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‘NDP plans to cut civil service after elections’ – Hon Julian Fraser, RA

- alleges agreement has already been made with FCO to send civil servants home
Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party, Hon Julian Fraser RA (R3) alleged that information has reached him that the National Democratic Party (NDP) Government has already inked an agreement with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to lay off civil servants following the June 8, 2015 General Election. Photo: VINO
Hon Fraser assured that a Virgin Islands Party Government will not send home civil servants and that they would receive their increments denied in 2011 by the NDP Government. Photo: VINO
Hon Fraser assured that a Virgin Islands Party Government will not send home civil servants and that they would receive their increments denied in 2011 by the NDP Government. Photo: VINO
Virgin Islands Party Chairman Hon Julian Fraser RA raises the hand of Seventh District candidate Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard at The Stickett in Long Look on May 18, 2015. Photo: VINO
Virgin Islands Party Chairman Hon Julian Fraser RA raises the hand of Seventh District candidate Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard at The Stickett in Long Look on May 18, 2015. Photo: VINO
Senior Virgin Islands Party member Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1) shows his full support of party chairman Hon Julian Fraser RA. Photo: VINO
Senior Virgin Islands Party member Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1) shows his full support of party chairman Hon Julian Fraser RA. Photo: VINO
Hon Fraser interacts with a resident in Long Look on May 18, 2015. Photo: VINO
Hon Fraser interacts with a resident in Long Look on May 18, 2015. Photo: VINO
Some of the persons at the campaign launch of Virgin Islands Party (VIP) candidate for the Seventh District Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard at The Stickett on May 18, 2015. Photo: VINO
Some of the persons at the campaign launch of Virgin Islands Party (VIP) candidate for the Seventh District Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard at The Stickett on May 18, 2015. Photo: VINO
Two Virgin Islands Party supporters making noise for change. Photo: VINO
Two Virgin Islands Party supporters making noise for change. Photo: VINO
LONG LOOK, Tortola, VI – “To the civil service of this territory, all the people, the engine that keeps this machine running….word on the street is that your Premier (Dr The Honourable D. Orlando Smith) has entered into an agreement with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), which is the British Government, to cut the service,” so declared aspiring Premier on the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) slate Honourable Julian Fraser, RA.

He let the word out further last night, May 18, 2015 while addressing the people of Long Look where the party launched the campaign of their Seventh District candidate Ms Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard. The meeting was held at The Stickett.

NDP couldn’t cut civil service before elections

According to Hon Fraser, Premier Smith chose not to make the cut prior to but rather after elections as the NPP has high hopes of returning to government. “Now he couldn’t cut the service before elections because he knows he will never get re-elected. So here is a little trick, let’s call a quick election and then come back, vote for me and do the dirty work.”

“Well they are not coming back and there will be no dirty work,” he said. “Our civil service is safe with the VIP,” he stated emphatically.

Hon Fraser said that previously, while the VIP was in office, the then Premier Ralph T. O’Neal OBE was encouraged to cut the civil service by the then governor. “We said no, we said no, how do you send the people home, what kind of heart do you have to send the people home, people have to live, they have to eat, how do you eat if you don’t work?”

Increments lost in 2011 will be paid under VIP Gov’t

The Virgin Islands Party Chairman said at the time of the 2011 election, it appeared that the people did not quite understand what the VIP government was about and as such voted them out. “They changed the government. What did the civil service get when they changed the government? No increments for 2011.”

He said, “I got news for you, you are going to get, you are going to get it. Put us in office on June 8 and you are going to get that increment that you lost in 2011.”

He also threw the dagger at the NDP for creating history in the VI by becoming the first government to issue cheques that bounced. “The first time in history the government bounced a cheque or cheques because I got one. It isn’t going to happen anymore.”

He said the VIP will have prudent financial management and there would not be a recurrence of such a thing.

Sewerage issue a big stink in 7th District

Sewerage was a big one for Hon Fraser to touch on as he cried shame on the state of such in the district. “You cannot come into East End and Long Look especially at The Stickett and not talk about sewerage,” he said.

He recounted that it was in 2002 – 2003 when he became Minister for Communications and Works. “I was the one who commissioned Berger CDE to work on the sewerage system in East End, Long Look, Road Town and Sea Cows Bay.”

He said that at that time pipes and manholes were laid in the Stickett area which have been lying there for over 10 years now, “And to this day not a man could flush a toilet. That is criminal, it’s criminal, there is an election. I could not believe that this government would take government in 2011 and 2015 would come and you can’t flush a toilet.”

NDP sabotaging Biwater to spite Hon Fraser?

He said that those things were done by the current NDP government to spite him but in turn are hurting the people who elected them to serve. “Because Biwater have given them the opportunity to install the sewerage treatment plant at Paraquita Bay free of cost but they want to make me look bad to say that Biwater was no good and they sabotaged Biwater. Nobody on Tortola can get water 24 – 7 but yet the plant is sitting there, not allowed to produce the water it is capable of producing,” said Hon Fraser.

Hon Fraser challenged the people of the Seventh District not to be afraid to change government and urged them to ignore the scare tactics being used by the NDP, one of which is that if VIP gets into office the National Health Insurance will be thrown out the window.

“But that wouldn’t happen. We are going to make sure that if you fall ill you will get treatment with or without money…” 

46 Responses to “‘NDP plans to cut civil service after elections’ – Hon Julian Fraser, RA”

  • me (19/05/2015, 09:41) Like (80) Dislike (20) Reply
    That is a big LIE! WOW!
    • In a me pants (19/05/2015, 10:47) Like (63) Dislike (20) Reply
      @wow, before you can say it's a big lie, tell the Doc. To make public the aspects of the protocol document they are hiding from us. You heard when Ralph said that the VIP could not agree with 25 of the demands that were made by the UK. Believe me, cutting the public service was one of the demands made. Fraser just don't go about uttering things recklessly
      • Hmmm (19/05/2015, 11:22) Like (35) Dislike (30) Reply
        • In Ah me pants (19/05/2015, 11:38) Like (7) Dislike (22) Reply

          Yes, he have been in our HOA far too long now for me not to know him. And to compare I have already prove the present leader of government business as a l**r from right there in the same HOA

          • Blunk (19/05/2015, 19:46) Like (10) Dislike (4) Reply
            Did any one say the civil servants are delivering a fair days work for the pay they get? You go into any Gov department and they just sitting around and how come so many Gov cars doing Gov business after hours and at week ends?
  • true tolian (19/05/2015, 09:52) Like (22) Dislike (25) Reply
    To the Hon Fraser:Would he be so kind as to inform us why were the pipes not then run for the sewage plant in
    pariquita bay,why did he not tell bi-water to build the sewage plant while building their water plant surly both
    could have been built together since they would of coexist .How do you expect to flush where would the sewage
    go if it is not going to a treatment plant.Dont you thing you are to share the blame as well in a very big way.
    By the way i live in the belle vue area and now has no water for three days now due to bi water cant get their
    act together.
    • Black jacket (19/05/2015, 10:54) Like (34) Dislike (19) Reply
      @ true tolian. You need to come out from up belle vue and take a tour around the BVI, the sewage plant is presently under construction down at Burt point. Biwater already have their act together, don't you see the state of the art water plant out paraquita bay? You not having water is no fault of Biwater, it is the fault of the government not to put the necessary infrastructure in place to accommodate the amount of water that BiWater produced daily. Get your facts together please
      • true tolian (20/05/2015, 00:18) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
        @Black jacket
        FYI if there is water in the pipes i get,if there is water in the reservoir for govt to distribute i get.
        But when bi water cannot put water to the reservoir how can govt distribute.So therefore tell me
        who's fault is it.
  • PULLING STRAWS (19/05/2015, 09:52) Like (22) Dislike (14) Reply

    can't believe you’re that desperate.

  • government worker (19/05/2015, 09:58) Like (53) Dislike (49) Reply
    all them fancy talk about making switch i a civil servant all i want is my yearly increments all the fancy projects going on around me cant feed my child cant help me buy groceries...i with the government who will secure my increment that what i working for...VIP ALL THE WAY
    • @ Govt Worker (19/05/2015, 10:02) Like (33) Dislike (18) Reply
      Don't be surprise when they get in you have no job!
      • Hmm (19/05/2015, 18:25) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
        A VIP government will never do that so stop trying to spread propaganda.
      • Lily Ann (21/05/2015, 13:45) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        TELL THEM @Govt Worker .....LOLOLOLOLOL ... All this long talking from the VIP talking about laying off workers ..... Be mindful its not the VIP who will be laying off like the last time lol ..... Because they gonna be spending BIG, and wont have money to pay staff LMAOOOO ,,..... let them stap deh
    • i from here (19/05/2015, 10:02) Like (48) Dislike (20) Reply
      I bet my last dollar you have weave down your back, iPhone 6 and Michael Kors bag though but you here talking about can't feed child!
    • voter (19/05/2015, 10:03) Like (37) Dislike (13) Reply
      Work and you will get an increment. It is not automatic in case you did not know. You all too spoil.
      • Read (19/05/2015, 10:19) Like (14) Dislike (14) Reply
        whether i have weave down my back doesnt matter and i didnt say i cant feed my child i was saying special project dont help me in my day to day and everything gone is it so wrong i look forward to my increment every year...?
  • xxxxxxxx (19/05/2015, 10:02) Like (52) Dislike (39) Reply
    i will never vote for the NDP again NEVER!
  • weed (19/05/2015, 10:08) Like (32) Dislike (20) Reply
    they be all clueless to vote the NDP back to office
  • Stop that Train (19/05/2015, 10:14) Like (30) Dislike (35) Reply
    I tell you all that NDP have somethings up their sleeve for us..if the NDP government gets in for another term. The BVI is in trouble .. it will be great depression. You ever hear about a great depression watch and you going to see.
    • town boy (19/05/2015, 11:32) Like (23) Dislike (8) Reply
      Great depression has already begun. Just look at what they did to the college.
  • No Lies (19/05/2015, 10:26) Like (26) Dislike (6) Reply
    The discussion about downsizing the civil servants were held by cabinet earlier in their reign and they all know about it. Ask Ronknee who said it will look bad on them if they do it. It is well true. Some of you people are very gullible.
  • Neautral (19/05/2015, 10:49) Like (36) Dislike (20) Reply
    No increment for Civil Servants and yet Teachers have to provide basic classroom necessities.
    What a shame all this crap NDP feeding us. They do not care if the public starve for 31/2 years. They call early election and now rushing all these projects because they take us for fools who cannot see beyond one belly fool.
    After election they will starve us for another 3 to 4 years. I am neither NDP or VIP but action really speak louder than words. One thing I know is that under a VIP administration things were never this bad. We will have to ask the Lord to have mercy on us if NDP get four more years. There will be nothing for our children to inherit. VIP will do more at election time but they always stimulate the economy during the four years. VIP is not perfect but they care more for the average man.
    • Lily Ann (21/05/2015, 13:50) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      The infrastructure of the country was sooo low, it was under sea level ..... Come on people !!! VIP was making money and running the country to the ground !!!!!!! Somethings GOTTA give !!! GOSH !!! Let NDP at least finish what they started and THEN SOME !!!!!!!
  • VG Resident (19/05/2015, 11:25) Like (17) Dislike (19) Reply
    During the 2011 elections he said who ever got in would of have too send home civil servants and give a pay cut but up to date NDP was sustainable and continue to push on being progressive
  • David (19/05/2015, 11:46) Like (23) Dislike (19) Reply
    Unbelievable. The VIP and Mr. Fraser can't really be banking their entire campaign strategy on "word on the street" accusations, can they? It seems way to risky and unstable a plan.
    • TRUTH TELLER (19/05/2015, 12:49) Like (22) Dislike (2) Reply
      Well with the government we have hiding everything from the opposition and closing HOA so early, can we really afford the risk? It's scary to think that we are not getting the full truth from the NDP
      • (THE REAL TRUTH TELLER) (20/05/2015, 04:50) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        Why have you chosen to use the handle TRUTH TELLER. By using my Nickname you are no less guilty than a common thief. How often have you used other people's nickname? How often have you stolen? You have the balls to say that the government we have is steeling (I AM NOT AN NDP SUPPORTER) when you yourself is hiding behind some other person'e nickname.

  • VG Realist (19/05/2015, 11:47) Like (19) Dislike (8) Reply
    This is why civil servants didn't received their increments because layoffs were in the works. Just sad.
  • ccc (19/05/2015, 12:16) Like (31) Dislike (10) Reply
    I do not trust the ndp
  • eyes (19/05/2015, 12:36) Like (19) Dislike (10) Reply
    Olivine--The good heart lady--Calm, cool, collective.. a very good listener--down to earth, few will hate her but most of us love her....VIP Top leadership still bother me.....
    • Goodman (19/05/2015, 17:56) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
      Fraser is a good man. You cant believe what you hear. You have to prove people for yourself
  • Ears (19/05/2015, 12:41) Like (24) Dislike (4) Reply
    Frazer--I believe you--NDP will cut Civil servants after the Election--And turn expatriates into milking cows.. What would you do different Frazer?
    • thank you (19/05/2015, 18:30) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
      Telling the truth works wonders right? He will surely do the opposite to what NDP will do. He will not cut Civil Servants and nobody will be milking anyone. Is there anything else you wish yo ask?
  • As I said (19/05/2015, 12:59) Like (8) Dislike (2) Reply
    Mr Frazer, I am a VIP supporter. One of the things I was taught as a young child is not to say things you know are not true (dont lie). The UK whether we like it or not, could be deemed to be the mother of this Territory (our mother) I know all Politicians lie from time to time. But when you wilfully tell lie on your own mother thats not normal. If what you are saying is true prove it. If not.... I am kinda wondering.
    • @ As I Said (19/05/2015, 14:35) Like (6) Dislike (8) Reply
      We all know the NDP does not like the civil service- that is why they start by cutting increments- and employ a host of consultants who do nada - but we will get our increments when we vote VIP back in
  • Scary Mary (19/05/2015, 13:49) Like (16) Dislike (0) Reply
    I have a question for Mr. Fraser. If the current Premier has in fact entered into such an agreement, would this agreement be binding upon ANY party in power? In other words, will Mr. Fraser be bound by this agreement if he is elected? If so, how can he claim “Our civil service is safe with the VIP"?

    Did "the word on the street" tell him if there was a signed contract, a handshake - what?
  • VG Realist (19/05/2015, 14:25) Like (13) Dislike (3) Reply
    Before we go saying Fraser is a liar, ask yourself why HOA was dissolved in such as haste? I think Fraser is on to something, besides, a lot of us do not listen to the current happenings of the day and rely on hear say. A lot of things are been done secretly so this allegation may not be far-fetched.
  • Political Pundit (19/05/2015, 14:42) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    It is left to be seen by the public. I could remember that in 2008 the FCO told the Premier Ralph T. O'Neal in order to recover from the economic downturn he must send home civil servants starting with those who are eligible for retirement serving 25yrs or more to down sized the Gov't. But the stalwalt leader said NO to the British Gov't and since then they had it in for him and his gov't, so it is no surprise to hear this for it might be on the table in truth, but something like this happening, usually comes after a gov't wins re-election to office. In 2006 governor John P. de Jongh was elected governor in USVI and the federal gov't was asking him to do the same thing, he refused but soon after his re-election in 2010 he them send home a number of senior civil servants which brought more economic hardship on the ppl of the USVI. I'm not saying that NDP will do this for sure if re-elected to office, but it is something that usually happening when winning consecutive terms in office. So Premier Smith will have to be careful of this because I'm sure once he has return to power the British Gov't will put this option back on the table even though it will not be in the best interest of our ppl this is where the Premier will have to stand up to Britain.
    • What a load of crap! (19/05/2015, 20:06) Like (10) Dislike (4) Reply
      People, you must think with your brains not what some aspiring politician tells you! If in 2008 the FCO told RTO to reduce the size of the civil service and he chose not to and further went as far as to continue to spend, spend, and spend some more, it is no wonder that the FCO had no confidence in the VIP government. The current premier has stated repeatedly that the NDP government had to tighten the government's belt. Hence the delay in giving out increments. Would you rather get a delayed increment or no job? I take no increment and a steady income any day! This is the kind of leadership that the BVI needs...someone with the balls to make the tough decisions for the good of all!
  • Servant (19/05/2015, 18:54) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    Whether it is true or not , civil servants need to think about this very seriously.
  • A (19/05/2015, 20:48) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
  • Really? (20/05/2015, 04:22) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
    If the agreement has already been signed with the FCO to have civil servants jobs cut, do we really think if Mr. Fraser gets in he can actually change this already signed agreement....and if yes, then can he really do it immediately and thereby stop ppl from loosing their jobs? SMH....people please know empty promises and/or propaganda when you hear it. Hate this stupidness that is going on with the politics now man!! Yall just campaign with the plans and let's get a move on. Let the ppl hear what you intend to do and how logically you plan to do it and leave the rest of the crap behind. This desperation to win have yall going crazy sipping on stupid soup.
  • THEOPE (21/05/2015, 08:03) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • tola realest (21/05/2015, 09:58) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    civil servents cut b.v.i doom! v.i.p all the way ppl. lead us in the right part frazer

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