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Liberating our people from themselves

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Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
By Alred C. Frett

Shackling our Children to Lies of the Past

In the beginning, long before Adam and Eve or Steve, the ‘God of Nature and Laws of Balance’ decreed that all living things were created to coexist even while ensuring the perpetuation of their own species - as such there is no need to hate others while loving ourselves… Unfortunately, we have been coerced into adopting manmade Gods of those seeking racial supremacy.

As a consequence, Religions have been invented to ensure these fabricated Gods are praised for their Goodness and feared for their Might. In the process generations have suffered from the self-righteous evil and willful destruction of these Religions… Even Today we find Religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism still view African Descendants as their main targets and easiest Victims.

Although Religion is Globally recognised as the real Root of all Evil and major cause of Wars, Poverty, Ignorance and Discrimination, its leaders still have the ability to convince the Masses that what is happening to them is not really happening… As a result we live so deep in denial that no matter the pain and suffering we are conditioned to thank Master’s Father and call ourselves blessed.

From infancy our People are taught to seek comfort on their Knees and are quick to lash out at those who choose to help or tell them Truth… They find fulfillment in believing Lucifer is a fallen Angel, Colony Day is a cause for National Pride and, had we not fed St Thomas, they would have starved to death – It matters not that basic research would reveal all these as being totally untrue.

Of course Oppressors know that by constantly indoctrinating our Children with these lies it not only trap them into believing but programme them to pass this down to their own Children so generation after generation end up no wiser than the first – Even those who see the Truth have so learnt to hate themselves that they get annoyed with me for trying to save our Children from themselves.

Recognising our victories

Some justify their self-hate by calling my efforts losing causes and see events like me being retired from the Hospital, removed from the Ministry of HE&W, thrown off ZBVI Radio, my Properties annexed by Squatters and being blocked from constructing the B&F Medical Complex; as losses – However, a simple look at the Big Picture will show that these are all victories and not one defeat.

In case you believed them, let’s take a closer look – Notice that every single instance involved me fighting for you the People - not for myself - and at no time were they able to show you anything I had done wrong or give you an iota of justification for their actions… Consequently, I won because their actions allowed you to clearly see the Systemic Corruption and Injustices of which I spoke.

Besides, even with all the blows I never seem to be worse off - Nonetheless, the Struggle must go on because if we see our Children as lost causes it will be all over and destruction of our People will proceed unhindered… The wicked will always find ways to attack so the preventative actions we take Today must not be seen as benefiting us but for the wellbeing of Generations still to come.

We must work constantly for time is limited and many will tell you it cannot be done until it’s done and they claim credit but do not give up… Yes we can! - We have travelled this Road before and I often remind you of the New Hospital, Beef Island Bridge and UK Passports but there are many more changes so as long as there is chance of choice I will keep doing what I can for as long as I can.

Thanks to TV and Internet we daily see these at home and abroad and only the willfully blind will refuse to recognize the changing hands of time as Slaves become Rulers, Ganga becomes legal, Infants reject Santa Claus as real, Church and State accept Women in the Pulpit and Homosexuality as a way of life and Youth learn Congress, Church and Courts were never created to benefit Ordinary Man.

Progressive Civilizations across the World have been adjusting to these realities but the Rich and Powerful are still resisting inevitable change - as a result there have been radicalisations and popular uprisings… Meanwhile, we still find the majority of African Descendants being willing victims of ancient Beliefs; designed to keep them in chains long after the abolishment of Slavery.

Sometimes seeing is still not Believing

As expected, I am only targeted because those who would rather rule than represent regard changes as threats and they too realise the things I say are simple enough for all to understand and the Visions are being fulfilled… Thanks to you we have slowed many tides of Oppression but unless we combine efforts to stop the flow they will continue pushing dead Elephants uphill.

These Attacks are not just on me but on you and yours… Years ago when I explained their main reason for stopping the B&F Medical Complex’s Project was so they could clear the field in order to charge our People ridiculous Medical Fees, persons claimed I was exaggerating and chose not to believe… Today you would have to be in the Land of Oz not to realize this is already happening.

Both medically and financially this Battle now threatens the Health of our People and Nation as it extends beyond trying to block B&F Medical Complex’s Affordable Health Care to where they are mandating National Health Tax Schemes and increased Public Health Care Costs to a level that is unaffordable to ordinary citizens… Again this may be denied but to lose your Health is to lose it all.

I am unable to see how a Sick Person who cannot afford $50 can suddenly afford $500 so it’s hard to imagine why Government and others would believe that by tripling Medical Fees at Public Clinics and Hospital they would automatically triple their income from Patients… It is no mystery that these Poor Patients will have to seek different Health Providers, pray for miracles or simply suffer and die.

It can never be right for leaders to replace the People’s Need with their Greed but we seem to be forced into a world of Corruption Contests and Ponzi Schemes where leaders are preoccupied with chasing the Dollar and blaming the Poor for being poor – Once again, like Days of Slavery, too much is still not enough as Masters try to grab it all and leave nothing for those doing the work.

No wonder you ask what’s in this for me and seem puzzled when I refer you to the ‘God of Nature and Laws of Balance’… However, this is a fair question because, as a Health Care Provider, I am constantly reminded how much I can gain by being quiet – Guess what, this is the 21st Century and whether we choose to believe it or not we are all in this together and our People deserve better.

Unfortunately, when Schemes of leaders threaten the Lands, Dignity and Health of a People the likely outcome is not in that Peoples’ Best Interest… Our Forefathers were bought and sold for this same love of Money and lack of Vision – Our Children should not have to suffer this same fate…

You know where I stand – I refuse to sell out my People or Country and I am certainly not for sale.

PS:… I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes 

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