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Climate Change is real

The water temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, have become warmer and warmer each year, making conditions ripe for powerful hurricanes. Photo: Provided
Thomas C. Famous. Photo: Provided
Thomas C. Famous. Photo: Provided
A wall collapses in Bermuda during the passage of Hurricane Humberto. Photo: Team of Reporters
A wall collapses in Bermuda during the passage of Hurricane Humberto. Photo: Team of Reporters
Damages from Hurricane Humberto in Bermuda. Photo: Team of Reporters
Damages from Hurricane Humberto in Bermuda. Photo: Team of Reporters
A compromised utility pole in Bermuda, following the passage of Hurricane Humberto. Photo: Team of Reporters
A compromised utility pole in Bermuda, following the passage of Hurricane Humberto. Photo: Team of Reporters
Thomas C. Famous

There are those who deny Climate Change is real. So, let's take a slight walk down memory lane.

Hurricane Fabian 2003

Hurricane Ivan 2004

Hurricane Katrina 2005

Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Fay 2014

Hurricane Gonzolo 2014

Hurricane Nicole 2016

Hurricane Harvey 2017

Hurricane Irma 2017

Hurricane Maria 2017

Hurricane Dorian 2019

Hurricane Humberto 2019

Hurricane Imelda 2019

Hurricane Jerry 2019

Over ten major hurricanes over the last 16 years. Over ten clear indications that climate change is real.

We all know the drill, once the regular websites such as weather channel, CNN and our own show the all too familiar symbols of an imminent hit, direct or otherwise.

Groceries stores get swamped with customers buying foods to go into fridges, that later on won’t have power.

Hardware stores have an unlimited supply of batteries, flashlights, lanterns and generators at undiscounted prices.

Social media becomes the go to place, surpassing the official Governmental Emergency agencies for hurricane dos and don’ts.

During the hurricane, we lose power. Some lose their social media reach.

At the same time; however, we regain, albeit temporarily, our senses of; mortality, humanity and family.

We actually make sure everyone is accounted for. We sit down together and ensure our loved ones are ok.

When then proceed to tell, often exaggerated, survival stories of hurricanes past.

Post hurricane, we venture outside of our safe spaces and go check on neighbours. We then bring out machetes and chainsaws to help clear roads in our immediate areas.

Oh yes, of course, we take pictures of downed trees, damaged grooves and overturned items and send them out over social media.

Then, in the midst of hundreds of downed  power lines and snapped poles, we start to complain about how long it takes for the electricity to be restored.

This is what we do every hurricane.

The unfortunate reality is that we each have experienced this at least 5-7 times over the last 2 decades.

Let no one fool us, climate change is real.

The water temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, have become warmer and warmer each year.

This week alone there are at least 5 active Tropical Storms / Hurricanes in play, waiting to strike land.

What is the root cause of this you ask?

Industrialised countries, with their multitudes of vehicles, factories and other emissions are super heating the atmosphere on a daily basis.

The Amazon and other major rain forests have been on fire, heating up the air whilst starving the world of precious oxygen.

The net result is this rapid increase in category 3-5 plus hurricanes in our region.

As you read this, there is a high probability that Hurricane Jerry is now heading to the islands of Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, St Kitts, Nevis and Anegada.

According to all known and trusted weather models, Jerry will then turn north and head to Bermuda which is just recovering from Category 3 Hurricane Humberto.

It's a good thing we still have plenty of supplies left over from the last few Hurricanes. We will be needing it soon.

As seen with recent Hurricanes, the islands of the Caribbean, both large and small, must have a united front in both disaster preparedness and disaster relief.

We must be the first on the ground to assist each other in times of need. After all, we are our brothers and sisters keepers.

Climate Change is real.

5 Responses to “Climate Change is real”

  • Fam (20/09/2019, 17:05) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    You are correct chris
  • Sheeples (20/09/2019, 18:57) Like (11) Dislike (2) Reply
    Climate change is only real because the governments around the world are spraying the Skies on purpose, polluting the waters on purpose all for their agenda, that’s why there’s crazy amounts of hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts etc it’s all controlled weather warfare, the best way to kill people in mass is to do it in silence
  • People are destroyed for lack of knowledge (20/09/2019, 19:06) Like (5) Dislike (2) Reply
    CNN and all of these other news station are controlled news media, they’ll feed you and program you to believe any and anything if you don’t think for yourself that’s why it’s called “Television Programming” scientists have already came out and said they are heating the earth by spraying the skies with aluminum not to mention most of these scientists have been killed go figure.... Agenda 21
  • E. Leonard (20/09/2019, 21:37) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Despite the climate change deniers rant, climate change is real. Caribbean islands from Bahamas to Jamaica to Trinidad to Guyana to Barbados, along with Pacific islands and Bermuda, are in the forefront of climate change. For example, Kiribati(former Gilbert Islands) is a good case study and is the forefront of climate change. It is experiencing sea level rise, coastal erosion, temperature rise, reduce land space, increased salinity, agricultural production........etc. The BVI and others islands ignore climate change at great peril and with great risk.
  • Hit the nail on the head (21/09/2019, 13:55) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
    I agree with you E Leonard, Climate change is real but not from the source the global elite would have us believe. Some of the events of category 5 storms, earthquakes and tsunamis ARE MANMADE for 2 purposes - make money, deceptively takeaway that country's natural resources, create unsustainable debt, depopulation and make that country susceptible to control to the UN by 2020 - Agenda 21 and UN agenda 2010.

    The real source of the non-man made effects on the climate change of tumultuous weather and melting of the ice at the north and south poles COME FROM the planetary system that is approaching from the south that caused the Great Flood in Noah's time. As the outter planet gets closer, the magnetic fields from that on ours is causing the earth's core to heat up and volcanic eruptions under and above the oceans, the ice at north and south poles to melt which plays a role in global weather, climate and oceans salinity, and in turn determines the functioning of the global jet stream that circulate around the world.

    My dear, you have to get to know the mind of the global elite (and the Bilderberg Group is a small representation), to know a little bit about science, to remember what is in the Bible from the scientific and historical point of view, know global history of Europe (essential) and the ability to connect the dots of inter-connected events then and now. All of this took me 30 years to acquire and the final pieces since May 2007. It was an unbelievable ride in obtaining this knowledge and I have found that there are others in this territory who are on that journey. Join the ride of discovery. Visit YouTube and watch these Researchers and Regligious Leaders: Pastor Charles Lawson, Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, Hagmann Report, Steve Quayle, Gill Broussard, Cris Putnam, and LA Marzulli. Please I urge you to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr, 1984 by George Orwell, and Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike. The latter was an occultist just the conduit of ideology which he carried out and often is one of the mentors as the Puppet Masters and Puppets use to guide their efforts to cull and destroy humanity. This exposure will give a rounded view of what is really going on in the world and BVI is not excluded. Those 3 storms were directed so UK could have a control to re-set their economy once Brexit takes place. UK economy is tanking right now because of the migration inwards from other EU countries and cannot sustain their own infrastructure to keep up with the services the residents are requiring. The Older Brits recognized that they were losing their sovereignty and culture and wanted it back; hence the reason for leaving the EU and famously called Brexit. Funny UK want to keep their Britishness ehich is a plus for BVI and the rest of the world that have and use British institutions in high regard while we must give up our Belonger status to accommodate the residents of this Super Power that still have a rulership over 1/2 of the world. Is that not a double standard? I thought the existing laws which allows belongship status to any UK resident residing in the BVI after a certain amount of time is sufficient? We are not discriminating?

    To come back to the topic....Climate change is real and get to know who is behind the deception and how they are doing it

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