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The option of doing nothing will never be considered - Premier

- Reports on 1st 100 days in office
Premier. Dr. D. Orlando Smith
Steps have been taken to strengthen the project management team of the Peebles Hospital
Steps have been taken to strengthen the project management team of the Peebles Hospital
 Repairs to the Ellis Thomas Downs ahead of the Triple Crown Races was also an achievement noted by Government. Photo: VINO
Repairs to the Ellis Thomas Downs ahead of the Triple Crown Races was also an achievement noted by Government. Photo: VINO
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI - While during its first 100 days in office the National Democratic Party (NDP) Government of Premier Dr. D. Orlando Smith has been listening to the concerns of the people and consulting it also said it begun to lay the foundation for a package of initiatives aimed at spurring savings, increasing investment, creating new job opportunities, and identifying new revenue measures, all of which combined will drive the economy forward.

This was announced by Premier Dr. D. Orlando Smith during a statement yesterday February 27, 2012 on the first 100 days in office.

These many initiatives, he stated, are just a small part of the bigger stimulant package to move the Territory forward and to eradicate the “gloomy days to a brighter day”.

High on his list of achievements was the promoting of business development by re-establishing the National Business Bureau which he envisions will be fully operational within the next few months.

On the issue of tourism, the Premier stated that the first one hundred days in office has been an intense listening period.

Probably and expected, the most active ministry was the Ministry of Communications and Works and the Premier noted that Government has already begun to brainstorm about different sources of renewable energy and now with the selection of a new board with a mandate to assist with reducing the cost of living, it is expecting to see the reduction in the high rates of electricity.

“The National Sewerage project that was a priority of the previous administration and remains a priority for this government has been put in ‘high gear’. Sewer connections and other related works continue on the eastern end of the island of Tortola. The Road Town Phase of the project, which includes the replacement of critical pipelines, inspections and the replacement of pumps in critical areas will commence within the next two weeks. Petty contracts have been signed and materials have been procured.”

The Manse Road widening project was also noted as an area of action for Government. Work recently re-started after successful negotiations with one of the land owners were concluded in January. The sidewalk project on Lee Road in Virgin Gorda, the Premier stated, was completed in late December.

“Making the roads safe to navigate particular for pedestrians is also a priority of the Action Ministry. To this end, one such area of priority is the Paraquita Bay road adjacent to the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. Design sketches have already been drawn up and will be shortly presented to Cabinet. Traffic calming solutions are also being developed for other areas in and around Road Town which is being given some level of priority as the centre of commerce.”

Premier Smith also said Government is currently reviewing the Road Traffic Act (2004) in order to make necessary amendments to existing procedures governing the issuance of taxi licenses and license plates as well as the issuance of drivers’ licenses that expire at the same time as individuals’ work permits.

With the view of “changing the direction of the Territory from grim to prosperity”, the Premier said his Government was working diligently to improve the overall appearance and development of the City of Road Town. “Incremental capital improvement works have already commenced. Late last year, the Ministry commenced a clean-up campaign to rid Wickham’s Cay and surrounding areas in Road Town of derelict vehicles and garbage in order to make such areas more aesthetically pleasing.”

On health care and among the actions taken was what the Premier termed as steps to strengthen the project management team of the Peebles Hospital. “I am pleased to announce the appointment of an additional engineer, Ms. Shaina Smith, to augment the technical expertise available on the Project. We have also embarked on efforts to further strengthen the technical capacity of the Project Office within the coming month. These measures are aimed at ensuring that the requisite skills are brought to bear to ensure that the New Peebles Hospital is successfully delivered to the people of the Virgin Islands on time and within budget.”

Turning to Education, Premier Smith said Minister for Education and Culture Honourable Myron Walwyn on day one hit the ground running with the annual Culture Week activities. “The culture minister immediately started championing the need for a territorial dress and territorial song to encapsulate who we are as Virgin Islanders. In swift action a committee chaired by one of ourtraditional icons Ms. Eileen Parsons was put in place and charged with overseeing a competition between Virgin Islanders to establish of a dress and song for the Territory. This Committee is well on the way with the competition and is expected to present the final two or three in each category for public consultation. This work is expected to be completed by May of this year.”

In December 2011, the Youth Unemployment Register (YUR) was implemented when young persons between the ages of 17 and 25/30 who are unemployed were invited to register with the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports. In addition to physically going into the Department of Youth Affairs, a website was also set up for online registration.

Noting that sports development is important, Government recalled carrying out repairs on the Ellis Thomas Downs ahead of the Triple Crown Races.

Premier Smith boasted that great strides have been made in the public consultation process in the Ministry for Natural Resources and Labour, with the view to ensuring that the people are treated with fairness in the workplace. “As we continue to address the vexing labour matters, you will be pleased to know that we have submitted to the Attorney General Chambers the guidelines as it relates to the drafting of regulations for the Labour Code. We have held a series of meetings to the reform process and we will continue to have these meetings. Additionally, we are in the final stages of putting together the tribunal that will assist in resolving disputes.”

On the issue of environment, Premier Smith said within the first one hundred days, Government committed to co-hosting a summit of Caribbean political and business leaders expressly for the purpose of discussing and endorsing new commitments to the marine and coastal environment within the Territory and throughout the Caribbean.

The ministry, it was said, has also started the Brandywine Bay Beach rehabilitation as an alternate location for cruise ship passengers to alleviate overcrowding that currently occurs on Cane Garden Bay.

“This Government holds the view that we cannot merely just sit back and do nothing while the people of this territory suffer, but instead we will make every effort to assist and promote a higher standard of living for the people of the Virgin Islands. In this quest, we accept that we may make mistakes, and in the event that this occurs we will correct them, but the option of doing nothing will never be considered by this Government.”

16 Responses to “The option of doing nothing will never be considered - Premier ”

  • critic (28/02/2012, 07:37) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    all he did was victimised and frustated civil servants while taking care of his cronies
    • SMH (28/02/2012, 08:31) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Of all the initiatives mentioned, and everything else that is now in motion, this is all you could find to offfer as a comment? You said ALL he did was frustrate and victimize civil servants? Are you really being honest with yourself or are you just an attention seeker? With all the positve things done to date, how could you truly say that is all he has done? I congratulate Dr.Smith and his cabinet for pushing forward immediately to make a postive change. I was becoming afraid and uneasy about the direction our country was begining to take. I believe they are honesly trying their best. Rome was not built in a day;however, little by little a bird builds its nest. They are doing something instead of holding their hands and justify doing nothing because of the bad economy. It is as easy as pie to criticize; however, if we all use that same energy to find solutions, our country would be a lot bettter off.
      • billy b (28/02/2012, 20:43) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        you ain see critic ain interested in reading the article!!!!! His #1 priority is 2 come on blowing hot air when it comes to NDP
    • LOL (28/02/2012, 08:44) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      You really are a bore Critic, please change your tune. More good was done in the last 100days than in the previous 4 years. You are so blinded by some fanatical need to criticise the NDP that you cannot see the good, step back and reevaluate.
  • critic (28/02/2012, 08:08) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    1st hundred days oj and claude secured $100,000 contracts
    • Please (28/02/2012, 08:34) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      You are so jealous and bitter. Why don't you try securing one for yourself if you think you are so qualified!
      • Polo (28/02/2012, 11:08) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        Funny dude me happy wid my job and at my age who needs the harrsament???
        • block dem (29/02/2012, 02:55) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
          come on little kids the teacher will being you an apple now...only if you behave...100 days!!!!! can you spell the word "days"
  • Movements (28/02/2012, 13:24) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Critic post under so many other names he forget to change it from 'polo' to respond to the poster above LMFAO!!!!!! I wonder which other topic 'polo' post on, let me check LOLOL!!
    • rat tail (28/02/2012, 14:55) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      who is critic man I want to know...i taught I heard it was myron????
    • polo (28/02/2012, 17:16) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Aaaah my srean name is polo but you so thing I am the so called ' critic' but keep guessing you will run in to trouble deman
  • mother earth (28/02/2012, 19:20) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    good job NDP keep it going
  • tell the truth (28/02/2012, 20:19) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I am concern about transparency with this new administration (they hate some news sites and which they go away) then I am seeing sign of serious conflicts between different ministers, some time I am not sure who is the Labour Minister or who is the Premier…
  • Release (29/02/2012, 03:36) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    NDP and VIP same old bucket of fish as we the people voted for business as usual...The NDP has a bad mentality and seems to be getting into a tit for tat that will kill them and guarantee them one term again. When I see the games that they are playing and things that they are doing with crazy Mark and Myron running things and influencing poor Dr. Smith, I thought we voted for change? I voted out the VIP because they were bankrupt with no new ideas, but with NDP in I am ready to go back to the polls. Neither the NDP or VIP is putting country above self and I am yet to see good governance by the NDP!
  • Patsy (05/08/2012, 06:06) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
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