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UK should 'welcome' any OT wishing full integration- UK MP

- Lloyd C. Russell-Moyle said it was wrong for the UK to block Malta's request for integration in the past
British Member of Parliament (MP) Lloyd C. Russell-Moyle has said the United Kingdom (UK) should make it clear that any of its Overseas Territories (OTs) are welcome to exercise the option of integration into the United Kingdom (UK). Photo:
Speaking in the House of Commons, during the debate titled Future of Overseas Territories on May 11, 2023, Labour MP Mr Lloyd C. Russell-Moyle was at the time making the point that there are four ways of being removed from the UN’s list of Non-Self Governing Territories and being normalised in international relations. Photo: YouTube
Speaking in the House of Commons, during the debate titled Future of Overseas Territories on May 11, 2023, Labour MP Mr Lloyd C. Russell-Moyle was at the time making the point that there are four ways of being removed from the UN’s list of Non-Self Governing Territories and being normalised in international relations. Photo: YouTube
Premier of the Virgin Islands, Dr the Hon Natalio D. Wheatley (R7) had indicated in the past that while the Government of National Unity will implement the CoI recommendations and bring reform to the Virgin Islands, the VI will still be asserting its United Nations-backed rights that colonialism must be a thing of the past. Photo: VINO/File
Premier of the Virgin Islands, Dr the Hon Natalio D. Wheatley (R7) had indicated in the past that while the Government of National Unity will implement the CoI recommendations and bring reform to the Virgin Islands, the VI will still be asserting its United Nations-backed rights that colonialism must be a thing of the past. Photo: VINO/File
LONDON, UK- A British Member of Parliament (MP) has said the United Kingdom (UK) should make it clear that any of its Overseas Territories (OTs) are welcome to exercise the option of integration into the United Kingdom (UK).

According to Lloyd C. Russell-Moyle, a British Labour and Co-operative Party politician who was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Brighton Kemptown, it has been a “priority” of the Governments of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands to be removed from the United Nations list of Non-Self Governing Territories.

Speaking in the House of Commons, during the debate titled Future of Overseas Territories on May 11, 2023, Mr Russell-Moyle was at the time making the point that there are four ways of being removed from the UN’s list of Non-Self Governing Territories and being normalised in international relations.

UK had blocked Malta’s request for integration

This he listed as gaining sovereignty (independence), becoming a free association, integration or a “Bespoke option”, which he said would require a vote in the UN.

Regarding OTs wishing to be fully integrated into Britain, Mr Russell-Moyle reminded it was a model Malta had requested in the past, but it was blocked by the UK parliament.

“And I do believe that option now must be clearly stated, that it is always an option for any territory if they wish. I think it was wrong that we did that in the past and I do would love to hear the Minister say if the territory wanted integration ie, to be able to send them to this place…they will be welcome to do so. We must make that clear, Mr Russell-Moyle stated.

The Bespoke Option!

The MP was; however, suggesting that the UK must come up with a “clever way” for British Overseas Territories to be taken off the UN list of Non-Self Governing Territories without losing status as a British Overseas Territory.

“And why of course that is important for them is because it then gives them access to certain things at the United Nation and allows them to stand proud on the international stage.

“But that also requires Britain to be clear that these territories are self-governing and they decide their future, and I was very pleased with,” Mr Russell-Moyle stated.

He said the “bespoke option” would be a problem to attain; however, since the Committee at the UN is made up of China, Cuba, Iran, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela.

“Whilst the first three [options] are yes or no questions, the fourth option requires a vote in that Committee, and it is clear under no chance, there is no hope in this world, that they are ever going to vote for a bespoke option of a British Overseas Territory, so we must find a clever solution…” Mr Russell-Moyle stated.

UN & Decolonisation

According to General Assembly resolution 1541 (XV) of 1960 entitled "Principles which should guide Members in determining whether or not an obligation exists to transmit the information called for under Article 73 e of the Charter", a Non-Self-Governing Territory can be said to have reached a full measure of self-government by:

•    Emergence as a sovereign independent State;

•    Free association with an independent State;

•    Integration with an independent State.

In addition, by the "Declaration on Principles of International law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations", as approved by the General Assembly by its resolution 2625 (XXV) of 1970, the General Assembly solemnly proclaimed the principles of international law concerning friendly relations and cooperation among States, including the principle of "equal rights and self-determination of peoples". In that principle, it is stated that the "establishment of a sovereign and independent State, the free association or integration with an independent State or the emergence into any other political status freely determined by a people constitute modes of implementing the right of self-determination by that people".

62 Responses to “UK should 'welcome' any OT wishing full integration- UK MP”

  • Yes please! (12/05/2023, 14:02) Like (18) Dislike (29) Reply
    BVI could benefit from an integration as right now place is going nowhere fast!
    • @Yes please! (12/05/2023, 15:09) Like (33) Dislike (11) Reply
      Speak for yourself as the UK is worse off than the BVI. Do some thorough research and you will find out integration is not an option for the BVI or any OT. The UK had three Prime Ministers in a few months. They have many issues of corruption. Their economy is failing. Many of their public sector are striking more and more daily. They significantly botched covid and caused many deaths which could have been avoided as well as tanking out their economy. The majority of the UK residents are crying out against how poorly they are leading. The OTs have been handling their affairs far better than the UK have been handling theirs. No one is perfect but it is time for independence. Enough of them trying to portray themselves as our saviors.
    • Madussa (12/05/2023, 21:17) Like (11) Dislike (2) Reply
      @ Yes please! LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!!!
  • hold on (12/05/2023, 14:30) Like (39) Dislike (13) Reply
    Why is the UK suddenly pushing full integration? What about giving independence within the next 5 years to all OTs especially those in the Caribbean? These people have no good intention for the OTs especially the Caribbean OTs.
    • Reasonable Man (12/05/2023, 16:56) Like (9) Dislike (24) Reply
      I don't think the UK is pushing for integration, this is a comment from a single MP who is not part of the ruling party. The BVI has no vital importance to the UK and like most of these OT's over the past 50 years the UK has always been willing to give them up when there is a clear consensus amongst the population that independence is wanted. The UK does feel responsibility towards the people of the BVI and is not ready to give independence when it is only a small group of people who seem to have selfish motives at heart asking for it.
      • @Reasonable Man (12/05/2023, 17:53) Like (28) Dislike (3) Reply
        Yeah right. People like you speak as if life in the UK is any better. You speak as if they are saints and our saviors. They have no power to judge us or anyone else as they are also mere mortals also and cannot escape judgement.
      • To: Reasonable Man (12/05/2023, 17:55) Like (15) Dislike (3) Reply
        The mere fact they are discussing it means it is their intention. This is how they work for the last 400 years.
  • Youth (12/05/2023, 14:31) Like (44) Dislike (8) Reply
    These people continue to speak to us, at us, for us, but never with us. They are telling us what is best for us as if we do not know what is best for ourselves.
  • vex (12/05/2023, 14:37) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
    Well sah
  • Qualities of good parents (12/05/2023, 14:41) Like (19) Dislike (4) Reply
    A good parent or partner does their best to assist persons to be independent and feel proud of them when they do. The UK changed 3 Prime Ministers in a year. They miss handled Covid and caused many unnecessary suffering and death to many UK residents & businesses. Their public services is in shambles with several strikes ongoing including in healthcare area. They try to put down the Overseas Territories, but the truth is the OTs, especially the Caribbean OTs, have handled their affairs much better than the UK while having less resources than the UK to their disposal. We are not children anymore but full-grown adults who can make our own decisions and make it on our own as we have been doing for years now with little or no help from the UK. They need to stop bullying us to do and be who they want us to be and do only what they want us to do.
  • WOW (12/05/2023, 14:42) Like (21) Dislike (11) Reply
    BVI let us start the journey to reach independence now before it is too late. They have no good intentions for us.
  • smdh (12/05/2023, 14:45) Like (20) Dislike (9) Reply
    Imagine a man in the UK Parliament who we never met or spoke with is telling the UK Parliament what is best for the BVI. This is too much.
    • @smdh (12/05/2023, 16:47) Like (7) Dislike (11) Reply
      Imagine a man from the 1st district with the only thing in his mouth is the word of GOD and the only thing on his mind is the MONEY is his making from DEALS WITH THE DEVIL...let's go with HEAD COACH instead right?!?
      • To @smdh (12/05/2023, 17:58) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
        As usual Pure foolishness. Small, minded gossip people like you will get the majority of us enslaved. How you know what they in the UK are really doing? Yet you put your trust in them and condemn your own. SMDH.
      • To @smdh (12/05/2023, 18:15) Like (6) Dislike (4) Reply
        The ones who made the deals with devil & all else you said are the colonial masters and some of the recently elected officials with more of them being on the Opposition side. As for the man you hate, time will reveal all as I truly believe what people like you wish for them will turn on you. Election is over so enough of these attacks. You make sure you are straight with God and leave every man for God alone to judge. When he judges you may be shocked who he determines is good and who is bad. For sure your list and his will never gel.
  • Hmmmm (12/05/2023, 14:48) Like (20) Dislike (4) Reply
    I keep telling everyone the UK is adamant to fulfill their GLOBAL BRITAN MISSION. Please people get the document and read it and you will see the wickedness they are up to. They intend to turn us into a little UK and to hell with the heritage and culture of the people of the BVI.
  • Now it is clear (12/05/2023, 15:01) Like (21) Dislike (6) Reply
    When you see the Governor pushing for his kind to flood the BVI with Belonger status is because it is all part of their plan as they want to takeover by being the majority as plan A. This would help them win elections and become the elected leaders of the BVI and each OT. This would allow them to take over all public service jobs especially at the senior level. Through this the UK would be ruling in the BVI & each OT through the local House of Assembly and would not need an Order in Council. The pushing of same sex marriage is also another item on their agenda which will further destroy our cultural and religious heritage. This is part of Plan B. The COI (which is part of plan C) was called by them with bad intentions cloaked as good governance. They named the Commissioner of the COI in a non-transparent manner and give him the Terms of Reference and also provide him with all the staff which were from the same UK office as the Governor. Then they try fooling us by telling us it was independent, and the COI recommendations would just be recommendations where we will discuss them. Turn out the recommendations seemed to be also premeditated and are all being forced on us with ridiculous implementation timeframes that is impossible to achieve, and they know this, so they passed a colonial slavery whip in the form of the Order in Council. They are going after our people and leaders in a manner that seems legitimate but for the most part it is not. THEY HAVE ORGANIZED A MAJOR BLOODLESS TAKEOVER. WE MUST WAKE UP NOW!!!
    • @Now it is clear (12/05/2023, 15:21) Like (13) Dislike (2) Reply
      WELL SAID!!! I was not a believer of this before but as things unfold, I am now a believer.
  • Is it just me? (12/05/2023, 15:13) Like (18) Dislike (2) Reply
    How can we ever have any meaningful talks or negotiations with the UK on our future in any aspect when they already went into to Parliament and debated and deciding for us. How can this be a modern partnership when one partner already deciding for the next partner. I used to be fully against independence, but I am now 100% for it.
  • My Take (12/05/2023, 15:14) Like (7) Dislike (2) Reply
    This is an abusive relationship, and we need to get out of it.
  • Exposed (12/05/2023, 15:16) Like (14) Dislike (2) Reply
    The more the UK and their Governor speak the more they expose their true cold-blooded self and their bad intentions for the BVI and all Caribbean OT.
  • vg youth (12/05/2023, 15:19) Like (12) Dislike (2) Reply
    These UK Officials people are behind the scenes trying to cripple all overseas territory's ability to go independent and remain successful. This is the reason they are trying to always portray each OT as corrupt and no good so the world powers will see us as not worthy and eliminate our seat from the world table. Never take our eyes off of these people.
  • To UK from BVI Youth (12/05/2023, 15:23) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    Please stop using a one size fits all approach with all the Overseas Territories. It can never work. Give us the different options and let us decide for ourselves. TY.
  • We'll take the second option (12/05/2023, 15:56) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
    The UK Parliamentarian gave this option for us stating:

    "A British Member of Parliament (MP) has said the United Kingdom (UK) should make it clear that any of its Overseas Territories (OTs) are welcome to exercise the option of integration into the United Kingdom (UK)."

    We reject that offer and ask that you go back to the Parliament and issue a second option to read on our behalf stating:

    After being requested by the people of the Caribbean OTs, A British Member of Parliament (MP) has said the United Kingdom (UK) should make it clear that any of its Overseas Territories (OTs), especially those in the Caribbean, are welcome to exercise the option of full independence from the United Kingdom (UK) by 2025.

    We will now take the second option. Thank you.
  • father help us (12/05/2023, 15:57) Like (11) Dislike (1) Reply
    We need Prayer because these people are like demons.
    • @fatherhelpus (12/05/2023, 16:48) Like (5) Dislike (6) Reply
      • TO @fatherhelpus (12/05/2023, 18:08) Like (7) Dislike (2) Reply
        There are good and bad everywhere, so your point is pointless. In a small society everyone knows each other, and this means they may know their strengths and weaknesses. However, small, minded people in each society only look at the weaknesses although the strengths far out-weigh the weaknesses. In doing so they tend to feel persons who are far away from us, who they do not know but sound good to them, as if they care about us are the ones who they want to lead them. This was how our ancestors were enslaved and if you leave it to people like you it will happen again. There is a Caribbean saying which says deal with the devil you know because the one you don't know usually is worse. We can govern ourselves and I have confidence in our people to do so. If you don't then move out and go live in the UK.
  • when (12/05/2023, 16:45) Like (0) Dislike (3) Reply
    Would all persons with a BVI BOT automatically get a U.K. passport?
  • WEW (12/05/2023, 17:06) Like (6) Dislike (17) Reply
    We can gain independence and be and look just like Haiti.
    • @wew (12/05/2023, 18:00) Like (10) Dislike (2) Reply
      Another brainwashed fool,
    • Josiahsbay (13/05/2023, 08:17) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
      France and the US made Haiti what it is today through plunder and vengefulness.
    • haiti (13/05/2023, 09:17) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
      Clearly, you are either deliberate or lack the available knowledge of what happen to Haiti since 1804 when it fought and declared independence from France, becoming the first Black Republic in the western hemisphere. It was punished, ostracized, shunned, etc for getting uppity shutting off the profit spigot. Haiti revolution sent shock waves and fear through slave dependent countries, ie, US, UK, Portugal, Spain, etc the whole 9 yard. Haiti and the Haitian people have been living a nightmare ever since. For example, the US is pouring billions upon billlions if borrowed money into Ukraine.Yes, it is borrowed money, for there is no direct Ukraine tax and the US does not have the cash reserve so it must crank up the printing press. The printing press have been in operation since 1971 when President Nixon took the US off the gold standard. The US currency is fiat currency. Does anyone think that American politicians and taxpayers would be ok with pouring billions upon billions of borrowed money into Haiti. Hell, they won’t pour money into Puerto Rico or other Caribbean countries which are hemispherical neighbors or an African country. Truth be told. Some corrupt Haitian leaders learn the corrupt craft well from colonial masters and fleeced an already struggling poor country. Shame! Shame! Burn in hell. Haiti and the Haitian people has had a tough row to hoe.
  • wake up (12/05/2023, 17:11) Like (1) Dislike (18) Reply
    I know there’s a lot of hate feeling but put that aside and just imagine what could be. I’m sure enough people have been to the French islands and seen how it’s so much better. Roads, power, internet, infrastructure….there’s more to listening to the nah sayers…think of the opportunities
    • please (12/05/2023, 18:19) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
      Go speak with those French people and you will hear how disgruntled they are with that integration. Don't try to fool people with sense.
  • It coming out more & more (12/05/2023, 18:17) Like (12) Dislike (2) Reply
    The slavery mill is grinding slow but grinding still.
  • Wah!?! (12/05/2023, 18:37) Like (1) Dislike (6) Reply
    Maybe a good idea, but wait we would pay taxes!
  • @wew (12/05/2023, 20:01) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    "and be and look just like Haiti" with the US army providing protection to the corporations carting off the mountain of Iridium that is located in Haiti making it in reality the richest country on the planet but is being robbed blind while the propaganda machine touts the country as being a bed of misery because of a faction that is opposed to the rape of the country which continues on a 24\7 basis. The same scenario obtains in the DRC and other African countries while the main stream media is used to brainwash the masses worldwide as the globalists continue their sinister agenda. One ounce of Iridium which is an asteroid that crashed into earth millions of years ago is worth two and a half times the price of gold. One ounce of gold $2,000 dollars one ounce of Iridiun 5,000 dollars. Iridium is found only in Haiti and South Africa and is used in all the tech products that allows the global civilization to function. It is time for BVIslanders to wake up and understand what is happening in the world around them and how they are being played. Stop crowing about UK take over when you do not know what is contained in the 200 mile offshore boundary of our islands. I am convinced that the UK strategy right now is to drive BVI into bankruptcy and debt where we will lose the option of ever becoming independent. I firmly believe that we are not being given the true picture as it relates to natural resources in our islands and are being led in a carrot stick fashion doomed to fail unless we wake up to the sinister globalist agenda.
  • BOY ~ YO FRIG d6 (12/05/2023, 20:04) Like (0) Dislike (6) Reply
  • Silly people (12/05/2023, 20:11) Like (0) Dislike (5) Reply
    You all do realize this was just one person (An MP) sharing their opinion right? Just like how there was another MP saying we should be free to choose our own destiny. You people are absolute idiots…Oh my God….The nonsense being typed on here is ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to know there are such dumb people in this country. They didn’t say they plan to make us a part of the UK. It’s his OPINION!!
    • @silly People (13/05/2023, 12:02) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      I know at least three different people who post against this UK conduct so stop the foolish political talk as we are fighting for our future not for likes and dislikes.
  • Political analyst (12/05/2023, 22:55) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Lloyd C. Russell-Moyle, is a member of British Labour and Co-operative Party, not a member of the conservative ruling party so he is just perhaps just making noise. The effort is akin to a dog chasing a car and it catches it and and then what happens? Nothing. MP Lloyd C. Russell -Moyle is spouting some noise about integration of OTs into the UK and what happens? Nothing. To see why, let’s take a peek at UK history and the opportunity to integrate colonies into the UK. The UK had a vast empire, the largest and most powerful in history, lasting over 400 years. It comprised colonies, protectorates, mandates, territories, etc, covering approximately 25% of the globe with over 400 million people in the Americas, West Indies, Europe, Asia, Oceania, etc. Through its exploitive, violent, exclusionary, extractive, expropriated, etc institution of colonialism, it conquered and colonized land and control wealth and power well beyond its shores. It expropriated land and natural resources and enslaved Africans and indigenous people to work the land, building the UK’s economy and creating scandalous and dizzying personal wealth. In addition to exploiting and expropriating resources for the benefit of the home country at the expense of the local people, its actions change industries, societies and people lives. The UK with its wealth and power became the first superpower. It was so powerful and large that it was proclaimed that the sun never set over the Empire and Britannia ruled the waves. Now, the Empire is footnote in the annals of history. The last remnants of the Empire are the OTs, and the Commonwealth of Nations which is being force fed to be led by the British Monarch. The UK is not now recognized as a superpower. Nevertheless, it is trying regain superpower status through Global Britain.

    Moreover, exploitive and expropriated goals achieved, resources depleted and Empire fading, colonies were cut loose quickly but poor, undeveloped, ie, infrastructure, health, education, economy, social services, etc. They are still struggling from the adverse legacies of colonialism. They need reparative justice. It is important to note that none of the colonies in the vast empire was integrated into UK as the French did with Martinique and Guadeloupe. The UK was tasked by the UN as the ‘Administrative Power’ for VI and other OTs with the responsibility for guiding and supporting them towards a full measure of self-governing/self-determination. Self-determination includes independence, free association, integration, etc. The UK had/,has the option of offering integration to its OTs which it often and conveniently label as part of the UK family. The UK is not inclined though to offer integration to OTs. Malta it seems tried but was shunted adide. The UK though may be comfortable offering integration to the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar more so than VI and Anguilla. Why?
    • Quiet Rebel (13/05/2023, 08:55) Like (6) Dislike (0) Reply
      Indeed, the UK conquered and colonized vast rich colonies.,It stole their natural resources, artifacts, shattered cultures, brought their diseases, expropriated the rich land and used free, slave labour to work the land to produce highly profitable crops, ie, sugar, cotton, Tobago, etc. Have any one seen the stolen treasures flashed and flaunted at King Charles Iii coronation. If the King had any class or character he would do the right thing and return the people “sudden” eg, the diamonds to South Africa and India, along with all the other stolen artifacts that dey poor ass stole. The King needs needs to get some stones and come clean, offering an apology for slavery, slave trade, and reparative justice for slave descendants. But we should not hold our breaths waiting, waiting, waiting……until we faint away. He does not have the courage, character, commitment, compassion, care, etc to do the right thing. It is not in his DNA. And Rishi too does not have the balls to do the right things, for doing the right thing will cost him dearly. Some of ah yu mss eant to revise history, pretending that slave, slave trade, colonialism is a figure of our imagination and we should just move on. No. History is history and we fight to keep it alive. Oh ye, John is just an errand boy.
      • Disrespectful Bloat (13/05/2023, 12:51) Like (0) Dislike (11) Reply
        @Quiet Rebel, you are such a disrespectful damn bloat. You need to show some reverence, respect and loyalty to the King and supporting cast. The UK made the BVI, rescuing it from the poor house and this is the damn respect it gets. Respect those that know best, bringing civilization to these poverty stricken dark holes.
        And stop the crap about reparations. Damn non-productive, non-skilled, lazy people looking for free money and handouts, wanting people who had nothing to do with your supposed, imaginary, ill-treatment to pay them. What are you going to pay the Crown for rescuing you bloaks. The BVI will be nothing without the UK ‘s adult guidance. Get some damn respect for us Bloak.
        • Quiet Rebel (13/05/2023, 17:13) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
          You know this is the 21st Century do we are not paying homage, reverence, bending the knee, worship and treating the slave master as a God or superior being. Do better cast your ass with that slavish mentality. You may have a longing for that servile behavior but it is gone. So cart your mother s….t.
        • NOINTEGRATION (14/05/2023, 01:07) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
          Disrespectful Bloat: You were never a slave nor your ancestors so your tail should not be talking to us about showing respect to King. Who the hell is the King, ole home wrecker, destroyer of Diana his wife. Chuppes. We can paddle our own canoe. Look what 75 years after begging the Queen for money brought us. We are wiser than you think. Why are you here Bloat? Cart your tail back to the UK and live among the Indians and Muslims and be nobody. We are seeing right through all of you. You want to rule us. You cannot help yourself. You need to go back in the caves in the Caucaus mountains. The Moors should have left you there to continue sleeping with the dogs. You think you are superior, but the Nebaru will teach you who are the bosses soon. Pay day for you, Bloat. It right deh deh.
        • Sambo (14/05/2023, 04:46) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
          @ Distrspectful Bloak, so you want to revoke the old, tired racial supremacy construct? The days of treating Blacks as an out group, permanent underclass, noncompetitive labour force, etc is long gone, though some racist and some sambos are shamefully salivating for a return. Just in case you have been living under a rock for a while, we are into the second decade of the 21st Century so you may have some catching up to do, for world has changed. Here is a little news flash. Not everyone bend a knee or kiss the ring of the parasitical monarchy.
    • frig (13/05/2023, 12:34) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
      Political Analyst, you are a damn frig; always peeking the people card and exposing their convenient lies, false and misleading claims, hypocrisy, history revisionist attempts, etc. let’s ventilate the truth and let sunshine in.
  • lol (13/05/2023, 02:03) Like (0) Dislike (7) Reply
    A UK opposition member makes a statement and all of these cartwheels flips and conniptions in the BVI? Please untwist your knickers it’s a statement by a nonmember of the sitting government.

    The statement also was that any OT wishing to integrate should be welcomed. How does this lead to a series of tirades about colonialism and slavery? If you don’t “wish” this statement invalidates itself.

    Please untwist your panties and carry on.
    • to LOL (13/05/2023, 12:04) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
      History shows this is how they start their mission of destruction. We will take nothing for granted.
  • No Kings and Queens (13/05/2023, 04:40) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
    Integrating with the UK would be the worst thing we could do. We would be flooded with those people and their awful culture in a heartbeat.

    Probably better to integrate with our brothers and sisters in the USVI. As part of the USVI territory we would still have some level of local governance and culture left.
    • To No Kings and Queens (13/05/2023, 19:17) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
      Lol…You people can really talk nonsense messon. Integrate with the USVI. Have you seen the crime rate in the USVI????? And you want to talk about what will change our culture then follow it up with that statement? WTF….
    • @No Kings and Queens (14/05/2023, 18:48) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      Your suggestion is not easy as it may appear. The USVI is a territory of the US as the VI is a territory of the UK. The
      USVI though it may want to merge with the BVI cannot make that decision on its own. The US government (Congress) will have to get involved and so too will the UK. Free association is a self-determination option; however, both locales will need to have the independent authority to make it happen. Are we sure that the USVI wants to merge with the BVI? What will be benefits, if any, for both locales? Is this merger preference just an emotional response to the current situation?
  • Quiet Storm (13/05/2023, 07:02) Like (3) Dislike (8) Reply
    Virgin Islands are crying out for more services but demonstrate a disdain to pay for those services. They have a dispassion for fees and taxes, wanting platinum services but want others to foot the bill. For example, they want platinum retirement annuities but don’t want to contribute towards it. They want a better road network, water services( water, sewage, storm water ( drainage) ) , health services, education, social services, etc, but don’t csre to contribute towards them. The UK provides many services but they come at a cost. UK residents pay high taxes for those services. Nothing in life is for free. BVI residents must be aware that that if the territory, a big, if, were to be integrated under the UK umbrella that we would be require to pay their fair share of taxes and fees.
    • Freebs Freebs (13/05/2023, 10:00) Like (1) Dislike (4) Reply
      Bet if they were even leaning towards integrating into the UK, paying their fair share of taxes will drive them into making selfish decisions. We just like freebs, freebs!!
  • Chris Famous (13/05/2023, 09:40) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    Integration would not be a good Idea for any OT

    That would mean Brits could freely move to OTS without immigration control. Example USVI / PR and the French countries.
    • To Chris Famous (13/05/2023, 19:19) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      So tell me, how has the USVI, PR and the French countries suffered negatively as a result of the free moment of citizens. I have to hear this…
  • Appeaser (13/05/2023, 13:00) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    Russell-Moyle is an appeaser up there close to former British PM Neville Chamberlin. These politicians are soft opportunists and apologists. This damn diversity and inclusion is killing Great Britain, not the UK. Cut the line to those that want to leave the gold. Good riddance!
  • Jewish Lesson (14/05/2023, 11:16) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Integration must be soberly thought about. Social integration in the US was intended to eradicate 500 years of institutionalized racism and remedy the negative socioeconomic impact of slavery, Jim Crowe,ie, semi-slavery, benign neglect , etc. It has not worked. Blacks abandoned their functional communities, businesses, etc to move into unwanted white neighborhoods where they became a numeric minority with no power and unwanted. Additionally, there is a lesson to be learnt from the Jews in Europe in the 1500s. They tried to integrate into the mainstream in Europe. However, the Jews learnt that to protect the group’s interest is better to circle the wagon than to scatter into the larger population making them weaker and more vulnerable. Be vigilant!!
  • E. Leonard (14/05/2023, 14:15) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Indeed, the social integration/dream in the US has not yet hit the target. Blacks have not yet attained economic and social equality. It controls less than 0.5% of the national wealth; whites control most of the national wealth, power, control, resources and levers of government. Some cast the social integration movement:dream after 50 years as a nightmare. To me, some misinterpreted what the intent of integration was—-an option— ie, sitting in front of the movie, riding in the front of the bus, etc if so desired. It did not mean abandoning Blacks functional communities which by necessity they had to establish. But they did. “They gave up their communities their businesses, the jobs those businesses created, their sports team,,schools, professionals, and culture to move into white neighborhoods where they were not wanted and to become a powerless, numeric minority” ( A Black History Reader —Dr Claud Anderson). Their vote was diluted and made little difference. Interestingly, though Whites didn’t move into Black communities;Blacks raced to move into their communities contributing to White flight into the exurb. Nevertheless, things are changing and regentrification is on the increase into traditionally Black areas. Blacks didn’t know the value of their functional communities. But other minorities did, for they moved into the areas abandoned by Blacks and are laying down their markers and building functional communities . We must know our value.

    Moreover, the Jewish example/strategy given above is a worthwhile strategy and is worthy of emulating and to benchmark.,To recap, the Jewish lesson states that it is better to circle the wagon to protect the group’s interest in lieu of dividing and scattering themselves into larger populations, weakening the group, and making it more vulnerable. For the BVI, this a lesson that it should peruse and ponder as it considers its self-determination option(s) and pursuit.
  • Eagle and Buffalo (14/05/2023, 22:06) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    I’m a surfer of all the eNews sites. But VI News is a learning institution: it is a fountain of knowledge and head and shoulders above the others. Many of the commenters are thoughtful, deliberative in what they posit. For example, let’s take a peek at integration. Integration is a self-determination option. However, it seems it may not be as attractive as it appears.,The lesson is that the VI and other small locales must dot the I’s and cross T’s, pay attention to the flashing red lights, and proceed with concerning caution, for integration can result in impactful social disruption for local customs, cultural and way of life. We cannot be so altruist, that we put the needs of others over our own, seeing the world through others.

    [Let’s lead like eagles, not careen off the cliff like buffaloes]

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