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We must fix NHI together before it’s too late for us

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Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
Alred C. Frett

Sometimes we need to speak Truth to Power:

This goes for Family, Friends, You and Everybody including Enemies who would like me to be passive and ‘go along to get along’… We are only where we are because some persons chose to be different… Not because it was easy but because it promoted, the goodness in man and they saw it as necessary – We all have roles to play and you may be one such person without even knowing.

There are always risks when dealing with delicate issues and some will be offended and some even welcome the process provided it is biased in their favour even if they know it is wrong… We ourselves may wish to facilitate everyone but we cannot be all things to all people… The time comes when the need for reality is more necessary than the deck of dreams and what should be done must be done.

You may ask why bother addressing NHI when, I could benefit from these new policies if I played along as compared to running the risk of being victimised… I am neither Saint nor Martyr and we have seen stuff done to me before so we know it can happen again - However, it’s not about me but about the Youth and if those before had refuse to care, imagine what the world would be like for us.

Furthermore, Without Truth and Real Facts it will be impossible to find the right Solutions and make the right Decisions… Our Youth did not ask for NHI – It was forced on them in a manner that, without it they will have nothing… However, as Slave Descendants, we are prone to ailments like Hypertension, Fibroids and Diabetes and From Childhood to Seniors we would need Health Care.

Whatever threatens NHI essentially threatens our Children and if my Truths seem harsh this is only because Truth comes naked and even the best of Roses come with their own thorns… Some may feel nothing matters because we were all born to die so when I speak of Health Care, our Territory’s Risks and NHI’s Sustainability they feel themselves immune and take it lightly.

NHI needs us and we need NHI

It seems hopeless when we see the Wicked appearing to prosper through lies and acts of wrong but history reminds us that Facts are stronger than Lies and Truth always prevails in the long run…

Fact is, we were born to live, dangers are real but clinging to ignorance will never make it better - Even now a new VI Health Alert, the Wuhan Coronavirus, threatens to wreck our way of life.

Unfortunately, this comes at a time when our Public Health Care is under attack as Government claims NHI is unable to meet its obligations and NHI claims it’s because Government is unable to meet its obligations… As each blames the other, ordinary men and women get squeeze and no one seems to care or share the Patient’s concerns that NHI’s New Policy severely interferes with their Medical Care.

While NHI is fixated on saving a Dime by limiting Doctor-Patient Consultation they are actually losing Dollars and inconveniencing Patients by requiring them to lose 3-times as much self-time for a Routine Medical Consultation… It is even more alarming that, this direct intrusion in the delivery of Health Care, reduces focus on assessment and treatment of Patients thereby placing the Territory at greater risk.

They may mean well but they are conflating Public and Private Insurances - Private Insurance is more interested in the Dollar while Public Insurance must put People first and the solution cannot be paying the Hospital in advance without conditions while owing Private Providers for months even as they impose hardship - Rumours now claim a portion of the Hospital is now controlled by foreign interest.

The Tentacles of Corruption can stretch into the Future:

I may classify such acts as Corrupt but you can judge for yourself whether or not there is indeed a presence or level of corruption… Example #1 - Governmental Health Officers place demands on the Private Sector that they are unwilling or unable to meet… Example #2- Government Personnel privately force the Private Sector to pay them for providing the means to meet Exp#1 Conditions.

Example #3 – Even when the Private Sector meets the requirements of Exp#1, the Governmental Personnel take this away from the Private Sector to benefit themselves or Government thereby leaving the Private Sector worse off than before… Example #4 - Meanwhile, Government Depts literally take years to process replacement staff for those same Businesses they seek to destroy.

Example #5 – Groups and Associations within the Governmental Sector shelter under impressive names with the sole objective of actively looking after the interests of their own Members… This is similar to where different Islands have Associations within the VI; primarily to benefit their homelands and selves and no real consideration for VIslanders or the little man.

We achieve no Growth without change or Progress without vision;

However, no matter how big, small, short or tall – with or without good intentions – we should realise that we are all only here for a while… Indeed, 50% of all living things and processes that we see today did not exist 50 years ago and, 50% of these same things will not exist 50 years from now… So far, Man is fortunate to survive the rigours of time and our survival depended on our adaptable prowess.

That makes it painful to admit that, after 500-years, the chains still remain and we are just as comfortable with the learned concept that we were ‘Bred to be led’… Rather than thrive on the freedom of self, we yearn for pity redemption from those that built their Empires on our forced victimisation -  We bask in ignorance and think closing our eyes will bring vision when it simply brings more darkness.

In the end all these factors play a part in the survival or demise of NHI and to ignore any may be the one too many… The self-interest effects of Special Interest Groups and Associations worsen when Leaders are also Members… They may wreak havoc in the short and long term but history shows that they are not in these positions forever and the damage they do often rebounds to haunt them.

Again, it is unfortunate that the innocent suffers for the guilty and although we did not ask for NHI, it was forced on us in such a way that without it we have nothing… Again, Slave Descendants need Health Insurance against the many inherited Medical Challenges and this place us at ransom – At the point where who threatens NHI threatens us; leaving us obliged to prevent it from getting worse.

PS: I will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes

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