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‘The Chinese are taking over our lands’ - Terrence D. Griffith

- said VIslanders should protect their lands from outside invaders
Reverend Terrence D. Griffith encouraged the Virgin Islands people to 'protect their land from invaders, who are coming once again to enslave our people.' This was said during the Emancipation Service at the Sunday Morning Well on Sunday August 6, 2017. Photo: VINO
Dr the Honourable D. Orlando Smith (AL), Premier and Minister of Finance (right) and Reverend Dr Terrence D. Griffith (left), Pastor of the First African Baptist Church and President of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity, stated that the Chinese are taking over and Virgin Islanders should protect their lands. Photo: VINO
Dr the Honourable D. Orlando Smith (AL), Premier and Minister of Finance (right) and Reverend Dr Terrence D. Griffith (left), Pastor of the First African Baptist Church and President of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity, stated that the Chinese are taking over and Virgin Islanders should protect their lands. Photo: VINO
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI - “The Chinese are on the move peddling their ways. Everywhere I go in Africa and everywhere I go in the Caribbean, the Chinese are taking over…”

This is according to Reverend Dr Terrence D Griffith, Pastor of the First African Baptist Church and President of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity, who was the guest speaker at this year’s Emancipation Service held at the Sunday Morning Well on Sunday August 6, 2017.

Following his statement, persons in the crowd were seen whispering and staring at the government officials as they recalled the announcement of the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) being chosen as the preferred bidder to take on the Terrence B. Lettsome Airport runway expansion contract.

Protect their land from invaders

Reverend Griffith encouraged the Virgin Islands people to “protect their land from invaders, who are coming once again to enslave our people,” adding that other ethnic groups are targeting black nations in an attempt to put them back into mental chains in this twenty-first century.

During his speech, Pastor Griffith made reference to Noel Lloyd, a local activist and hero, who played an integral role in fighting for the rights of Virgin Islanders, noting that persons today should brave up and have the same mentality as Noel Lloyd in order to continue to protect the Virgin Islands from outside invaders. He added that if they do not step up, they will have nothing left to call their own.

“Our people are controlled by non-indigenous people. I believe that is the reason Noel Lloyd fought against the efforts to sell our birthright for [nothing]. This must be a constant reminder that freedom is not for sale to the highest bidder,” explained Pastor Griffiths as the crowd cheered in agreement.

He continued, “We need more people like Lloyd, to declare that our fore parents did not die so that we can be controlled by people whose only interest is to exploit us.”

28 Responses to “‘The Chinese are taking over our lands’ - Terrence D. Griffith”

  • Freedom! (10/08/2017, 13:23) Like (17) Dislike (12) Reply
    Hummmm what about the white man?
    • qc (10/08/2017, 21:35) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      God knows where that will lead.
      • Hmph (11/08/2017, 17:01) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
        What nonsense - we are not indigenous. The whites seized the lands from the Caribs, brought our ancestors as slaves, and the left us when they went back. We are indigenous to Africa although none of the African countries will have us back.
        • The TRUTH (12/08/2017, 08:35) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
          The last time I checked, indigenous could mean NATIVE, LOCAL, HOMEGROWN. Please evolve with the language. Think the man was referring to natural born BVI's
  • 911 (10/08/2017, 14:08) Like (2) Dislike (14) Reply
    Keep off our people of colour
  • Huh? (10/08/2017, 14:35) Like (3) Dislike (16) Reply
    Spoken like a true Uncle Tom.
  • Swan (10/08/2017, 14:45) Like (8) Dislike (14) Reply
    Better them than those that have it now in a crime ridden parasitic state. When I have had enough and decide to unload and get outta this place I once call home at least the Chinese can give me the dollars worth.
  • Hmm (10/08/2017, 16:16) Like (4) Dislike (6) Reply
    I looking but don't see any , not one Chinesr.All I see left right and center are a set of nondogooders with hardly a cent in dem pockets bad talking and performing their cultural criminal behaviour.
    If the Chinese did take over from these ungrateful foreign deadbeats it would be an improvement for the BVI.

  • Me (10/08/2017, 18:52) Like (5) Dislike (3) Reply
    Maybe they can educate you all while they're there. "Peddling their* ways"
  • Still Sleeping (10/08/2017, 19:29) Like (14) Dislike (0) Reply
    We blame everyone for doing and achieving what we are not..
  • E. Leonard (10/08/2017, 20:13) Like (16) Dislike (0) Reply
    The Chinese is exploiting resource-rich yet poor African countries, i.e., countries with the resource curse. They are resource-rich yet lacked the skills and resources to use the resources for the benefit of the many, not just for a few. The Chinese are an emerging super power and an economic power house; it is nippping at the heels of the US.

    The Chinese are flushed with cash and is willing to lend it out at low or no interest or give it out as grants. However, the dispersing of the cash comes with strings attached. To get the Chinese money, borrowers or grantees must agree to 1) use Chinese material, 2)use Chinese equipment, and 3)use Chinese workers. Further, recipients are expected to vote with the Chinese at the UN and other world bodies on interest of interest to them. Additionally, countries are expected to relax immigration rules to allow Chinese citizens to come in to conduct business. These practices also apply to Caribbean countries.
  • wize up (10/08/2017, 21:10) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
    As VI-Landers some of us should be a shame because we allow some persons to enter and take up what is rightfully yours then sit in a corner and point fingers: the demise of citizens is influenced by its political leadership........
    • Edju en Ka (11/08/2017, 03:35) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
      Do we need foreign investment?

      If the answer is yes, then why can't we treat the Chinese investor like any other? Negotiate the terms of our agreements like we do with others? The North American and European investors and aid donors all have similar conditions requests as the Chinese is said to have. I was in the room as a BVI Beacon newspaper staff when the 40 million dollar airport terminal contract was signed. Mr. Allen Wheatley was the financial secretary and Hon. R. T. O'neal was the Chief Minister. The European Union was donating 5 million to the project and their representative Mr. Earhorn was attempting to tell the government who was contributing 35 million, how to spend the 40 million. I asked the question. Will some of that money be spent in our local businesses and with our local contractors so that our local economy could benefit? Mr. Earhorn turned to me with his finger pointing in my face and said, we are not hear to strengthen your economy, we are here to build the best airport terminal possible. Mr. Wheatley responded, we will ensure that some of that money is spent locally wherever and whenever possible. The EU which was donating 10% wanted to control the spending of the 100%. A European company got the contract. They wanted to bring their workers and materials from Europe with work permit exemptions among other government concessions. Some local contractors were hired at reduced prices and they had hell to get their money.

      All of the North American and European countries have social, political and economic conditions attached to their donations and contracts. It's about progress for their people. We have to hold our leaders responsible for making the best deals for us.

      The Chinese and the Americans are locked in a battle for global economic supremacy. And the American government has dispatched some African Americans, who are Americans first - some paid and some on remote control - to the Caribbean and Africa spreading propaganda and insulting our intelligence trying to turn us against the Chinese. Of course Africa is where all the resources are and Africa and the Caribbean are important markets and strategic locations.

      Africans in the Caribbean and Africa have more positives in common culturally and historically with Asians than with North Americans and Europeans. They are all people of colour, their African values and traditions are similar. Asia never enslaved nor colonised Africans. They never came into Africa and murdered their leaders, took their land and colonised them. In fact, Africans and Asians have European colonisation in common and not slavery but indentured servitude.

      So my brothers and sisters let us not be hoodwinked, bamboozled and insulted. Chinese exploitation is no worst that North American and European exploitation. Exploitation of any kind is unacceptable. However If we were to compare historically, Chinese exploitation could never be worse than North American and European exploitation.

      As Virgin Islanders, we have to hold our leaders responsible for making the best deals for us and our country, regardless of where the investors are from or who they are.
      • Online Now (11/08/2017, 07:01) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        Whilst I agree that it is important to aid the economy, what was needed for the airport was a decent infrastructure which is obviously what we got. Can you imagine if the top layer of the runway came away every time it rained? Maybe that would have been the case if a non-expert local company won the contract?
      • E. Leonard (11/08/2017, 12:39) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
        Edju En Ka, long time no sightings. Great take on the issue of Chinese investment in Africa and Caribbean. On the African side, Africa is a resource-rich continent but the paradox of plenty or resource curse is plaguing the continent. Despite abundant resources, economic growth, quality of life and standard of living are lower in many African countries than it is many resource-poor countries that used African resources to improve the lives of its citizenry. Many European countries have exploited African resources. Their economies grew and their citizens benefited immensely while millions of African are left hand to mouth. Sad and shameful. Though the imperialism and colonialism may have moved into the shadows, neocolonialism is still flying high. While Europeans may have taken a lower profile in Africa, the Chinese are moving in to fill the void, continuing the exploitation. Too much corruption in Africa. Africans must unite to eradicate/reduce the exploitation and used its abundant resources to benefit Africans. A united Africa can be an economic power house; the standard of living and quality of life in Sftica can be on par with North America, Europe, Australia........etc. Negotiations must be win-win; currently they are win-lose (Africa).

        Moreover, on the Caribbean side, US and other developed countries have deserted the region, creating a void and the opportunity for the Chinese to move in. External investment is the life blood of many regional economies, including the VI. Nonetheless, whether it is Chinese, US, UK.........etc investment, we must exercise due diligence; we must dot the Is and cross the Ts in each and every negotiation. We must negotiate win-win agreements. Win-lose(VI) agreements should be off the table.
  • lmfa (10/08/2017, 21:57) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    no wonder why mandarin wanted to be introduced into the schools
    • Hutu (11/08/2017, 08:37) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      You need and is wanted to be enrolled. Enrolled in common sense, and world reality. More importanly is your nerd to entoll in ambition. Ambition for the future generation...multi lingual with varied experiences and thought. Ambition to seize learning opportuniities whenever and whenever possible.
      A brain enlargement.

  • idea (11/08/2017, 09:30) Like (1) Dislike (2) Reply
    wow i though a pastor is an advocate of love and peace
  • think about it (11/08/2017, 10:26) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Chinese got cash. We done wasting ours and need more.
  • Windy (11/08/2017, 10:32) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    Want to get ripped off ? Do business with the Chinese
  • JON (11/08/2017, 11:24) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
    I commend this pastor for directing attention towards this issue. The Chinese are treating Africans like crap in their own land. And now, they taking the show on the road.
  • Bob (11/08/2017, 12:20) Like (1) Dislike (4) Reply
    The hardest working people will always dominate. Asian work ethic is unparalleled. You want equality? Try working as hard as they do.
  • pity (11/08/2017, 13:09) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    All u so dumb ndp been sell allu out u dont gotta see no chinese man walking around your land and property is wa getting sell out. Ndp been sell allu out and them minister pocket gon b fat and all u younger generation gonna suffer. It so sad wa happening down there dread allu like allu blind or sleeping. Tola ppl does go on with the most so call bad man, ppl with born here mentality, gold digging fame lookin woman and yet allu letting these ppl in suit and tie humbug allu. I pity yall dread but i continue to pray for yAll
  • Rez (11/08/2017, 16:00) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
    Yes, we need more leaders like Noel Lloyd, but when Mr. Lloyd tried to make a difference, our own people villainized him, and then after he was dead, they tried to give him the recognition he so deserved when he was alive. Mr. Lloyd had deserved so much better. Our own people burned down his place of business and mocked him. Now, if you don't want the Chinese to succeed here, don't support them and they would have no choice but to leave, but a lot of you ignorant people will make sure they stay. I can bet money on this. A lot of talk and NO ACTION!
  • Oh Oh (11/08/2017, 18:33) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    If you think the airline fiasco was bad, wait until the Chinese build the new runway! You wont need to worry about landing any planes there after a year or so as the runway will be disintegrated by then.
    I have seen a number of projects that this company has been involved with. Safety is non-existent and the quality is also non-existent!
    This is one of the worst decisions this government has made to date. They will bring in their own people, machinery, materials etc and not one local company will make a dime off this contract.
    i was bang on about the airline, dont make me say i told you so about this one too!
  • qualities may be denied (15/08/2017, 09:54) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    What about pack up in one room like sardine?
    Its time we put down our feet in this territory. When we can approve over 10,000 work permits and turn down only 300 plus I wonder where are all there jobs. I Wonder if they are all renewal or new permits.

    What happen to our people is it that we don't have the skills, not even to pack a shelf or bags in supermarket, to drive, to turn a shovel, push a barrow, serve at a dining table, sit in an office, plant food, and the list goes on.

    We need succession planning in this territory too much free for all. You look around so many people are out of a job and we still approving more and more taxing the territory. Slavery?

    We crying out in every district and yet we are putting more and more pressure on our people and territory. Crime on the rise and social values going out the door and name it we are loosing our culture every day it is slipping away from us.

    Don't get me wrong we need diversity but time to pull up our roap tighter. There should be a law put in place for proper wearing of clothes in this territory. This thing of wearing pants to your knee and your underwear showing need to stop. Don't come here with your nasty ways and think its OK.
    Serving food and drinks you must be properly covered. No wonder why we have so much sicknesses. I go in a bar to have a drink the bartender arm out and more so to drop sweat in my drink. Is this the only way we can make money to sell our self short of our values and principles. We have dignity and pride that to is going out the door. Do like some countries if you urinate in public you get charge, if you wear your clothes in appropriately you get charge. When we allow them Chinese to take over our country turning a blind eye we will regret it. Our children and grand, great grand will inherit all this mess so the man I just speaking from his heart don't kill the messenger. More so God gave us a reminder that he is in control and a warning that slavery can come back again if we don't take heed. We turn down help now but it may be needed if we don't take heed.

  • rosemartine (02/10/2019, 04:27) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
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