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Epic Facebook Rant: ASPS Principal calls out Parents of ESHS students

- Calls fuel fiery debate about who is responsible for students outside of the school
Principal of the Althea Scatliffe Primary School (ASPS) Mrs Marieta C. Flax-Headley. Photo: Facebook
In the Facebook post, the popular principal wrote, “Parents of Elmore Stoutt High school you have to do better. Why are you allowing your children to roam the streets when school is dismissed at 12?
In the Facebook post, the popular principal wrote, “Parents of Elmore Stoutt High school you have to do better. Why are you allowing your children to roam the streets when school is dismissed at 12?" Photo: Facebook
Nothing to date has been done to restore the Elmore Stoutt High School following hurricanes Irma and Maria of 2017. Photo: VINO/File
Nothing to date has been done to restore the Elmore Stoutt High School following hurricanes Irma and Maria of 2017. Photo: VINO/File
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – Principal of the Althea Scatliffe Primary School (ASPS) Mrs Marieta C. Flax-Headley took to social media, unleashing a whipping on parents challenging them to take their responsibilities more seriously.

A Facebook rant of epic proportions came after she observed perceived public and inappropriate behaviours of Elmore Stout High School students during after school hours.

In the Facebook post, the popular principal wrote, “Parents of Elmore Stoutt High School you have to do better. Why are you allowing your children to roam the streets when school is dismissed at 12? I am so fed up of seeing this daily. Look at where YOUR children are,” she said referring to two photographs snapped from a distance of the high school students on the A. O. Shirley Recreational Ground.

“Girls in between the boys legs and another set gambling under the bleachers. You are responsible for your children when school is dismissed… You have to do better… What kind of society do we really have in this place??? I swear some of you all need going jail.” Principal Flax-Headley added.

Who is responsible?

The principal went on to say, “The government didn’t get these children you did. You have to put structures in place for your children, not the government… It seems like after primary school you all just throw them to the wolves. These kids ought not to be raising themselves,” ending the rant with angry emoji’s.

This sparked a lengthy debate with several finger pointing and suggestions for possible solutions with input from at least two legislators, Honourable Julian Fraser, RA (D3) who questioned similar behaviours in his district and Honourable Alvera Maduro-Caines (D6) who called it, “Not good at all.”

While Mrs Flax-Headley lumped the blame heavily on parents, others blamed the current two-shift system which has given rise to a number of challenges with High School students since its introduction. The two shift system came as a result of the September 2017 hurricanes that devastated the territory.

Supporting the post of the Principal, Ms Jasmine A. Brewley said, “Parents these days are the cause of everything their kids do. It's time they take responsibility for their children's behaviour. It's time they realise that they are raising a generation of monsters.”

One person El Tigere noted, “…and when they get before the judge, the parents coming to beg you to come court to testify that they are good children and give them a break.”

Not only in town

Trecia Mercedes Durrant highlighted that the same thing occurs through Lower Estate under “The Tree” she too whipped parents, “Parents need to see that their children are in a programme or taken home after their morning session… When they're all gone... I even see school shirts left around ...more pressure on them to wash or on the parents to buy another and another”.

As Mrs Flax-Headley acknowledged that, “Some on the basketball court in uniform from 12 until... I just shake my head.”

When Cee Elvira suggested that perhaps the start of this could have been better coordinated with the beginning of the school, Mrs Flax-Headley disagreed, “They don’t need no programme they need to go home. Where will all these children fit, if they all decide to go?? They can’t and they shouldn’t have to create any programme. You think these parents are interested in any programme? The children worse... These are big children they don’t need no babysitting.”

A silent cry for help?

When Cornwall Keshena joined the conversation he stated, “But teacher most of us at work”. Was that a silent cry for help which at its core may have appeared to go unheard?

Marieta Flax-Headley responded, “And that’s fine. What did you put in place for your child when school is dismissed? You can’t just let them roam the place like animals. You as the parent need to have a plan. How much longer they going to blame Irma. It’s been a year…”

Shelly Love continued the whipping of parents telling Cornwall Kasheena, “True but let your child know when school is out head straight home”.

Cornwall Kasheena continued, “You can’t even get a bus to pick up the kids only drop off… some of our jobs are not on the sincere side so you have to look at it all around, some of the parents haven’t even bounced back from this yet” She added. “Parents are trying their utmost in instances to keep roofs over heads and to be the provider… working with bosses who are not sympathetic nor give you any time,” with Evelyn Connor saying, “The STRUGGLE is real.”

Sakeda Badkitty Maduro said, “Sorry but I don’t see a struggle here cause if I could have listened to my parents so can others… but is too much friends…  yes, I give and spoil my kids but they know my look and voice when I mean business”.

It takes a community

At its core, the conversation underscored the role of a community in raising the younger generation and the importance of conversations in bringing issues to the fore. One contributor said that as a past PTA leader, “I don’t see (IDC) if I don't know you, I'm the elder and you're the child and if I fail to speak to you I've failed as a mother and an elder.” 

She further added, “Parents must find avenues to make it work… we as a society have to aid in raising them… many eyes are shut to many of these children”

The contributor closed by saying “I just pray we find a way and we can decrease this epidemic because about 7 years ago I've sat in a youth development meeting regarding extracurricular activities and uttered the same words (we are going to be raising monsters in a few years), it's a pity I read it in the comments but it's true if we on a whole don't help.”

28 Responses to “Epic Facebook Rant: ASPS Principal calls out Parents of ESHS students ”

  • just asking... (03/10/2018, 11:28) Like (52) Dislike (62) Reply
    is she kissing up to Myron now that PU not going to win?
    • No Name (03/10/2018, 14:56) Like (4) Dislike (11) Reply
    • school chirren (03/10/2018, 18:47) Like (28) Dislike (6) Reply
      You can guide your kids down the right path keep them inside,hide them from the world, teach them the right way to live but at the end of the day each and every child going to choose the life they want to live. Some of these big people aka the subject of this topic who is bashing other people’s parenting skills kids are the worst. Their kids can be seen riding illegal bikes on Facebook,Smoking, idolizing gangsters and everything a parent should encourage their child to stay away fronts
  • chad (03/10/2018, 12:05) Like (125) Dislike (51) Reply
    This is what’s wrong with people who are supposed to behave like adults but don’t act that way.

    Now the proper thing to do is to speak with the persons who utilize that facility or even the kids to find out what going on; but to just take a pic and assume and lash out at these kids and parents without first doing your homework Mrs Principal says a lot about you - and it ain’t saying nothing good.

    So have you considered that the children in your picture are athletes waiting to commence training.

    Have you considered that some of the children In your picture regularly play dominos to pass the the time until they start training - and are not gambling?

    She chose the wrong picture to make her point.

    Before you people give this rant any airtime you should do your own homework.

    Another trouble maker looking trouble and trying to stay relevant.
  • um (03/10/2018, 12:06) Like (60) Dislike (16) Reply
    Really? From a school where kids can walk out off at any break time without checking in with anyone. Pre Irma - little kids were climbing over the gate, going to the garage (think 7/8yo) to get food on their own. There is no supervision of children after school until picked up. They are learning their ‘wild’ ways in primary school. There ahoukd be enforced supervised drop off and pick ups or you sign to say your kid is walking home or what taxi they are on. For those that work till 5 there need to be after school clubs who you get signed into by the teacher if the parent can’t arrange other care. It can still happen at the school and either the govt or the parent pays for it.
    As for the bigger kids - it should be mandated that you finish school and then you go to after school program- the parents are all working and the kids can get up to just as much trouble at home unsupervised. All these kids are being let down by the Govt for providing a crap system and parents who don’t demand better.
  • Yes girl yes (03/10/2018, 12:12) Like (75) Dislike (16) Reply
    Yes, shut them down, expose them. Some of these parents out here is simply thrifling and ratchet. My son is allowed a 30 minute grace period after school ends to be in the house.. Ain't no hanging out or roaming the street with Harry,Bill or Bob. He defy my orders, he knows my foot will be planted up his behind. Who want to say it is cruel to do, go ahead. At the end of the day, as a mother, I am not going to allow my son to do as he please. I think the law should start holding the parents accountable.
    • Concerned (03/10/2018, 15:34) Like (17) Dislike (31) Reply
      You sound silly... where do you live? what activities are your son involved in? All these things should be taken into consideration before showing off yourself on here talking about "foot will be planted in his behind"
      • Yes girl, yes (03/10/2018, 19:01) Like (35) Dislike (18) Reply

        @Concerned, let me holla at you for a sec. Since you appear to be hood, I am going to talk to you hood. First of all, there are lots of activities I have set up in my home for my son to do. Where I live is non of your business. 

      • @concern (03/10/2018, 21:01) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
        Byeeee Feliciaaaaa.
      • NezRez (04/10/2018, 21:48) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
        Instead of we adults arguing, why not look for solutions. The high school can be relocated to a building that would hold the students to be in classes all day, not half a day. As I drove around town, I see building that would be great. The younger children can be separated from the older ones in two different buildings, which is good because they don’t need to be together. All is needed is a large space, examples:
        The movie theatre upper floors, cutlass tower, . The younger children can stay where they are in the old CTL building, and the older children in the above mentioned ones. They can each have classes all day. Does anyone else have any suggestions that are very much needed at this time? I am very concerned about the children’s future.
  • Agree (03/10/2018, 12:12) Like (55) Dislike (7) Reply
    There are a lot of factors at play here. I am with the principal that parents ought to take a greater responsibility in the raising of their kids. Now, let me say that those kids that roam the streets idly will do so regardless. Most of them that do so are already out of control and there is little that the parents can do now. Even if they go straight home, their behavior at home is still no good. I witness one who goes home, then welcomes grown men inside when the parents are at work. For the most part it's in the raising that parents fail.

    As regard programs, this will help. This is what I was seeking for my child, but options were limited. If the option was there, some parents would take advantage of it. But I do see an effort being made as flyers were passed out this morning for parents to select afternoon programs.

    Lastly, kudos should be given to those parents who have made arrangements to have their child or children off the streets after school, because a lot of parents taken their responsibility with their child or children very seriously and all should not be "lumped in the same basket".

  • I agree also (03/10/2018, 14:45) Like (23) Dislike (6) Reply
    The darn woman right too much foolish parents getting children had a set that does gather around first CARIBBEAN few girls n a ton load of boys having sex right in between the bank n tmf just disgusting...Now look few months later one of the same lil girl is pregnant just gone in high school poor little thing she knows better yes but I blame the mother foolish behavior is why her daughter is now pregnant at only 12 years old
    • Should (04/10/2018, 05:30) Like (17) Dislike (0) Reply
      Someone needed to go back between the bank where they were having sex and rain down some blows on those kids. Most of those kids don't even know how to address there personal hygiene.
  • No Name (03/10/2018, 14:58) Like (46) Dislike (16) Reply
    If her daughter was in the picture, she would have never posted it.
  • usvi (03/10/2018, 15:35) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    We have the same issues here my friends.
  • Citizen (03/10/2018, 15:38) Like (11) Dislike (1) Reply
    This situation has long been before Irma, and parents have to start taking more responsibility. I know its hard raising kids as a single or family unit, cause they deal with all sorts of issues and peer pressure. Parents have job(s) for financial freedom, there are lot of variables, however more structure and responsibility are required. Telling your kids to go home don't they home alone vice versa. I do believe more programs should me implemented or made available. Not sure what the answer is but I do know its takes a village to raise a child and maybe now with the destruction of the hurricane parents, teachers and officials can compromise on how to help curtail the problem.

    Just my opinion. Casting BLAME won't solve the problem only positive and helpful guidance, structure and activities.
  • I agree (03/10/2018, 16:24) Like (23) Dislike (4) Reply
    I totally agree with Headley. If Parents have any control over their children they will make sure that they go home.
    I work in the area and just seeing the kids hanging around Riteway doing nothing is concerning. They don't realize it's a business place at all.

  • Toppa (03/10/2018, 17:27) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
    A so dem be........long time.
  • Eyoung (03/10/2018, 17:43) Like (15) Dislike (17) Reply
    The issue needs to start at why the 2 new structures at ESHS fell down. Why not one building at ESHS is repaired after one year? And why we continue to rent a building to house the ESHS? Then we could talk about transportation to and from school and afterschool programs for both school sessions. If the leadership at the top has no responsibility, how could we be here demanding that parents must have responsibility?
  • Gumption. Official (03/10/2018, 18:32) Like (16) Dislike (22) Reply
    Only ratchet parents will not see what she’s saying! I said what I said (don’t behind a fake username to answer me
    • This Clown (04/10/2018, 05:10) Like (8) Dislike (8) Reply
      Ever since you give bum for boat you feeling yourself. Any girl let you breed them yet?
  • booo (03/10/2018, 20:10) Like (32) Dislike (14) Reply
    She got her 2 mins on vino
  • Hmph (04/10/2018, 08:33) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
    My thing is.... this BEEN happening before Irma and probably when their parents were in school. The only problem is that it may have been interrupting her students. If it's not, I would like to know what was really her breaking point to go on a rant. It's nothing different but the time they're released. If they weren't released at 12, you probably weren't going to rant and take yourself home when school is over and minded your business.
  • Kudos VINO (04/10/2018, 20:05) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    I am just here to register my disgust with this "news article" based on facebook posts and comments.
  • cycle (07/10/2018, 10:07) Like (0) Dislike (2) Reply
    How many female role models do the girls see who demonstrate self respect? Exposed to music with lyrics that trash and demean women. Check how you dance even, does that uplift the position of the women or are you acting like some disposable piece of flesh. Seeing the boys and manchildren with no respect for women and child rape not treated seriously or even called by its name in Court. The are churches and community groups everywhere but they focus on money not what they genuinely can do long term to help.

    But, if successive governments hadn’t looted the treasury to pay off their mates, we would have a properly built school with properly trained teaching staff occupying these kids until the end of the day and beyond.

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