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The parables of Governors, Civil Servants & Representatives

-ACFrett - Truth for the Youth-BVP… Sat - 6pm – 7pm on CBN 90.9 FM
Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
Alred C. Frett

We should beware of a Youthful Immaturity that is unconcerned about long-term Acts & Consequences, but quick to feed the Heat of the Moment… Instead of learning from Yesterday, how to make plans of Today, in preparation for Tomorrow, they are quick to join the Herd and squander their Today and then claim someone else’s Tomorrow… They’ll take Water and Electricity for granted until all is gone.

Whenever Fake Governments are faced with real difficulties, they are quick to sell off the Resources of the Country, and when the Resources are all gone, they are just as ready to sell off the Rights of the People…  We just completed another Annual Festival of fooling our People and exporting our Money… Perhaps, while we were drinking & dancing in the heat, others were wheeling & dealing in the shade.

Eventually, we may get sober, and awaken to find ourselves on another Master’s Plantation.. Even then, many may not notice or care, because, with a Ratio of Nine to One against BV-Islanders, they will not miss what their Forefathers never had... By the time a new Generation of BV-Islanders responds to a dose of Reality, there’ll be nothing left, and they will begin a life as Strangers in their own Homes or Apartment Cages.

This is the Road to Destruction as the Blind Leads the Blind:

When I speak of Labour and Immigration Departments causing both economic and physical destruction of our Country, we are all at risk, and it is no joke … However, these Workers could never be so bad for so long without the support of Governors and Governments, and it won’t be fair to blame the UK, while excusing our own Leaders… Our concerns should be, why do they hate us? And, what is their Agenda?

UK still finds it hard to admit that they dealt themselves a body blow with Brexit, but at least they are scrambling for ways to get out from under… Their Prime minister openly admits that a major reason for their present financial Crisis is due to Businesses being unable to get the staff they need, and he is now exploring ways to provide faster and easier access, so Immigrant Workers will be able to enter the UK.

Here at home, the time taken for our Labour, Immigration, and Visa Processing, is growing worse, and it demonstrates serious incompetence and insolence, by a Staff that seems proud to showoff this attitude to anyone who dares call them to make inquiries... Because such bad behavior has been accepted by both Governors and Governments, this is now considered to be the normal, as we spiral deeper in debt.

The Struggle for our Freedom to Earn an Honest Living, is Real:

Our own People in Labour & Immigration, are driving us back to beggar status, and they know better, because I have been explaining it for years… However, this may be UK’s Master plan, for, if we beg for Grant-in-aid or loans we cannot repay, then, that will make us more dependent on them, and increase their rights to call the shots and determine our destiny... This neither benefits our Children or Country.

As forewarned, the game continues to be played on the People, and neither Politicians or Departmental Heads care who drowns or starves, provided they can collect their unearned Monies every two weeks… It doesn’t matter if they owe others for Months; they will still threaten them with penalties, and if you want to see ‘hell bruk loose’, just let their Pay be late by a day… Telephone Calls will flood the Treasury.

We still hear whispers of COI, but it is apparent that this is only dealing with Politicians who are limited to four years… Nothing is being done to address permanent Civil Servants, and this should raise a concern that the whole Governmental System is flawed & Corrupt… Furthermore, the Governor as Head of the Civil Servants, should bear a direct responsibility for this Inefficiency and Corruption.

And, so it was, from the Days of  Eden:

As noticed, the Powers continue to block my Projects and Progress on their belief that punishing me for bringing Truth to the Youth, will shut me up... However, I am an original BV-Islander, whose name Frett, is not a Slave Master’s Name, but the description of a People who rejected Slavery and led a Rebellion at the Josiah’s Bay Plantation... The Land the Potters now clear at Purcell was once called Frett’s Yard.

We always hope that our Leaders or Representatives will do a good job, and my History requires that we put the Children first... Such a Cause is bigger than I, and there’s a good chance that, if I refuse to speak, the Youth may never know the Truth, so, despite the Injustices heaped upon me, I will do what must be done... Pretending that we are not in deep trouble, would be a misguided conclusion to a Crisis.

If they can’t fool us; they can’t rule us, so their strength comes from our agreeing to be idiots… It is no surprise when Trump, DeSantis and others, block, burn, and distort Books in order to deny Lessons of Black History, and Knowledge of Freedom… They see themselves as similar to the Biblical God who punished Adam & Eve for accessing the Tree of Knowledge, rather than agreeing to remain as Idiots.

Ignorance was seen as bliss, so, instead of Adam feeling emancipated that he was no longer an idiot; he started a ‘blame game’… He blamed Eve, she blamed a talking snake, and Today, we are doing the same thing... We avoid knowledge, ignore responsibility, and blame others for our own stupidity... In this way, we can talk about Actions & Reactions, while forgetting that our Actions come with Consequences.

It is unfortunate when Governments and their enablers destroy their People, and, it’s not because they can’t do better, but simply because they refuse to do better… They see us as fools, but they are wrong, because only intelligent People would have learnt how to survive the rigors of Slavery, and, we not only survived, but learnt so well, that we remained conditioned to love & obey others, while hating ourselves. 

As we Pass through the Valley and Shadows of Death:

When I say things you need to hear, you ignore them until it may be too late to benefit from them... As a result, we suffer & die, or blame others, and become antisocial, when there were many simpler roads to peaceful solutions... Think about it... Once we acknowledge the Problem, analyze the situation, and act accordingly, even the weakest can become strong, just as the most powerful can easily fall from grace.

While it is true, that no matter how hard we look, we may never see all there is, too many chose to play blind to the evil in Trump, simply because, he was White and backed by those calling themselves ‘the Religious Right’… We failed to realize that the loudest claimers of God, are the same ones serving the Devil… They claim, ‘the love of Money is the root of all evil’, but put, ‘In God we Trust’ on their Dollars.

When we encounter a Sapling Wild Tamarind Tree, we postpone pulling it up, only to find, a few months later, it has become too difficult to remove… A Financial Recession drove the US into legalizing Ganja as a National Income, and made China a major holder of her Assets… She is still in Deficit, but thanks to our trickledown Economy, she can walk all over us, while China, can consider using us as a Laundry.

Fast Money is a magnet, Patience is dead, and a few Cruiseships in the Harbour give us false security... We reject any idea that this may be as transient & fickle as the rushing wind and rising tide, so we flash our Wall Street Degrees as the lowly Farmer warns that in order to feed ourselves, we must plant above and below the soil… However, pride & inexperience make us reap the crops before their seeds mature.

In this way there’s no rebirth; just hunger... However, this message is neither about Malice or Hate, but simply for the love of our Country and People, who will walk the walk & hear the talk... Now that the Fun is done, and it’s time for Reality, who will pay the Piper for the Tunes? Do we really feel Emancipated?

PS: Will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programs

8 Responses to “The parables of Governors, Civil Servants & Representatives”

  • one eye (14/08/2023, 19:56) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Yep, both VIP and NDP will go down in history as the party that raped the BVI financially at the expense of the people.
  • Anonymous (14/08/2023, 19:58) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Absolutely bang on AC another good read
  • cnn (14/08/2023, 20:00) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply

    yes Mr.Frett keep speaking truth to power we need to start the &&&& to b**** that ^ down and turn it to a***

  • (15/08/2023, 05:12) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    You speaking good, Been there! Done that.
  • TALKING ABOUT PARABLES ❓️ (15/08/2023, 07:28) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    you come strong and some got the message , but how can you join the finger pointers by saying the UK has a master plan ? after you admitted that our own is SQUANDERING our taxpayers money ? you expect the UK to be guilty of whats going on in our own back yard and is being perpetrated by our own BVILANDERS politicians / who has thrown their own so called CULTURE in the gabbage in their QUEST for POWER & WEALTH , by using MANIPULATION on their own people , and when they gets exposed / they use the UK as their lame EXCUSE as SCSCAPEGOATS a lot of people know what Mr STOUTT ACHIEVED and he didn't try that kind of HYPOCRISY to advance the country , so you making yourself look bad there . ( no offence ) and I enjoyed most of your message . respectfully
  • 911 (16/08/2023, 05:28) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • jack (17/08/2023, 07:50) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Maybe what we need is to find a government with competence. Can’t wait until 2027 to say Good riddance

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