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Rescuing NHI from itself & accepting our own history

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December 21st, 2015 | Tags: NHI health care racism bigotry slavery
Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
By Alred C. Frett

Oops! NHI has come too far to fail so soon:

Rumours that B&F Medical Complex has yet to sign on to NHI may simply be a lapse in journalist delivery by the Media… We thought we would have been the last to sign on but no one’s Memory is so short not to remember that B&F Medical Complex made History by being the first to sign with NHI – even before Government’s own Medical Agencies - Seems they had doubted themselves.

Perhaps they had reasons not to - in keeping with my Article ‘Supporting NHI’s right to fail’ – considering how these early reports support concerns I have been expressing for years… Of course I never expected fall-out this soon but Sources are citing extreme difficulty in meeting the promise to register Persons who have done as instructed well ahead of the requested time.

The promised Local Providers Training is also far behind schedule and this is no simple concern since these Providers play a pivotal role as salespersons or ambassadors for NHI… It is imperative that they perceive a sense of fairness because when NHI is unable to meet their Needs it becomes unlikely they or anyone would promote the product or trust their ability to provide Overseas Care.

Careful NHI! Beware less 1 Step forward means 2 Steps back:

It is further unhelpful when Reports claim the Care promised will not be affordable or available to Patients if NHI is unable to meet the costs of Local Services… Furthermore, resultant ideas that require Patients to pay extra monies above the agreed-to Co-pay or forcing them to take Private Insurances in addition to NHI is exactly what Government told us NHI was created to prevent.

While it is good that such a large number of Persons and Providers have signed on, it would be unforgiveable for Government to fail these Persons who have done all demanded of them… My respect and empathy for the NHI Team who has brought the Process so far is unwavering - they are my Friends - but NHI is a heavy Beast and broken promises can derail its start-up and survival.

Think about it – With merely 12 Days to go, as a Man of my Word, I still stand alongside this Team with the expectation that they can be trusted even when they are behind our backs… However, there are Improvements and Conditions to be met in order to ensure NHI’s capacity to function fairly and beneficially to both Patients and Providers - These must be addressed without further delay.

Meanwhile as we approach the end of another year there are Questions other than NHI whose answers will determine whether we are better off than before and no doubt some answers will be yes and some, no - We each had our own experiences whether New Births in Families or departures of loved ones but we are still required to live on with those around us and the thoughts inside us.

Again, think about it – Just think about it:

Bringing you Knowledge and Truth in the face of Power is neither simple nor easy and you have seen the Powerful remove me from Radio, fire me from Offices and deny me basic Fairness and Justice… No doubt they have found joy and comfort in their actions but they have never been able to show where I ever exhibited Corruption or lied to or misled you and for that I am thankful.

Truth is important to me especially since Centuries of Indoctrination and Weekly Top-ups leave too many of our People knowledge-less about their own History while clinging to Piss-Stories of others - Once our excuse was that we were forced to learn Colonial Fabrications that showed Criminals like Sir John Hawkins, Francis Drake and Morgan as heroes but our Ancestors as Godless Savages.

That excuse is no longer valid because we can now read enough to access the real facts about our own History - This is now merely a Click on our Fancy Phones so there is no excuse to believe that Political Bigotry and Racism started with Donald Trump and other Republicans when History shows that from the very beginning we were subjected to this type of Oppression and it has never left us.

What is alarming is our own desire to forget our History or pretend it never happened… By doing so we are willing to be treated as idiots; destined to be pushed backwards without resistance – No wonder many of you join with Oppressors in being annoyed with me and others who try to provide you with Knowledge and introduce you to factual Evidence you can behold with your own eyes.

This chronic failure to access and accept our own History makes us doubt what we see and would rather accept Nancy Stories from the lying Eyes of others… Thus, we make ourselves captives of Religions designed to elevate others while having us regard ourselves as nothing and in the Process our own Brethren and Sistren become as cruel and wicked to us as the Slave Masters before.

Subsequently, it is wickedness and not accident, when Leaders keep back our Children and would have them Play and Pray rather than Read and Research… They know if we knew the History of those professing to be more Righteous than God we would realise the Agenda is not to help but to hinder us through any means necessary; such as denial of Education and imprisonment of our Young Men.

Old is not New anymore than War is Peace:

If we knew our History we would not be surprised at the Racial Violence in America… We would understand it requires us to be Idiots to believe that Powerful Nations go to War in order to bring Peace just as Parents are required to be foolish enough to believe their Children are dying in Wars to protect some Noble Cause, Freedom or Country – Soldiers prone to commit suicide know better.

In fact returning Veterans are merely paid lip service after they are too crippled mentally and physically to resume their own lives and simply become just more casualties of War – They may be celebrated in Songs and given Medals for sacrifices when what they really need is a Home and a Meal because Wars are not started by these Men but by Leaders responding to their own Fears.

If we knew History we would realise that the majority of these Leaders are Descendants of Pirates and Colonial Masters who have forcefully controlled others all their lives and now they face Reality that in a few years they may lose this as they become the Minority when Non-whites become the Majority… This is a shock treatment which they find too hard to accept but impossible to deny.

They realise that even with all their resistance, Blacks learned to Read and Write – even become US President - and the once downtrodden, from Asia, Middle East, India and Africa are rising up as Manufacturing and Intellectual Powers of a World where Masters remain stuck with their only skills of Killing and Stealing - Of course they still employ Religion as a primary means of our self-destruction.

Think about it - Whether Muslims, Christians, Jews or Hindus we are still foolish enough to fight and kill each other in the name of Religion as if Gods we call all-powerful are incapable of waging their own wars… Ironically, History shows different Ethnic Groups as having their own Religion while Slave Descendants continue to crave Religions and Doctrines that seek to demean or destroy them.

We may enter a New Year and still remain older than time if we continue to live in denial, despise ourselves, operate below our potential and accept Leadership that see us as Idiots; only good enough to be fooled and ruled… This is the 21st Century and those of us with Liberated Minds should not self-indulge when so many remain shackled to the 18th Century – We must enlighten them.

PS: I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes 

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