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Britain’s very politically incorrect BREXIT

- The British, more specifically English Provincials, have rejected political correctness, open borders, & uncontrolled globalisation
Dickson Igwe. Photo: VINO
By Dickson Igwe

US President Barrack H. Obama has had a very bad couple of days. His politically correct agenda has been thrown off course. His dreams of a globalised world order run from Davos, is going up in smoke. He has been reminded that working class white voters especially are “pissed off” with his lax migration policies and his blaming hard working Americans for the Islamic Terror threatening his country. His idea that it is guns and not the hatred of radical Jihadists that is killing US innocents

He suffered a major setback when the US Supreme Court failed to endorse a Presidential Order on allowing illegal immigrants with family connections in the US, immunity from deportation on June 23, 2016. Then, later in the day, the Brits rejected the US President’s advice to stay in the European Union when the Leave Campaign won the June 23, 2016, Brexit or not to Brexit Referendum.

The Brits, like a growing number of U S citizens, are voting for secure borders and limited migration. They are fed up with the damage to their core values and national safety uncontrolled migration is causing, especially by people from countries with much different value systems. The people of Europe blame political correctness for the terrorism within their borders, and a much less safe Europe.

The western working and middle classes are giving the finger to their elites with their armed guards and bullet proof limousines. They feel that these members of the global glitterati- the 1%- are to blame for the rout the working and middle classes have experienced since the end of the Great recession of 2007 to their bank balances.

Globalisation and blind internationalism are being kicked over the precipice by angry western voters. Nationalism and Parochialism are back in style. Populist leaders in the US and Britain are looking at isolationism as an option. Foreigners with alien accents and cultures are suspect. Obama is learning that in politics things can turn on a dime.

Another thing: November 2016 is a lifetime away, and already Donald J. Trump can sniff the blood in the UK Brexit vote.

Now, how does the British decision to leave the European Union affect the [British] Virgin Islands? Let us look at the passport matter. Most Citizens and Virgin Islanders hold European Community Passports that are issued in the UK. This allows citizens the freedom of travel and work in the 28 countries that form the European Union. That right might end with the issuance of a non EU Passport after a UK Passport expires.

Then there is the matter of the Virgin Islands Financial Services Industry. How will Brexit affect the Virgin Islands’ bread and butter export? It may be argued that the country will no longer face the universe of E U regulations that emanate from Brussels, and that affect the financial services industry. On the other hand, if the City of London suffers a decline as a result of loss of influence from exiting the European Union, that may affect the VI Financial Services Industry in ways unknown as yet.

And, what about the tourism networks that having a presence in Brussels foster? Brexit, could have a negative effect on Virgin Islands tourism as access to the market is lost. Then consider that there may be European Union grants to the Territory that may be lost by the exit of Britain from the Union.

OK. Joseph J Schatz and Ben White of the POLITICO NEWS SITE stated the following: “voters across Western Democracies are fed up with career politicians. They are concerned about ISLAMIC TERRORISM and immigration.” How the UK vote affects the US General Election is unclear. But there is a tendency for the two countries, the UK and US, that share very similar values, to follow a similar political trajectory. Hillary R. Clinton should look at present developments with trepidation.

Donald J. Trump has very wisely supported the Brexit Vote. This is political expediency at its best. Brexit will help Trump’s Nativist Narrative. Trump is a major player in the western populist and nationalist playbook; together with European Leaders such as Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen.

Now make no mistake. Brexit is seismic. Brexit is messy. There is a universe of matters and issues that must be settled. There are many unknowns. This is a plunge into a black hole by the Brits. It will take two years for Britain to pull out of the E U completely. The British business classes were mainly against Brexit. Billionaires like George Soros and Richard C. N. Branson warned against Brexit. Their warnings went unheeded.

Stock markets around the world are very unsettled. The British Pound has dropped precipitously. The British Prime Minister is to resign in three months. A new British PM will face the daunting task of extricating Britain from Europe. Then the UK as it is constructed might deconstruct if the Scots who want to be in Europe hold another Independence Referendum. Europe is shell shocked.

Europeans living in the UK feel betrayed. And Brexit may be contagious. More European states may want to follow the UK example.

Then, a number of European politicians want to punish Britain by making the country pay dearly for leaving. Will they succeed? Direct investment into Britain may suffer. There might be recessionary pressures as a result of Brexit. Britain will no longer be able to influence policy in the world’s largest market. Those cozy deals made in chateaus sitting on Europe’s Mediterranean shores by powerful bureaucrats and businessmen, will see Britain outside, and not even able to knock on the door. These are deals creating thousands of jobs and affecting hundreds of businesses.

But whose fault is it? For years the global elites: the Davos Crowd, have ignored their common folk back home, their working men and women, for a globalised agenda that has seen the decimation of the western working and middle class through outsourcing and an austere economic agenda. These men and women have pursued an internationalist agenda that has been likened to a One World Order. With their noses in the clouds, they have driven the average man and woman to the edge economically. The world is essentially managed by a handful of the wealthiest men and women on the planet.

In the mean time, Joe and Jane Average have seen their wages stagnate. Their dreams of sending their children to college have evaporated.

But a new super wealthy class has existed on a different planet, sailing around the globe in billion dollar yachts, and flying from A to Z in corporate jets with gold crested seats.

But the 1% forgot something: cause and effect. The chicken had to come home to roost eventually. It came home in the form of the “rabid anger” of the suffering US and English working and middle classes, and the rise of populist types like the irascible Donald J. Trump. 

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3 Responses to “Britain’s very politically incorrect BREXIT”

  • Wize Igwe (25/06/2016, 09:15) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Wize Igwe, I Greet You. Thoughtful article as usual. The Cabal has suffered a temporary blow to their New World Order, and their “lame duck” president, Obama, has become insignificant on a number of fronts. People are fighting against their political correctness propaganda to globally consent to their manufactured agenda (mind-control). All Beings Matter – and one should have the Right to speak and take action for or against any globally designed Cabalistic agenda. And now the Fear-Based Propaganda has been launched to rattle the world’s fear weather climate. Empires have been built and have since crumbled and still, Earth evolves. Have no Fear.
  • facts man (25/06/2016, 10:13) Like (0) Dislike (7) Reply
    the BVI needs to start talking about independence
  • ccc (26/06/2016, 09:54) Like (1) Dislike (5) Reply
    Whats the fuss its demoracy

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