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Tales of corruption continue: Walwyn’s ESHS wall cost, works do not add up - AG Report

- Auditor General said throughout the project, inconsistencies were noted with the length & height of the wall
Portions of the controversial wall erected by the Hon Myron V. Walwyn in which the Auditor General stated, there was no value for money. Photo: Team of Reporters
Portions of the Elmore Stoutt High School did not survive the floods and Hurricanes of 2017. Photo: Team of Reporters
Portions of the Elmore Stoutt High School did not survive the floods and Hurricanes of 2017. Photo: Team of Reporters
The Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) wall was commissioned and driven by Minister for Education and Culture Hon Myron V. Walwyn (AL). His own Permanent Secretary described the wall as the Minister’s 'Pet Project'. Photo: VINO/File
The Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) wall was commissioned and driven by Minister for Education and Culture Hon Myron V. Walwyn (AL). His own Permanent Secretary described the wall as the Minister’s 'Pet Project'. Photo: VINO/File
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI: The Auditor General of the Virgin Islands (VI), Ms Sonia M. Webster made some serious conclusions in her investigation of a small school wall costing taxpayers $1.6 M.

The Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) wall was commissioned and driven by Minister for Education and Culture Hon Myron V. Walwyn (AL), as his own Permanent Secretary described the wall as the Minister’s 'pet project'. In her report, the Auditor General noted that there was “no value for money, workers being paid for work not done” and blatant violations of the law, in particular, the “Public Finance Management Regulations.”

The report noted that “Variations to the design was adopted after commencement of the project.” One such variation was the rear entrance facing FedEx along the West Exit/Gate Lower Estate Superette perimeter to accommodate a drop-off area for school buses. That work was done by one contractor via a petty contact for some $53,883.50,” according to the report.

Taxpayers short-changed?

In the same area, the report on the Mr Walwyn school wall stated, “Only ten of the 16 rail/paint jobs were competed”. The Treasury records indicate that the contractors were all “paid in full.”   Despite the price tag of $1.6 M, the Auditor General in her special report noted that, “No contracts were issued for rail/paint work on 14 wall segments.  This area is therefore incomplete with approximately 20 wall sections that are unpainted and without rails”.

In arguing that the price tag of $1.6 M was rather overpriced, Ms Webster noted, “The seven wall section that adjoins the corner by Evans House are unpainted and do not have rails installed… There is a gap in the centre of the wall along the hut where an older wall structure collapsed after the floodings of 2017.  It is unclear why this had not been demolished earlier, as the costing for the new perimeter wall included the full length of this side” the report questioned.  

The Auditor General noted in her special report that, “throughout the project, inconsistencies were noted with the length and height of the walls.  Some wall segments were between 8-9 feet long.  Most noticeable is the irregular height of the walls especially, the low walls to hold the rails.”

In another bombshell conclusion, Ms Webster stated, “inconsistencies were also noted in the rendering of the wall, in some areas the block wall was visible through the unpainted plaster.”  She noted that the wall did not withstand the flooding and Hurricanes of 2017.

Mr Walwyn trying to spin & tell lies

Ms Webster further noted, “Various parts show damage from hurricanes winds and debris. A few of the sections appear to have lost their rails (in particular in the Lower Estate Superette to Evans House area)…”   The Special report also stated that “Other areas show cracking and broken concrete.”

Since the bombshell report on the wall, Hon Walwyn has gone on a public relations campaign even telling lies about the true cost of the wall.  His Co-Leader Dr the Hon D Orlando Smith (AL) who is the Minister of Finance told the House of Assembly (HoA) in 2016 that the cost of the wall was $1.6M.  Later in 2016, Mr Walwyn admitted that was the cost of the wall $1.6M also to an answer to a question in the HoA.

However, Mr Walwyn continues making attempts to change the price tag.  It must be also noted that portions of the Wall, the side by the Sunday Morning Well was already erected and needed no new walls.

Third of a series on the report of the Elmore Stoutt High School Wall

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35 Responses to “Tales of corruption continue: Walwyn’s ESHS wall cost, works do not add up - AG Report”

  • WOWW (15/10/2018, 17:53) Like (105) Dislike (24) Reply
    If you want Andrew Fahie be the next premier thumbs up

    If you want Myron walwyn be the next premier thumbs down
    • ??? (16/10/2018, 10:04) Like (21) Dislike (7) Reply
      What if you don't want any of them?
    • the rock (17/10/2018, 05:21) Like (2) Dislike (4) Reply
      its going to break alot of hearts when the hon. myron stands tall the day after election as the new premier of the island, the man is that good.
    • the rock (17/10/2018, 05:21) Like (1) Dislike (3) Reply
      its going to break alot of hearts when the hon. myron stands tall the day after election as the new premier of the island, the man is that good.
  • Hmmm (15/10/2018, 17:53) Like (69) Dislike (12) Reply
    If you want vip win thumbs up

    If you want ndp win thumbs down
  • all (15/10/2018, 17:54) Like (53) Dislike (23) Reply
    All walwyn doing is telling lies sick of him. This is who y’all really want be premier?
  • vex (15/10/2018, 18:12) Like (50) Dislike (16) Reply
    Jail time
  • Jaigon (15/10/2018, 18:22) Like (39) Dislike (13) Reply
    I am still waiting to hear when HE the Governor Augustus Gus Jaspert is going to discipline Myron for breaching protocol when he go ahead of everybody and made a confidential report public when it was not in his power to do.
    • @Jaigon AKA fire faner (15/10/2018, 20:06) Like (20) Dislike (3) Reply
      What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Greenhouse, pier park.
      • ALSO (16/10/2018, 06:32) Like (16) Dislike (5) Reply
        Go investage #3 Sea Cows Bay district leader. You all fanning the flames on Myron and sweeping the others Corruption under the already dirty carpet. Tell me MS.AG, when are you going to put the others on blast. Myron goes down, the others is going down.
        • @also (16/10/2018, 10:00) Like (5) Dislike (7) Reply
          Did anyone get paid for not doing any work. Investigate it quick. Oh but it was
  • WOw Wow (15/10/2018, 19:13) Like (23) Dislike (5) Reply
    We spent $53,000 for the new entrance and a car wash is being operated from there. Wow wow
  • one eye (15/10/2018, 19:31) Like (10) Dislike (9) Reply
    Well well well nothing will come out of this
  • wize up (15/10/2018, 20:45) Like (16) Dislike (3) Reply
    question: what happens after all these articles and old talk: the reason for my question(big march all the down to the Governor’s Office early this year) what is the outcome???: everyone chatting about this wall but that wall located in district #4: the wall project came on stream just before an election: question(how can one individual circumnavigate the system and did so without the knowledge of his affiliates) This individual do not sign government checks: listen; project paid for in full however project not complete(joke business)....following the disbursement of those funds from the wall project the other side was only able to secure 2 seats(those white envelopes!!!!)
    • This is School.. (16/10/2018, 07:18) Like (16) Dislike (9) Reply
      When all is good they act like they like us. We only know how much they hate us when we are accused of doing something wrong, they come together to dig deep pits for us.. The Bible says when you dig pits for your perceived enemies dig extra for you and your family because non is without sin and the wages of sin is death. I say perceived enemies because most the people we see as our enemies are not our enemies and most that we see as our friends are not our friends. So perceived I think is the appropriate word...Myron should resign as NDP chairman and take his case to the people as an independent candidate because he gets no support from NDP so why go out fighting for them..
  • 2015 steal (16/10/2018, 01:54) Like (20) Dislike (4) Reply
    Now you see why they win the elections
  • BRAD BOYNES (16/10/2018, 04:57) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
    Things that make you go Hmm then shiggidy
  • $$$$$$ (16/10/2018, 06:52) Like (6) Dislike (35) Reply
    That AG, is being COACHED by someone that wants to destroy Myron. Ok, she have to do her job but, she better make sure the ones in the Political Party she is in bed with is investigated before proof start showing up on buildings in Road Town. There is big proof on JF, AF and PC.
  • Keep Digging. (16/10/2018, 07:06) Like (33) Dislike (22) Reply
    They keep digging and digging only because its Myron the perceived X pat with all the success he has. Continue digging and u will find the 10 plus millions for Purcell gut flooding solutions that never stop flooding whenever it rains and the Millions for Green house that never give us a Tomato.. Keep digging and you will find the Millions wasted on Hospital project by The previous govt that NDP had to finish...keep Digging and see if that 5ft high wall in seacows bay that should have been 6ft 6inch wall was value for money.. Myron was played by greedy selfish contractors because of his and the NDP desperation to win the election. Do the maths for 70 contractors with at lease one worker each for ten weeks you will realize that salary alone exceeded a million.. That person responsible for site inspection and signing off on payments failed big time.. As a fan of Myron I will suggest he run as independent leave the party thing alone...
    • question (16/10/2018, 08:26) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      For persons like me did people get paid on these jobs but did not really do the work; it just a question.
    • @Keep Digging (16/10/2018, 11:14) Like (19) Dislike (4) Reply
      I'm with you 100%. The sewer rats, the lowest form of rodents is enjoying the cheddar and swiss but, the cheese will run out soon and they will turn on each other. Bon Appetite sewer rats, Bon Appetite. You set a trap for another man to fall, someone is setting yours.
  • SicknTired (16/10/2018, 07:20) Like (25) Dislike (17) Reply
    Dear Gov Gus
    Remove this man from power please!! Ruining the school system!
    Poisoning minds of the youth pretending to care then building a wall to surround them like they are animals please intervene we do not need another Trumpet
    • @Sickn Tired/Moocher (16/10/2018, 11:02) Like (6) Dislike (10) Reply
      I guess you are one of the haters who fail to understand Myron's restaurant is not the local soup kitchen where you can drop in and expect a free meal.
      • SicknRetired (16/10/2018, 22:09) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
        Are you the result of his so-called new and improved VI Educ cause if so I don’t have to say too much more ... your comprehension to say the least is not up to par. WTH does his restaurant have to do with anything in this discussion? Maybe you should stop eating there if the result is “stewed hogwash”. His supporters are getting to me like those trump supporters now...
  • What!! (16/10/2018, 07:47) Like (24) Dislike (6) Reply
    Honerable thing is for the miister to step down rather than destroy the whole NDP for upcoming elections.
  • Shameful (16/10/2018, 09:36) Like (9) Dislike (15) Reply
    Myron has disgraced Elmore Stoutt name.
  • Strupes (16/10/2018, 09:39) Like (13) Dislike (1) Reply
    Man does go jail for less than what Myron done here with our tax dollars.
  • GOVERNOR (16/10/2018, 09:40) Like (12) Dislike (2) Reply
    Governor please get up and do your work and instruct that a major criminal investigation be done in this matter.
  • 1 (16/10/2018, 10:57) Like (11) Dislike (1) Reply
  • Maryland (16/10/2018, 14:14) Like (3) Dislike (13) Reply
    Dear Governor, please don't allow the people that is trying to destroy Myron force you to destroy a man based on the fact that they are pushing a personal agenda. The people of the BVI have hatred and malace towards anyone who is not from the BVI or if your parents were not born in the BVI.
  • Eagle Eye (16/10/2018, 15:08) Like (15) Dislike (1) Reply
    At least we get a wall for one million.but we received absolutely nothing for BVI groundways at 7.2 million.this should have been the first investigation warranted.
  • For Real.. (16/10/2018, 21:54) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Keep digging, you said that you’re his fan and wish he would run as an Independent. You’re not not a good fan though. This man has already secured 70 votes which have been multiplied through these make-shifts contractors family and friends. Are you really asking him to give up these precious votes?? You cannot be his friend—for sure.
  • Justintime (16/10/2018, 22:12) Like (7) Dislike (4) Reply
    Dear Governor Gus Jaspert,
    Please take this very seriously. This is not a deck of cards and a mere game; this is our lives here. Please remove this man from power and any others like him. We don’t need nor want this type of representation

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