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Premier Fahie detained in Miami- Governor Rankin

- on alleged charges of related to conspiracy to import a controlled substance & money laundering
Premier and Minister of Finance Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1) has been detained in Miami by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Photo: GIS/File
MIAMI, Florida, USA- Governor John J. Rankin, CMG has announced that Premier and Minister of Finance Hon Andrew A. Fahie (R1) has been detained in Miami by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

According to the Governor in a press statement this afternoon, April 28, 2022, he was informed that Premier Fahie was arrested this morning.


“It is my duty as Governor to inform you that this morning the Honourable Premier Fahie was detained in Miami on charges related to conspiracy to import a controlled substance and money laundering,” Governor Rankin shockingly disclosed.

The Governor said as this concerns the arrest of a British citizen, the US Government has informed the UK Government of this arrest, as part of the usual process followed when a British citizen is arrested abroad and the UK Government has subsequently informed him as Governor.

Arrest not linked to CoI Report- Rankin

Mr Rankin said that since the matter is a live US investigation he has no further information on the arrest nor can he comment any further on it.

He stated; however, that the arrest was a US operation led by the DEA and is not linked to the Commission of Inquiry report.

“The remit of the Commission of Inquiry focused on governance and corruption, and was not a criminal investigation into the illegal drug trade.”

CoI Report will be published urgently!- Governor

Further, Governor Rankin said the latest developments will speed up the publication of the CoI Report.

“To avoid unnecessary speculation, I intend to move ahead urgently on publication of the Inquiry Report so the people of the BVI can see its contents and its recommendations in the areas it addresses. I will have a call with Minister Milling and the Acting Premier Honourable Natalio Wheatley tomorrow to discuss further engagement between the UK and BVI on this urgent issue.”

Mr Rankin said he realises this will be shocking news for people in the Territory.

“And I would call for calm at this time. The Honourable Deputy Premier Natalio Wheatley will remain Acting Premier of the Territory. I will discuss with him and Cabinet the way forward in continuing to support the good governance of the Territory. I will provide a further update in due course,” Mr Rankin said.

124 Responses to “Premier Fahie detained in Miami- Governor Rankin”

  • Not a real place (28/04/2022, 16:27) Like (15) Dislike (104) Reply
    free the drugz! let's pray to the lord for his release
    • Motion (28/04/2022, 17:23) Like (33) Dislike (2) Reply
      Dwl yo i cant blame u all dem.fake prsyers in public. I
    • SET (28/04/2022, 18:12) Like (4) Dislike (4) Reply
    • Demons (28/04/2022, 18:24) Like (9) Dislike (16) Reply
      Sowande is the best one for those racist demons... the Malcolm X of 2022! Independent!!!!!
    • Crazy joe (28/04/2022, 22:04) Like (11) Dislike (4) Reply
      Pray away, he will never come back.

      • indeed (29/04/2022, 07:51) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
        Even if he gets out, he will never be in elected office again.

        And as a non-religious state (or it should be), we will never again have to tolerate his blas***mous requests for us to pray and fast.

        Did I read somewhere in that Affadavit where he allegedly started his alleged drug meetings with a prayer?

    • WOW (28/04/2022, 23:43) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
      From the Brown bomber to the Drowned Bomber.
  • pv (28/04/2022, 16:32) Like (39) Dislike (51) Reply
    Hopefully the public will be consulted before he is sentenced
  • Netflix (28/04/2022, 16:33) Like (56) Dislike (4) Reply
    I've seen this show
  • A Blatant Set Up!!!! (28/04/2022, 16:42) Like (13) Dislike (20) Reply
    All you racist Euros WILL leave Our Country!!! All your riches and properties gone! Independent ALL THE WAY!
    • lols (29/04/2022, 01:56) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
      That’s very ironic
    • @ A Blatant Set Up!!! (29/04/2022, 06:22) Like (8) Dislike (2) Reply
      Your racist tailpart better wake up!!

      Stop with the stupid set-up talk.

      Criminals have to be caught to help fight theft, drugs, guns, murder, etc and the way to do that is create a trap.

      The Affidavit speaks volumes!!!!!!!
  • Colombus (28/04/2022, 16:56) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
    Mehn west bank take a L mehn
  • Freetherealfr (28/04/2022, 16:57) Like (5) Dislike (18) Reply
    Free fahie! He innocent
  • LL (28/04/2022, 16:59) Like (13) Dislike (2) Reply
    I glad when thay c got caught off island away from home
  • WOW (28/04/2022, 17:01) Like (21) Dislike (1) Reply
    Probaly a lot of the shoothing,killing will be solve now
  • Racam (28/04/2022, 17:01) Like (20) Dislike (0) Reply
    He did not want the Navy patrolling the waters during the covid lockdowns.
  • Well Well (28/04/2022, 17:01) Like (0) Dislike (4) Reply
    Thank God it’s not Claude Skelton-Cline. Who laugh last laugh best
  • OH WOW (28/04/2022, 17:02) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    For real?
  • Great PR (28/04/2022, 17:02) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
    Rushing through the new PR contract seems like such a good idea all of a sudden.
    Please tell me the taxpayers won't get stuck with paying for his attorney's fees on this one.
  • Citizen (28/04/2022, 17:02) Like (7) Dislike (3) Reply
    Read Miami Herald Report
    It sounds like his time has come, others too!
  • Wow. Wow (28/04/2022, 17:02) Like (14) Dislike (2) Reply
    My head hurts. My pressure high... I want sleep. I am so stress ..What?
  • oh (28/04/2022, 17:04) Like (5) Dislike (3) Reply
    Guess soon yall will be saying its the colonizer fault LOL
  • Rubber Duck (28/04/2022, 17:06) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
    He was caught in a DEA sting. No way back for him. 10 years minimum in a US jail.
  • Capt Jack (28/04/2022, 17:06) Like (36) Dislike (4) Reply
    Bet Gus is having a drink and a last laugh! Gus was an honest man
  • mank (28/04/2022, 17:08) Like (9) Dislike (1) Reply
    Just make sure we in BVI dont foot the bill for the lawyers for his defence of the criminal charges.
  • All I can do is hold my head (28/04/2022, 17:09) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
    He walked right into the arms of the DEA. That mean the DEA had their eyes on him. What am I hearing today. Oh my goodness.
  • fred (28/04/2022, 17:12) Like (10) Dislike (3) Reply
    You have made your people shame. Wish you the best of luck. Hope it is some kind of mistake
  • Premier Wheatley for long. (28/04/2022, 17:12) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
    Andrew done, Gone, over, DEA don't hold people for Joke, they always have something on them and they always spend along time in Jail...So hope the rest of them find a hole to hide...
  • Well (28/04/2022, 17:13) Like (13) Dislike (1) Reply
    But this aint nothing new.. this been known
  • shaggy (28/04/2022, 17:13) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
    It wassn’t me
  • l (28/04/2022, 17:13) Like (6) Dislike (3) Reply
    Hold this bvi/west end
  • BVI love (28/04/2022, 17:14) Like (5) Dislike (2) Reply
    To God be the glory!
  • yikes (28/04/2022, 17:14) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
    NDP members gon rose out their coffin like the Undertaker
  • Rubber stamped (28/04/2022, 17:14) Like (16) Dislike (2) Reply
    We’ll I guess we all know what Gus was on the right track.
  • (28/04/2022, 17:16) Like (27) Dislike (0) Reply
    Jaspert must be rolling over right now lololololol
  • SMH (28/04/2022, 17:18) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
  • Cocaine19 (28/04/2022, 17:19) Like (14) Dislike (1) Reply
    We not out the woods as yet… but we in the feds!
  • Greg (28/04/2022, 17:23) Like (18) Dislike (23) Reply
    This cannot be true! This cannot be true! This cannot be true? Please don’t let this be true.
  • Linda (28/04/2022, 17:30) Like (11) Dislike (19) Reply
    My heart can’t take any more shocking news. I hope this was an error.
  • west (28/04/2022, 17:30) Like (11) Dislike (98) Reply
    Send my premier home !
    He dont have to come back the State !
    This why i hate America !
    • @west (28/04/2022, 18:22) Like (22) Dislike (1) Reply
      You can hate America all you want. America is not going to detain/arrest anyone for no reason.
      • @ @west (29/04/2022, 01:40) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
        Are you talking about the United States of America? So what was all at protect about a few months back?
  • A Blatant Setup!!!! (28/04/2022, 17:31) Like (11) Dislike (78) Reply
    All you racist Euros WILL leave Our Country!!! All your riches and properties gone! Independent ALL THE WAY!
    • ... (28/04/2022, 18:01) Like (47) Dislike (4) Reply
      I'm guessing you missed geography classes... You do understand the euros are nowhere near, nor have anything to do with, America, right? I really hope you know that, otherwise I'm seriously concerned for the education system in the BVI.
    • The Devil. (28/04/2022, 18:21) Like (16) Dislike (1) Reply
      Her beloved son she loves so much always bringing her to shame,....Many, many people warn her about that Son, and he will take her down...Now she is down permanently. Who don't listen....Yep.
    • Junkonoe (28/04/2022, 22:11) Like (8) Dislike (20) Reply
      Now we will understand why we have to leave the UK, but they are wicked, they had to get rid of Fahie first, but we have 7 more fighters with eyes open. Rise up, People, the Queen want your island.
  • NezRez (28/04/2022, 17:34) Like (58) Dislike (6) Reply
    If this is true, we’re screwed. Is that how he’s building his new house? Is that how cops have been able to do dirty business? DAMN!
  • SEATALK (28/04/2022, 17:51) Like (42) Dislike (3) Reply
    Lol he get caught in God's name lol dwl
  • Road Town (28/04/2022, 17:54) Like (6) Dislike (3) Reply
    others were also detained anyone could be detained

    should it develop into charges, simply another phase…

    whole thing mashup should it reach the jail time phase

    don’t do the crime if you can not do the time

    not a good for us as citizens because such matters gives the UK more fuel for the fire

    just keep the faith

  • Hold My Beer (28/04/2022, 17:55) Like (9) Dislike (11) Reply
    One way to divert attention away from the COI
  • Sue (28/04/2022, 17:55) Like (2) Dislike (8) Reply
    Its just a day dream
  • True (28/04/2022, 17:57) Like (42) Dislike (1) Reply
    Ask him who donated the 4 mil
  • Real Simple (28/04/2022, 17:58) Like (33) Dislike (4) Reply
    What a disgrace. Arrested. Not detained. Arrested.
  • The Reaper (28/04/2022, 18:03) Like (69) Dislike (1) Reply
    Where is Mr Cline Skeleton….Where is he and his big mouth
  • My arguement (28/04/2022, 18:18) Like (5) Dislike (7) Reply
    Entrapment is a practice in which a law enforcement agent or agent of the state induces a person to commit a "crime" that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.
  • Just wondering (28/04/2022, 18:21) Like (13) Dislike (10) Reply
    How convenient an occasion when our Premier was about to go to the UK to battle for the country. I smell a set up, but God will deliver him! US came out of UK and they have always worked together.
    • @ Just wondering (29/04/2022, 06:36) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
      Stop use God name in vain.

      2 Chronicles 7:14

      If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
  • Catt (28/04/2022, 18:21) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    What is in the dark comes to light? Oh yeah. So sorry got all the shame on us as a people, this too shall pass.
  • Mandela (28/04/2022, 18:23) Like (1) Dislike (3) Reply
    25 years in captivity, shoes too small to fit his feet! Free Nelson Mandela!
  • ******* (28/04/2022, 18:41) Like (11) Dislike (6) Reply
    Russia unleashed a bloody invasion of the Ukraine. Today to the UK with US assistance launch a bloodless COUP in the Beautiful Virgin Islands. COI Report coming.
  • Under cover cop (28/04/2022, 18:42) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
    Driver don't stop ataalll carry dissyah rounea alvamall driva don't even itch guh up a Miami and come back quick lol dwbl
  • El Chapo (28/04/2022, 18:46) Like (9) Dislike (4) Reply
  • Remember this? (28/04/2022, 18:46) Like (33) Dislike (3) Reply
    "Fahie has rejected claims of collusion with drug smuggling, accusing ex-governor Jaspert of inciting such allegations.
    He said the former governor needed to give the people of the Virgin Islands an apology instead of establishing a smear campaign against him, by slinging mud on the wall, hoping something sticks."
  • APB (28/04/2022, 18:52) Like (76) Dislike (5) Reply
    The saddest day in the history of the Virgin Islands. I am heart broken. The world will now know how corrupt we are..You cannot do wrong and hide behind God.
  • who to look up to now? (28/04/2022, 18:54) Like (35) Dislike (3) Reply
    yuh can't trust police yuh can't trust the pastors yuh can't trust prisons' ofFicers yuh cant trust the doctors they telling ll their friends yuh symptoms lol now the premier well sah what example we setting or the young people big stain on our island THE SECRET IS NO MORE GUYS
    • @ who to look up to now? (29/04/2022, 06:44) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
      Hebrews 12:2

      Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.

      People idolize people and that’s sinful.

  • Other BOT (28/04/2022, 18:59) Like (12) Dislike (53) Reply
    Be strong people of BVI, it happened to us before, it a set up for the Brits to do as they like with your country's. They are STILL taking advantage of black people and countries and this is why the people in the Caribbean is now rejecting their a@@. Freedom will come from this diversity.
    • @ Other BOT (29/04/2022, 01:54) Like (11) Dislike (7) Reply
      This is the start of our independence from the UK rule! It had to happen quickly because the times are evil! They will lose their grip on the nations they have rejected and abused! Finally Freedom, his captivity will make a way for our freedom! Independence!!!
    • @ Other BOT (29/04/2022, 06:45) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      Lay off the weed.

      You sound crazy!
  • Uncle Gus (28/04/2022, 19:02) Like (55) Dislike (3) Reply
    Governor Jaspert must be feeling vindicated .
  • Edge (28/04/2022, 19:21) Like (30) Dislike (3) Reply
    Shocking for them but not for me!!
  • My views (28/04/2022, 19:22) Like (22) Dislike (46) Reply
    A set up. People of the BVI do not be in a rush to make your conclusion yet ask for more evidences and wait untill the investigation is over. I am not believing anybody without a proof. Whoever is responsible or behind this will be exposed. God is watching and He will reply the wickedness of men.
    • @ My views (29/04/2022, 06:52) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
      Premier admitted in the Affidavit as believing in witchcraft and owing a Senegal man $83,000.

      Proverbs 28:9-14

      9He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law,
      Even his prayer shall be abomination.

      10Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, He shall fall himself into his own pit:
      But the upright shall have good things in possession.

      11The rich man is wise in his own conceit;
      But the poor that hath understanding searcheth him out.

      12When righteous men do rejoice, there is great glory: But when the wicked rise, a man is hidden.

      13He that covereth his sins shall not prosper:
      But whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.
  • set up (28/04/2022, 19:32) Like (14) Dislike (51) Reply
    Read between the lines it appears to be a set up. We don't know the facts but some thing is not adding up. Don't be a play hater and go rejoicing. Let's wait for the facts first and if it is a set up freedom will reign.
    • Read the court document (28/04/2022, 22:51) Like (23) Dislike (1) Reply
      The DEA court document say they have audio and video of their interactions for months. Even quoted them multiple times and have many specific details. Not good news for Fahie and co.
    • @ set up (29/04/2022, 06:40) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
      Stop calling people haters for having an opinion and an informed one at that…the AFFIDAVIT WILL WAKE YOU UP!!
  • Greed is a boss (28/04/2022, 19:35) Like (45) Dislike (4) Reply
    He will loose all that weight now for good.. WTF
  • Andrew 1017bricksquad (28/04/2022, 19:36) Like (5) Dislike (9) Reply
    Im innocent
  • Windy (28/04/2022, 20:18) Like (0) Dislike (5) Reply
    This is sad sad but SMURF will still not be the premier
  • Freetherealfr (28/04/2022, 20:37) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
    Wow this is sad for the bvi/west end community
  • old (28/04/2022, 20:47) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
    Cline talk is cheap. You could talk now. Your mouth run like popcorn
  • wellll saw (28/04/2022, 20:51) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    more and more
  • and (28/04/2022, 20:56) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • Dont Drop The Soap (28/04/2022, 21:00) Like (4) Dislike (2) Reply
    I'm sure this is a set-up. But "Coach"can spend years praying & fasting to his hearts content. Olivenader (did I spell her name right) Maynard too.
  • Corruption (28/04/2022, 21:12) Like (21) Dislike (0) Reply
    This government and most of the senior officials are rotten to the core. This is one of the highest GDP Caribbean countries, yet people are struggling to survive. All whilst people like this line their pockets with drug money....
  • So (28/04/2022, 21:44) Like (17) Dislike (7) Reply
    So…Gov Gus was right…
  • Fly on the Wall (28/04/2022, 22:16) Like (11) Dislike (4) Reply
    Looks like ya'll gonna need a new PM. You won't be seeing this one back for a long time!
  • Apalled (28/04/2022, 22:24) Like (3) Dislike (4) Reply
    We better get saving since we all gonna be asked to pay Hon Fahie’s legal fees and in the US attorneys don’t come cheap.
    • @ appalled (29/04/2022, 06:18) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      He would be immediately removed from office so he got to use his own savings.
  • Just Sayin (28/04/2022, 22:26) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
    so where is C Skelton Clyne now........thinking up some story of how he can blame the brit colonialist for setting up the premier.
    Maybe csc is just watching his step here...oh...hang on a minute.....he was on the board of directors at Port authority wasn't he ?
    COI a " waste" of time mr csc ?. if youve read the arrest warrent it clearly states there are other government officials involved.
  • Let's Wait and See! (28/04/2022, 22:35) Like (22) Dislike (1) Reply
    It seemed very much like a set up at first glance. Unfortunately, after reading the Miami news, it was a well planned and organized operation, in which the DEA went undercover as a Mexican cartel. It is sad to say, but Mr. Fahie can't get out of this. The evidence against him is compelling. They've recorded meetings with him, as being a part of what should have been a " big get rich series of illegal drug trafficking and money laundering. Is is unexpected and shocking for a lot of people, but no " waving of a magic wand" can get him out of this. This operation incriminated Mr. Fahie, in ways I am sure he never ever expected to turn out the way it did.
  • Just saying (28/04/2022, 22:42) Like (41) Dislike (4) Reply
    To the people saying he was "set up"... ofcourse he was set up, that's how you catch criminals, you set them up.
    • @ Just saying (29/04/2022, 06:15) Like (4) Dislike (11) Reply
      Exactly!!! With their piss!!!!!

      Like they would sacrifice themselves for this man!!
  • boy oh boy (28/04/2022, 22:44) Like (8) Dislike (5) Reply
    Got one let’s pray he don’t snitch cause a lot of countries goin fall
  • simple (28/04/2022, 22:47) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
    What in the darkness ,must comes out in the light .
  • ausar (28/04/2022, 23:21) Like (10) Dislike (1) Reply
    We here in America know that when the Feds make an arrest, their case is IRON- clad solid: no getting away!

    Sad day for us all in the BVI! Does this now mean that the three arrested had any ties to criminality in the BVI?

    How about recent murders, robberies, etc.,etc?

    It's just not looking good. He's facing jail time..Sad!
  • MY VOICE (28/04/2022, 23:25) Like (6) Dislike (9) Reply
    That is why we have soo many Guns in the British. Those Guns are coming in the BVI at Port Authority at Port Purcell along with the smugglings. Presently, there 70 Unsolved Murders in the British Virgin Islands.

    Please look out for more murders and killings in the BVI they are coming soon. I see them already and we will soon have mass shootings in the schools, churches and banks and elsewhere. We are living in the Last days.
  • Good grief! (28/04/2022, 23:25) Like (9) Dislike (2) Reply
    UK nationals are on the planes and the navy is due in our waters any day now.

    Google the case's staggering!

    Certainly not for the faint of heart i.e "Government Official 1"; "law enforcement officers"; and the well known drug dealer.

    Dear Third Pillar,
    As of today April 28th 2022, you have now been decommissioned/placed out-of-order/ flat-lined, in the territory of the British Virgin Islands, indefinitely!

    This I hereby decree, has been made possible by Fahie, Maynard & Maynard!


    USA Government; Law and Order
    (Strong support by UK Government; Law and Order)
  • king (29/04/2022, 00:32) Like (1) Dislike (4) Reply
    on this island what should govern are the pardons directly from England, in every way
  • SMH (29/04/2022, 06:17) Like (9) Dislike (1) Reply
    Maynard and her son got Fahie in that trap because they hate to see and hear about money. Kadeem talking bout 20 years he doin drug deals lol boy u a spoil brat trying play big shot. Us federal prison will be ahyo home for the next few years. Fahie u need hang them but u urself was greedy cause u have running already. Y accept this sweet and easy deal.
  • jah (29/04/2022, 06:19) Like (13) Dislike (2) Reply
    Pay back is a bitch ..he told the DEA I wouldn't handle the drugs but I will handle the money. Lol
  • My Gosh (29/04/2022, 06:32) Like (0) Dislike (5) Reply
    Let my people go! Free Fahie
  • vex (29/04/2022, 07:04) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
  • west (29/04/2022, 10:21) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply
    He gah sell out the big fish wsi you next to see the mainland
  • Local (29/04/2022, 15:16) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Kadeem said he doing this for 20 years.. (lies)
    Know you lock up gone leave your wife and 6 kids.
  • T (29/04/2022, 16:54) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Thè longist rope hxaď an end

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