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Buy back sold out small islands – Edmund G. Maduro

Talk show host and retired civil servant Mr Edmund G. Maduro said Government should buy back small islands that were sold. Photo: VINO/File
Acting Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr The Honourable Kedrick D. Pickering (R7) has constantly come under a hail of allegations of him being the main culprit in selling out islands and lands to his ‘rich white friends’. Photo: VINO/File
Acting Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr The Honourable Kedrick D. Pickering (R7) has constantly come under a hail of allegations of him being the main culprit in selling out islands and lands to his ‘rich white friends’. Photo: VINO/File
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI – Prominent Minister of government Dr The Honourable Kedrick D. Pickering (R7) has constantly come under a hail of allegations of him being the main culprit in selling out islands and lands to his ‘rich white friends’.

It’s is a topic the Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Hon Pickering touched on at the most recent sitting of the House of Assembly, beating back critics who accused him of selling lands in Josiah’s Bay and other areas.

In a question asked on the subject by Leader of the Opposition Hon Julian Fraser RA (R3) a few weeks ago and answered on Monday October 31, 2016 at the continuation of the Second Sitting of the Second Session of the Third House of Assembly (HoA), Dr Pickering, whose portfolio includes National Parks, dismissed the issue.

"The notion that this government is planning to take away concession rights or to sell the island of Prickly Pear is pure unadulterated nonsense," the Deputy Premier told the HoA.

“Land is such a sacred issue you get beat up left right and centre for land, for stuff you don’t even know anything about. I’ve been accused of thieving people land, taking people land, giving it to white people all kinds of story…”

Dr Pickering, who has been accused by some, according to him, of giving away lands to whites, explained that the National Parks Trust (NPT) entered into a license agreement with a concessionaire from December 1, 2010 for an initial period of ten years, with an option to renew for an additional ten years. He said the concessionaire can get the additional ten years, “if there are no breaches to the agreement.”

Buy back lands

Many, including Mr Maduro, are none-the-less convinced that lands that should have otherwise been in the hands of locals or government itself, has been sold out unjustly and according to talk show host Edmund G. Maduro, should be re-purchased.

“We the people in the British Virgin Islands must see that the handwriting is on the wall, selling out all our islands, our smaller islands, is folly. As a matter of fact, we need to buy them back,” said Maduro.

Asking the rhetorical question as to how and where this National Democratic Party led Government would get the money to do so, Maduro said, “Under good governance we can determine a justifiable and fair price to take them back.”

“We must not forget that the love of money is the root of all evil and greed destroys a nation,” stated Mr Maduro.

15 Responses to “Buy back sold out small islands – Edmund G. Maduro”

  • voter (07/11/2016, 10:46) Like (4) Dislike (13) Reply
    You all better back off our next Premier
    • @ voter (07/11/2016, 15:34) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
      is funny man pressing all thoes dislike?
    • We need to listen to Edmund (07/11/2016, 15:48) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
      Don't forget that Edmund also says has a constitutional right to do the laundry for the charter companies - he is clearly a man whose opinions we need to listen too.
      The truth is that is was the disastrous way that Edmund ran his Government department all those years ago that lead to the trust companies relocating so much of their business to other jurisdictions such as Cayman. He was not the only one, but his time in charge was particularly damaging. The lack of substance in our financial services business (and the resultant lack of Government income) is, to a great extent, his fault. Time for an apology Edmund - you never had any constitutional right to wreck Government income!!!
  • NHI (07/11/2016, 10:47) Like (1) Dislike (10) Reply
  • ok (07/11/2016, 10:50) Like (22) Dislike (0) Reply
    Edmund, how many locals that leased land on Wickam's Cay are paying their lease fees? Don't just say locals should get things, they should also abide by the rules and pay their fair share. You all want the expats money but then telling them locals should get this and that, but not mandating that locals pay their share as well, it is wrong.
  • Just Stop! (07/11/2016, 10:52) Like (17) Dislike (0) Reply
    Edmund knows full well that most outer islands were sold off by private families and not Government. What foolishness is this man talking? If someone buys land/island from a local and develops it, why should Government buy it? For what? How is Prospect Reef going? Government has no call in that business.
  • qc (07/11/2016, 11:34) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    But Doc Pico done say he has not sell any lands to end of story
  • SMH (07/11/2016, 12:22) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply

    First we have Sam talking nonsense about the Premier selling out to China. If he had done some research he would understand our long-standing business relationship with Asia, particularly with respect to financial services. Now here comes Edmund trying to outshine Sam, as if they're vying for Mr. Idiocy 2016, with this nonsense. As someone already said, most of the prime land and outer islands were owned by local families who sold (for whatever reason) to expats/foreign investors that were willing to pay them top dollar. You same ones are killing Government for holding up the sale of RTW to a foreign company but here telling the same Government, with the same tongue, that they shouldn't be selling land/islands to foreign interests. We are a selfish, short-sighted bunch of people and only care about ourselves. Let's do what's better for 'ME' 'ME' and @$#& the rest. Sometimes I wonder if these guys have any shame at all?

  • == (07/11/2016, 13:15) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    curious. when a concessionaire wins a lease for such a time, who oversees what is done on the island-- type of building and development, pollution, trash issues etc. Who monitors that?
    • answer (07/11/2016, 16:57) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
      EVERYBODY including Edmund if it's an expat leasing it, NOBODY if it's a local leasing it. Any further questions?
  • Talking Point. (07/11/2016, 13:19) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    Nonsense. They are gone never to return.. Get that out of your head... For Argument sake. They will cost the Government 100 plus time the amount they paid for it
    Where are we going to get that kind of money from..
  • wize up (07/11/2016, 14:17) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    anyone have any laundry for Maduro to deal with...old boy have to much free time
  • economy (07/11/2016, 16:59) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
    You can tell when things are not going good for these guys economically because that's when they start making a set of noise. When things are bad with them and Government doesn't give them what they want, they come out with a vengeance acting as if they care about the country when they're fighting their own personal battle but trying to make it look good. You guys are not fooling me Edmund because I can guaranty if govt give you and some of the other loud mouths a few contracts now you will hush your ass.

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