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Fights @ ESHS are now the norm; $1M wall useless- Students & Teachers

December 7th, 2016 | Tags: fights students ESHS brawl wall safety
The brawl among several students of Elmore Stoutt High School on December 2, 2016 was captured on video and published on social media. Photo: Team of Reporters
Fights among students of Elmore Stoutt High School have reportedly been very frequent. Photo: Team of Reporters
Fights among students of Elmore Stoutt High School have reportedly been very frequent. Photo: Team of Reporters
The million dollar wall by controversial Minister for Education and Culture Hon Myron V. Walwyn (AL) has done little to comfort teachers and students of Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS). Photo: VINO/File
The million dollar wall by controversial Minister for Education and Culture Hon Myron V. Walwyn (AL) has done little to comfort teachers and students of Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS). Photo: VINO/File
The Elmore Stoutt High School continues to be plagued by students fighting and other issues of indiscipline. Photo: VINO/File
The Elmore Stoutt High School continues to be plagued by students fighting and other issues of indiscipline. Photo: VINO/File
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- When the controversial Minister for Education and Culture Hon Myron V. Walwyn (AL) came under fire for wasting tax payers money to build a small wall around the Elmore Stoutt High School in Road Town just before the 2015 snap elections, he made attempts to justify the project by telling the public it will help with security of the school compound.

Minister Walwyn in his second term (2011-current) as Education Minister said the million dollar wall will keep out knives and drugs, reduce fights and stop non-students from getting on the compound while, according to him, “protecting teachers and students.”

Well none of this has come to pass and many students and teachers, speaking to our newsroom last Friday December 2, 2016 after a big brawl among mostly male students of the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS), confirmed that the wall has not reduced fights and made students and teachers any safer.

In fact they confirmed that former students easily “jump the wall and come on to the campus to make trouble all the time.” One female student said “it’s like there is no fence. It got fights all the time and we smell weed on campus.”

Who were fighting last Friday?

It is alleged that the fight last Friday were among students from the Belle Vue area of Tortola against students from the western end of Tortola, including from Jost Van Dyke.

There are unconfirmed reports as to what started the fight at the end of the school day, but it is reported that almost every month there is a fist fight at ESHS, according to one local teacher who said she wants out of the school.

The regular fights usually involve young boys fighting over girls, and so called East vs West side, according to one student. When asked if there are gangs at ESHS, the 16 year old student said “I don’t know if it’s a real gang like what they have in the States but everybody got their side and once you trouble someone from the other side there is beef and you have to protect your boys.”

It was unclear if any student was charged or injured or had to be taken to Peebles Hospital or what was the level of the Police and Security involvement in stopping the nasty fight.

When the fight eventually ended, several items belonging to students brawling were destroyed or missing, including shoes, bags and other items.

It is unclear what happened to the students involved in the fight, however, there are reports of suspensions being handed down.

A video recording of the brawl, shared with this news site, has gone viral on social media.

Principal Sandy M. Underhill could not be reached for comment while Police Information Officer Diane Drayton didn’t respond to our queries at the time of publication.

48 Responses to “Fights @ ESHS are now the norm; $1M wall useless- Students & Teachers”

  • teacher john (07/12/2016, 17:45) Like (15) Dislike (14) Reply
    High school in a mess
  • Welsah (07/12/2016, 17:46) Like (19) Dislike (18) Reply
    NDP in control, and the children out-of-control. Tings to tark.
  • Come On! (07/12/2016, 17:53) Like (126) Dislike (9) Reply
    Come on now man, nobody in their right mind would say building a wall would stop fights. Building a wall is about securing the school campus from outside influence and I agree wholeheartedly with it. The firs time someone cut a fence or got in through an opening and harm a teacher or student, the first thing would be "WHY DIDN'T GOVERNMENT BUILD A PROPER WALL TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE INSIDE THE SCHOOL COMPOUND!" Parents are raising animals instead of kids and that's the problem, nothing to do with Government. The Government cannot fix rude, disrespectful nasty kids who also have rude, disrespectful and nasty parents, they will all reap what they sow for not taking responsibility for their offspring.
    • @ come on! (07/12/2016, 20:08) Like (24) Dislike (43) Reply
      We will not be fooled by funny man paid bloggers
    • yes (07/12/2016, 20:52) Like (25) Dislike (0) Reply
      @Come On, so true. Years ago when I use to go to Wayne Aspanal School in St. Thomas, they use to call it Vietnam. This High School is beginning to look like Vietnam.
    • Dont blame the wall (08/12/2016, 06:26) Like (11) Dislike (3) Reply
      The wall protects students from outsiders-not students from fighting students..... Saw the video and saw a repeat offender going at it again... Guess his brain got damaged infront last year cause i swear some of these kids dont learn
    • uza a skunt mon? (08/12/2016, 09:07) Like (6) Dislike (12) Reply
      You sound like a ndp supporter. Well obviously the current wall isn't effective, one student said that its like there is no wall how some trouble making kids still manage to get inside the school. So tell me how is this a "proper wall"? So what does this mean? Tax payers money was wasted again.
      • Hmmmm (08/12/2016, 14:54) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
        Why are you using dirty words? This is school children we are talking about and look what language you decide to use?
    • @Come On! (08/12/2016, 10:12) Like (6) Dislike (2) Reply
      Its not even the building of a wall, its the COST! Under the NDP every project was grossly managed with ginormous over runs. If the small man could get paid as the big ones then they could take better care of them animals at home. So yes the government has had a hand in this. And to date, not a single report has been properly given to the public for each and every project led by the NDP.
    • Binocs (08/12/2016, 10:50) Like (8) Dislike (4) Reply
      @Come On! I agree with you totally!! A bunch of disrespectful generation these supposed adults are raising!! A reflection of unloving households!!
      Parents, show your children love and caring attention. That is what they are lacking at home. They listen to you with your negative conversations at home and you shout at your children and put them down. How do you expect them to feel good about themselves in order to become law abiding citizens of our country.
      • @sad (08/12/2016, 13:22) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
        Darling many homes are not like yours. Nice and calm- get real. Many homes / apartments are crammed with many social ills. This govt has put the horse before the cart. The investments made by them in no which way address the social ills in these Virgin Islands. Perhaps the $100m spent on the Pier Park could have been used to pull this group of our folk forward. Instead they invested in a corner for the elite to shop. But oh dear, no one is shopping as the cruise passengers just stoll pass the stores.
  • Music (07/12/2016, 18:00) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    I cant think any of the fighters partake in the music programme?
  • Hmmm (07/12/2016, 18:57) Like (9) Dislike (1) Reply
    Imagine JVD students were told to stay JVD and don't come over to go school... well sah that's the best solution they could have come up with? The teachers are going to come to them... didn't they change that
  • DON Q (07/12/2016, 19:01) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    • They all taking advantage. (08/12/2016, 06:54) Like (6) Dislike (2) Reply
      We know these Politicians Robbing we mercilessly.. The wall is still unfinished.. It my take Another couple hundred gran to finish. .Who's going to address the people, the students and teachers concerns .. Wh
  • sandy to soft (07/12/2016, 20:09) Like (10) Dislike (13) Reply
    Poor high school it need a man in charge
    • Funny (08/12/2016, 06:43) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
      You're funny. They beat the last guy that was there. What these hooligans need is repercussions! !!!
  • Ya me born (07/12/2016, 20:23) Like (21) Dislike (0) Reply
    With a population of close to 30,000 I think it time for the government to seriously consider building another high school on Tortola...that would help solve a lot of the problems they 're having now like the fighting and being uncontrollable.
  • Teacher (07/12/2016, 20:41) Like (19) Dislike (10) Reply
    High school so bad of all our principal does is walk around with her crownies trying look good
    • Teacher also (08/12/2016, 05:27) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
      You must be jealous or something because I don't see you trying to help or situation, the best you can do is bad talk people...half of you teachers making it worst by not doing what you suppose to do...Sandy can't do everything ..what make you think principals can run a school ...if them all stay home the school can run...if we the teachers stay home they school can't function.. most of us..don't be in place or do our job...but the best of us..we love to complain..all the time never holding one head ..don't want to see people succeed. KEEP IT UP..KEEP TALKING TO THE MEDIA TELLING THEM LIES. YOU all well know it was worst 2 years ago under you know who.
      • chad (08/12/2016, 08:41) Like (5) Dislike (1) Reply
        @ Teacher also...I am so sorry for our students if you truly are a teacher, because your vocabulary is horrible!
        • @ wow (08/12/2016, 09:47) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
          Blame the teachers because I'm a student who observes well enough and have been here longe enough to know teachers are not all the problem
          • @ @ wow (08/12/2016, 14:57) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
            It was 9:47 am that you commented and said that you are a student. You need to pay attention in class and get off the internet. That's what!
        • @wow (09/12/2016, 03:25) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
          Thank you. Same thing i was here noticing. Maybe a "student in training teacher"
  • we miss tobin (07/12/2016, 23:26) Like (9) Dislike (4) Reply
    When people are appointed due to politics then what you expect?
    • Teacher (10/12/2016, 15:52) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Who misses Tobin? Please! The current principal is doing her best with very little. I'm no fan of hers but I respect her and all she is trying to do. As it stands she is the BEST person for the job.
  • wize up (07/12/2016, 23:43) Like (11) Dislike (1) Reply
    some those funds given to security can be used to purchase supplies for our sons and our daughters....the most the security does at the high school is open and close the gates....the staff at HLSCC have issues collecting wages and a set of security people up there being paid to let you in and out of the compound....when funding is tight priority spending should be given great consideration(it will be nice to hear from anyone that knows the true purpose of the security at both locations other than giving political affiliaties work....most i see the security doing is opening and closing gates(there goes your tax money and a change must come)...i departed BVIHS around 1981 no security and no fighting NOW you a set of security and the compound like a crazy ward
  • Sherry (07/12/2016, 23:55) Like (13) Dislike (0) Reply
    I was at a stop sign by the high school when a fight broke out with girls on the side walk. It was so upsetting I opened the car door and yelled "stop it stop it!!" A police was down the street, adults just watched. Nothing happened.
    I never felt so shocked and upset with no one trying to stop it. Bullying doesn't help with self esteem, and those angry kids turn into angry adults when no one stands up for them. Stop it!!
    • ? (08/12/2016, 08:51) Like (0) Dislike (10) Reply
      So....why didn't you stop it?
      • ?? (08/12/2016, 23:57) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
        I did try you ungrateful hack. I was in moving car traffic and didn't want to tie it up. But at least I yelled and drew attention. no one did anything. I went straight to the police station and reported it. Would you have done the same?
  • Nothing New. Part of growing up. (08/12/2016, 06:48) Like (8) Dislike (3) Reply
    Junior High School High School always have fight almost every day when I was going to school in St Kitts in the 80s. It's just boys testing their strength holding their ground, defending themselves from bullies.. A bully will hit you and nag you every day and want to take your lunch money once you be come afraid.. U fight to get that respect and to be left alone. I've fight many many times... The good thing is there are no guns and no weapons keeping all fist and strength because it will not stop....
    • Control anger (08/12/2016, 12:13) Like (1) Dislike (3) Reply
      @Nothing New. Part of growing up

      R--, you sound just how you look. this can be control, fighting is never the best way out.
      • Street Reporter. @ control anger (08/12/2016, 14:02) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        This dude look much better than UR lover. hahahaha. For Real. By the way how do u know what he looks like? You must be a Police..or working for Vino..How do you control anger when someone or a bully hit on you every day.? Tell me your solution Ms know it all....Run..hide..Don't go school... Go to the head master. Go to the police....Tell me your solution.. . Ms know it all...
  • Violence (08/12/2016, 08:11) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
    Violence begets violence. We learn how to deal with conflict at home. Look at the reports of domestic violence. Look at how many families don't have a father figure. Do we bother to teach conflict resolution at school....nah....that is a non-belonged concept. We don't need that. Well, as we sow, so we reap, and here we are in full harvest season. It'll only get worse. Knives, guns etc all coming. Place is lawless.
  • respect (08/12/2016, 11:12) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply

    Frist of all some of the teachers need discipline and in turn they can discipline the students. But in that school if you are not in the cleek you are left in the cold. Too many in mature ladies with problems are employed. When you visit the staff room you can hear the cleek bad talking each other. TEACHERS RESPECT YOUR SHELF AND THE STUDENTS WILL FOLLOW SUIT. TEACHERS /WORKERS FIGHTING IN CLUBS WHAT DO YOU EXPEXT THE STRUDENTS TO DO. BE ROLE MODELS AND THE CHILDREN WILL CHANGE. STOP TRYING TO KEEP DOWN EACH OTHER AND DO THE JOBS YOU ARE PAID TO DO.

  • Sigh (08/12/2016, 16:02) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    This should not be a surprised since a lot of adults are rude , foul mouth and uncouth. Too many angry people around, some ready to cuss for the slightest thing. The society needs to be rid of this animalistic behavior.
  • The Good Old Days (09/12/2016, 10:06) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    The Hon. Mr. Elmore Stoutt is a wise man. He knew that if he ran around with a strap, the children would see it as a game.

    As one of his students have told me, "We use to laugh at him because we know he couldn't catch us. And for the ones he did catch, we laughed and wonder how."

    Maybe if teachers and parents would treat the children as children then they would perhaps gain some sort of control.

    Let us try to understand how the children feel and accommodate their needs. Perhaps an amusement park, an aquarium or a top notch museum might spark their interest. Or maybe more recreational activities like swimming, skating, snorkeling.

    Parents, step up to the plate, discipline yourselves so that you may discipline your children. Visit your children at school. Check on them and make sure they are okay.

    Teachers, take authority and playfully discipline the children as Mr. Stoutt did.

    And as for the children, try to find new ways of achieving your dominant role in the high school society.

    Try "fighting" in the basketball arena. Try "fighting" to make it to the top of your class. You can put your natural abilities through different test, not just through "fist fighting".

    Come on. You should know better.

  • Tr. J (09/12/2016, 10:46) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    It behooves me that in today's day the Ministry would wait until the last minute to hire teachers, and would pick the ones who have practically no experience and send to a high school that already has problems. Not everyone who says they have a degree ( be it Bachelor or Master) is teacher material. A teacher should not only know the subject matter, but be able to deliver in way that meets the needs of every child.

    The teacher's concept of "I learn already" is not encouraging a child who is not a B or an A student. Some obviously need more attention than others. With proper lesson planning ( if the lesson plans are assessed), one of the teacher's job is to analyse her/his students and meet the students where they are.

    A teacher should have good classroom management skills. We know that some of these students come from dysfunctional homes. The teachers are just escalating the problem by their blatant disrespect, use of foul language like the "BIG F" on students, not intervening when there is an altercation in the class, neglecting helping a child who may need further explanation on a math problem , and such like. Sometimes you visit a classroom and cannot differentiate the teacher from the student because the teacher is cursing with the students. Do we expect students to behave any different?..Lord send help. Sometimes, what these kids need is a little soft talk to let them know that someone cares. Yes, I know its High School, but their needs differ.

    With these in mind,
    1. The Ministry needs to do proper screening before hiring teachers.
    2. A teacher can make a big difference starting in the classroom.
    3. Let's get back to "a community raise a child".

    • The Good Old Days (09/12/2016, 12:05) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ Tr. J. Well said and very profound. If only we could get very important people to listen, news articles like this one would no longer be.
    • @ Tr. J (09/12/2016, 13:44) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      With these in mind,
      1. The Ministry needs to do proper screening before hiring teachers.
      2. A teacher can make a big difference starting in the classroom.
      3. Let's get back to "a community raise a child".

      how about parents need to raise their children the way God originally intended? A teacher can only do so much.
  • THE ESHS (09/12/2016, 18:15) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • Tis Tis (12/12/2016, 21:58) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    These adults dont know what's going on in the school. They only talk what they heard on the streets.

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