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The Resurrection of Jim Crow

Dickson Igwe. Photo: VINO
Dickson Igwe

President Donald J. Trump’s dog whistles to Nazis and white nationalists is symptomatic of America’s longest lasting national evil: racism.

Today, Trump is the living vehicle for America’s racists and bigots, allowing racists to continue a genocidal type narrative that began with slavery.

And the present US racist subset exists across the North Atlantic in the UK, and elsewhere. UKIP, Nigel Farage, Brexit, and European populism, sit on top a similar racist and xenophobic sub culture. Racial hatred is on the rise on both sides of the Atlantic, spurned on by xenophobia and demagoguery.

Now, Historian Mike Stewart describes in a recent article, how in 1992, Writer Derrick Bell wrote in, “Faces at the Bottom of the Well,” that racism was an integral, permanent, and indestructible, component of US society.

Charlottesville and the recent race battles, and the American President’s equivocation and ambiguity; in essence, Donald J. Trump’s support for the Nazis and Bigots at the center of the violence and death at the recent racial confrontation, attests to the fact of systemic racism in the USA.

The intractability of race in the USA has been further stated by Linda Greenhouse of the New York Times, who has written, that racism is not a passing phase, but a permanent feature of American life. 

Racism is hell for the racially oppressed. It is the suppression of the American black’s humanity, dignity, and life chances.

In a note of total despair, Bell has stated that despite the change over the years, blacks are worse off today “than at any time since slavery.”

Bell further asserts that “the only difference now is the more effective means of domination.”

Black advancement in the USA has been more symbolic than substantive. There have been breakthroughs such as Civil Rights in 1964, and Barack Obama’s election in 2008. However, for every civil rights gain, there have been decades of policies that chip away at fair housing, and equitable hiring, and equal opportunity college admission practices.

Stewart writes that the African American Experience is more than just the physical fear. It is the apocalyptic despair of blacks from racist whites, raping, maiming, and killing blacks.

It is an experience of the body, mind, and spirit.

There is a terrible narrative. The faith in the American Dream for too many blacks is simply delusional. Will America ever change? America today appears committed to a racial and gendered caste system. Will a nation built on racial suppression turn the corner?

Then there is the Alt Right. These are the intellectual inheritors of America’s racist and bigoted history. Guardian Commentator Paul Mason has described the Alt Right as supporters of extreme right wing ideologies. These include White Nationalism, White Supremacism, and Anti-Semitism. The Alt Right is totally opposed to egalitarianism, universalism and multiculturalism.

And Donald J. Trump has given millions of racists and bigots permission to express their racism and to declare cultural war on Liberals and Progressives.

And make no mistake: racism is hideous and insidious. Police see a black face in a white neighborhood as reason to stop and search. Black men are shot and killed frequently for no justification by white police officers. Young blacks have been criminalised in the USA. Segregation remains ubiquitous across America

However, for every action there is a reaction. There is evidence that racist America has overplayed its hand. The Trump Presidency may indeed be the Swan Song of American bigotry.

There are three reasons why the preceding is the case.

First, demographic changes, which include intermarriage- the browning of America, - and the growth in the Latina population- the main reason for Trump’s Mexican Wall- will in twenty years make minorities – nonwhites- the majority population.

Second, the Trump Presidency has been a wakeup call. The forces of progressivism and globalism are lining up to fight a cultural war against bigotry. Racism, and not Radical Islam, is the new enemy. That may be good news for Moslem Bigots and terrorists who are no longer public enemy number 1 for Liberals, despite the murderous culture of Islamic Terrorism.

And Trump’s numbers in terms of approval from voters has flat lined since Trump was elected. Trump’s approval numbers have declined precipitously post Charlottesville.

The US Left sees Trump’s attacks on their core values such as fairness and equality as existential. is mobilising grassroots support for the 2018 congressional elections aggressively.

However, the Democrats face an uphill battle.

Republicans control The House, The Senate and the White House. Republicans control state legislatures and governor’s mansions in the vast majority of US states. In other words the Republican Party, the natural home for racists and bigots, controls the American political infrastructure.

But the greatest foe of US bigotry and racism remains globalism. The men and women, who own the corporations that make up the Fortune 500, do not care much for walls, protectionism, and trade war. Their businesses depend on open markets; access to nonwhite professionals, labour, and markets; and free trade.

The opening shots in the battle between Trump’s protectionist instincts and an open world are seen in the angst Trump has against Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon. Bezos is the Poster Boy for a globalism that has made him- if not for a few days- the world’s richest man.

These are the forces that will put a stop to Donald J. Trump’s Racist Revisionism. The Republican Establishment is already abandoning Trump. In fact there is evidence that the more Liberal forces in the Republican Party are more in tune with Democrats than the racist and toxic White House. On August 18, 2017, Steve Bannon, Trumps ideological adviser was sacked: an ominous sign for racists and anti-Semites in Washington.

Paradoxically, Trump’s racist and bigoted orientation has ensured Barack H. Obama’s legacy. Trump has seriously damaged Republicans and the Republican brand.

The Republican Party is in a conundrum. Senior Republicans admit that Trump is costing them big on getting their legislative agenda through congress and the senate. There may be the start of a massive jumping off of the trump wagon.

OK. Black despair is real. After more than two hundred years of history the USA remains a racist and socially segregated nation. But America stands to lose as a nation with its rendition to racism and intolerance. The country has clearly lost its global moral leadership. It is increasingly viewed as a pariah nation.

The moral baton has been passed on. France’s Emmanuel Macron, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and paradoxically, Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn, are today’s leaders of a free world created by Post World War 2 USA.

For American blacks, there is light at the end of the tunnel, notwithstanding the present evil of Donald J. Trump.

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13 Responses to “The Resurrection of Jim Crow”

  • 911 (19/08/2017, 10:01) Like (1) Dislike (2) Reply
    Yes call it out he is a racist
  • Oh goodness (19/08/2017, 13:53) Like (8) Dislike (6) Reply
    Haven't read such garbage in a long long time. It would help if the author of this diatribe had actually bothered to do some real journalism instead of taking hand picked news reports and then re-forming them into his own personal expression of bitterness, resentment and animosity. In other words, an expression of his own bigotry. The nutcase driver took his car into a crowd of both alt-right and anti-fa protesters; the cars he hit were just trying to get through; the black pick-up on the side was full of militia / alt-right; anti-fa are armed ready for a fight, the alt-right are also armed ready for a fight. Anti-fa have an M.O that includes chaos and destruction, going by the motto " By any means possible." When Trump condemns BOTH sides for violence, he is doing exactly what he should be doing. Because BOTH sides were violent. He condemned Nazis and white supremacist groups, what more do people want? And lastly, let's take a look at anti-fa. Fascism is a left wing ideology, yet they seem bent on fighting the alt-right. It doesn't make any sense, they have no real purpose other than causing trouble. And the left seem to be happy to push this lie that fascism is a right -wing political ideology, labelling any conservative as fascist. Do the left even know what fascism is? Does the author of this article have any clue whatsoever? I think not.
    • MeOhMyThemHere (19/08/2017, 19:12) Like (6) Dislike (3) Reply
      Oh goodness, "Oh goodness", you sound like you are Trump's cousin. It is clear to see that you are on the side of Alt-Right. Hope your tail is not a resident of these Virgin Islands because it appears you are perched to start your movement here too. Let us catch you, man. As it was in the beginning, let it be in the end.
      • Oh goodness (20/08/2017, 04:34) Like (4) Dislike (4) Reply
        I'm from here. What you going to do? Accuse me of being a white racist misogynistic supremacist bigot? You don't even know what that protest is about. The only thing you care or think about is the colour of people's skin. YOU are the racist.
    • VG Resident (21/08/2017, 08:38) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      What you wrote is a dishonest and racist view. Your hero Obama, did little for the black folk. They are worse off than before he was elected.
  • on (19/08/2017, 14:05) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
    truth brother on this one.

    What are the solutions one is asking? a return to the motherland, perhaps?

    Of course we, the intellectuals know the solutions are varied, complex and fraught with danger at the same time. For once we begin to exhibit the latter he will ensure such is derailed.
  • Just saying (19/08/2017, 19:22) Like (6) Dislike (4) Reply
    used to think you were a very smart and understanding fellow, but after reading reading your latest smooth rant.

    I really think your bowtie is too tite.
  • Political Observer (PO) (19/08/2017, 23:10) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
    Race has always been a problem in America. Whites were conditioned to believe that they were superior to Blacks. And that mentally Blacks were not on the same level as Whites. Blacks were looked upon as so inferior and less than human that were not good enough to attend the same churches and schools, eat at same resturants, stay in the same hotels, play on the same sports teams, drink from the same water foundations, ride in the same buses........etc. Though a falsehood, many still believe the crap. Many changed their behaviour to get along but their attitude did not change. They were as racist and practice discrimination as ever. The election of President Barack H. Obama, 44th President of US, was supposed to have been a post racial event. That was a BIG lie. His election tore the scab off the racial sore. The US racist attitude is as real as ever. Just recently the NAACP for the first time ever issued an advisory advising minorities travelleling through Missouri to be careful due to a new law just recently pass by the Legislature. Now Ttump actions are embolden the KKK and other groups.
    • @Political observer (20/08/2017, 04:45) Like (3) Dislike (7) Reply
      Is that Igwe? This poster is living in la la land. That's quite a fantastic story there, in a country that recently voted it's first black president, where you can go to a Lil Wayne concert and not see one black face, where the majority of white Democrats voted for a black president, twice! Where there is a black football league, a black TV channel, black churches etc all exclusivey black and all founded by black people to separate black people from everyone else. Racism lives in the hearts of bigots like Igwe who keep pushing race cards because their own insecurity. While the rest of us just want to live our lives. Extremists have always existed. To blame Trump for white extremist groups is to blame Obama for the rise in black extremist groups, like black panthers, who literally take to the streets to hunt white people. But of course that's acceptable isn't it, because it's fuelled by a need to seek revenge and to express hatred. Igwe supports the black panthers but condemns the alt right. He is a total hypocrite.
  • Igwe (20/08/2017, 10:14) Like (3) Dislike (2) Reply
    Racism and segregation are facts of US and western history: why are so many whites uncomfortable with a narrative on race? Beats me?
  • Wamama (20/08/2017, 17:45) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    strups sha man we all hear that. We need to focus on Tola.

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