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The real costs of holidays, vacations & elections

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Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
Alred C. Frett

Keeping Ourselves Busy by Doing Nothing:

We live and learn and, while we may not have all the answers, the World is not flat, Heaven is not in the Sky and if you don’t love yourself no one is obliged to love you… As Adults we look for Vacations even when we are unemployed and as Children we look forward to Holidays even when it means avoiding lessons that improve our lives… Now is the time to look even deeper at our Basic Traditional Practices.

In the past, we failed to recognise Vacations and Holidays as among the least productive portions of our existence or, to see their main purpose or effect as designed to keep us in ignorance and bondage… Vacations provide excuses for us to participate in secondary events that we could and should have been doing all along, and, at the end of this cherished break we end up needing a vacation from the vacation.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Holidays commemorate some aspect of Religion or celebrate the oppressive existence of Rulers – Both are little more than subliminal methods of fooling us and ruling us… Makes us wonder, now that we have more Religions besides Christianity, and, a New King and New Prince of Wales, how will we be inclusive of all as we honour the past while including the new.

Were we to follow the trend, we may end up with more Holidays than the Months can hold… Ironically, even though these produce nothing, the price of each day is equivalent to double or triple the ordinary financial cost – very convenient for those high on the Public System Ladder, who are involved in making and enforcing these costly Holidays and Vacations stipulations, on the backs of a struggling Private Sector.

The madness of this is about to be felt even harder than ever as Economists concede that we are headed for a Worldwide Recession of epic proportions… That is why, when I first introduced, a National Heroes and Labour Day, it was intended to replace an existing Holiday as well as provide voluntary labour for the Territory – This would have saved Government Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, our Leaders spoilt this Win-win situation by creating two holidays of no benefits to the People… Adding these to all our predicaments we are lucky to have been spared this year’s Storms but, current wars and Social Unrest, coupled to OPEC’s recent Fuel Price Increases, make us more than likely to be a victim of their collateral damages and we must decide whether to stand down or stand up.

When Facing reality means Facing the Enemy:

A surprising thing happened lately… Some of the Work Permits we had in for about a year finally came through and, the Applicants had not already taken up Jobs with Government and elsewhere… That’s good - It’s been a long time coming so I hope other Employers have seen this glimmer of improvement.  

Now, the struggle continues with the Social and National Dangers of Exclusive Clubs and Associations.

Our World is not flat, there’s no Heaven in the Sky and, if you fail to love yourself, no one is obliged to love you… From time to time, we must repeat ourselves over and over in order to ensure that the message is clear… We have done this in School, Sports, Drama and Religion because History shows repetition as a proven glue for Knowledge… I need your full understanding so, please forgive me if I repeat.

Those in power - including Local and Foreign Politicians – may not be happy with the things I tell you, just as they were not, when I fought for a New Hospital and a proper Beef Island Bridge, but what matters more is that we do not ignore our problems by waiting for their sympathy or solutions… These may never come, and, right now, our Youth need Truth as a defense against misguided Election rhetoric.

This Election Fever, Economic Flu and Social Unrest is Worldwide and comes with; Political Criminality, Treason, Mass Murders, Drug Busts and Gang Violence, so whether we trace it to Brexit, Maga or CoI, it stills suggest that we are poised to enter one of the darkest periods of our times… We should prepare, for, the signs are there for all to see and pretending otherwise is to exist in a Fool’s Paradise.

Paying the Price for the Sins of Others:

Trumpism almost made America a Dictatorship, while, BREXIT has the UK in such a mess that her Government is changing like days of the Week – I mentioned before that, by choosing a Black Man as their Financial Minister, they sought a Scapegoat with the hope that we can fix anything or, if things went wrong, he would be their easiest target – Things went wrong, so, they threw him under the Bus.

Here, in the BVI, we point fingers and cast blame on who is guilty of falling short on some BVI/UK-CoI Agreement that we have never seen… The most we know is that, following their process of Divide and Conquer, our Leaders were coerced into dismantling duly elected Parties to arrive at a New UK-approved Rubber Stamp Government – We were told to declare victory and refer to it as Unity.

As usual, we choose to ignore Truth as if we truly believe that Ignorance is Bliss… In this way we can run for Office without bothering to have a Manifesto or Plan; especially since the UK will be pulling the strings… However, it’s hard for the UK to lead or direct us, when they are still reeling from Brexit, Covid-19, Ukraine War, No Queen, a New King and Chaos Prime Ministers - A matter of Blind leading Blind.

In less than 2 Months, their New Government came face to face with their own Roundabout and were forced to make a 180-degrees turn backwards because their Pound had sunk to its lowest value… Meanwhile, US Stock Market is on a bumpy Rollercoaster, the EU is in an Energy Crisis and the VI is being slaughtered by Utility Bills, Bad Roads, etc., etc.… We may close our Eyes but the Pain remains.

In this game of self-preservation, the UK may have realised that they bit off more than they could chew - Their CoI Agenda to take over the VI, brought no real benefits and, they would be stuck with all our Financial Burdens – from Education, to Health, to Roads… In UK’s present Economic condition, the VI could be the Straw that breaks the Camel’s Back… They may wish to control us but just can’t afford us.

When Elections no longer mean Progress:

Lucky for them, we are such willing Colonial Puppets that they can eat their Cake and still have it - Under mysterious Honeymoon conditions, they are the ones calling the shots while we pay the Price – So, why would they spoil a good thing when they can frighten our Boys and Girls to keep them in line? … Their only problem is that our present Constitution, requires New Elections within the next few months.

Even that would not be a problem if I kept my mouth shut while they amuse themselves by watching our infection with Election Fever… They are fully aware that, under the present conditions, this would simply be a contest for whom can best sell out our People… After all, they built the Trap so all they need is for us to be blind, pigheaded, foolish and greedy enough to finally execute our own destruction.

So far, they see us as windbags, with nothing to market; just empty talk of independence… We fail to learn that even the UK, US and EU - with all their Power are Resources are not independent of Russia, whom they regard as their chief Enemy… We produce nothing but are so consumed by self-importance, that we view limping backwards as Progress – Going in Circles as mere Puppets of their TikTok Game.

Some call it being in a hot Kitchen and some call it being in Hot Water – Whatever the case, who feels it knows it, and, with the temperature getting higher and higher, what matters most is whether we are like Potatoes or Eggs… Just remember, that the same boiling water that softens the Potato also hardens the Egg and, in this changing World we too must change or resign ourselves to following the Dinosaurs.

PS: Will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes

5 Responses to “The real costs of holidays, vacations & elections”

  • one eye (20/10/2022, 08:14) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    This is a long read but good stuff
  • Gneerally good (20/10/2022, 13:16) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    But the comment about the black UK chancellor is absolute nonsense. Get a grip.
  • Really (20/10/2022, 13:41) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    If the earth is not flat then where is the curb and I am waiting for that answer because you only see straight no curb no side
    • Not round (20/10/2022, 18:35) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      IT IS NOT ROUND. And you are not equipped to say such nonsense anymore. WHO ARE YOU TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE. Go do some research and stop the fake science
  • @ FRETT (22/10/2022, 17:39) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply

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