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VI records 18th COVID-19 related death

- after female infected with virus passed away @ Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital today, July 19, 2021
A COVID-19 patient of Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital reportedly passed away this morning, July 19, 2021. Photo: VINO/File
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- The Virgin Islands has recorded its 18th COVID-19 related death, according to information just reaching our newsroom today, July 19, 2021.

The individual, a female, allegedly passed away this morning at Dr D. Orlando Smith Hospital.

Only yesterday, July 18, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Social Development had stated that 17 persons had died, including 3 males on July 17, 2021.

More details to follow.

62 Responses to “VI records 18th COVID-19 related death”

  • Ghost (19/07/2021, 09:46) Like (38) Dislike (22) Reply
    This is all so sad but in spite of the sad news I Know that our God “Is” With us .. His face isn’t turned from us.. we keep praying and praying and calling on His Name, CRYING out to Him for His Continued Mercy and Deliverance.. and for those of us that don’t know Him PLEASE repent and us that call Him Lord let us repent as well..Let us all walk in Obedience before Him.. He Will Heal our land..
    • @ghost (19/07/2021, 10:03) Like (46) Dislike (139) Reply
      Get Vaccinated while you’re praying!
      • Ghost (19/07/2021, 14:14) Like (28) Dislike (30) Reply
        And “yes” re: being vaccinated as well.. I firmly believe that God gave us the vaccines to Help us in this time. I am a proponent of the vaccine..
    • Repent all you like (19/07/2021, 10:12) Like (37) Dislike (35) Reply
      ...but getting vaccinated will be more effective. They don’t serve bush tea whilst you’re on a ventilator just so everyone is aware.
      • MRNA (19/07/2021, 15:48) Like (9) Dislike (5) Reply
        They don’t serve vaccination either while your on the machine so hope you aware too
      • fyah ras (19/07/2021, 22:38) Like (6) Dislike (4) Reply
        Help your self to herbs and you wouldn't end up on a ventilator.
    • Rubber Duck (19/07/2021, 11:02) Like (39) Dislike (13) Reply
      Whatever, but get vaccinated because we know that works.
    • Don’t (19/07/2021, 11:15) Like (22) Dislike (31) Reply
      Make a mockery of God. The nation should have been worshipping him through his Son a long time ago not just when we need him. Blessings come when we are obedient and we suffer for our disobedience. Let’s see if after this era ends, if we all will be CRYING out to him!
      • thomas (19/07/2021, 18:15) Like (5) Dislike (13) Reply
        If he is almighty , why does he need to be worshipped? Is he an egomaniac or insecure? Asking for a friend.
    • @ghost (19/07/2021, 11:33) Like (7) Dislike (11) Reply
      Amen and amen .
    • scat (19/07/2021, 11:40) Like (6) Dislike (2) Reply
  • C19 (19/07/2021, 09:46) Like (21) Dislike (2) Reply
    When will this stop we lost 2many July has been the worst month
    • support (19/07/2021, 10:28) Like (56) Dislike (36) Reply
      it will stop when everyone take their vaccine.

    • Not Rocket Science (19/07/2021, 11:57) Like (9) Dislike (47) Reply
      It will stop when people stop the praying and use natural remedies to heal their body. Simple
      • Rubber Duck (19/07/2021, 13:04) Like (25) Dislike (10) Reply
        Once the majority achieve immunity it will slow down. there will still be the odd case. Two ways to achieve immunity, catch it and survive or the other , get vaccinated. Drinking bush tea and praying to god wont give you immunity.
      • Ghost (19/07/2021, 14:23) Like (13) Dislike (8) Reply
        @not rocket science - I REBUKE YOU IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS.. DON’T LISTEN to this person .. prayer connects us to God. He hears and He answers.. we repent and we keep praying, walking in obedience and Trusting God..
        • Obedience (19/07/2021, 14:56) Like (6) Dislike (8) Reply
          Sounds like slave mentality. Take responsibility as a free willed person.
      • @Not Rocket Science (19/07/2021, 15:37) Like (3) Dislike (3) Reply
        Most definitely I agree , but things like this does always geh the less likes . SMH
      • fyah ras (19/07/2021, 22:40) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
        Big Facts. God give us the healing of the nation and we still blind to it. Who can't hear will feel.
    • @C19 (19/07/2021, 12:00) Like (14) Dislike (49) Reply
      It will also stop when they through those ventilators down pock wood pond in the dump.
    • Observer (19/07/2021, 12:02) Like (69) Dislike (11) Reply
      It will only stop when people stop listening to the BS being touted by the Facebook and other media physicians, and GET VACCINATED!!!
  • w (19/07/2021, 10:24) Like (7) Dislike (3) Reply
    Please please please do what is Wright and save your life.
  • more (19/07/2021, 10:25) Like (36) Dislike (11) Reply
    There’s more deaths than they are saying. People are dying at home too with Covid and a lot of people are battling this virus silently. I don’t believe in lockdowns but we really need one now more than ever because positive people are actually walking around spreading it saying they don’t have symptoms….just because they are vaccinated.
    • Doctor Know (19/07/2021, 12:56) Like (10) Dislike (6) Reply
      Most unvaccinated will have no symptoms either. But some will die.
    • Agree (19/07/2021, 13:10) Like (6) Dislike (14) Reply
      I've been saying this all along. Lock down now for 2 weeks. Is the only way it's going to minimize the amount of deaths and spread of this covid-19
    • @more (19/07/2021, 14:11) Like (17) Dislike (5) Reply
      The vaccinated have no symptoms? Great! The vaccine is working then. Stop talking BS and get vaccinated
  • LockDown (19/07/2021, 10:30) Like (55) Dislike (12) Reply
    People roaming free for weeks, spreading a more contagious virus, no lockdown like last year, so it’s only sadly getting worse. Locked down with a few cases last year, almost 2000 cases this year, and open, plus visitors still coming in, exposing more people. Sadly it is costing many lives and misery. Who to blame when a deadly new strain of virus seen coming?
  • No Man (19/07/2021, 10:48) Like (21) Dislike (34) Reply
    Something is happening in that hospital. This can't be. stop blaming it on underlining conditions. This place needs investigating. I have my own story to tell from being in there, I know. Masa said it right. There is no denying.
  • God is still on his throne (19/07/2021, 10:48) Like (17) Dislike (10) Reply
    IT very painful for everybody right now but remember there are still time for those who dont not know christ as savior turn .to him .he is knocking at your hearts right now let him in .old, middleage, teenage , young adult, Babies dont respect him .no body know .death is appointed to everyone but is how you leave this world.take courage everybody .blessing
    • thomas (19/07/2021, 18:17) Like (1) Dislike (6) Reply
      If he has infinite powers, why does he need to sit down ? . Asking for a friend.
  • @ghost (19/07/2021, 10:51) Like (14) Dislike (12) Reply
    God prepared vaccine for through his people but you have refused to take it and facing consequences now, here is the quote” The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you” here the blood is vaccine, not my word, in the scripture
  • 2c19 (19/07/2021, 10:54) Like (59) Dislike (11) Reply
    It will stop when people wise up and go take the vaccine. Look around and see who's dying , it's our local people . The Philippinoes and white people here are 97 % vaccinated so ask yourself the question , how many of them died.
  • Son (19/07/2021, 11:02) Like (3) Dislike (2) Reply
    Rest in peace the I. We will surely miss you
  • WOW (19/07/2021, 11:07) Like (7) Dislike (23) Reply
    Now is the time for people to serve God instead of panicking our God stead heals wy not have a prayer drive as well.
  • vi (19/07/2021, 11:13) Like (21) Dislike (9) Reply
    My vi friends and families please get vaccinated before it’s to late we all watching news this is not going nowhere we have to take a step to stop spreading this deadly virus if we love the bvi we can do this
  • woah (19/07/2021, 11:22) Like (7) Dislike (14) Reply
    We as a people need assistance immediately to help with our situation down here, we need advance medical staff to come in and help solve this problem. Too much lives going now
    • Understand this (19/07/2021, 12:58) Like (27) Dislike (8) Reply
      There is no cure. Some can fight it , some cant. Get vaccinated , give yourself a better chance
  • ... (19/07/2021, 11:22) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    just lost for words
  • Total casualties (19/07/2021, 12:06) Like (15) Dislike (5) Reply
    On the basis of statistics and Delta Variant don't be surprised if we have more than 100 deaths in the next few weeks (2% mortality rate for older or underlying conditions)
  • Numbers (19/07/2021, 12:10) Like (3) Dislike (24) Reply
    • Mango Man (19/07/2021, 13:52) Like (22) Dislike (5) Reply
      At the rate man dropping down, I think we will double that number.

      I am already vaccinated so ayo go ahead and play with your life and those herbal media rats telling ayo to drink juice hahahahaha. Any kind of herbs tea good but if you have not been conditioning your body from young with that, don't expect a bottle or two will do it for you.

      I ain't no doctor but you being delusional!
  • Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased (19/07/2021, 12:48) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
    May they receive the strength they need to bear the burden of this loss.
  • Science (19/07/2021, 12:53) Like (17) Dislike (5) Reply
    The theory that the spike will cease with vaccinations is flawed. First, the 1st jab leaves you just as contagious as anyone else and it takes several weeks before eligibility for the 2nd jab. 2nd jab still leaves persons capable of infecting others. Persons who are already positive are medically advised not to vaccinate until they have recovered. So where is the plan to deal with the persons already infected, those whose symptoms are worsening and what is clearly a struggling healthcare system. Clearly there seems to be no plan, because vaccinate does not address proper care for infected persons - simply leaving the infected to die, because of the lack of a plan of action cannot be acceptable. Not addressing measures for curbing the spread from vaccinated and unvaccinated also cannot be the answer.
    • @science (19/07/2021, 16:56) Like (7) Dislike (2) Reply
      Love. Love. Love. I am fully vaccinated but where is the compassion? People walking around like “if you’re not fully vaccinated…. Oh well”

      Take a look at countries that have quarantine regulations for vaccinated AND unvaccinated. They’re doing so well!!


    • Doctor (20/07/2021, 06:28) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
      Dear, put your knowledge together, if you don't understand or know try to ask and learn don't just Google or Yahoo. Your internet doesn't has all the answers.
      People who are infected can take the shots after 20 days when their viral load goes down, depending upon their health conditions.
      First dose provides you 70 to 80 percentage of better chance to survive the infection and the second dose gives you 90 to 95 percentage of immunity from the infection.
      The vaccine does not prevents you from infection but it gives your body an opportunity to fight the infection in abetter way. Check the records there are almost nil cases who died of covid after vaccination.
      So please do not discourage people who wish to get vaccinated VI doesn't has the medical facility to take all the population in. You don't wish to take the jab then please do not talk about it and propagate it, let people make their choices to keep themselves and the territory safe.
    • Jane (20/07/2021, 09:41) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      @Science. You are correct the vaccine is not going to provide immediate protection. Those folks need to shelter and shield at home until they are double jabbed. There is no cure for Covid.

      BVI experiencing its first wave of Covid now, but in two or three months there will be a second and a third. This will continue until we have herd immunity (everyone vaccinated or already caught it). The second wave could be worse than the first and looking at the numbers I think we should brace ourselves for about 40 deaths in this first wave.
  • Hbh Da Don (19/07/2021, 13:13) Like (8) Dislike (45) Reply
    Stop the cursed vaccination we demand. Vaccine causes death more than if you are unvaccinated. Give up your idols and your pagan god and accept Selassie in your heart. Eat more herbs and greens and stop believing in western medicine.
    • @ HBH (19/07/2021, 13:56) Like (38) Dislike (8) Reply
      The only thing you are qualified to talk about is foolishness. Go siddung Idyaat
    • @Hbh Da Don (19/07/2021, 18:49) Like (5) Dislike (6) Reply
      I hope you do not catch Covid, because I don't think there will be much sympathy for you, given all the misinformation you have been spreading regarding this virus and vaccination.
    • @Hbh Da Don't (19/07/2021, 21:02) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      WHO is WE? Show us the 19+ dead from vaccines in the BVI to back up your claims that the vaccine causes more death. Medicine does not require you to believe in it for it to work. That is called placebo.
  • Hmm (19/07/2021, 14:33) Like (10) Dislike (13) Reply
    what treatment are they been given at this hospital? are people going there just to die. Can noone offer some good help to save lives?
  • Mr. Hodge (19/07/2021, 14:44) Like (19) Dislike (2) Reply
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and the entire BVI as we mourn collectively for those who have perished. This is not the time to draw a line in the sand between those who are vaccinated and those who aren't. Whether we take the vaccine or not, one thing is for certain, we will all die... eventually! This pandemic has exposed the fragility of life and has brought us face to face with our mortality. Don't trust in science but in the one who gave man the wisdom to explore science. Don't trust in the herb but in the one who created the herb. One day sooner or later we will come face to face with our creator. And if you don't believe that He exists... you better be right. Shalom
  • u see (19/07/2021, 17:17) Like (11) Dislike (9) Reply
    This country could have been in a better shape if people will learn to obey and follow instruction take the vaccine simple
  • hmmm (19/07/2021, 23:19) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    From seeing these repent blogs we only know God when we are in crisis.. that's a reason y this pandemic have to happen. This is an awakening!!!. We forget we have a God. It's his breath in our lungs and we thankful each day.

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