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Welcome to All Fools’ Month & election lotteries

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Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
Alred C. Frett

The Art of Electing Our Own Slave Traders:

Everyone likes to claim democracy, but Democracy is far more than just a word... This international philosophy requires active participation in Equality... Unfortunately, we have confused Democracy with Monarchies and Capitalism... There are many who still think that British Kings and Queens still hold Political Power and can make decisions in our favour – This is not true, their Parliament is in charge.

The Monarchy is merely ceremonial, and as we live and learn, more and more educated Countries across the World, will be faced with this and other stark realities, to the point where they feel obliged to reject the lingering colonial influences of the Crown... Fact is, it is virtually impossible for Monarchies to be Democracies since these are ordained from birth and not through the process of open elections.

By the way, to those who ask, ‘who they should vote for if I’m not running?’ - our mothers would say, ‘let your conscience be your guide’... I have never voted for the UK or other foreign countries, and the failure of the Candidates to present strategies that rescue our people from the morass, is essentially saying that they are potential puppets of the UK, and the act of voting is more harmful than not voting.

We may complain about the huge number of Candidates running for Election, but if you saw it from their points of view, you too may join the race and even call in your grandmother... This isn’t about what they can do for us; it is about what we can do for them... We are their Lottery - they may lose, but if they hit the jackpot, they are set for life, and, as the fools who put them there; we have only ourselves to blame.

Think about it - the UK was adamant that there would be no Elections unless her conditions were met – There have been virtually no changes except the shattering of her Unity Government... The fact that she changed her mind, should make us suspect that this election is only being allowed for her benefit and Candidates are limited to making empty promises and collecting our Money as her brand-new Puppets.  

Confusing the Reality of Eventuality with the Gift of Prophecy:

I’m neither Saint nor Prophet – We are all mere tools and workers for the God of Nature and Laws of Balance... I am no miracle worker, but it is symbolic that when I spoke of freeing Andrew unless there was a move to lock up Trump, Putin, and Boris, the wheels of happenstance out-sped our greatest expectations... In under 2 months, Boris was on trial, and arrest warrants are out for Trump and Putin.

Still, dangers are lurking in the air as Governments habitually betray the interests of their people in order to secure their own personal ambitions... However, since they can no longer sell their people, they sell off their lands... When I spoke of this and Palmgrove, they started work at the site but I mentioned the possibility of that being another hidden move to give away the People’s Property and the work stopped.

We get hyped up at General Elections - our memories fail and we play the game of revolving doors with the excuse of choosing the lesser of Evils -l politicians or parties... Thereafter, we spend 4 years grifting, begging, complaining, and threatening as we get ready for the next 4 years... By and large we ignore relevant factors and base our choices on short-term popularity and long-term Pity-Party.

This is All Fools Month and we can fabricate or except hundreds of reasons for voting – Some argue for Older Heads and some for younger Bodies... Few seem to realise that such dogmatic arguments may be contrary to Wisdom and the Laws of Nature... Then again, as Disciples of Genesis, we are trapped into believing that Snakes can talk, and we would be better off if we avoided wisdom and knowledge.

After all these years, we still practice the ‘House Slave Mentality’ as we continue to pick Power over Justice, and choose Fairy Tales over Reality... This has left us standing on a stool at the proverbial gallows with a noose around our necks - every move we make may be our last... By supporting fake Elections and bogus Constitutions, we literally kick the stool from under our feet and lynch ourselves.

Whether Young or Old, We depend on both Brawn & Brain:

Too often, the haste of Youth leads to destruction, just as the mental gymnastics of Seniors result in lost opportunities... The Youth are hungry for power, and the Seniors will cling to power until they are older than cloth with one foot in the Grave... However, if we were able to separate good from evil or wrong from right, we would appreciate the tendency for the Youth to bring vitality and the Elders mentality.

This inherent failure or refusal of the Young to learn from their Elders is a constant block to progress as they focus on reinventing the wheel... Furthermore, this was deliberately used against us to perpetuate Slavery, when the Plantation Owners realised that, by preventing the Black Family structure, they ensured the Youth would not learn from their Elders, thereby losing all knowledge and desire for Freedom.

We should have noticed that, although the Old Jews got lost on their way to the Promise Land, they still possessed the mental aptitude to endure and survive to the end; whereas the young generation were the ones to enter Jericho... However, it was Solomon’s Son and friends, who inherited the power but lacked the wisdom, so they lost the Jewish Kingdom, and their people became Refugees and Land Pirates.

These claim to be God’s Chosen People – We are just BV-Islanders who were once classified as Godless; yet, somehow, we carry the belief that we can refuse to help ourselves and God will take care of us... We still perish from the lack of vision, for, whomsoever refuses to see for themselves will be misled by others... You may run your mouth when talking but we must be well balanced when walking.

We have always wanted to trust our Leaders and Mother Country, but we have seen generations misled by willful blindness rather than accept a glimmer of Wisdom... Today we stand at the proverbial roundabout with a deep hunger and need to know – We hear their Thunder and we see their Lightening, but we have been misled for so long that we have grown too wise to trust and too afraid to believe.

PS:Will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes

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