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Reshuffled! Premier Fahie reassigns Junior Ministers!

- Hon Flax-Charles now Jr Minister for Trade; Hon de Castro is Jr Minister for Tourism
Honourable Shereen D. Flax Charles (AL), right, has now been appointed the Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development while Honourable Sharie B. deCastro (AL), left, has been appointed Junior Minister for Tourism. Photo: VINO/File
According to Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie (R1), the initiative is about capacity building in the Government and preparing the Junior Ministers to not only excel in their performance in this term, but to serve in future terms of office and at higher levels. Photo: VINO/File
According to Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie (R1), the initiative is about capacity building in the Government and preparing the Junior Ministers to not only excel in their performance in this term, but to serve in future terms of office and at higher levels. Photo: VINO/File
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- The Junior Minister portfolios have been reassigned, effective November 25, 2019, according to Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie (R1) in a statement today, November 26, 2019.

Honourable Shereen D. Flax Charles (AL) has now been appointed the Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development while Honourable Sharie B. de Castro (AL) has been appointed Junior Minister for Tourism.

Hon Flax-Charles previously served as Jr Minister for Tourism and Hon deCastro as Jr Minister for Trade and Economic Development.

Capacity building

According to Premier Fahie, the objective is to always ensure that capacity is built by all those who he is working with to ensure that all persons are exposed to the necessary experience of the ministerial office so that they can be effective in any role, and at a moment’s notice.

He added that he continues to see the benefits and merit in capacity building among elected Members as evident in the “stellar performance” of each Minister who performed in the role of Deputy Premier, albeit on a rotational basis.

“In this vein, I am pleased to announce that after reviewing the appointment of Junior Ministers for the past eight months, I will follow suit with extending this initiative to the Junior Ministers portfolio. It has been determined that this is in the best interest of the Territory and in addition to building capacity would be effective in assisting the Premier in managing  and advancing critical portfolios under the Premier’s Office.”

Regarding the reassignment of portfolios for the Junior Ministers, Hon Fahie said the initiative is about capacity building in the Government and preparing the Junior Ministers to not only excel in their performance in this term, but to serve in future terms of office and at higher levels.

“The reassignment of the portfolios comes at an opportune time when unconventional approaches are needed to drive the actions required in your Government’s legislative Agenda and Budget Address which all speaks to SMART and innovative initiatives.”

‘There is a lot of work to be done’

The Premier further reasoned that it is always good to move away from what is familiar has he seeks to build capacity across his Government.

“There is an opportunity to get tourism expertise at this time within the trade and economic agenda. Honourable Flax-Charles comes with experience in tourism that will help to bolster our business development sector through the lens of tourism.

“We want to ensure that our business community is providing the right product offering as a destination and jurisdiction or that they are creating businesses that help to encourage and attract products and services that are of interest to visitors and residents. And, since we are diversifying our tourism product beyond sun, sea and sand, the reassignment is important to allow us to expand that part of sector with the reality that visitors are consumers of local products, good and services.”

Hon Fahie added that equally important, Hon de Castro will bring business development, integration, and innovation into the tourism industry.

“She can help to create a balance between the tourism sector and business sector from a trade and innovative perspective. So the overall objective is to strengthen all areas of the economy and to ensure that business, tourism, trade and commerce drive a new green BVI where there is economic expansion and economic diversification, thereby leading to the creation of jobs, entrepreneurs, and strong BVI.”

The Premier said there is a lot of work to be done as everyone would have heard in the Speech from the Throne which detailed the Legislative Agenda and “I look forward to the expertise in a dynamic way as everyone in this Territory work together in the best interest of the people of the Virgin Islands.”

30 Responses to “Reshuffled! Premier Fahie reassigns Junior Ministers!”

  • Really (26/11/2019, 13:43) Like (39) Dislike (1) Reply
    Capacity Building my a$$
  • ccc (26/11/2019, 13:51) Like (25) Dislike (0) Reply
    More in the mota
  • Asking For Myself (26/11/2019, 13:51) Like (43) Dislike (2) Reply
    It takes a good year for one to be accustomed to new post such as a Minister post. Even at our places of employment our employers give 3 month probation but they know that is not enough - it is mere guide for the next 9 months. How is the former Jr. Minister of Tourism to be evaluated on her tenure? I am not advocating for this individual because the same goes for the other individual in her former post. Water more than flour.

    Anyway, when will the Premier move to another ministry to see how to do the job too. Only he could do finance? I am not asking for a friend, I am asking for myself
  • Lord Hawk (26/11/2019, 14:06) Like (17) Dislike (1) Reply
    Will these Junior Ministers be also given the opportunity to act as Deputy Premier? Just a question because inquiring mind wants to know
  • opposition (26/11/2019, 14:19) Like (31) Dislike (2) Reply
  • great (26/11/2019, 14:20) Like (9) Dislike (18) Reply
    Congrats Hon. DeCastro
  • VG (26/11/2019, 14:21) Like (29) Dislike (19) Reply
    Foy need to remove himself
  • 911 (26/11/2019, 14:30) Like (20) Dislike (9) Reply
    this is an early sad day for the BVI
    • Dr cool (26/11/2019, 15:43) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
      The thing starts
      • Good People. (27/11/2019, 07:45) Like (8) Dislike (3) Reply
        These are both good women... I truly think Ms Decastro should have been a minister...Labour or Education. ... No positive or progressive changes is happening in Education, Agriculture and Labour.. Sad. That's the change we really need.
  • Hairdresser (26/11/2019, 14:30) Like (11) Dislike (9) Reply
    Sis, you need to check ASAP....I will hook you up for free cause you need help
    • @Hairdresser (26/11/2019, 15:21) Like (7) Dislike (6) Reply
      Lolllll - the 1st thing that caught my eye but didn't know how to express it.
      • Hairdresser (26/11/2019, 16:45) Like (8) Dislike (17) Reply
        I always see her looking like a raggedy doll. I am sure she can carry herself better than that, I mean come on she WAS the junior minister or Tourism and looking so...SMH
    • Queen (27/11/2019, 08:56) Like (19) Dislike (0) Reply
      The world is always trying to "tame" black hair, it's lame and played out. I applaud Shereen for embracing her own truth and rocking her hair AS SHE WISHES WITHOUT APOLOGY. She needs NO ONE'S permission. She obviously embraces her hair as is and does not need you or anyone else's help.
  • swallow your pride (26/11/2019, 14:52) Like (32) Dislike (5) Reply
    • King kung (26/11/2019, 15:35) Like (16) Dislike (7) Reply
      You sound like a darm idiot, cross what floor, do do what? In the first place I believe it was a bad decision to put her as junior minister of tourism seeing that her sis is the director of the tourist board. This is now putting a wrong to right, but you opposing forces will not see it that way, you all will try to use this move to creat confusion. Some of you all her blogging was never a supporter of her. Can this shift stop her from speaking up for VG. Knowing her, there is nothing that can stop that mouth
      • DuneBug (26/11/2019, 16:23) Like (18) Dislike (1) Reply

        This government and their missteps. Using your argument King Kung, any fool would have known to not put her as Jr Minister of Tourism so we went 8 months with it Just so we could do the switch. Thus government looks downright incompetent now. Sharie was into her role as a newbie as Jr Min of Trade now you remove her to go start the learning curve over. Nothing will be accomplished if they keep this p!$$ up!

        • King kung (26/11/2019, 18:19) Like (2) Dislike (12) Reply
          @Dune bug, you name suits you just right. It’s like you in a department for years, then you got a promotion and they shift you to a complete new department to head that department. What about when the NDP placed O’Neal and Maduro-Caines to head those Junior ministries, did they have any experience at all in those fields, fool it’s a learning process but as I said, the opposers like you will never be pleased with anything this government does, still cannot get over the fact that the VIP is in government and Andrew A. Fahie is the premier of the VI’s. Got over it man, it’s reality.
          • DuneBug (26/11/2019, 19:36) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
            You are the brainwashed fool. I can tell. Keep playing around with our country and you blind idiots think it’s a good thing that’s happening. We will suck salt together.
            • King kung (26/11/2019, 22:22) Like (1) Dislike (9) Reply
              @ Dune Bug, you can stop your dumb ass there, you will suck your salt by yourself, surely I will not be sucking any with you. No where in the Caribbean will anyone be sucking salt, no even in Haiti.
      • Well its time..... (26/11/2019, 19:28) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
        Time to put a wrong to right at the Chairmanship at Ports.
  • V.G blood (26/11/2019, 14:56) Like (16) Dislike (3) Reply

    This is b.s because she speaking up for D9 she is bad.That's real representation ,stand ur ground Queen S.U were elected not chosen so if Mr. I.... has a problem with that tell Andrew we all know it's payback time.U promise a asphalt runway/the parking lot is disarray/the road has always be a mess so what.First impression is always lasting to our visitors.MsFlaxCharles was asking for much just the right thing.Mr Fahie

    • Simple Joe (26/11/2019, 19:39) Like (11) Dislike (2) Reply
      Let her fool you all by thinking this is about her speaking up about VG. And you VG people behave like you all don’t know this loose canon. She’s looming sympathy and points when this had nothing to do with the people.

  • Quiet Rebel (26/11/2019, 15:35) Like (13) Dislike (0) Reply
    There is more in the mortar than the pistle; there is always at least 3 sides to a story. What is the real tory? If the rumors are true about Hon Flax-Charles comment in the HOA, the response was short-sighted. If the Hon Flax-Charles, as an At Large Rep, cannot opined about an area need in the HOA (the People’s House), where can she? So what if she is advocating for VG, a part of her constituency? So because she is a Virgin Gordian she cannot advocate for VG? Nonsense! Nuffness!

    Moreover, there is value in rotating ministers and junior ministers. This process give them overall experience and knowledge of processes to move easily and effectively into any ministerial area(s). The two junior ministers who are women are being rotated into different junior minister ministerial portfolios; will the 4 ministers who are all men also be What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Further, rotating people in jobs for three months is better than nothing but not very effective. What kind of high level experience are ministers getting with 3 month stints as Deputy Premier? The Deputy Premier is not a full time job, for ministers have full time ministerial responsibilities. Hon Premier Fahie, be courageous and just appoint someone as DP.

    There are 13 elected offices in the HOA; 8 VIP, 3 NDP, 1 PU and 1 PVIM. Basically, government controls 8 seats; opposition, 5. 7 seats are needed to form and continue to function as a government.

    The VIP came to power with the mandate to rebuild the BVI in a post Irma and Maria state. IMO the government is trying to be all things to all people. Trying to please all 30,000 is an impossibility; trying to do everything at once means nothing is being done well. Continuing down this path can be costly for government. Instead, government should focus on bread and butter issues, health, education, economy......etc.
  • I don’t know (26/11/2019, 20:38) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    I get his desire to cross train but they’re not given enough time in each post where these switches have taken place. How much are they truly learning?
  • Hmmmmm (27/11/2019, 00:39) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    Always talking about virgin gorda and cruiseship going up VG ... They fed up of her with that.... She is only representing the people that vote her in. .. Premier don't want to hear that.... Premier say be quiet and stay in your lane. Keeping fighting for the people that vote for you. Your VG people don't let Fahie them discourage you ..
  • Lord o (27/11/2019, 07:39) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
    Don't be discourage Shareen....I voted for you because I wanted that independent courageous voice...I didn't vote for you to go along to get along. Like those 4 JA back benchers NDP had saw the country sinking and they remained quiet fools.... I know you will not see wrong and be quiet... Don't be discourage. Stay with it.. Continue to make a difference. Corrupt people won't want to work with you because u ain in that with them..
  • faith (27/11/2019, 09:23) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    Why you all behaving like spoiled, rude children. She was not fired; she was moved to another Ministry. Get over it already. Nothing in the mortar but the pistle
  • Hmmm (30/11/2019, 11:28) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    sharie where is your make up ? lmao

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