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Can we & should we silence non-born-here voices??

ACFrett - BVP (Truth for the Youth)… Saturdays 6pm – 7pm on ZROD 103.7FM & ZVCR 106.9FM
Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
By Alred C. Frett

Research is not yet completed but below are some Follow-ups to date:

#1… - Before Blaming Health Services Authority or Minister of Health:

I still have not received confirmation as to whether it was the Minister of Health or the Health Authority who was pulling the strings to make Labour break Laws and Block Progress but it was revealed that the Applicants had never received any Notification whatsoever… However, I also learnt that immediate steps were taken to cover this blunder without correcting the process.

#2… - Before Believing Official Willingness to Hurt the Less Fortunate:

So far, this practice by Governmental Agencies and well established Businesses not to pay for Services rendered in support of Children, Charities and the Less Fortunate appears to be a reality… Some have even taken it to the limit of trying to block and replace my Causes for the Needy with Tones of Religion but that’s OK – We will take our Effort to Noel Lloyd’s Positive Action Park.

#3… - The continuing Question as to whether or not You are for Sale?

We continue to hear how Employment/ Labour in our Country is going from bad to worse with the effects evidenced in the closure of Markets, Restaurants, Tourism Businesses, Banks and now even affecting Cruise Lines… And, not only is this happening during our busiest Season but it is felt that this mal-management within the institution of Labour is because we have been sold out.

It should be clear that when such Financial Pillars are feeling Strain, us Poor and Ordinary People are already Half-Dead from the massive Pressure…  Any perception that decisions as to who can build, break or enter our Country must be made by Persons other than our Leaders, indicate that we are no longer in control - this suggests whoever buys a Government buys its People.

Saying that things are bad is a gross understatement but the answer may not be for Leaders to do something but to stop doing what they are doing… It is evident that the apparent Acts of Bias and Corruption within the Ministries and Departments of Labour and Health are not working in the People’s best interests and circumventing Laws and imposing a NHIS Tax is not the answer.

We have always been an ambitious and industrious People and if permitted to function lawfully and legally we can help ourselves… The trouble comes when we are handcuffed by those paid to ensure our Freedom and we are made Prisoners in a World of the Deaf and Dumb, especially since Man’s Progress has never come from Silence but by the ability and opportunity to communicate.

Easier to Blame Non-Born-Here Voices for our Leaders Choices:

From personal experience there is no question that Oppressors feel we should be seen and not heard but because I continue to put Born BV-Islanders 1st, 2nd and 3rd for National Rights and Privileges, they feel I should join in the chastisement of ‘Upstart Non-Born-Here' Radio and TV Hosts who they claim have taken to Airwaves to embarrass our Home-Grown Boys and Girls.

We can all empathize with Children of the Soil who has suffered ‘lashing of the tongue’ but we should also realize that while Truth will not always set us Free it sure as Hell drops Fire on the backs of the Wicked… By using the Bully Pulpit they seek to silence us from speaking Truth and revealing lies as we are forced to hand-pick the Hot Coals from their backs to our own detriment.

We overlook the fact that we have already lost all our Freedoms except for ‘Freedom of Thought’ and once we abandon the Vision of Reality and Power of Expression then, even that remaining Freedom of Thought is lost forever... History has always shown that while it may be human to dislike what others say it is downright Demonic to deny them that right of expression.

Furthermore, Democracy has being equated to Freedom of Expression and, if what is being said is untrue or malicious, measures can be taken to remedy this breach without imprisoning Voices of the People… We should be wise enough not to become trapped by misguided denial of the Civil and Human Rights of others by those who now conveniently regard them as not ‘born here’.

Instead of rushing to silence the Little Non-Born-Here Voices we should be more aware of Big and Powerful Non-Born-Here Voices over which we have no say or control whatsoever – Before brutalizing the non-born-here small Fry ask whether you can also silence the Governor, Police Commissioner, Supervisor of Prison, Attorney General or several Legislators and their Spouses.

Then again, maybe you chose not to consider it from that angle and were more prepared to play games of selective Favoritism and Punishment without acknowledging how much of  our Media and Economy is owned and controlled by Persons not born in the BVI… However, these are stark realities to be considered before blindly following those anxious to retard and victimize.                                                                                                               

Instead of Social Progress we are relegated to being Sheep, Beggars and Victims of Corruption and the clamour for Silence is not really about ‘not being born here’… After all, I am a born and bred BV-Islander and instead of taking the Good Advice I offered you have seen the endless unjustified attempts to silence and imprison me just for speaking Truth and refusing to be for Sale.

Don’t See - Don’t Hear - Don’t Say:

Once we were promised a new deal in which Leaders would listen to us but instead, the greater focus appears to be on silencing us so there would be no need to listen to the true realities of historical substandard performance within Ministries and Departments coupled to the over aggressive performance of Agencies engaged in full-time destruction of our Youth and Country.

I have told our Leaders both formally and informally that I want them to succeed and only they can fail themselves by refusing to listen and continuing to allow Tails to wag Dogs… Unfortunately, it appears we are now at that point where even Paid Cronies and Blood Relatives are whispering “Snap Election” out of worry that our People and Country cannot survive a Full Term of Pressure.

It is true that Vision and Words can cause Pain but at least our limited Freedom allows us to close Eyes and turn off Radios. However, the Sound of forced Silence guarantees Death of the Rights and Freedoms of each of us as a Person and all of us as a People, which makes it imperative that we avoid those seeking our help in silencing others so they may achieve their Goal in silencing us.

PS:… I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes   

10 Responses to “Can we & should we silence non-born-here voices??”

  • geezumbred (23/10/2013, 09:51) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    AS you continue your research and will draw a conclusion no doubt that may be convenient I would ask you this. Is this democracy for all who resides her or belongers only? I have observed quite a debate sterring that when someone who appears to be an alien write anything in the blogs they are attacked with vile remarks. So the freedoms in the constitution is only for BELONGERS? Check it out and I anticipate nothing less than a most spirited reply.
  • talk (23/10/2013, 11:21) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    see what they trying to do to githdith on the morning ride shew more to come
  • AC 360 (23/10/2013, 12:21) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    By the way, not all expats are equal and not not all BVIslanders are equal. There are a lot of excellent expats here and then there are some that just need to be tossed out!

  • Mountain Dove (23/10/2013, 14:41) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I'm not particularly thrilled with the current slate of local festivals, and the upcoming one about lobsters seems a little too late, considering the downswing of the economy. However, I would wholeheartedly support a festival to celebrate the breaking down of the wall between 'born here' and 'non-born here'. Now that would be something, wouldn't it? I can't see anyone not feeling good about a social breakthrough that integrates and unites rather than divides and discriminates.
  • facts man (23/10/2013, 15:50) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    Ronnie its a good man you need to check that health services authority along with some of the doctors that finance the NDP
  • black boy (24/10/2013, 01:28) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • x factor (24/10/2013, 07:44) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    See they sold up the march is off struppsss
  • Knight Rider (24/10/2013, 08:21) Like (0) Dislike (6) Reply
    Let me take this opportunity to thank god for allowing me to enjoy the breath of life,health and strength to be able to blogg on this free and democratic news-site-VINO,on the topic;while showing respect for the views and opinions of the writer Mr.Frett and the bloggers,as they all express themselves in a free and democratic territory of the BVI.I wish good for all,so goodness may be returned to me in this sinful life.

    Can we silence non-born-here voices? Mr.Frett,god has blessed you with writing talent.

    When I read the V.I Constitution of 1976,which was amended on the 13th of June 2007,at the court at Buckingham Palace,UK,in the presence of the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council,by and with the advice of Her Majesty's Privy Council,it was declared in the Constitution that the people of the BVI,requested a Constitution to reflect who they are as a people,with respect for the human-person,and acknowledging that the BVI society is based on some of the following:
    "Certain morale,spiritual and democratic values including a belief in God,the dignity of the human person,the freedom of the individual and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and the rule of law".

    So,Her Majesty-The Queen,bestowed on all Her Citizens of the BVI,where ever they might be in the world,and also,she bestowed on all residents[including non-belongers] fundamental rights and freedoms.

    However,based on administrative privileges under the V.I Constitution,and statutory legislations; non-belongers are not entilted to certain rights: For example,Right to vote and right to reside without immigration control are only extended to belongers/citizens.And the many non-belongers in the BVI accept their position in society.
    And for over 27 years as a resident of the BVI residing among the loving and kind citizens of this blessed-land-BVI,I heard and saw many non-belonger expressed themselves freely in this free and democratic BVI,without fear of being improsoned unlawfully.
    In my assessment of the BVI,we are free!However,there are many of us,who live in fear of those in authority,which is an inception from slavery times,[to be afraid of the bossman-slave master] and years after the abolition of slavery,we continue to be enslaved mentally:
    I respect authority in the BVI,but I am not afraid to write to the Governor on any social matter,with respect for his office;because Her Majesty-The Queen,gave me that right to write to the Governor.

    The BVI is a free and democratic country and every day,I encourage my UK and Caribbean friends to visit the BVI and enjoy tranquality,friendliness and FREEDOM!
    Let me thank Mr.Frett for his continued knowledge,that he shares with his people in an effort to further educate us.

    Easier to blame none-born-here-voices for our leaders choices?I love that term:

    This is the part of Mr.Frett's article I enjoy reading the most:Here you have,The Governor,C.O.P,DPP,AG and the rest in other authoritative positions,are all non-belongers,whose offices we must respect,because we are discipline people.But these non-belongers have the power in society!
    The V.I Constitution declares that,The Governor was appointed by Her Majesty,The Queen,by commission under Her Majesty's Sign and Manual and Signet and shall hold office during Her Majesty's pleasure:And the Governor is the person who appoints,COP,DPP,AG and the rest.
    So while we are cursing the little non-belonger on the floor, the V.I Constitution is declaring that the BVI belongs to Her Majesty the Queen of the UK,and Her Majesty appointed Her Governor to be the chief custodian of Her V.I Constitution!He is Her Majesty's Representatives:We all must respect the office of the Governor:
    So while Caribbean brothers and sisters are fighting for identity and recognition in the BVI,His Excellency and the persons he appointed in High-offices are living professionally,good with each other and we the caribbean people,saying"ah born here, you come here,ah fram here,you not fram here.Well, I chose to live good with my BVI people and we discuss love and oppose hate!
    Long live the BVI-Long live the wonderful people of the BVI.We are free!
  • george w. touch (25/10/2013, 00:51) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Mr. Frett making some good points
  • mary j (25/10/2013, 15:55) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    ndp just want the press gone so we do not report on the corruption

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