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Motor scooter rider slams into SUV on dual carriageway in RT

The motor scooter involved in the accident on James Walter Francis Drive on January 23, 2020. Photo: Team of Reporters
Police on the scene investigating the accident involving an SUV and a motor scooter on James Walter Francis Drive on January 23, 2020. Photo: Team of Reporters
Police on the scene investigating the accident involving an SUV and a motor scooter on James Walter Francis Drive on January 23, 2020. Photo: Team of Reporters
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- A motor scooter rider collided with an SUV on the west bound lane of the James Walter Francis Drive Dual Carriageway in Road Town this afternoon, January 23, 2020.

According to reports, the accident occurred around 5:45pm in the vicinity of Deloitte and B&F Medical.

Details are sketchy but it appears as though the motor scooter rider slammed into the back of the SUV.

It is unclear at this time the condition of the motor scooter rider.

Police are on the scene investigating.

More details as they come in.

18 Responses to “Motor scooter rider slams into SUV on dual carriageway in RT”

  • NezRez (23/01/2020, 18:56) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
    AGAIN???? I hope the scooter driver and car driver are alright.
  • Yes (23/01/2020, 19:20) Like (8) Dislike (11) Reply
    Bring on the big bikes!!
    • to yes (24/01/2020, 00:16) Like (4) Dislike (3) Reply
      Sureeee! I'm sitting back with my popcorn. And remember, FULL SPEED AHEAD
  • Here comes the ban comments (23/01/2020, 19:49) Like (26) Dislike (4) Reply
    “Ban the scooters” and “And y’all want to give them bigger bikes” comments incoming !
    • Ban the BIG BIKES?! (23/01/2020, 23:35) Like (23) Dislike (0) Reply
      Ban the lawbreaking current bikers! They don’t give a dang about anyone else on the road. Driving down the middle of the road, ignoring rules of the road,Texting While Freaking Driving - WTF is wrong with these guys??
      • Well (24/01/2020, 11:51) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
        I totally agree with you. But check the ignorant bikers who commenting, you can tell by the comments, that they don't even respect themselves
    • Jay (24/01/2020, 09:31) Like (3) Dislike (15) Reply
      Ban motorcycles! Ban cars! Ban boats! Hell, ban kitchen knives as well! We don't need things in this territory that, when used carelessly, can cause harm!
    • (24/01/2020, 10:56) Like (1) Dislike (7) Reply

      S*ck ur m*da nor ban big bike ban ur m*da to

  • flUffy (23/01/2020, 20:47) Like (0) Dislike (3) Reply
    Is the DPP he slam into??
  • safety (23/01/2020, 22:54) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    This might be the same scooter that almost ran into me heading down (westward) the dual carriageway while I was about to cross over into the other lane right in the vicinity of Treasure Isle (came out of nowhere).
    • BVIslander (24/01/2020, 09:02) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      one passed everyone and crossed over going west and then turned to go up the sports club narrowly missing an oncoming car...about helmet...and going really fast..
  • Centipede (24/01/2020, 00:54) Like (14) Dislike (9) Reply
    .....just waiting on the belongers to tell me if it was a RIGHT hand drive scooter.
  • Ghost (24/01/2020, 08:18) Like (25) Dislike (0) Reply
    I hope all parties will be ok.. however I just ask “the powers that be”; again how many more accidents do we need to see; how many more injuries do we need to see; how many more deaths do we need to see and yet we speak of bringing in bigger bikes .. the laws are not being adhered to, some of the police officers see and turn a blind eye.. how long will we live with our head stuck in the sand like an ostrich “powers that be?”..some of these young men are just stupid in their mentality; driving crazy in and out of traffic.. not saying this is what he did just speaking generally .. I always heard my father say, “who don’t hear will feel”.. the pavement is waiting and so is the graveyard but I pray not.. please, listen to the cry of the people .. mandatory education for bike riders, enforce the laws, make new laws if necessary, hold the police accountable that’s not enforcing the laws and for God’s sake leave the bigger bikes where they are..We say our children are our future, help to protect them from themselves. Enough of our young men are already in Balo.. PLEASE LISTEN!!!
  • Constable (24/01/2020, 08:52) Like (2) Dislike (10) Reply
    Let's ban politicians to and ban departments head also who acts like the jobs is theirs let's ban right hand drive cars also let's ban cars to let's ban police that carry guns lets ban planes to hey further more let's ban the internet lets ban everything how about that lets just continue to be a 3rd world country that stuck in 1842 B.C.
  • Yay Bigger Bikes! (24/01/2020, 12:03) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    We need to enhance our organ donor programme, so sure, let's get those bigger, beefier bikes on the road!
  • Eve (24/01/2020, 18:47) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    No matter what other blessings Adam has been given,hr suffers much if he seems himself to have been dealt with a miniature below the belt. Si sknecAdams compensate this little package with big toys big noise bigspeed and mankind and womankind suffers.
    These Adams need to lunderstand that less is more and learn how to
  • NezRez (24/01/2020, 19:13) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    On a serious note; I saw a scooter rider zigzagging around cars, and then approached a police car. They sped past so fast it scared me. The police never put on a siren or chased them. The 2 young riders did not have on helmets, there was no plate and the one sitting in the back kept looking back to see if the police would follow, which they didn't. Wow, I guess it was lunch time.
  • Eve (25/01/2020, 10:01) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    No matter what other blessings Adam has been given, he suffers much if he concludes that compared to other Adams, he was given
    a miniature tool below his navel. So Adam proceeds to compensate his short fall with bigger cars,bigger bikes ,bigger noise,bigger speed to no where. Adam is consumed with having bigger. Adam need to understand that bigger is not needed nor required . Less is more. Work with what you have and there is none better.

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