does this say for our security? This explains why crime has run wild in the BVI.

      As for the issues of racism VINO you said you have no evidence of such but other people do!
    • JOHNNY COCHRAN (19/11/2012, 12:09) Like (4) Dislike (4) Reply


      • shock (19/11/2012, 13:27) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        Over the years I have read a lot of nonsense on here but one this governor did takes the cake. Let me ask you, which planet do you live on because it surely cannot be earth. Have you ever read a history book...race is joke boss
  • tell the truth (19/11/2012, 08:58) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    The police have a right to be heard as injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere!
    • we and them (19/11/2012, 15:27) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Why shouldn't she be proud of the police's actions?
    • @ tell the truth (24/11/2012, 08:51) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      i endorse these points and approve this message! fair is fair. justice and equailty for all!
  • Not2Sure (19/11/2012, 09:09) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
    So, two cops couldn't get promoted and now they want to complain about the rules. I am sure that this is all the RVIPF needs whilst trying to get a grip on rising crime...
  • black boy (19/11/2012, 09:11) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Regardless of what this governor should be fair and give the public officers thier just due
    • old man (19/11/2012, 12:27) Like (1) Dislike (2) Reply
      Everything now in the royal police force and this dude Morris seems its being done as entitlement.....different treatment for the UK officers and different treatment by the governor for Morris. No wonder the police officers have any real loyalty to or no real sense of belonging to the force.
  • Tired of the BS (19/11/2012, 09:12) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
    These two big waste of time officers really out to work on themselves! There is a large list of unsolved crimes, if they want to get promoted solve a few! Nothing is more disgusting then failures who use all sorts of excuses as a reason for being held back!
    • @ Tired of the BS (19/11/2012, 12:13) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    • Think about it (19/11/2012, 13:16) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
      Well if you report a crime they would look to prosecute you and not go out and investigate. In this place you get arrested for defending yourself and if a thief enter your home you the home owner would get arrested for thrashng the thief. The if you dont have a label of caucasion and american, the magistracy would throw the book at you. History speaks for itself, in the case of Henly vs. the Rude White Woman in Cane Garden Bay.

      So these guys ain getting no help and instead of training them and them justifying their training in crime fighting he put tests and all that in place in order to get a promotion.

      MORRIS the common sense approach is Train your Officers aggressively. And for GOD SAKE some of them need to go on diet and eat healthy. I mean can they even run 20 feet?

      Let them take their skills out of the Office Chair and go out and use some of it. Then you move to testing them for promotion.

      But you should know the UK Guys have more skills because they train officers over there. Here no.

      Do that first and then move forward.

      • Me (19/11/2012, 14:57) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
        Well said your the first person's comment thats ever made any sense. I totally agree. You two officers ought to be sacked as you are certainly not fit to be Police Officers. Respect is not a very strong point with most Local Police Officers, and intelligence, well not getting promoted proves it all. Sour grapes boys find another job.
      • egg face (19/11/2012, 15:30) Like (1) Dislike (5) Reply
        The two police officers need to be congratulated for this early victory
  • fat head (19/11/2012, 09:16) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
    Don't waste time and money on issues with this governor and police commissioner they are good friends the courts may not bear us no real value. Go to the United Nation or march in the streets!!!
  • ONE EYE ROSTER (19/11/2012, 09:22) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • shara parlin (19/11/2012, 09:27) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I have a serious problem with this action by both the governor and police!

  • Mike (19/11/2012, 09:33) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    This is interesting. I think policing in the BVI is in a dilemma. The system is broken and is in need of repairs. I think the BVI Government should press the Governor for a the RVIPF to undergo an inspection by the Chief Inspector of HM Constabulary.
  • Virgin girl (19/11/2012, 09:40) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Not everyone is prepared to be a typical B V Islander and sit back and accept what is done by the governor of this country
    • cnn (19/11/2012, 23:12) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.....Malcolm X!!!!
  • Flicker (19/11/2012, 09:54) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    So because they now have to prove competence in varying levels in order for promotion they're upset? lmao!
  • 11 year old school child (19/11/2012, 09:57) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I think the authorities should follow the rule of law
  • ABC (19/11/2012, 10:36) Like (2) Dislike (3) Reply
    This whole case may come to nothing base on the way things are stacked up. But, this could very well be a wake up call for the Governor. I have certain missgivings about the Act. Com. of Police. Everyone trusted him when he first arrived in the Territory but his action and dictatorial behaviour will cause him much if he continues on his present path.
  • LEGAL TEAM (19/11/2012, 11:39) Like (9) Dislike (1) Reply
    Thank you Vino-You are a news site of open Democracy in the BVI. The BVI is not an independent state,but our Constitution provides for "Fundamental Rights and Freedoms".Let the bloggers give their views.It is their Constitutional Rights under sec 23(1 and ) of our Constitution.No Governor can take away the Rights/Freedoms given to us by Her Most Excellent Majesty In Council-At the Court at Buckingham Palace..Apartheid?People of the BVI,read the story carefully;don't rush to judgement.The story did not say that the officers are asking for promotion or saying they should be promoted! Why now Governor? C.O.P FRAZER a BV-Islander was the COP,when the Constitution came into force in 2007.No Governor gave Frazer powers!As soon as Frazer goes on pre-retirement leave,five years later;and "ACTING COP" Morris is appointed to "hold-on",until we get a new BV-Islander- Commissioner;Here Comes a REGULATION to give the "UK-Born ACTING COP" Powers!Read the article carefully BV-Islanders,and see the direction of the Governor. FERROW,Set my people FREE! This is a serious Constitutional Matter.Where it is being alleged,that the Governor may have CONTRAVENED the Constitution.In other countries,they would have IMPEACHED the Governor;but in the BVI we accept Lawlessness by those in authority.BV-Islanders;Please,get a copy of your Constitution,and read your rights. Reynell Frazer has not yet retired:Frazer is still the COP,on leave and Morris is still DCP on a 3-Year Contract,from 2010 to EXPIRE in 2013.The post of COP was never advertised,because FRAZER is still the COP.Morris has not been CONFIRMED in the official position of COP;Why give him power which was never given to BV-Islasnder-FRAZER.WHY? That is the challenge I see by the officers in this article.A Constitutional Challenge on the Legality of the Delegation of[ INSTANT-POWER] REGULATION.These officers served with pride.They are law abiding citizens of the BVI.Every police officer is competent,entrusted to protect and serve.some may be more advance in technology of the changing world;but the main point is that,they risk their lives everyday,to protect and serve Her Majesty's Peace.Morris must not see them as undesirables!They are human beings with RIGHTS.People in authority must respect their rights.Thank you Vino for your openness in our Democracy.Do like Nelson Madella and Marin Luther King;Defend Justic!Law is Law:Simple as that.
    • Native Boy (19/11/2012, 12:04) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
      Two words. PAPPY SHOW. no law and order as the very governor cannot set an example....
    • steel man (19/11/2012, 12:38) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      The problem you have is and the governor’s behavior over the two years is his little understanding of this concept so those who indulge in such behavior don't think they are doing anything wrong and they accuse those affected of 'imagining'. All he says is he took the advise of the Attorney general….However, ignorance is no defense.
    • CJ (19/11/2012, 14:12) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      I lub it. Well Said. In this Country!!!!!!!!!
    • joe public (20/11/2012, 00:01) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      Mister police officers you want justice for that lack of fair promotion.. JUSTICE?.... WHAT'S THAT...
    • tony (20/11/2012, 13:04) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • lord sour (19/11/2012, 12:10) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    that govenor need to go he and she and he the three of them was in the cayman islands together and mess up the caymans and now look the three of them leave and is here in the bvi causing confusion look and see the big man partner friend getting one hundred and forty thousand dollars every month plus allowances and making black people go against each other pure racism
  • willy wonka (19/11/2012, 12:31) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    This is some serious vybes. Law is law indeed that's why it is they. No man is aboove the law, only in the Virgn islands bvi to be exact folks behave so. Vino thanks for the insight, and please! Don't get into trouble can't afford to lose you guys. Vino always drops the veracity!
    • rattie (19/11/2012, 15:34) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
      Let us put it straight – it does NOT, can NOT, NEVER will, make up for that travesty of justice which will NOT be forgotten by both this governor and police chief!!!!.
  • Hamus (19/11/2012, 13:51) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    both of dem need to catch the next flight back to the UK...a disgrace to our rights and laws...
    • nancy grace (19/11/2012, 23:53) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      I feel for you both Leonard and Hendrickson you won't get any justice in the BVI...
  • Stan (19/11/2012, 15:18) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    This is a very interesting case though I find it hard to believe that H.E. the Governor would have made such a decision without first seeking the advice of the Attorney General Chambers. If the court rules that his decision to delegate some of his constitutional powers to the Acting Commissioner of Police instad of the Police Service Commission did in fact go against what the Constitution intended, it could affect his reputation and question his intent.

    Win or loose, I am happy to see that there are police officers who are willing to stand up for their rights. I believe that there may have been past instances officers rights as individuals may have be trampled upon. The courage demonstrated by the two officers not only shows that they are willing to stand up to the status quo but that they are now arming themselves with required knowledge and understanding of the important principles of Administrative and Constitutional law. This could have a lasting effect because it could force persons in authority to take a hard look before making decisions that could negatively imact the rights and freedom of others.
    • he (19/11/2012, 19:17) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      do as they please in any form or fashion
    • (11/12/2012, 18:55) Like (0) Dislike (2) Reply
      Stan and Legal Team, I love the post of good reasoning and indepth consciousness. These two officers have noting to loose if they are in the force for 30 years, if they government send them home they will have to pay them, and their jobs are pensionable. Therefore I believe these two officers are extending their courage to make sure such behaviour do not get exercise again, in the BVI. I must cheer on the officers because I know BVIslanders are not outspoken people when it comes to such things. Guys do what you have to do so the next generation or coward people know that there is still people who would not take the foolishness.
  • yes we can (19/11/2012, 15:42) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Thank you! At least someone can see wrong is wrong I give this case a political thumbs up.
  • LEGAL TEAM (19/11/2012, 17:09) Like (10) Dislike (1) Reply
    Closing arguments:Vino must publish the delegation of power regulation.Let my people read it or go in the official gazette,and read it! Honorable Judge and members of the Jury.Let me first commend Vino for such high level of investigative journalism,relating to a matter of our Constitution and National Interest.We the people of the Virgin Islands,sent a delegation of attorneys-at-law,to Buckingham palace and the lawyers successfully negotiated,and Her Majesty in Council gave us our Constitution.As it relates to this article Published by Vino;Section 97(1) of the Constitution gives the rights to all the Police Officers,[including the COP and gazetted officers] to be appointed by the Governor,upon the the advice of the Police Service Commission.In the delegation of power regulation however,I read that the Governor made a permanent and indefinite Regulation,under section 97(5) keeping powers to appoint etc..gazetted police officers only and the balance of powers are given to the new UK-Born Acting COP-David Morris-Giving one Public Officer-David Morris Power to appoint,discipline etc.. Police Officers below the Ranks of Superintendents.My lord and members of the Jury,it is our case,that His Excellency the Governor,has no power to make a "Permanent and Indefinite" Regulation,to give David Morris Power to introduce his own system of qualifying criteria for appointment in the Police Force.If that Regulation was necessary,then the power should have been given to the Confirmed-COP-BV-Islander-Reynell Frazer: So we see a Bias,in the Regulation. When the Constitutional Commissioners,went to Buckingham Palace on 13th June 2007; and section 97(1) was created;The intention of section 97(1)was to keep Police officers themselves[at all levels]out of the appointment/Promotion Process in The Police Force;because police officers may have their own issues with each other,and may have a BIAS towards each other.Section 97(5) gives the Governor Power to delegate to a member of the Po.s.c or any public officer;to make an appointment for him,[on his behalf] maybe,if he is out of the BVI,etc or if he cannot travel-Like when he sent COP Frazer and the Chairman of the Po.S.C to go to UK in May 2010,to appoint David Morris as DCP. So,members of the jury,it is our contention,that section 97(5) makes no provision,giving the Governor Power,to MAKE a "permanent-and Indefinite" Regulation,to give a UK-Born COP power to do whatever-he-wants-to-Police Officers below the rank of Superintendent.That Regulation breaches the Rights of the officers-of Equality before the law under section 12 of The Constitution-because by virtue of that Regulation;David Morris can now deny them the opportunity to be interviewed by the Police Service Commission,and as a consequence;deny them the Constitutional Right to be appointed by the Governor under section 97(1) of the Constitution-The SUPREME LAW of the Land.Members of the Jury;you have heard the legal submissions submitted on behalf of the people of the BVI.Chairman of the Jury,tell the Governor to leave our Constitution,the same way he met it,and if he wants it to favour him,he must take it back to the Court at Buckingham Palace,before the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council,and then call on Her Majesty-The Queen to Amend section 97(1) to Please him.This Regulation to give Morris Power is an INFERIOR-one-Page piece of paper!It is not a law;so it has no legal effect in the Police Force.Morris' Promotion Board,created under this UNLAWFUL REGULATION;should be removed from the official gazette,and extradited to the UK to face charges of illegality.The officers have a RIGHT under section 31 of the Constitution,to seek redress on a matter;which they believe has violated their Constitutional Rights!You should not be upset with them for challenging the LEGALITY of a document which VIOLATES their Constitutional Rights.They did not use violence:They used the authority of the law,in a democratic society:That is what true Democracy is all-about. BVI,we are free!
  • another suit coming (19/11/2012, 17:19) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    There is another sue coming 4 dem another officer suing for overtime pay amounting 2 $12, 000.
    • pen pal (19/11/2012, 23:10) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      protest by all means via the courts but you need to prepare to be victimized!!
  • to good to be true (19/11/2012, 18:30) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Really?! I have to confess I did not hear about this startling revelation of our governor's behaviour!!!
  • paper trail (19/11/2012, 23:36) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I wish the two police officers the best. Praise God!
  • Muse (20/11/2012, 01:11) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Same old, same old. Don't like the white guy in charge - do anything to discredit him and kick him out. Tired of that, hopefully UK will cut the ties one day, it's not worth it.
    • rite way (20/11/2012, 07:32) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      hush because only the local police getting screwed
    • @ Muse (20/11/2012, 22:50) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
      @ Muse Perhaps reading comprehension was a struggle for you in elementary school, if this is your inference...then again most of us thins you are just another racist!!!!
  • Jefferson Knight/Knight Rider (20/11/2012, 09:07) Like (1) Dislike (3) Reply
    Grapes Sour?Vino,could you publish my blog with my true identity,because section 23(1 to 3) of our V.I Constitution declares-our protection of freedom of expression,in that "No person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of expression".Her Majesty-The Queen gave me these rights as an authority to express myself,so I want Grapes Sour,The Governor and the "ACTING" cop to know;This is Jefferson John Knight/KnightRider-retired police inspector of Her Majesty's Police Force[served for 23 years and 5 months-from 1986-2010. I am the blogger "LEGAL TEAM".You can Extradite me to face trial for exercising my rights.In the legal team,we do not chastise people-like you:We don't discriminate,like you do.We research the laws-present the facts,and we call on all of you,to apply the facts to the law-And to make a reasonable- unbias and fair comment and conclusion.No Governor can prevent me from Exercising my Constitutional rights and no Governor can change our Constitution!Let me further exercise my freedom of Conscience pursuant to section 21 which guarantees my right to chose my own RELIGION: I am a christian[a child of god] who follow the Catholic Doctrines and teachings;so I will at this time read an excerpt of the Bible in its catholic version[Hebrews chapter 12 verse 2 ] "Let us look to Jesus the founder of our faith,who will bring it to completion.for the sake of the joy reserve for him,he endured the cross,scoring its shame,and then sat at the right hand of the throne of god".The word of the lord-Amen.I am not blogging to respond to Grape sour,because I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion/views,and that right is guaranteed under section 23 of our Constitution:But when I read the blog of Grape Sour,I had to be consoled,because of the emotional pain that engulf my body.And I really do appreciate VINO for publishing all the blogs while trying to preserve libelous statements about people in our lovely society BVI. I want Governor Boyd McClary and Mr.David Morris to Know that Jefferson Knight is in full support of these two former colleagues exercising their Constitutional Rights,fighting for justice and liberties within a democratic society,at the High Court of Justice,in the territory of the V.I,under the provisions of section 31 of our well-drafted Constitution.History of Police Force:These two veteran police officers are citizens of the BVI,they served Her Majesty with Courage and pride.They took the same oath of office as David Morris and all other officers.They have never been convicted for any disciplinary breach to bring the force into disrepute; BUT just because they may not have been fortunate to have received higher level of academic advancement-in this world of technology or a university degree,they should be considered as Undesirables?They are human beings,risking their lives to serve and protect-They have wives and children,and because they defend justice in a court of law under our justice system,you chose to chastise them!When I joined the police force in 1986,not one police officer had a degree:Police officers use to go out and patrol the streets frequently.In 2003/2004,COP Malone formed the Major Crime Unit with skilful detectives [VBrowne,A.James,A.Black,D.Rogers,Collin-sharkers and J.Knight] none of us had degress,but we roamed the streets day and knight,armed with Her Majesty's Service-Firearms;sleeping in bush and on the side of the road,looking for armed robbers,and burglars.All of us were rewarded with promotions by c.op Malone,based on our track record of going out there,to protect the citizens and stop the armed detective/patrol-men we were shot-at and shot! Today you have officers who claim that the are bright,and all they do is sit down on computer,doing long-distance school work on Government-time,and going college on government- time,and because they present a piece of paper (degree-of-attendance)and they will obvious do better than the old veterans in an exam-you are saying,these young officers are bright/competent and our veterans,who don't have time to be on computer are incompetent?Officers must be promoted based on their track-record.An officer maybe a good detective-the other might be a good patrol-man and the other a good traffic-man.Why give them an exam about strategic planning and geographic policing and all these none-sense,confusing their brains,and because they did not understand this UK-Style of advance police technology,you saying they fail Morris' Exams and as a result you calling them incompetent? 98% of the officers did not understand these UK-Style-Exam;on topics they never heard about.hence 98%,including officers with some level of academic advancement fail this exam.If 98% of students in a school fail an exam-something has to be wrong! Some officers passed the exam,but they were later disqualified for promotion because,according to the promotion board members,the said officers who passed the exam,now fail a one-to-one question and answer interview:("ABSOLUTE-NONE-SENSE!!")What exam?-what interview?
    Did David Morris do an exam to be the DCP in the Police Force?Did the superintendents of police have to do an exam to be promoted?Case reference-I know the facts:In April/May 2010,then Governor-David Pearey told a news press conference that senior officers such as attorney-at-law vere browne,and double-degree-holder- roy stoutt are not qualified to be our DCP because they lack experience.Pursuant to the provisions of section 97(5) of the Constitution,Governor Pearey exercised his Constitutional authority and delegated power to COP Frazer and Madam Chairman of the Po.S.C Mrs.Callwood, (on a one-time basis) and he sent them out of the jurisdiction,to the UK on this recruitment expedition to find an experience DCP. Mr.Frazer and Mrs.Callwood,came back from UK with Mr.David Morris.Decorated-Veterans Senior-Long-serving Degree-holders-BV-Islanders Browne and Stoutt were not recognized by Governor Pearey,and Morris was appointed DCP ("Based on experience only")according to the Governor: So Morris was not appointed based on academics or exam!Today,the same Morris is looking at "Experience-Long servicing-Dedicated-Hard working Black-men BV-Islanders/Caribbean Officers,and telling them,if they don't pass his UK-Introduced exam,they are NOT competent,therefore they cannot be promoted?Where is the Equality before the law-in section 12 of the Constitution? Grape Sour,As you hide behind the shield of unfairness,I have prayed for you for exercising your Constitutional Rights.You are a child of god,so will pray for you again.You will realize that I said nothing about you to chastise you.My BVI officers have been identified by Morris,as undesirables,when he publicly said, "I come to weed-out the undesirables in the Police Force".All my BVI officers are children of god.They are not undesirables:They are husbands,wives,[boyfriend/girlfriend]mother/father-brother/sister.Like anyone else in society;they do have enemies for doing their jobs:I made a lot of enemies in the line of Duty! Just because an officer maybe academically bright,that does not mean that another officer who has Experience-and policing skills,is less Competent than the young bright officer. Insp.Fahie and Sgt.Williams-two BV-Islanders enjoying their freedom in their country must be commended.former colleagues;On behalf of Her Majesty I hereby declare you-all Ambassadors/diplomats of Justice in Her Majesty's RVIPF.I hope that the Governor invite the two officers to his next Cock-tail-Tale-Party at Government House.Go serve your country,officers;Her Majesty the Queen will certainly be proud of you for Exercising the Rights,which she gave to you in Her approved-Virgin Islands Constitution.Sign:Jefferson Knight[former police officer]
    • one day (23/11/2012, 00:19) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      We must be careful however that lawlessness is not disguised and masqueraded as a crusade for righteousness
  • manabouttown (20/11/2012, 11:51) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    A SPEECH FROM THE THRONE: My beautiful people of the Virgin Islands I bring you greetings on such a momentous day, when two brave men of our constabulary has risen to the occasion and challenge the legality of their constitutional rights . I have read the facts in this matter and now I am going to apply the law.
    The Constitution is a frame work of Laws and Principles that establish the function, nature, offices, powers and limit of a government. It also tells us of our Freedoms and lays down laws that are beneficial to our rights as human and citizens.
    The claimants are contending that the Police Service (Delegation of Powers) Regulations 2012 made on April 16, 2012 are ultra vires to the Constitution and are null, void and to no effect.
    It has been alleged that having made the Delegation of Powers Regulation 2012 takes away the power from the Police Service Commission, which was given or guaranteed under the Constitution. See Section 96 and 97 of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007.
    An amendment of the Constitution may be initiated only by the introduction of a Bill for the purpose in either the House of Parliament, and when the Bill is passed by a majority of total members of the House present and voting. It shall be presented to His Most Excellency in counsel who shall give his assent to the Bill and thereupon. The Constitution shall stand amended in accordance with the term of the Bill.
    Hence if the draftsmen did not follow that process these officers rights have been and are being breached.
    Any law (or Conduct) which is in conflict with the Constitution may therefore be declared to be Unconstitutional by a court of law. Such a declaration will have the effect of rendering the law invalid.
    Ladies and Gentlemen I do thank you for reading and may God continue to bless the Virgin Islands as we defend social justice and liberty within our democratic society.

  • TO: Man-About-Town (20/11/2012, 12:41) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Man-about-town: What a wonderful piece of research on how the Constitution can be AMENDED.You brought tears to my eyes,knowing that some people are not realizing that we now have a Constitutional Crisis in the B.V.I;where a Governor,dispense his powers to an acting c.o.p without first seeking an amendment in the house of parliament.Man-about-town.
    Thank you for your insight and teachings. Yoy just taught me something that no lawyer in the B.V.I ever taught.
  • Exradition (20/11/2012, 14:17) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    This is the same thing going on here with this extradition case, they aint following the constitution either they doing what they want. I want tha governor and morris go from here otherwise Tola we going be up sh$$t street even more .
  • who to blame (20/11/2012, 20:26) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply

    BVI People I say to you put down your guns for they have no place within our society, Natures Little Secret. I am recommending that you take up the Constitution and defend social justice and liberties. Please don’t be like Sour Grape, who looking for an opportunity and crossing floor like a certain man. Let he tell us of the sloppy investigation he did when he was crucified by the UK officers. Sour grapes if any one among us who have no sin, then you cast the first stone. Legal Team where is sour grapes.

  • WIZE-UP (20/11/2012, 22:08) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    Why do we go to the polls and continue to elects persons who do not have the best interest of our people at heart. Our citizens are always given the short end of the stick while our elected officials see and hear of our problems in our own country and do the brave police officers; you have nothing to lose so fight for your rights- understands this clearly, those 2-white folks will be heading back to the UK at the end of their contact BUT you guys have NO where to run for cover; if you can not enjoys rights in your own country where can you have freedom- to those 13-subjects in the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY , you guys should be ashamed but most of you already sold us out to the white-boys therefore you can not stand-up for the right of our people....,who vex,vex
  • civil servant (21/11/2012, 07:47) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    My people many bloggers have indicated there disappointment with his Excellency the governor’s behavior…can he tell the public why he is doing such?
  • mud game (21/11/2012, 07:58) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    Boyde and David my friends the TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION. So do not try to push back the IRON HORSE. Do not get caught SPINNING TOP IN MUD.
  • SERGEANT OF POLICE (21/11/2012, 16:38) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    • Bart the bear (22/11/2012, 20:54) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Should the RVIPF promote officers who cannot even complete a case jacket, let alone a case file. We are meant to be a professional organisation, with officers who are omnicompitent. The Police Force will only move forward by modernising and recognising that education and training has it,s place too.
      I can recall being in awe of the older uniformed officers when a young probationer. All that local knowledge and the common sense approach to problem solving. This has it,s place too, but simply knowing where someone 's house is or having background knowledge is no longer enough.
      Lessons will no doubt be learnt about this promotion process, and hopefully the next will be more BVI and less UK. The process will assist in creating leaders in the future and moving the Force in the right direction.
  • LEGAL TEAM (21/11/2012, 21:47) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    To the young officers in the RVIPF who claim they are BRIGHT:Take a look closely at the Governor's Police Service(Delegation of power)Regulation,2012[which is not a law] and take a look at the Police Act[which is a law].Read both the Act/Law and the Delegation/Piece of paper signed by the Governor.You say that you computer bright?What did you read.Let me guide you on the law:OK.History: Before the New Constitution came into force in 2007;the COP had authority to make appoints in the Police Force below the rank of Superintendents,pursuant to section 11 (2) of the Police Act.The OLD LAW in the Police Act states "Appointment to any rank below the rank of Gazetted Police Officers may be made by the COP acting with the APPROVAL of the Governor;but the Governor may in writing DELEGATE to the COP the Power to make the appointment".Good;read further now. When the new Constitution came into force in June 2007; the said NEW CONSTITUTION,for the first time in our democracy,made provision in section 96 for a Police Service Commission,to advise the Governor on appointments in the Police force.Section 97 of the Constitution was also created,and that section 97 explains how the Appoints shall be made[under the new supreme law]. So; Section 97 of the Constitution took away the advising-power under the Police Act,from the COP and transfer such advising-power to the NEW-Police Service Commission-under the new Constitution!No more poer for the COP! But What the Governor did in His Unlawful [Police Service(Delegation of Power)Regulation,2012,is that,he took away the advising-power of the Po.S.C under section 97 of the Constitution,and he gave it back to COP-David Morris under the Police Act; which an OLD-LAW. He also took away His own Powers under section 97 of the Constitution and gave them to COP-David Morris as well.[Double Powers for David Morris] So instead of bringing the OLD INFERIOR Police Act,to meet the SUPERIOR Constitution;The Governor took the SUPERIOR CONSTITUTION and PUT it in theOLD INFERIOR ACT; and single-handedly; the Governor MADE his own NEW LAW and called it [The Police Service(delegation of Power)Regulation:I can Challenge the Governor that the piece of paper he signed ["IS NOT A LAW IN THE BVI"] So how can a COP exercise power under the authority of a "PIECE of PAPER" which is NOT a LAW! Answer me-young bright Police Officer! Ah you say ah you bright-But none of ah you picked-up that piece of LAWLESSNESS by a GOVERNOR: young officers "Go and read and understand the law,before you get fooled and tricked by MORRIS: GWAY!
    • FRIST STEPT (21/11/2012, 23:24) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
  • Mitt Romney (21/11/2012, 23:48) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    this court case brought by these to brave officers will be the moment the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal!

  • Whole Truth (21/11/2012, 23:56) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    It is all good and well when you frame your opinions on a note and confuse the reader with biased and one sided stories and fancy legal terms that most readers probably do not comprehend (maybe because they are veterans and did not waste their time educating themselves on government time as claimed). It will however reflect in the conclusion of this hearing, based upon both sides of the story where the truth lies. The truth is based on facts. Facts are:
    1. The officers who were promoted based on the policy system are too, veterans of this force, citizens of this country, husbands, fathers etc…
    2. They too praise the lord and follow different faiths and love God in every way and fashion, but that is between them and their God, and it is Bias to even mention this within this topic because it is irrelevant and is only a psychological detour to the reader to make some people believe “Oh I’m a Christian and they are not” Morris and McCleary are Christians too!
    3. These officers served and are still serving (for those who stopped serving based on medical conditions after hiding behind a desk for years claiming they were wounded on the job (which is a fact) and cannot be involved in active duty, yet you used to find them exercising every day, driving, writing, typing, etc.. and left back to their home country or country of Birth (Not the BVI) and want to claim patriotism in the BVI). The officers promoted were and still are very active, and actually very good at the Job, better than most claimants.
    4. These eleven confirmed sergeants, two acting sergeants to be confirmed, five confirmed inspectors, three confirmed chief inspectors, two acting to be confirmed have all been working with (either as subordinates, same rank or superior officers) to the claimants in this matter, and to base a claim against these officers or their wellbeing for their (two officers) personal gain or disgruntlement is disloyal to their colleagues.
    5. The claimants in this matter are veterans, yes, maybe in years of service of doing nothing and contributing nothing to the organization other than being bias against their subordinates and favoring female officers because they wear skirts, and driving around burning tax payers gas money watching women on the street and pointing out which one is fat, thin, pretty or not. This is a big fat fact.
    6. These claimants, also took part in what they call unconstitutional when they signed off the first part of the promotion process (the application) recommending the officer under their supervision, applying to be approved for the written exam. Then they wrote their own application, and then sat the exam. However as mentioned before, now that their years of doing nothing in the force and bu**sh***ng their way through, finally came to a stop and true capable willing officers have been chosen to lead based on their competence and knowledge of the job, the grapes turned sour all of a sudden.
    7. The promotion exam was not based on rocket science or even new technological advancements of the human race; it was merely based on actual day to day policing, and knowledge of local BVI law, not UK law, and leadership qualities. No wonder they did not do well or didn’t even dear to come near an examination table or board! They have nothing to offer this organization and they are better off home retired. Let the real cops do their thing and stop “hatin”
    There are many more facts that the public is not aware of, but it would not be fair to disclose them to the general public. I was taught that a wise head keeps a silent tongue, however in these circumstances I believe a silent tongue will only be turning a blind eye from the truth and watching readers being misled.
    To the fancy lawyers and want to be lawyers, I believe you read section 97(5) of the constitution, but did not comprehend the following “and except in so far as regulations made under this subsection otherwise provide, any power delegated by such regulations may be exercised by any person to whom it is delegated without reference to the Police Service Commission”. This is the constitution. Read on…
    I beg of you stop misleading our readers and our people, and stop turning it into a racial issue every time the white man tries to do the job YOU hired him to do.
    I do however applaud the sergeant and inspector for their courage to challenge or question a decision that was made by the top brass, by lawful means. Whether or not they are prosperous in their claim, it will be recorded in history that they were challenged and can be challenged again and to always remind them and those who come after them that the BVI is not a walkover or walk in the park where they can get away with anything, they are watched by the people and will be dealt with according to law if they are found to be abusing their authority. That I will respect, but turning the words around to make it sound as if the claimants are the jewel of the RVIPF and those who were promoted are not, or that David Morris is a bad man. I find that hard to swallow.
    Reynell Frazer was anti-police and anti-local as he was the one who was quickest to fire the local officers and I mean BVI local, after the “white man” Barry Web was protecting the local BVI officers. He had no vision and cared not about his officers or the security and safety of the BVI, all he looked at was what’s under his cap and how much he loved music. In the history of the RVIPF, Frazer fired, suspended, revoked rank and tried to fire the most of the local officers. Everyone was disgruntled and most retired or resigned under his command.
    To SERGEANT OF POLICE, you see the new promotes are officers who worked with you, learned from you and have respect for you. However, since they got promoted, you and people like you have displayed displeasure in their presence with you at the same rank, and believe me, they have feelings too, and they are smart and pick up quick as to who appreciates them and who doesn’t. When you want to behave in a particular way, they must retaliate by not wanting your assistance in anything, for crying out loud not even a ride, do you find that surprising. Look inside your soul and search for purity and truth, and be true to yourself before you claim others are not being professional towards you, as you my friend are not being professional towards them. This is a fact!
    I apologize to some of the readers who may have gotten offended by my words, but don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.
    Facts you seek, and facts you got!
    • send he packing (11/12/2012, 17:47) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
  • pirate (21/11/2012, 23:57) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    while we are on undesirables I will like to know the position with PV 31 is it a police jeep or not if it is a police jeep I will really like to know how the police force went about buying the DCP old jeep who signed for this unethical act and we want to speak about wrong doing
  • manabouttown (22/11/2012, 00:23) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    Mr. Speaker Honorable members of the Constabulary I have read and heard the views of my people, they are aggrieved and they are calling on the elected Government and the opposition leaders to hear the cry of our people. To the aggrieved Sergeant I knew you quite well; you have and continue to execute your statutory duties admirable, also you exemplify interest in your job. Hence you deserve more than promotion. You have served your country very well; I salute you notwithstanding that we have been called, “The Undesirables” by Morris.
    To Legal Team: I applauded you for taking time out and educate the young men and women of Her Majesty Constabulary and the general public on a whole. You have taught them the law, segment by segment. Legal Team you need to be back on the job.
    This matter is in the hand over the court and I can say in the fullness of time justice will be served. His Excellency we the people beg to move a motion, we beg that the Police Service Commission remove the COP from office pursuant to Section 97 of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007.

  • police brass (22/11/2012, 01:25) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    There are some things worth dying for
  • legal team is protecte by jesus (22/11/2012, 15:25) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    VINO:Once again thank you for your open democracy:I am on a Mission to challenge Lawlessness.You may be big;but I willchallenge you.When jesus walked the earth and exposed mankind for their lawlessness,he was crucified.When Martin Luther-King stood up for civil rights,he was killed.When Nelson Mandella,stood up for black people,he was jailed.When two police officers,stood up for their rights in their own country,they were called incompetent because of the stands:So who the hell is this guy "legal team?"In every society,there will be those for you and those not for you.Good thing though,god is for all mankind and that is why he sent his son jesus to die for us on the cross.In politics,you hear campaigning from the different parties.It's all in the name of democracy.The legal team will not relent until,The Governor Publicly announce to this nation,that his self-made Police Service[delegation of powers]Regulation 2012 is NOT A LAW IN THE BVI,and he must remove it from the gazette,because it is misleading me and misleading only two police officers out 250 officers in the police force. As a person who received the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation in theCatholic Church,it is my Constitutional Rights to chose my own religeon;so I always like to give a scripture in the Bible to show that the phrophets were very acurate when they phrophesy on behalf of god.They were guided by the holy Spirit.VINO,legal team is a godly man,and will be judged by god. VINO,this will be my fair well speech.We in the legal team in an article and I also saw that two brave officers have EXPOSED the Governor for his DESREGUARD for our LAWS:and for those of you who are not brave enough to tell the GOVERNOR and the COP,that MASSAH days are DONE,blackman like OBAMA have the CROWN;and black people will fight for their rights in our black community,because ratial segregation will NOT be accepted and tolerated in the BVI and NO WHERE in the world.
    ECCLESIASTES 7 verses 5 to 7 says " better to heed the rebuke of of a wise than to listen to a fool's song: like the crakling of thorns under a pot is the fool's laugh: Corruption makes a wise man MAD!BRIBE BLINDS HIS HEART".The word of the lord,thanks be to god. Vino,I like your style,once a blog is NOT LIBELOUS,let the people blog.I remembered earlier this year,when VINO NEWS publish an article, saying that D-blah. Morris was Vex because vino published an article?Boss;this is our democracy! In the BVI,and in the caribbean,we love our gossip in the blogs blah-blah-blah.Let the people blog. PHOAROAH-FEHROW "My people are Free! if you violate their rights,they will take you to court.See you on Monday VINO,we have a soldier to send away to meet his god.i will come by the office to greet your wonderful staff.FREEDOM IS IN THE BVI!
  • LEGAL TEAM WILL NOT RELENT (23/11/2012, 08:46) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    VINO:Yesterday,I called for a cease-fire on this Matter:But today,Following my morning prayers and songs of spiritual worship,like martin luther-King use to sing"WE shall Overcome",I was guided by the holy spirit as I used my religious-doctrine of rolling my catholic rosary to repell the evil forces;as they are blinded by the introduction of apartheid in the BVI.When it comes to the rights of serving and retired police officers or soldiers,of a country,it is not about where you born or where you from;but it must be about where you served and who you served,and who you are serving! VINO;my many friends in the BVI and my family elsewhere plead with you to keep this matter alive.The BVI is a democracy;Don't be afraid!we are following this case:I want to see 1000 blogs.This is the main reason why,I will continue to support my 2 police officers:Read the oath in the Police Act that every police officer takes,before he/she is first appointed to the force:THE OATH OF OFFICE: "I legal team; do swear that I will well and truly serve Our Sovereign Lady the Queen,Her Heirs and Successors as a member of the Police Force in the Territory of the Virgin Islands without favor or affection,malice or ill-will and that I will cause Her Majesty's peace to be preserved,and will prevent to the utmost of my power,offences against the same:and that during any time that I do or may hereafter hold any appointment in the Police Force I will to the best of my knowledge and skill discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law-So help me god".Then section 18 of the Act states; "Every member of the force force has all the rights,powers,authorities,privileges and immunities conferred on a member of the force by any law that is now in force" [Including the new Constitution] "In the territory and likewise in respect of any law"[Including the new Constitution]"That comes into operation in the Territory,upon the coming into operation of that law"[Including the Constitution].Because of that Oath taken by ["ALL"] Police Officers(Including the "ACTING" COP) and because of section 12 of our Constitution,[EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW] I legal Team,is saying to the GOVERNOR,"You must not treat my Black BVI/Caribbean-Born Police Officers,serving in Her Majesty's Police Force,differently,from the UK officers who are in the BVI force just on a CONTRACT! For too long now Governor;I have seen that.Why did you chose now,to make a [police service(delegation of power)Regulation,to give a UK-Born Acting COP Power?.VINO;as a former officer myself,I have already identified who is legal team:I am not afraid of BOTHA in South Africa.Let our people put their BLOGS,it's their rights to BLOGG; but don't support me,I en't no activist:Support Martin Luther-King and Nelson Mandella. I have more Breaking News to come:Love-Bye-Bye..
  • legal team in the house os assembly (23/11/2012, 18:35) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    VINO:Bring your video to the Honorable House;the Legal Team have questions for the Madam Speaker,who is an Attorney-At-Law herself: Questions:1.madam speaker how are Laws made in the BVI?Section 71 of the Constitution states"Subject to this Constitution the Legislature SHALL have power to make laws for the peace and order and good government of the V.I.Section 62 of the VI Constitution states"There SHALL be a Legislature of the VI which SHALL consist of Her Majesty and a House of Assembly:Introduction of a Bill-Section 78 of the VI Constitution states that " Any member of the House of Assembly may introduce a Bill or propose a Motion for Debate in the House[Read your own details]Assent to Bill:Section 79 of the VI Constitution states"A bill passed by the House of Assembly SHALL become a LAW[only]When the Governor has ASSENT to it in Her Majesty's name AND on Her Majesty's Behalf,and has signed it in token of such ASSENT"![read more in your Constitution]Madam Speaker:Can the Governor MAKE a LAW in the BVI without going through Parliament/House of Assembly?Madam Speaker Answers,"NO!".Madam Speaker,you are a Legal Practitioner:Right! Does the Governor have Power under Part IV of the Police Act,Cap 165 of VI Laws to discipline etc..Police Officers under the said police act?"NO!",The only Power the Governor has in part IV of the Police Act,is in section 39.The Governer and Po.S.C have power under section 97(1) of the Constitution-The Supreme Law of the Land: But Madam Speaker,Look the Governor MADE his own Police Service(Delegation of powers)Regulation,2012 in which he took his powers & the powers of the Po.S.C under section 97(1) of the VI Constitution and give them ALL to his UK-BORN "acting"COP,and He Instructed the COP in that Regulation, to Execute these powers under an INFERIOR LAW,called the Police Act! But madam speaker,This Regulation made by the Governor on 16th April 2012,and Gazetted on 29th April 2012,IS NOT A LAW passed by Parliament in the House of Assembly!Madam speaker,I Legal Team,am Challenging the AG of the BVI,that the Delegation of Power Regulation,Is Not Law in the BVI.Madam speaker:I am saying to acting COP Morris,that everything he did under the authority of that UNLAWFUL delegation of Power Regulation [including the setting-up of a promotion board] is NULL,VOID and of NO LEGAL effect. Wait Officers,doh get MAD with legal team;if you were promoted under this unlawfully-appointed-board;Don't get scared,if they ever revert you back to the lower rank-Just SUE DEM!Long time i warning DEM:but DEM too lawless;Dem won't listen to legal team.Check Beef Island Bluff:That is where I submerge the Delegation of Power Regulation.[It is NOT a LAW in the BVI] This Hon.House now stands adjourn until Monday,for a New Breaking News:VINO,let the People Blog on legal team.Legal Team is a popular.Even my mom is enjoying the Blogs.We are free in the BVI.No more APARTHEID!For 98% of my life,I did wrong and Committed SIN.I am a wrong-doer and a sinner,save by grace.Only god knows my sin but mankind see my wrong.And Mankind also know and see the wrong of the Governor,but the rest of the legislature sit there and pretend. they don't know.Only the legal team can go in the House of Assembly,and say"The Governor INVALIDLY exercised his powers,under section 97(5) of OUR Constitution! Bye-Bye
  • STATUTORY INSTRUMENT 2012, NO.14 (24/11/2012, 08:23) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    VINO:Let this case be the case of the century[Keep it until nest year] This a case;where a Governor signed a "DECREE"?[Police Service(delegation of powers)Regulation,2012 conveniently to give COP-Morris powers;and the Governor called his "Personal-law" a "STATUTORY INSTRUMENT".What is a statutory instrument?Legal Team,who is not an attorney-at-law and who must pass his law exam before he can quote LAW; will answer that question:Legal team is a Coal-Pit Graduate,who received his Spiritual Education from GOD.To answer the question of what is a statutory instrument?My oxford English dictionary,defines the word statute:Statute is "A LAW made by ACT of PARLIAMENT". My dictionary also defines the word STATUTORY:Statutory is defined as "Fixed done or required by STATUTE".In other words-For you to do it,there must be a Statute[LAW] authorizing you to do it! The Governor MADE and Publish in the Gazette, a document called a [Police Service(Delegation of powers)Regulation 2012,and he Identified that document as [Statutory Instrument 2012 NO.14] That means,the Governor has Published in the Gazette,that this delegation-of-power-document is a LAW in the BVI! But Coal-Pit-School-Graduate,legal team is saying to the Governor "there is no statute[LAW] in the BVI law-books,giving you THE GOVERNOR the Constitutional Authority,to make a law,pursuant to the Provisions of section 97(5) of our VI Constitution,where you took your powers and the powers of the Police Service Commission,under section 97(5) and you gave ALL these Powers to a UK-Born C.O.P;and according to this Delegation of Power,you authorized the C.O.P,to take these powers,and go to the OLD POLICE ACT,with these Powers,and execute these powers Under the Provisions of Part IV and Sections 11 (2) of the Said Police Act-a Statute[LAW]But Governor;Section 97(5) advise you to Delegate to a Public officer or a member of the Po.S.C,to make the appointment etc..for you;so must be aware of the person to be appointed;then you delegate someone to make the appointment for you.That section-section 97(5) did not authorize the Governor to send the Delegated-person to another STATUTE[LAW] to make the appointment etc.. for the Governor:you have no power under Part IV and under section 11(2) of the Police Act! So GOVERNOR how can you make a permanent delegated-LAW,under section 97(5) of our Constitution and then Telling the COP to execute your powers of section 97(1) of our Constitution under a section 11(2) and Part IV of an INFERIOR LAW[The Police Act] where you have no Power?Governor;Coal-Pit-School-Graduate,Legal Team is asking you sir,"How did you come to make this MISLEADING PUBLIC DOCUMENT"?Did the "Attorney General" ADVISE you on this?Legal Team will advise you-next time in the BVI KANGAROO-COURT!I want a lawyer to say Publicly, that my interpretation is wrong! Legal Team
  • just do it! (11/12/2012, 10:58) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    keep the pressure on this governor he is bad for democrecy
  • island people (11/12/2012, 14:27) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    this governor has not served us well....
  • LAW CLERK (11/12/2012, 14:51) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    • 1 (11/12/2012, 16:15) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      we need One law, One justice, One nation.
    • vote do not booo (11/12/2012, 16:29) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Yuh now know why we have a lawless society.
    • @ LAW CLERK (12/12/2012, 17:11) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      So true. How quickly they forget. How little they acknowledge his wrong doing while looking thru those UK covered glasses...
  • gg (11/12/2012, 16:20) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    And to all the two polcie officers detractors, put a sock in it.
  • Look Ting Hera (11/12/2012, 17:46) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Because he think that going out in the community with his staff to help in disasters make or give him the rights to make regulations. I wonder if he knows the England do not like embarassments so BVI look, wait and do not worry, David Morris and the Governor. REMEMBER TIME LONGER THAN TWINE, BLOOP, BLOOP, BAAAH BAAAH ENGLISH BLACK SHEEP.
  • bird in nest (12/12/2012, 11:46) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    morris and maclaery one in the same!!!
  • jobs (12/12/2012, 17:26) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    good job police offiers at least justice has been served.....somewhat!
  • wish (12/12/2012, 18:39) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    It just shows that we can corrupt anything in the bvi and anyone!!
  • Newly Promoted (13/12/2012, 00:14) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Myself and my newly promoted mates support the COP and the Governor 100%. I think everything was done properly. They are the best thing to happen for the RVIPF and they have my full gratitude and blessings.

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