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VI considered safe place to travel by CDC

- as proactive measures by VIP Gov’t bear fruit
The Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport is only receiving nationals and permanent residents; however, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has rated the Virgin Islands as a safe place to travel to by American citizens. Photo: VINO
The Virgin Islands currently has only one active case of COVID-19, a case that was imported. Photo:WREX
The Virgin Islands currently has only one active case of COVID-19, a case that was imported. Photo:WREX
WASHINGTON DC, USA- Despite criticism from some sections of society, the COVID-19 suppression and control measures by Government continue to keep the Virgin Islands safe and other countries are taking note.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its travel health notices for a number of countries in the Caribbean region on August 6, 2020, placing them under Level Warning 3.

VI deemed safe destination for travel

The Virgin Islands; however, has been deemed safe as it did not make the list warning Americans that the several Caribbean islands have been identified as high risk for COVID-19.

This means US citizens should avoid all nonessential travel to the listed destination due to the risk of COVID-19.

The countries include:  Montserrat, Belize, The Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti, Martinique, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Sint Maarten, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, US Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Saint Martin, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Curacao, Cuba, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Bermuda, Antigua and Barbuda and Anguilla.

The CDC notes that if someone gets sick with COVID-19 (or test positive for COVID-19, even if they have no symptoms) while abroad, they may be isolated or not be permitted to return to the United States until they have fully recovered from the illness.  

If a person is exposed to COVID-19 while abroad, that person may be quarantined or not be permitted to return to the United States until 14 days after their last exposure.

Watch list

Some Caribbean countries have also been placed under a Watch Level 1.  This means US travellers should practice usual precautions as over the last 28 days new cases of COVID-19 in these destinations decreased of stabilised.  

The islands under this watch include: Saint Barthelemy, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire

The Virgin Islands has not been receiving tourists as yet; however, it is a morale boost for the Territory and its COVID-19 efforts.

The Virgin Islands has had 9 cases of COVID-19, with one death. There is currently one active case in the Territory, which was imported.

The infected person, who reportedly travelled from the Dominican Republic, remains in isolation.

39 Responses to “VI considered safe place to travel by CDC”

  • ANDY (09/08/2020, 16:17) Like (37) Dislike (29) Reply
    Wow, Wow excellent job BVI!!! This pandemic is nothing to take lightly. Kudos to the Government and the people of the British Virgin Islands. Keep the virus out!!!!
  • its a trick (09/08/2020, 16:18) Like (36) Dislike (5) Reply
    We dont no americans coming here to contaminate us with covid19 for the next year or two
    • @Its a trick (09/08/2020, 17:59) Like (4) Dislike (25) Reply
      You racist Jack piece of S**t. Can’t say it enough, when you put things out in the Universe, it comes back to stick you good. The safe bubble that you live in will burst one day.
      • @ “@its a trick” (10/08/2020, 13:44) Like (23) Dislike (1) Reply
        How is he being racist? I see noting racist about that comment. Hmm
  • SHAME (09/08/2020, 16:18) Like (5) Dislike (16) Reply
    So we had to call down the other blacklisted Caribbean countries in order to make ourselves look good? Tsk tsk
  • they made a mistake (09/08/2020, 16:20) Like (15) Dislike (1) Reply
    Anguilla is covid free, how did they get on that list?
  • Politics (09/08/2020, 16:34) Like (22) Dislike (33) Reply
    Premier hon Fahie that comment is good for the virgin islandsbut still be on your guard do not let in nobody on our shores remember St Thomas and the rest of the USVI please donot let down your guard and bring people here because you will have a price to pay but the report sounds good for the BVI marlon 8th district representativelets us take our time and we will rise some day WE CANNOT ALLOW ANY ONE IN THE BVI BE THEM EXEMPED WORKPERMIT HOLDERS ETC SO WATCH YOUR STATEMENTS
  • HMP (09/08/2020, 16:38) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
    and is them start the spread
    • @HMP (09/08/2020, 19:30) Like (3) Dislike (13) Reply
      We done got here already, just like you all contaminated our country years ago.
  • Mr rotivator (09/08/2020, 17:03) Like (5) Dislike (4) Reply
    Bit irrelevant given they aren’t allowed in and even people who live there and with families aren’t allowed in subject to quarantine.

    But big ups.
  • pat (09/08/2020, 17:03) Like (37) Dislike (50) Reply
    Hon Fahie needs an OBE for his good works
  • (09/08/2020, 17:05) Like (57) Dislike (61) Reply
    I’m not surprise by this. It’s because we kept our boarders closed and unlike other Islands who did not are now having to go through a second and third lockdown and even more strict restrictions than previous. Kudos to the VIP for not cracking under pressure . Keep the boarders close until there is a efficient and proven way deemed safe and viable to open them.
    Some are calling for the tourism sector to open but I ask where are tourist coming from? There are no tourist traveling. Further more a lot of countries have been put on a list of places not to visit ,vice versa. We have no direct flights . Tourist are going to adhere to these warnings and not fly to the places on the list. These places on the list are major connection hubs to get to the BVI so they can’t get here even if they wanted to. Atleast not without a peace of mind. Even St. Thomas which would be the other Obvious connection have been put on the US list of places not to Visit due to corona virus. Ship are definitely not sailing . In my opinion the borders are open to a sufficient capacity. They are letting people in who Belong here and they quarantine for two weeks before being released to population. This is perfect until covid is under control. Kudus VIP
  • Liat 521 (09/08/2020, 17:06) Like (26) Dislike (5) Reply
    There is a God in heaven what if we had make the mistake and elected the NDP.

    By now we all would have been dead!!! VIP is for we
  • stay away (09/08/2020, 17:23) Like (19) Dislike (9) Reply
    • Amazed (09/08/2020, 20:54) Like (51) Dislike (5) Reply
      I never cease to be amazed. Who is 'them'. There are people in the US who are connected to people in the BVI - friends, families, workers. There is no reason why similar practices to return bvislander and belongers cannot be practiced for other travellers through a registration and 14-day quarantine process. You dont want them here? Their food is here, their cars are here, their currency is here. And yet, I never cease to be amazed. Friendly relations is preferred over lack of consideration please and thank you.
      • @Amaze (09/08/2020, 21:37) Like (7) Dislike (15) Reply
        Oh come on! You know exactly who he meant by “them”. You took that wayy out of content. He is talking about people that don’t really have a place here at this time. People that do not necessarily need to come to the BVI. For example ( and I’m not being bias ) the Dominican who came in the other day and was positive. That is who he/she meant by “them”. People who do not necessarily have to be here. They can stay in their native land. You know very well he wasn’t talking about BVI landers living abroad . Just let the government do their Job. Obviously they are doing a d*** good job because they are being recognized for it on an international level.. and stop taking people’s Post out of context. Not a good look yo .
  • Gumbs (09/08/2020, 17:24) Like (0) Dislike (25) Reply
    Anguilla is complacent. They think them them don’t have it. Then partying hard.
  • Lolllllllll (09/08/2020, 19:04) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    "This means US citizens should avoid all nonessential travel to the listed destination due to the risk of COVID-19."

    USA cases worst than any other country. They meant : "This means US citizens should avoid all travel to other US States. They should stay put in their own state."
  • Ghost (09/08/2020, 19:29) Like (24) Dislike (18) Reply
    Kudos to you and your team Hon..Premier.. I am so Proud of you for allOf your efforts in keeping everyone safe.. other countries and the USA could take a page from your book..this is Great news from the CDC but don’t be led astray Hon. Premier; best to keep the borders close a bit longer to ride out this storm .. your measures are working; plz don’t become complacent..we are a tourist destination and in as much as we may need their monies we need to hold off for a while longer .. always remember our pop-size and our hospital’s ICU capacity.. God is with Us..some of us just need to be better people that He doesn’t turn His face from us ..He “will” make a way for us to get Revenue..Prayer changes things.. Hon. Premier you keep your eyes focused on God..
  • @ stay away (09/08/2020, 19:43) Like (7) Dislike (7) Reply
    It's you who let us in there in the first place. So don't go saying WHO YOU DONT WANT THERE PERIOD. And remember, TRUMP IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GOOD!

    • Stop it...Trump think he smart (09/08/2020, 20:52) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
      The Americans are the ones that sick. They are the high risk . The highest risk of all nations. All those countries he warned againt were all planning to ban Americans. He knows that. So he throw the first punch....Spoiling the countries good name with his nonsense ..
      • @ Stop It... Trump think he smart (11/08/2020, 15:00) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
        Since you and yours came to America to $eek the American dream, It could have been you all who brought the pandemic in America in the first place.
        So don’t go around saying that the Americans are sick. Since ever since, all of you folks have been welcoming in the yellowtail Americans with open arms, with disregard to your own natives.
  • time (09/08/2020, 19:54) Like (22) Dislike (3) Reply
    This is great news for the BVI now BUT how much longer can the BVI keep the borders closed to all persons( residents excluded) another month, end of 2020, all next year??? The BVI economy is shrinking everyday while the tourist attractions here decay. Some may never recover from this long term isolation.
  • Lord o (09/08/2020, 20:47) Like (1) Dislike (11) Reply
    They just forget us.....They dont know the BVI Exst they count we as the virgin Islands. Watch for the update...
  • Just saying (09/08/2020, 22:02) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    The Americans are the ones spreading the virus to the Caribbean and guess what , they are not going to stop going to the Caribbean because that’s where they can get some sort of ease from what is going on in America, I know some of them don’t want to go back. Anyone looking at the recovery rate? People are talking about the virus, yes we know it’s there but people are recovering it’s not a death sentence and once you take all the precautions it doesn’t have to spread. The bvi shouldn’t feel special because the borders are close no one is coming here so it be on the good list and as far as I see it that’s what it will remain for the rest of 2020.
    • @ Just saying (11/08/2020, 14:44) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      So if that’s the case that Americans are spreading the virus, then why u fake natty dreads welcoming in the American Cauc’s, and not your own people of color?.
  • Ironic (10/08/2020, 03:07) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    ” VI considered safe place to travel by CDC”.......but the only problem is you can’t.
  • Not Making a List (10/08/2020, 07:06) Like (49) Dislike (10) Reply
    So now we are making news for ourselves by saying because we were NOT mentioned in something that this is praise and recognition for a job well done? Guess you could say the same for EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD not on the list. The fact is the BVI is doing a terrible job managing this pandemic. Yes keeping covid low but at the expense of the economy, financial infrastructure, investors, and destroying the very social fabric of the community. This claim that our healthcare system cant handle covid is absolute piss. USVI even with its peak of 150 active cases still hasn't had its hospitals over run. The overwhelming majority of cases can be treated with staying at home and isolation. Only a few will actually require hospital care. But here we are some how spooked out and afraid of this virus and think if we just bury our heads in the sand long enough it will go away. Guess what people, IT'S NOT GOING AWAY EVER. So the countries in the region who learn to coexist with it soonest will be the ones reaping all the benefits and this so called praise for avoiding covid will be all this territory has to fall back on. Praise for not making a list aint gonna put bread on anyone's table.
  • please (10/08/2020, 09:22) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    Note the both Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are on the list. How will travelers get here????
  • USresident (10/08/2020, 09:51) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I live in Missouri, my flight for mid September is still booked there.
    They haven't cancelled it yet.
  • @not making a list. (10/08/2020, 09:52) Like (6) Dislike (13) Reply
    Stupid miserable opposition comment or some brainwashed fool. Why don’t you just leave the BVI since the pandemic so horribly handled here. Lucky here the only place them have a voice.
  • US (10/08/2020, 10:26) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    I don’t understand the US is full of Covid 19 and they got the nerve to put out travel advisory that the USVI is not safe to travel because if the high amount of cases? Nobody wants to go to the US either.
    Thank god they didn’t classify us like that.
  • Outsider (10/08/2020, 12:02) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
    Thank you CDC for the world recognition and on the list for another WHO plaque. Get ready people for Bill Gates mixup cocktail vaccine. The answer to promoting COVID free Island!!
  • Pick Sense (11/08/2020, 07:33) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    I have observed that the destinations deemed unsafe for travel, are the ones opened for business. Some tourists are eager to leave America right now and head to these countries in the Caribbean where few covid cases exist. Also, where proper protocols are in place to protect them. I assume that some of them would be essential workers too, like doctors, nurses, teachers,etc. I would also assume that some resigned from their posts, due to lack of protective gears and adherence to protocols. One way to control the masses in America to all head back to work, to stir up some well needed economic activity before elections. None of us should be rejoicing, they're steering up the course in their favour either way. Very strategic!
  • down2earth (11/08/2020, 15:44) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I hope those who are stirring up strife here in the Virgin Islands (Br) have taken note of the information about those returning. Every country and continent - no matter their number of COVID-19 cases - are striving to protect their nationals, whether from the virus, securing jobs for nationals or ensuring no social break down. Please take a look at the Cayman Islands in regards to work permit also.

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