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Winless VI take bronze @ ECVA Tournament

The Virgin Islands senior volleyballers improved in their games in the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association (EVCA), first round of World Cup Qualifiers, staged in Marigot, St Marten but were unable to progress to the second round. Photo: Facebook
The VI team took bronze despite failing to win a game in the 3-team tournament. Photo: Facebook
The VI team took bronze despite failing to win a game in the 3-team tournament. Photo: Facebook
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- The Virgin Islands’ (VI) Men’s Volleyball Team returned home from the Eastern Caribbean Volleyball Association (EVCA), first round of World Cup Qualifiers, staged in Marigot, St Marten, with a bronze medal, but failed to progress into the second round.

With only three teams participating, French St Marten, Dutch St Marten and the VI, there was little margin for error and so it proved for the VI, who made too many unforced errors in both their games, to suffer heavy defeats.

In their first game, the VI lost in straight sets to St Maarten, 25 - 14; 25- 15; 25- 15.

St Maarten jumped out to an early lead and applied constant pressure throughout the game to keep their opponents at bay. 

Though highly experienced, the Virgin Islands made too many unforced errors, which were the leading cause of their demise. Despite this, the team showed they have the ability to score points and hold defense. Outside hitter, Canise Marquis was the lead scorer with nine (9) points. 

Captain Frandie Martin felt his team could have played better but a plethora of fundamental errors caused them to lose their shape and game plan. Coach Stephen Payne felt his team should have done better, as they did not show their true abilities. The team must adapt to the warmer conditions, he concluded.

VI gave a good account of themselves

In the final game, French St Marten steam rolled the VI with a score of 25 - 19; 25 - 16; 25 – 13.

The VI battled hard for every point, giving a good account of themselves, but could find no way to overcome the tenacious French, who were buoyed from beating their arch rivals, the Dutch, earlier in the competition.

Although suffering with some injuries, the VI showed improvement in every department with more consistent passing, better sets and more effective hits. 

Canice Marquis was the team leading scorer, producing five points. 

Coach Payne indicated he was happy to see the improvement in his players over the course of the two matches and that with more practice they will do better. 

The full squad included Travis Jack, Miquel Martin, Frandie Martin, Craig Glasgow, Andre Pickering, Canice Marquis, Clyde Potter and Kenny Lewis.

With a berth in round two of the FIVB World Cup qualifiers at stake, Dutch St Marten defeated French St Marten in the Final game with a score of 25-13, 22-25, 22-25, 26-24, 15-10, to progress.

33 Responses to “Winless VI take bronze @ ECVA Tournament”

  • dead last (30/08/2016, 08:56) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    These guys are not fit at all.
    • Trump (30/08/2016, 09:53) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply

      • Need details please (30/08/2016, 13:31) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        When you say self serving what do you mean.
      • Fly on the Wall (30/08/2016, 14:07) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
        Atleast the coach record is clean, 3 tournaments and all winless, lol, way to go BVI Volleyball Association, look at that guy glascow, when last he played volleyball but still he on the National Team, set of jokers, and I give him all right, a free trip and hotel, lol, glascow yur large, my turn up next, lol!
        • Madness (30/08/2016, 14:56) Like (0) Dislike (3) Reply
          I suggest that you come from behind the veil and do better than the coach.
          • Fly on the Wall (30/08/2016, 22:46) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
            he wanted to be in ting not me, they are far more better coaches in the league than him--Willis, Esworth, ChiChi, Roy, u want me to go on., ok I will--Para, That Nubbs guy, don't know his name plays for Para team and I'm quite sure all of them are certified!
        • @Fly (30/08/2016, 15:27) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
          What do u know about volleyball other than hearing about it?
        • @ fly on the wall (30/08/2016, 18:57) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
          Guess that's all you'll ever be, a fly on the wall. You must be a hater of Glasgow sah. Him and the team represented the country proudly, what have you done for your country besides criticize it's efforts.Hey the league is soon reopening, bring a team nuh?
          • Fly on the Wall (30/08/2016, 23:03) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
            I don't hate glascow, I was just showing how stupid our volleyball association is to go and pick a guy that have not played in years, what happen to all those players that played they heart out in the league that just concluded, u think that was fair, tell me!
          • fly come off the wall (31/08/2016, 07:26) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
            You are talking noonsence not nonsence, lol, represent the BVI proudly by coming in last, the coach said in an interview over in St Martin that the heat affected the players them , what nonsense, when u practice 2 weeks before a tournament , it's licks u are looking for, the fact remain is that we have way better players that are not given the chance because of bias foolishness, Quinland really should come and do an overhaul of your association, the game is a wonderful game but the organizers stinks, and that's the bottom line, hater of Glascow, another noonsence talk, I was just showing a point on how stupid the game is being used all because of power hungry individuals so call running it!
      • Try (30/08/2016, 16:16) Like (2) Dislike (3) Reply
        Come and contest the leadership, you might win an seat and make a difference. We need people who come forward with solutions and not only mourn on the blogs. Kiddos to those guys who sacrificed their time and effort to go and represent. Happy about last place? I bet they were more courageous than those who didn't have the guts to join.
    • Linda (30/08/2016, 10:02) Like (7) Dislike (3) Reply
      I have one comment .....mmmuuuaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! wait Craig does still play vball!!! hahaahahaahahaahahaahahaahah - this is toooooooo funnnnnyyyyyyy! Could somebody from the organisation Mr Glen Quinlan I understand is in charge of this region. Would you please please please please take an audit of volleyball in the BVI. This is so embarrassing.................................................
      • @linda (30/08/2016, 19:07) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        I'm sure you and your type are the ones who messed up the volleyball league with your bad attitude etc. You're just bitter lmfao.
    • vg massive (30/08/2016, 14:38) Like (5) Dislike (1) Reply
      That team cannot beat our women's team, the big bad mighty Eagles, our lefty alone will serve them out, boom!
      • Knot knyce (30/08/2016, 16:34) Like (8) Dislike (3) Reply
        When u read a comment like yours I can tell is just pure criticism and bullshit you like to talk....If your VG eagles so bad come next league season when VG Eagles go up in Division A....I will be waiting for you in the complex or up VG(if any games will be played there)with $$$ in my pockets that VG Eagles don't win a game....P.S..I won't be hard to find either....just remember the nickname and ask for me
        • vg massive (30/08/2016, 22:55) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
          what A-division u talkin about, u call that an A-division, ok our Champs suppose to play one more year to defend they Championship not so idiot, but I will talk to Madonna and Lauren, we gone take them back from ayo and lickin in yur back side, u will be called "I am Knyce" there after, lol, lol- u asked for it, u will get it!
          • Knot knyce (31/08/2016, 12:48) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
            Your Champs are not playing no one more year to defend no title(Stop Looking Easy Win In a Division that have beginners)....Even with those 2 ladies name you mentioned(No Disrespect to them) there is still no hope...As i said remember the name and ask for me upon arrival...
            • vg massive (31/08/2016, 21:02) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
              You know what, since Lauren has been given her all to Tortola for years, I will ask her to walk with that physical specimen of a woman who does play with her, she's dark and beautiful, just like Lauren, just for insurance purposes, again u will be called "I'm very knyce" when the Mighty Eagles show up and take over u all program once more!
          • just dream (03/09/2016, 14:49) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
            That's to show how stupid you are ain't know nothing about the league knot nyce right , I wish I could have help them , ago people are set of haters
      • It's Time (30/08/2016, 17:39) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        I alone will be the VG Eagles.
      • @VG Massive (30/08/2016, 17:44) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        I hope everyone from VG is not an indiot like because all hope will be lost!! Must be the sun talking there I pity this fool.
  • they love to take trips (30/08/2016, 09:38) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply
    The BVI is not serious about sports because they don't practice at all. They always wait until 2 weeks before an event to practice. All they do is embarrass the country when ever they go away to represent.
  • Yes (30/08/2016, 11:52) Like (5) Dislike (1) Reply
    I would have been too shame to wear those medals......
  • It's Time (30/08/2016, 12:55) Like (6) Dislike (3) Reply
    Allow me to comment here. Plenty of you bloggers sit at your computers or on your mobile phones and cast statements not having ghe slightest clue about the true issue.
    We have created a society that is so negative and excessively critical and it's those same persons who can aid in helping the situation one way or the other.

    I have read the blogs on this medium and realised that the BVI has nothing good to say regarding any topic. For those officiated with the sport of volleyball and offer up your negative blogs, I ask you this, can you do it better. Can you change the way most sports approach the national team selection. Can you create development programs in the schools to foster the development of more skilled players?
    If you are not offering a solution stay quite. When our national selected players engage in a game or sport go out and give it their all and have to face this type of criticism. Why should they continue.

    We have bigger and more richer nations who never medaled in any sport. So whether they were winless it was recorded in the tournament that they won bronze.
    • the rock (01/09/2016, 05:27) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
      Yes I can do it better, its easy, 1st- lets get rid of this Association, 2nd-when it comes to National Teams selection, I will have all the Coaches and Managers put forward the names of they players who they feel can make an impact on that team, 3rd- I will hold a general meeting with all the Coaches, Manager and Players of the present and also past Volleyball Players and ask for volunteer's for after school programs, then I will create an annual Primary School Competition, let me add inn-I am speaking about all the islands in the BVI, not just Tortola. About the Secondary Schools, I will ask to take over the House to House Vollyball Competition-and I'm quite sure that gesture would be appreciated, when that happens I will seek out the ones that love the sport and create a travelling team to play against the USVI Schools and I will also make sure they is a High School Team both boys and girls in our regular season league, I have more ides but I will stop here for now, when I say I, I mean our Association, I have more ideas, but i will stop here for now-- did this answer your question--'It's time" you see that wasn't to difficult!
  • l (30/08/2016, 13:07) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    Bronze in a 3 horse race is last place.
  • TimTim (30/08/2016, 13:47) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    Please they tryed give them a break.
  • Eagle Eye (30/08/2016, 13:55) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Was this a retirement league, well sah
  • trouble (30/08/2016, 15:18) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
    To criticize and not have the ability(physically or mentally) to do better is just words from an ignorant fool or fools. So guys pay the fools no mind you did what a lot of them never even dreamed about doing for the country cause half the fools can't or never even played a sport just a bunch of sad jack-ass airing their bitterness towards people who try. #basketball#volleyball#softball#all sports.
  • Just saying (30/08/2016, 15:23) Like (6) Dislike (4) Reply
    I must say this, the B.V.I is the only place I've seen where they criticize everything the island produces. This is the only place that does not support their own, the only place that expects their own to fail. This ranges from music, sports, political ventures even in job opportunities. This is the high point of some of you all day, to sit and shamelessly criticize everything that the B.V.I does. I wonder if any of you critics can do better or do anything as a matter of fact, rather than hate on every venture the B.V.I tries. I've watched the Olympics and how many big name countries went home without a medal? Some of you honestly need to be proud of where you are from and if you are blogging negatively and you're not from the B.V.I feel free to go back to your countries and support your own instead of calling down the British Virgin Islands every time.
  • support (30/08/2016, 16:06) Like (3) Dislike (4) Reply
    It is very easy to sit in front of your computer and type critics about the performance of the athletes of any discipline. As far as I understand, they had two players that got injured in the second set, when they were neck to meck. Why don't we try to find a solution, like encouraging our kids to practice the different sports, instead of playing video games and watching tv?
    My respect for those athletes that went and represented us there and some even got injured in the process.
    • fly come off the wall now (31/08/2016, 07:39) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
      as far as I understand u and a few others are missing the point, the national team selection is crazy and stupid, that's why the results of the over sea's tournament are always a negative one, nobody got a problem with them trying but the way the teams are selected is plain out dumb, and that's why the so call negative blogs, which to me are not, players are not satisfied with the way the game is being run and handled, i want your opinion on this one simple 2 part question. Do you think its fair to select someone to try out for your national team who lives here , but chooses to not play in your league, but still when time comes to travel they can just show up and be selected, do you think that is fair and don't talk about the coaching selection, there is a guy who selects himself to coach ever national team even though he is not a coach but merely a referee, which he stinks at that job also, cause he feels that he is the only one who can do it, u all give me a break yur hear!
  • a set of lay out hen (03/09/2016, 07:44) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    new blood needed with that said our old boys did well good team next time

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