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Fahie In, Fraser Out: Big upset in VIP elections

- Natalio D. Wheatley beats out Preston P. Stoutt for President
First District Representative Hon Andrew A. Fahie (left) has unseated veteran legislator Hon Julian Fraser RA (R3) as Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP). Photo: VINO/File
New Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP), Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1) following his election victory on November 30, 2016. Photo: Team of Reporters
New Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP), Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1) following his election victory on November 30, 2016. Photo: Team of Reporters
Hon Julian Fraser RA (right) alongside outgoing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) President Carvin Malone at the VIP General Meeting on November 30, 2016. Photo: Team of Reporters
Hon Julian Fraser RA (right) alongside outgoing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) President Carvin Malone at the VIP General Meeting on November 30, 2016. Photo: Team of Reporters
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- The Virgin Islands Party (VIP) has a new Chairman in First District Representative Hon Andrew A. Fahie, who moments ago, November 30, 2016 unseated Opposition Leader and Third District Representative Hon Julian Fraser RA at the party’s internal elections held at Maria’s by the Sea in Road Town.

The new president of the party is Dr Natalio D Wheatley aka Sowande Uhuru, who was elected ahead of Preston P. Stoutt by 53 votes to 19. Mr Stoutt, a former Independent Candidate and son of the late H. Lavity Stoutt, was nominated from the floor for President.

In the main event, however, Hon Fahie, the former Minister for Education and Culture, shockingly defeated the veteran and much more experienced legislator Hon Fraser by a considerable margin, 52 votes to 22.

Traditionally, the Chairman of the VIP becomes the Premier if the party wins the General Elections of the Virgin Islands.

Meanwhile, Two days before the internal elections, controversy erupted when party member and former Second District Candidate Rajah A. Smith made allegations of the elections process being rigged.

Mr Smith told the media on November 28, 2016 that the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) internal elections process was being tampered with, alleging that Delegates were being demoted to Alternate Delegates, making them ineligible to vote.

Mr Smith was of the opinion that those party members being affected were persons who support Opposition Leader and party Chairman Hon Julian Fraser RA (R3).

VIP President Mr Carvin Malone had refuted those allegations, saying “There are no known or proven basis for allegations of the process being rigged.”

Party member and former Permanent Secretary Mr Julian Willock had stated that if there is legitimate evidence that something went wrong with the delegates' list then this needs to be addressed.

He had also said that while he was pledging his support for Hon Fraser to remain Chairman, both Hons Fraser and Fahie were capable of being the Chairman of the VIP.”

70 Responses to “Fahie In, Fraser Out: Big upset in VIP elections”

  • wow (30/11/2016, 22:19) Like (15) Dislike (1) Reply
    Will on the road agin
  • good (30/11/2016, 22:22) Like (41) Dislike (12) Reply
    I am pleased to hear this news.
    • Smile (01/12/2016, 10:39) Like (16) Dislike (1) Reply
      Third time, lucky.
      1st - 1st Chairmanship contest - Fraser - 44, Fahie - 30
      2nd - Leader of the Opposition - Fraser 1 + Governor (whose "vote" counted), Fahie - 1 + losing VIP candidates (whose "votes" didn't count).
      3rd - 2nd Chairmanship contest - Fahie - 52, Fraser - 22

      When will the next battle take place between these two?

      However, Fraser should step down as Leader of the Opposition and let Fahie take the reigns so that he is at the helm for the VIP both in the HOA and in the future campaign.

      This is Fraser's third loss (1st - 2015 election, snap or otherwise, 2nd - VIP losing candidates abandoning him for the position of Opposition Leader in what was effectively an open rebellion and 3rd - 2016 chairmanship race). At heart, he is a good man but he needs to seriously broaden his social skills and repackage himself to be acceptable on a national scale, if he is going to challenge Fahie again.

      Hon Fraser - take some time out for yourself and do some considerable self assessment.

      Congratulations to Hon Fahie.
      • Reply (02/12/2016, 20:03) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
        Shame on you all, no wonder NDP sweep both elections. Too much fighting, get a hold of yourselves, you're all too power hungry and arrogant. Maybe you'll all humble yourselves now.
  • Poor Frasier (30/11/2016, 22:25) Like (17) Dislike (5) Reply
    Looks like he belly bust.
  • one eye (30/11/2016, 22:27) Like (22) Dislike (4) Reply
    No surprise here
  • Myo (30/11/2016, 22:32) Like (18) Dislike (5) Reply
    This deserves a calypso song..look trouble .
  • Hmmm (30/11/2016, 22:34) Like (21) Dislike (4) Reply
    I hope that they will go pay their bills now
    • NDP founder (02/12/2016, 20:23) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      I dont like the VIP but i can say that Andrew would get my vote as he is truly a leader
  • voiceofthevoiceless (30/11/2016, 22:35) Like (68) Dislike (5) Reply
    Congratulations are in order to Honorable Andrew Fahie. Start the movement to unite and grow the party with reasonable and positive minded individuals who think country first before self. I have no doubt you would be able to attract a good cast of candidates to give the people a viable alternative to the incumbent. You are a young Veteran with the requisite enthusiasm, levelheadedness, intellect and charisma to bring this country together. You need support.

    Common sense has prevailed. All the best Honorable. Stay humble and let God be your guiding force.
  • First district (30/11/2016, 22:38) Like (40) Dislike (6) Reply
    Serious time for serious minds!! Congrats Fahie, let's make BVI great again like HL days..Great leaders come from the west..West is Best..
  • Lord... (30/11/2016, 22:52) Like (17) Dislike (3) Reply
    Voiceless you said it! Without vision the people perish but God will never forsake us.
  • Making the switch (30/11/2016, 22:55) Like (35) Dislike (6) Reply
    Thats the best thing that could happen to the bvi.... now the NDP under pressure Fahie should run at-large and get a good candidate for the 1st and put frazer at-large as well.. get rid of Maynard,Mcloud, Penn-Oneal,Mcmillan,Romney,R.Smith
    • voiceofthevoiceless (30/11/2016, 23:17) Like (44) Dislike (7) Reply
      You got me until you said Fraser for at large. A good strategic move would be for Fahie to run at large and let him endorse a youngster for his district but Fraser outside of his district ( which he barely won) is political suicide. Andrew Fahie is well liked and respected outside of his district but I cannot say the same for Fraser. Do not be surprised if he tries to start his own party which would be suicidal too but that is his prerogative.

      I have no reservations that Andrew Fahie will attract a strong list of candidates and support to move the party and country forward.
    • Independent (30/11/2016, 23:40) Like (13) Dislike (0) Reply
      Fraser might go Independent
    • pat (01/12/2016, 02:50) Like (14) Dislike (26) Reply
      fahie at large, stoutt in first.
    • ....... (01/12/2016, 07:58) Like (21) Dislike (3) Reply
      Fraser At Large? Are you some kinda nut job??
  • wize up (30/11/2016, 22:57) Like (29) Dislike (2) Reply
    Let's all say "west side"
  • tola (30/11/2016, 23:06) Like (22) Dislike (3) Reply
    Thank you on the move
  • wize up (30/11/2016, 23:06) Like (28) Dislike (8) Reply
    Just a follow up.....time he wasted trying to show off on the member from the 9 district he could have been have been doing his own home work.....lets hear him in house of assembly next week
    • voiceofthevoiceless (30/11/2016, 23:21) Like (22) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ wizeup
      I doubt it would have mattered as Frasier's fate was sealed with that 2-11 shellacking at the polls under his stewardship. Normally some leaders would have resigned after that but not Frasier. He had to go the hard way.
      • wize up (01/12/2016, 08:18) Like (18) Dislike (0) Reply
        @ voice for voiceless: you are correct(A+) it is not about country for these guys; it is all about their ego and self gratification(home boy and his cronies will rather see the demise of the VIP rather than doing the right thing which was to step aside)...i want to honesty see the VIP blooming with vigor and bring back hope to the small man in this territory(prove me wrong;within the past 5 years the territory has shifted)
  • Tings to talk for the rest of the week (30/11/2016, 23:09) Like (17) Dislike (1) Reply
    Lawd! What a beating! 52 to 22 with plenty of good uppercuts. Looks like Fahie has the longer reach after all.
  • Iatolaha (30/11/2016, 23:50) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
    Watch carefully what happens from here on
  • Me (01/12/2016, 00:11) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply
    Will Fahie now become Leader of the opposition?
    • yeah (01/12/2016, 09:57) Like (15) Dislike (1) Reply
      Fahie will write to the Governor and invoke his Constitutional rights. He will tell the Governor that the Constitution said the Leader of the Party, and that he took option 2 to appoint Fraser. Now that he is the Leader of the Party, he came to cash in his check marked "Chairman of Party" equals Leader of the Opposition. Poor Fraser getting a good strip down.
      • wize up (01/12/2016, 10:23) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
        @ yeah....dam good idea and I love it!!!!
      • However (01/12/2016, 19:56) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
        Andrew was voted in to lead the party in the next general election, so technically fraser should remain until the house is dissolved
  • Political Observer (PO) (01/12/2016, 00:22) Like (22) Dislike (0) Reply
    For transparency, I have no dawg in the fight and just calling balls and strike. The Hon Fahie victory for VIP chairperson is no surprise, for the seeds for his victory were sown before the last election and was exacerbated and fertilized by the 11-2 shellacking at the polls. Additionally, that true bell weather, school chiren, were saying that Fraser was a drag on the party and a major factor in the party's poor performance. The 11-2 thrashing was an indication that the electorate lacked confidence in Hon Fraser's leadership. Fraser, had the opportunity to lead and influence others to follow him but he failed and struggled to deliver.

    Nonetheless, Fahie's victory is a small and first step in a long and arduous journey. The venerable VIP founded by the iconic and visionary late and former Chief Minister Hamilton Lavity Stoutt needs a structural and political renaissance. Winning the chairperson position was the easy part. Now the heavy lifting is yet to be executed. First Fahie needs to developed the plans and programmes to get the VI ship of state back on track and moving it. Secondly, he needs to identify the funding streams, identify problems, craft solutions, identify the national priorities, list what programmes will be deferred and delayed getting done, and attract the team to execute plans and programmes. Fahie needs to show that he and his team can deliver the same or more services with the same resources. The electorate will not be keen on changing government if nothing will change for the better.

    Though the Hon Fraser may not have won the chairperson position, he has a lot to contribute and should part of the VIP team. Preston Stoutt, son of the founder of the VIP, is a formidable candidate in his own right and will be a strong at large candidate. The VIP at large team can include Preston Stoutt, Karl Dawson, Irene Penn-O'Neal, Danica Penn among others. Look like a fight is on. The Rattler Strike, Strike and Strike Again.
    • RealPol (01/12/2016, 08:13) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
      @PO, ditto and real talk. As usual a good post with a treasure trove of ideas and cursory blue print for the way forward. The Hon Fraser may be disappointed but it was democracy at work: Of the people, For the people and by the people. Sometimes victory comes from setbacks. In biblical context, one has to experience trials, tribulations.......etc to gain achieve the Victory. Many prominent political leaders have had setbacks, e.g., US President Abraham Lincoln. Be a true and committed Virgin Islander, stay part of the team and help to the dig the territory out of a deepening and widening hole. Put aside the ego and put country before personal interest.

      Hon Fahie, congratulations! But hope there is no popping of champagne and eating of caviar, for as PO noted, it is a first small step of a long and arduous journey. Let's not get things twisted, for the once seemingly invincible VIP is floundering and strong and effective leadership is needed to build confidence and trust in it again. Do not misread your victory as the majority of people approving. Long way from it. If success is going to be achieved, the foundation has to be laid and the construction started. The first of order of business is uniting the party. The Bible says a house divided will fall. The next general election is a just a few short months away. Be ready! In Rattler fashion, Strike, Strike and Strike again.
    • ndp (01/12/2016, 10:00) Like (12) Dislike (1) Reply
      Political Observer

      If he can get a good candidate for District 7 then I am voting VIP
  • Congratulations, I believe (01/12/2016, 00:46) Like (29) Dislike (0) Reply
    I can only pray that this is a move in the right direction because the state that we are currently in is no good. As a previous NDP supporter (for the wrong reasons albeit) I can only hope that you, Mr. Fahie, will bring what we truly need to help our BVI. Sir, if you happen to read this post, please dedicate to reading the book of Proverbs.

    First,the book of Proverbs basically prepares you for leadership. Do you know that if you read a Proverb a day, you can learn to avoid a lot of pitfalls? I am learning this every day!

    Second, this post of servitude should never be, what Mr. Dawson correctly states, one of self-ambition. It is a post that calls for sacrifice of self for the greater good. Please understand this! It is not a post to be used to help a selected few, but everyone. It is not a post to help family members become rich or give them a step ahead of others. No! This is one of the many missteps that we constantly take because we want to help our family out, but this causes strife!

    Third, it is not a post to be used to accept bribes! We must all strive to do what is right before God and man. God blesses us when we do the right thing. We are hoping that you will use this position for the greater God, and when you remain focused on that God will elevate you because of your humility. No need to let us know what your qualifications are, you are, at this time, the best candidate thus far. Don't let pride get in the way!

    Fourth, please invest in the youths. Our youths are suffering tremendously because there are not enough good mentors out there who are diligently building them up. They go away to college, come back and only a select few make it. Do you know why? Because of a lack of mentors! The older generation see the younger generation and are threatened by them. They fail to work alongside them and remember that they are the future. We should form a united front! You speak of wanting to separate from England, but we do not have the mindset to do it! We are too busy fighting against each other to even make it on our own. When young people come home, assign them mentors in their field. Even if they cannot draw a salary, let them volunteer alongside that mentor so they can gain the practicum experience.

    Fifth, please invest in teachers. I cannot hammer this one out enough. Teachers should have an association created where the older teachers can teach the younger teachers the job. There should be regular meetings where teachers can collaborate to discuss issues that they face; how they can be avoided or fixed. This extends to lesson plans, educational policies, issues faced on the job. It should be an arena used to promote polished and effective teachers. Our teachers help in preparing out future generation. Have an effective research department whose job is to constantly go through research to help improve the education system. Is anyone performing longitudinal studies on the new system that Mr. Walwyn suggested? How will we know that it works? Who is collecting all the information that we need?

    There it is in a nutshell, sir, and I hope that if you read this post, you truly give it some thought.
    • Citizen (01/12/2016, 09:40) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
      I'm not for or against these gentlemen but your post says it all well done.
    • This is (01/12/2016, 09:59) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
      One of the most thoughtful suggestions that I have ever read since reading these online sites. There are others like Political Observer, Reply, E. Leonard, and others who also contribute great insights. Thank you for sharing the plight of our young people. They have been becoming so discouraged by the lack of support they face after return from their studies and experience abroad, only to face the harsh reality in our country. An environment of self over country. Again, I thank You for sharing, and I do Hope Mr Fahie reads your contribution.
  • Trump (01/12/2016, 01:46) Like (12) Dislike (3) Reply
    Frazer must feel like Killary, lol
  • SMH (01/12/2016, 03:27) Like (14) Dislike (27) Reply
    Under Andrew the NDP will win. Too much dirty laundry. If they had any sense they would have chosen a fresh face. The door is now open wide for a third party to come in.
    • Congrats Gents. (01/12/2016, 07:21) Like (18) Dislike (1) Reply
      Fahie and Wheatley a great pair a good match two men that believe in listening and engaging in open and respectful dialogue.. Looking for good things. Now I'm considering voting VIP.
    • forward (01/12/2016, 07:40) Like (16) Dislike (4) Reply
      Get out of here with this foolishness! Andrew has a proven record while serving in the government and opposition. It's amazing how you people try to sabotage Andrew with vicious fallacies but y'all fail to speak out on the current Ministers of Government and the entire NDP's track record of no accountability since they came into office in 2011 to now! Come on. Open your eyes. As people always say, "Good Andrew! Bad Andrew!" He is one person and his flaws cannot in any way compare to those of the current government. The NDP has refused to commit to transparency though they convinced the Virgin Islands that they will be the government in the sunshine. There are many unconstitutional practices happening yet the Governor continues to turn a blind eye. BVI, wake up everyone who's sleeping!!!! With Fahie and the new VIP, together we will rise!
    • @ SMH (02/12/2016, 20:14) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      These party extremists and their detractors, apologists, and sympathizers needs to publish the source of their version of the internal constitution under which they derive their arguments.
  • boxer (01/12/2016, 04:56) Like (24) Dislike (6) Reply
    A new day has dawned in the Virgin

    Down goes Fraser, Down goes Fraser....
  • santa (01/12/2016, 06:48) Like (9) Dislike (3) Reply
    Not sure about Fahie, but Frazer wasn't the right man for the job. Well only time will tell!
  • voter (01/12/2016, 06:54) Like (8) Dislike (3) Reply
    I agree with willock i will rather a fraser or fahie any day over another day of the ndp
  • Iatolaha (01/12/2016, 06:59) Like (9) Dislike (7) Reply
    Some of the money it is alleged Fahie has starched away ina US bank could help to pay off the debts of the party since they say it is easy money but they say he can't touch it as the authorities are watching
  • i from here (01/12/2016, 07:16) Like (13) Dislike (0) Reply
    Upset ? We all expected this VINO!
  • shortsight (01/12/2016, 07:22) Like (10) Dislike (13) Reply
    just like in the USA. no one person. expected. that outcome except those who were in the conspiracy, but i beg to remind us that Andrew is carrying a whole lot of baggages with him. look back at his attitude from the past elections up to today, infacts up to yesterday, and see how he has changed. He was trying to show us that he was supportive to Frazier ,but there was a sword drawn. and ready to be rammed into frazier's back at the earliest convenience. But can they trust each other, surely no more. andrew. already has his motives and i doubt he will follow protocol..
    Hon. Frazer, if you plan to stay in politics, let us now start anew. let us come together and. make this country proud of true leaders. we only need to know that you realize you were saboatarged. take some time and give it your consideration.
    • voiceofthevoiceless (01/12/2016, 09:13) Like (13) Dislike (2) Reply

      You are truly living up to your shortsighted name. What baggage? Give us some details (other than some outdated google nonsense) instead of trying to cast aspersions on Fahie's name. Is he perfect? None of us are.

      Frazier's reaction 'I'm out' says it all. Instead of congratulating his opponent all he could say is 'I'm out'. Telling. Well if he and his supporters leave and start their own party that might well be better for the party as I am sure they will find able replacements rather than be burdened by a discontented faction whose sole intention is to undermine. I assure you though that would be political suicide.
  • Hmmm (01/12/2016, 07:44) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    Hollywood for the people of the VI. Hollywood st it's finest.
  • ausar (01/12/2016, 08:01) Like (13) Dislike (19) Reply
    VI is a joke how come a man could resign a party one week and the next he is the president of another party
    • wize up (01/12/2016, 09:06) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ ausar: to give like you ting 2 talk(my good friend you are not communist Russia) and I hope next week he forms his own party giving you more things to talk(take the day off and go to the beach enjoy the VI)
    • Stop Hating (01/12/2016, 12:21) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
  • VI to The Bone (01/12/2016, 09:08) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    Prediction Fraser Leaves and go join Alvin!
    • wize up (01/12/2016, 15:36) Like (15) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ VI to the Bone: not even 14 kindergarten children will join a political party under the leadership of fraser: it is those hardcore old school folk down st thomas that kept fraser winning in his district(could not help him last night)
  • Chance (01/12/2016, 09:37) Like (10) Dislike (2) Reply
    PROPHET CARN prophecy has fulfill again. Continue to be humbled Hon Fahie.
    • Jumbiebeed (01/12/2016, 10:13) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
      Tell us what Prophet CARN's prophecy stated buddy. Some of them prophets does be speaking what thus said their head, not what thus saith the Lord.
      • LOL (01/12/2016, 16:18) Like (0) Dislike (3) Reply
        The Prophet told him that the Lord will elevate him to a high position as the punishment he will receive does not it the position where he is now. So if Carn was right, Andrew is being set up to be punished. He does need to be mindful of the prophecy and walk humbly before God.
    • light (01/12/2016, 10:24) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
      Don't forget Prophet Carn prophesised the NDP would lose at 2015 elections. Ask Pico and others. they were there.
      • @light (01/12/2016, 16:21) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
        Carn didn't. He said they would win but they will not last through the full election term. Now if he meant the Government, that is still left to be seen. If he meant the NDP as a political party, I think that prophesy has already fulfilled and is continuing to fulfill with all the internal drama for the top seat.
      • or dark? (02/12/2016, 09:37) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
        He also said over and over again that Hilary would win the US elections! its all over youtube
  • Cisco (01/12/2016, 10:07) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
    Time to take a stand. If no financial reports laid before the house before the next budget 2017 sessions; Strike!
    No work
    No bus service
    No ferry
    No school
    Solidarity is the only way politicians listen to the people.
  • Freedomhascome (01/12/2016, 10:09) Like (14) Dislike (0) Reply
    The Constitution gave him the freedom to move wherever he wishes; it gives him freedom to associate with whomever he wishes; it gives him freedom of expression, so, No, AUSAR, don't call my country A JOKE, because we operate on law, order, privilege and rights. Mr. Uhuru exercised his and joined whatever party he desired. By the way, what you doing in a country you calling a Joke? You can leave anytime.
  • wize up (01/12/2016, 10:31) Like (5) Dislike (2) Reply
    next move for fahie is becoming the leader of the opposition in house of assembly until next election...just a comment: most of the 22 votes given to fraser came from connections to the 3rd district(it is my understanding that each district have 8 eligible voters and home boy could only foster 22 of his cronies)
  • Mmmm... (01/12/2016, 10:41) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    I would like to get paid from the last election!!!
    • wize up (01/12/2016, 12:07) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ Mmmmm: don't start that level of conversation up in here because I am looking to get paid as well( I want to collect before you) as you know holidays are here and I need my money
  • smart man (01/12/2016, 11:54) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    lol what u see Karl Dawson as his Deputy lol woi de ting just start
  • Man to man. (01/12/2016, 17:17) Like (9) Dislike (1) Reply
    The power of Island people. Don't under estimate it.. Our enemies shall be scattered and never know success.
  • Good Stuff! (01/12/2016, 17:32) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    This is how it should have been from the get go.
  • yes (01/12/2016, 17:35) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
    Moving from good to great!
  • where (02/12/2016, 20:41) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Where are the comments by Hon. Fraser as outgoing Chairman? These should be published as he would have had his supporters too and it would show unity of the party.
  • Teacher (03/12/2016, 20:20) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Can someone please tell me why Mr Fahie mispronounce the following words. "BRIN" instead of "BRING" and "PRINCIPLE" instead of PRINCIPAL. And to imagine he was a teacher. Hope he gets the message and do beyter

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